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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the loss of a deceased member and the importance of staying in a healthy diet. They also talk about personal and professional struggles, including the loss of a family member and the loss of a job. A woman begging for Allah's help fixing her health problems and is hesitant to say anything until she gets permission. She also mentions her desire to buy a business and protecting her family.
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And brother Abdullah Yun, his uncle

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is very sick and our dear Dr. Rizwan also his father in law is very very sick. So please keep them in your diet and so a lot of numerable Asha leave in your sphere. That's Allah Levine who should have been an ESP hold on how much of a Madonna or more than Muslimeen 100 Alterna Alton Muslimeen also

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as we announced last week our dear brother sage Sharif very active member of our community passed away in Jordan

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and that's a fight about his brother also passed away yesterday in Egypt May Allah subhanaw taala forgive their sins and make their grave robbed on religion I mean somebody's come round broken

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a shadow

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head on

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in our Sunday law staying on a stove

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When I was a villa human Cerulean fusina When you say, yeah Marina Mejia de la who Philomel Delilah, when a youth lil fella heard yella were shed on Ilaha illa Allah the whole Cherie color were shadow and Mohammed and Abby do who are a solo and that your wholesome Hannah subhanho wa Taala if you could tap in Kareem

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hunt lady in

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law haka to call 31 HMO Chun.

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Muslim on your

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Mean FC Wahida work on a farm in Georgia where the salmon humeri John, Kathy

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nakivo Yeah, you're Halina airmen who

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said either your sleep

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boils you're looking down over the comb when a ot

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for the first year fellows and Alina and my bag, the in local Hadith Kitab Allah wa hadn't had you had you Mohammed in sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was shot on Omar to help. We're calling demo data in beta. We're calling that in Dolla dolla and I think for now from Anna that My dear beloved respected brothers and sisters, ask Allah azza wa jal to bless us with this loss with sincerity and all that we say and all that we do. I mean

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we have heard many footballs on many lectures and many talks about the importance of

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I'm just going to quote one Hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and then I get to my point of Salah, say salam said, a DUA, who will a better

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a DUA, who Hua LabID da, is

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worship. Why? Because when I'm making dua, I am showing my poverty to Allah azza wa jal, I'm showing my need to Allah azza wa jal, I am confirming that I am faqeer and Allah is ready. I am bhyve I am weak and Allah has coffee.

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I am showing that I am in need. I am proving that Allah subhanho wa Taala

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can without any doubt fulfill whatever I'm asking for. So a dua who are labored and I'm making dua, I am actually making the best day better.

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And Allah subhanaw taala said, are the only STG blechnum Make dua Allah said I will answer you. He's not just say I listen to you, I hear you. He said, I will answer you so to the DUA

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is always answered, like crystals SLM told us, either you will get the answer right away, or something evil was supposed to happen to you. It will be walled off or Allah will save it to the day of judgment. So it's a win win win situation for you.

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Yeah, Fatima,

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Allah Islam, it's teaching this dua, to who to His most beloved

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to Fatima for the Allahu Allah. So you can imagine, you know

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how much he loves his daughter, and he's telling you look at the words he used Maryam now, okay and dismay. Now we'll seek eBay. This is a term that indicates the excitement before I teach you something. I'm going to tell you something. Oh CQ, so a sphere and we'll see from who from Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam to Fatima and to all the Muslims after right?

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Yeah, Fatima.

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Say this dua

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in the morning,

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and in the evening. You know how the doctor tells you take three pills in the morning three in the evening and check with me. This is a prescription from the doctor of the ummah. Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you have Fatima say this in the morning and in the evening. What is this dye aerosol Allah yeah hey you you're a young Bureau Hermetica a serif a slickly shipped me Kula wala, takhini ila and FC perfer time many of us know this hadith by heart so inshallah Tada This will be a reminder and for the brothers and sisters who do not know it, I beg you to memorize this dua because after you hear the explanation, you are going to make it your

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Hadith Rasul Allah He Salam said it's millerhill in three sutras

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The Greatest Name of Allah azza wa jal is in three stores Baqara LM Ron and Taha and if you look in these three sewers, the name that is common between these three sewers is a high yield karoun and high in calcium in the Bacara in ethicacy and in Alhambra in the second area and in part

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111 one it will rejuvenate high yield for you, okay. So in high yield Can you is one of the opinions in a Manila for example, he said this is one of them, why many of the unimat said Allah actual Allah, Allah Allah is for Allah and other so yeah, hey you yaka you. I am Hey, you are Hi. But these, all of them we are going to die one day. I am here asking the high Allah delay amount, the old living the MO living Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah is High layer note.

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Alka you Allah subhanho wa Taala is self sustaining. He does not need anyone or anything to help him. Allah subhanaw taala is high and he is to you. And I'm asking with both name. Yeah, hey, you York are you?

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Yeah, how you yaka you from the Adobe I went from the etiquette of dua

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is to praise Allah first. Praise, praise, praise and then ask. Similarly in this, yeah, how are you? Yeah, for you. I'm praising Bureau, Metallica. isteri I'm praising. Now listen to this bureau, Metallica, isteri.

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Brahma tikka, we all know your mercy, but the word estar is if you look at the translation, I'm asking, I'm requesting okay. But the word destiny

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is much much deeper than that. The noun? loathe

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is when someone is in dire need. Yanni somebody is drowning. And he's extending his hand. This is loaf. Someone is the house is on fire and he wants to be helped. He's making his Theertha he's asking for the health so as to he is a very deep you are in dire need. You are pleading you are begging Yeah. Are you naughty caster Heath? I am begging you Allah I am in dire need for your Rama. Allah one without Allah azza wa jal, we cannot breathe. You will not be here today attending the Juma Allah you won't be able to pray you won't be able to do nothing without Allah subhanho wa Taala and I'm saying he had been a naughty caster Heath. I am in dire need for your rock my alma mater

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Soon Allah Azza wa sallam told us he said I will not enter the agenda. He said no one will enter the gym. No. He said even you are assuming he said even myself except until Allah will show me with his Rama Hola Hola, como. This is the summer masala Lohana he was sending them the one who every single Muslim and the Muslim who does something good. It will go in his scale. And still he said that he will not enter the Jannah with his an urn, and the only secret to Jana is the rest of Allah and I am here. Multicast Therese. I am begging you for your Rama

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Yeah, are you a young girl netiquette stories? I need your Ramayana Allah

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praise praise now I'm asking for

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a slip leash knee could

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fix mend rectify all my affairs. You have problems with your spouse included your problem at work included your problem in your health it's included your Allah fix all my affairs. Show me

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your fix on my affairs I'm having problems with my children ya know fix that I'm having permanent My in laws and having problems. I'm having health problems my relationship with you y'all know my salah is not good. Well, we'll fix it.

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We'll fix it, shall we? All my affairs y'all will fix the wall. The only one who can fix them. Yeah, are you

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Medicare? Steve a slightly shocked me.

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All my affairs. All my affairs y'all fix them.

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Can you imagine how many things are included in this drop?

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I'm begging Allah. The only one

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who can fix that

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To help me rectify all my affairs

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I could recall you had asked for a lot of stuff you know all of all right

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Smilla salatu salam ala manana via bada yeah yeah for him Bureau medical studies a slash Leisha Nicola whether the kidney il NFC perfetta in your Allahu Allah How beautiful is this?

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And your Allah I ended it by telling Allah how helpless I am. Do not ya Allah do not leave me

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to handle my affairs. Not for a second or a minute or a day or an hour. No no no, do not leave me handle my affairs, not even for a blink of an eye. I cannot I don't know how I have no knowledge. I am ignorant. You're Allah. You are the alim, the Kadir the Serbian all knowing expert Dawn merciful loving your Allah you know the unseen I may take decisions that can ruin me. I want to marry this woman. I want to marry that man. I want to move here. I want to buy this I want to want to that business. Ya know? Don't make me decide anything. Yeah, you make all the decisions facilitate what's good for me because you are the Alim Allahu Akbar. You tell me how beautiful is this?

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Even though he requested it, just to be set once in the morning and once at night, but I can see it I can say it all day long. I can say that my schedule I can save before I make my salon when you finish in a needle Majeed yeah hey you yeah for you get medical history a slight Nisha Nicola wala to kill me in NFC.

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And finally a one.

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When we make the DUA

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has to come from here.

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It has to be sincere that you believe that Allah can fix everything. You will believe Allah is the best moudaber You believe in the DUA you believe that Allah is the highest, the Yom

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because there's so much I seldom told us that Allah will not accept it. From Calvin law from from a heart that is not concentrating just on black magic. No, no, no. Think about every single word especially now. You have understood the meaning. May Allah make us from the people who listen and apply. Yeah, how you Yeah, can you be Rama Tikka Nesta wreath, asleep Atlanta shenana kula well at Akina Illa and fusina Perfect time along with the lender than overnight so often if he ended up with a bit of damage on some of that uncommon caffeine, Allah morphic minima Taheebo turbo, Allah fitna Lima to headbutt turbo Robina Hublin I mean, as well as you know, we've only got enough time but

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John Akina Imam along with this one and and Masada fina era but I mean yeah camera I mean yeah, economic I mean, if I'm older than me not die er, but I mean, yeah, Allah can protect our children. Yeah, Allah protect our families. Ya Allah keep the hearts of our children steadfast on your game. Keep the hearts of our descendants steadfast on your deen ya Allah We beg you in this blessed day to make our last deeds, our best deeds. I mean your Alameen wa salam ala ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Jemaine Muhammad philosophical

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Hi Yan Aslan

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Allah Allah

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still still

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almost now on your horse,

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manatee OBD

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you no small stepping stone

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woke up

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in the morning where any day you

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send me a lovely family

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Alison dueling

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Manichaean remedy

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one asked me in

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Santa Fe

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in levena

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new Sony

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is on this

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San Jamar Freeman Hamidah

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center money

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so I kind of log on

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as you have witnessed before the Salafi trade Janessa

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on the mother of our dear

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brother middle brother numerous here in his brother and his sister and we are heading now to to the cemetery rest

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Learn Korean Korean please keep her and her family in your garage

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we're gonna go one more time please stay seated in your rope until your work comes the five rows from the bathroom and then the ones from the front from the from the front