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The speakers discuss the confusion surrounding 50,000-pound weight and the clover, emphasizing the importance of knowing one's weight and the clover. They also discuss the use of "monster" and "monster" terms to describe individuals, and the importance of practicing the (Kolo Allah) procedure to achieve goals. The success of the (Kolo Allah) movement and avoiding political fraud in the media is also discussed. The speakers share a memorization of the Quran and emphasize the importance of trusting one's abilities. They also discuss the success of their work and mention a new news story about entering Jannah without their help.

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For call a man for will firewall for maligna official where I can biller who are solely when I can her owner, Abner owner.

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For better when there is some Allahu alayhi wa sallam for con humo Latina la Yetta your own whether you're stuck on whether your actor Woon while rugby him yet our cologne for karma okay Russia pneumolysin blooming, blooming some for color. I mean whom Anya rasool Allah Karna Nam for karma Airhart Takada Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam sadaqa, Bihar Akasha.

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So, now definitely Allah Han, he is narrating this beautiful Hadith.

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As soon as I sent him one day he came out from his room. And he told the Sahaba

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some nations were displayed before me, Allah subhanaw taala showed him the nations of the ACA when they're coming to that he said, some nice nations were showed before me, I saw a prophet who comes with one man only believing in him. And I thought I saw another prophet coming with only two people believing in him. And I saw a prophet that had a big gathering with him. And I saw a prophet that had no one with him. No one with him. Then I saw huge crowd covering the horizon. In another narration, it says

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it when he was told, these are the people of Musa alayhis salaam, because he was saying in another narration, I wish that this is my alma, he saw the whole horizon covered with black and a lot of people. He saw, he hoped that this is a Zuma, they told them no, this is Musa Ali, look at the other side, he said, I looked at the other side, I saw even a bigger crowd. And they told me, this is your mayor Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam. And with this amount, with this group, you have 70,000 people

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that will enter the Jannah without any hisab.

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And without any prior adab. Because some people even though they are Muslims, they still have to go and be punished for what they have done then go to Jana. Right. So there are some people 70,000 people who will enter the agenda without a sap no accountability. And without any prior Adam, may Allah make us all amongst them. Yeah.

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So the Sahaba started talking amongst each other. They started, they did not ask for Salah Salem, you know, the respect they have for Salah Salem is beyond imagination. So they heard that and they didn't say anything. So they start guessing.

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Do you think it's us?

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Even though we grew up in church, but we believed in Allah and His Prophet, maybe it's us? And then some other said, no, no, these are our children who grew up pure on Islam. They did not know anything about check.

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So that's what was excellent came out and saw them, you know, wondering Who are these people?

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He told them and he defined who are these people? He said, These are the people who love

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you have to pay your own

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Rasulillah Salam, listen, Jaquan you want to enter the agenda without hisab

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without cervical tab four characteristics for

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why it's so important to enter the agenda without his sub. Without other we know but without a sub without being accountable as well as I said, I'm told us one Hadith whomsoever is being questioned, Hallock

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if you are questioned, your cherished Can you imagine you died at 60 and you will be questioned about every single second

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how long is that every single penny every single word

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every single step

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is done destroyed.

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So four characteristic layer data your own What does letter to your own mean?

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They let me see how he translated chef

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he said they are the one who do not draw evil omen yeah they do not believe in any omen. You know, what does that mean? Right? You know they do not believe Friday 13th or Friday 13th Don't go outside the house. Black Crow Black Cat garlic. Shall don't open the umbrella in the house.

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You know these things right? These are these people who will enter the agenda without reserved they do not believe

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When that stuff

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and you don't have to be from the 70 in general you're not allowed to believe in that stuff we don't believe in these things as Muslims we have complete trust in Allah and the camera you open the umbrella or you open store of umbrellas whatever is gonna happen is gonna happen if a black crow passes by or black donkey doesn't matter, we have strong belief in Allah subhanaw taala and these things do not change with the color right. So the first characteristic lie into your own law into your own and the second characteristic layer yester cone.

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This might cause some confusion we will explain. They do not ask others to do rakia for them.

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The best trocaire You could ever do is H for yourself. Excellent for yourself.

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Now, is it haram to ask somebody to do it okay for you.

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No, it's not haram for solos, excellent. Ask Aisha to get rakia. Okay? There's not haram to ask for rakia. If you are in real need of rakia and you are not qualified or you do not know what are the right things to read for this evil eye for this black magic for this, whatever.

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It is okay to ask, but you will be out of the 70,000

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but it's okay. It's not haram.

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Now, this is one two, if

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I came and did Rukia on you without you asking, this does not affect you. Okay, I felt like something's wrong. The brother is not acting right or I heard is very sick. So I came to your house, I put my right hand and I started reading it and corsi. Because

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anyone who asked you for money for rakia, tell me Allah, show me your back, get out of the house. If he asked you before, he does anything, because usually the people who are respectful and who do the righteous rakia, they do not ask you for money, you want to give them a gift at the end. This is from your o'clock. But they do not ask you and you say you know what, if you want me to continue, but another 100 this is fake. This is fake. This is not right. And remember, we discussed before in the past, if you want to know

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a righteous share

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from a fake guy that who's doing this as a business, there are certain things that you could tell if he's fake or not. Number one, anybody remember what we said?

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Number one, if he asked you for your mother's name,

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the minute he asks you for your mother's name Ron.

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Ron, is fake.

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Your mother has nothing to do with this.

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Your mother has nothing to do with this. He's here to read some Quran. authentically, what I'm told us to do if he started asking you what's your mother's name? Immediately? No, he's a sapphire.

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He's just the first question why?

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are magicians here?

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His gin, his gin

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asked him to get that. And when he gets that he started interacting with the origin. So when you walk in, okay, when you walk in, sometimes you walk in into, don't ever go into a fortune teller or person who's claims that he could tell you the future ever, ever.

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Before you come already, he does some homework. So when you came in, he already has some information from his chin, that he contacted the origin to business.

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So he won't you walk in, he tells you you were born and this and that.

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He knows the future. He knows you are here because of this. You lost $10,000 And you don't know where you put them. I'm going to tell you give me $100 When he's about to tell you where

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you will know where to put another 100

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You'll find you wind up spending the 10s of 1000s that you're looking for.

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So Hala so this is fake when he asked you for your mother's name it's fake second when he tells you

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slaughter a black chicken at three o'clock in the morning under some window or black this or black that or why this alright that Sahar fake no slaughtering

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third, he writes I had

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should make you think like, oh, this is a guy who's authentic. Or he says I add that around. But he keeps saying Rahman Rahim to make you confused at all. This guy is Quran sunnah.

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forth, he stopped drawing triangles and squares and diamonds and all those cubes and stuff like that. And he tells you do this and do that and put this here and put that there. This is all fake, all fake, righteous share, and righteous caught it, he would come, he would do the rakia he would read AYATUL kursi few times he would read the Fatiha. Kulu Allah Hakalau the verbal fella called out grab the nurse, and immediately if the guy the more sincere the guy is, the easier and the quicker you will feel better Subhanallah so now Mr. Kuhn, second characteristic Leicester code they do not ask other people for rakia. This is extremely important yet one you know this is very heavy 70,000

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People will enter the Jana Yanni nothing. License and registration. Go ahead. Enter the Santa Monica. Sir. What are your

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What are your tone?

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that they do not.

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You know what Kel can we is

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you know, when you have a major cut in the past, there was no operation and surgery and all that stuff. But they used to do a Docker

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file right? Here with the branding. It's called branding, right? They put the heat something very, very hard. And it seals right.

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Again, this is permitted. It is permitted as a form of a large

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but you do not ask for it. If you ask for it, you're out.

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Now anyway, now Hamdulillah I mean, nobody uses anymore but in case we just explaining the Hadith. And the last one is the most important. Why now Rob, be him at our keynote. If you look at the all the three we mentioned,

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they are summarized in the last one. Right. And the last one is they have complete trust in Allah subhana wa Tada. They have complete trust in Allah. That's why they do not get a three year old. That's why Lester Cohn and that's why they act alone. See, it was summarized at the end. Why an Arab be him yet our cologne, they have complete trust in Allah subhanaw taala. So if I have complete trust in Allah and sha Allah, complete trust, and I stay away from these things, then I will be from the 70,000 people.

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How can I be? This is extremely important. Yeah. How can I be able to our kids?

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How can I be and with our kids, obviously, this is the most important one of them.

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Three steps

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I want to now let's let's practice it.

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You can practice it all, but at least let's let me tell you the procedure. Number one.

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Think of something

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that you want to achieve.

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Or something that you want to be cured of or you wanted out of your life.

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Sisters don't think about your mother in law.

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So think about something that you want to be achieved. Or think of something that you want out of your life. Well, let's assume I want to memorize the Quran or I want to become a doctor, whatever it is, think of something that you really want. That's number one step, the first step, think of something that you really want or something that you really want to be get rid of your life whether that's a grief, some kind of disease, whatever it is.

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put complete trust in Allah subhanho wa Taala either that he is capable of doing it and he will do it if it is fair in it for me.

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Number one, I think of something number two, I put complete trust in Allah Ya Allah, I am trusting you to fulfill this for me.

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Whatever that is.

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Verse number three

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take by the means.

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I don't do one and two and good sleep.

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I made the wish or made the whatever I want. I can put complete trust in Allah. Then I start taking by the means for every means possible. For example, let's take a memorization of the Quran covers I put a schedule every day. I'm going to memorize one page or two pages. I

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I'm going to review them the next day. I'm gonna redo the whole four pages. I'm gonna go sit down with a chef. I'm gonna dedicate five hours a week. I'm gonna decide I'm gonna go for a jazz I'm gonna I do everything possible to fulfill that

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wish that I asked for.

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That's it if you do that all those three you are a real with our Kelly.

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You are real with our kill

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some people now where's the problem? What happens with most of us, if not all of us? We put the trust in number three.

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This is the problem.

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Yeah, I am a taqueria. I asked Allah. But all my trust is a number three. All I'm defending is on the medicine. On I'm depending on this my cousin. He knows the principal. He knows the president. All my trust is in that

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which is there's nothing wrong to do it. But my trust is in that. Not in Allah. I'm putting on my trust is not my connections. In my degree in my boss, this is all my trust. That's why we fail. That's why why 70,000 only? Can you imagine how many people are? Are those?

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How many Muslims on the Day of Judgment? If now it's 1.7 billion. Can you imagine from the days of Rasulullah Salam till the days not from the social side and the days of Adam and Eve salaam to the day of judgment. You know the big numbers so 70,000 is very few.

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Okay, now, there is I have some

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good news inshallah. You want some good news?

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sha Allah, okay.

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The good news is

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Rasool allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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he was told or he told the Sahaba will you be pleased if you are quarter of the people of Jana? They said yes. Yeah, Rasul Allah Sahaba. He said, Would you be pleased if you were third of the people of Jana

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said yes, you are.

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He said, Would you be pleased if you are half of the people of Jana half the Ummah, Muhammad sigh Salam, half of the people of gender.

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They said yes, you are so Allah, He said by the one in whose hand is the soul of Muhammad. I hope that he will be half of the people of Jana Allahu Akbar. So this is the first good news second good news

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the people of Jana

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salah, as I said and said, the people of Ghana are 120 rows

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120 rows

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of which

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is how many is the Omar Muhammad?

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How many

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AD Can you imagine? An agenda 120 rows 80 of them are the number of homicides Salem, now lawmakers amongst them chulmleigh.

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And the last and the best one of the best great news. And another narration same Hadith, that same Hadith same meaning of the Hadith, in which not

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authentic 100%

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Because allah sallallahu Sallam

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because He loves us so much, because he loves his Alma so much. He said, Yeah, Allah he asked Allah for more than 70,000 that will enter the Jana without herself.

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So the cream,

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the cream, the honey told him with every one of the 70,000 you have 70,000

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with every one of the 70,000 Yeah, Mohamed, I'm gonna give him your 70,000.

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So if you do the calculation, now, maybe there is some possibility will be included? 4 billion 4,900,070,000 times 70,000. Right. Seven times 749. And how many zeros?

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Six, five and 510. Right. 4,900,000,000. Right. Right. No accountants here. 4,900,000,000 people in sha Allah will enter the Jannah without his help. And without prior Adam

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Yama and this last night of Thursday or Friday. This is the night of Friday. Allah I asked you the best of your names. Please don't say I mean from your heart. Yeah, um, I asked you the best of you and

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nzr Allah, Allah yeah of him. Yeah Carrie we have any everyone who attended tonight to Allah make him from those people. Yeah Allah make him from the people who will enter the Jana without his help and without other

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them and their spouses and their children and their parents and in Europe, right I mean, I mean, I mean, I mean, but some Allah and Muhammad Ali who suddenly has rain, don't forget, tomorrow's Friday. The best Salah in the sight of Allah is the salah to Fisher in the mouth of Yama. Juma see y'all tomorrow at six o'clock better holla Feeco Santa Monica Rahmatullahi