Mohamad Baajour – The Quest for Love and Mercy

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the rights of the husband and his wife, emphasizing the need for everyone to act Kindness towards them and their spouse. They also touch on the negative impact of sex on women's lives and the importance of privacy and boundaries. The segment ends with a training session on bringing love and harmony to homes and showing it to the wife. The negative impact of male and female sex on women's lives is also discussed.
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making them feel at peace and safe.

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After that trauma,

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we will discuss the rights of the husband or in other words, the wife's obligations.

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Allah subhanaw taala

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regenerable, our goon island we say Viva la Vida about, for example, a wedding, men are in charge of a mountain bike

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in support from the wealth.

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So Allah subhanaw taala

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told us that the men are in charge of the family, and even Kofi Rahim Allah in explaining this area, he said, The man is the woman's custodian. He is a supervisory leader, and the one who corrects her, if she deviates, this gives a man a major responsibility in running the title and qualifies him for a number of rights, which should be rendered to him by the other family members, above all his wife, this is the degree $1, just over the woman that Allah mentioned. While many I like him, Neville, William Regina hinda, Dodger,

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exactly, is similar to what is expected of them was due to them is similar to what is expected of them

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according to what is reasonable, but the men have a degree over them, and responsibility and authority of mark as as he's

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on my team. All right. Now, one, one very, very important statement.

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Before we start mentioning all the rights of the husband, you have to really hear the statement very clear, and very careful. And that statement is, it must be understood that this degree is a degree of responsibility, before being a degree of homage. The man earns it. The man earns this nickname by being duly worthy of the trust that Allah conferred on him and loses it by neglecting this trust.

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Yeah, all the rules, all the obligations that have the way that you will mentioned today child law, maybe next week also they are the rights of the husband.

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If he has fulfilled his rights,

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because Allah subhanaw taala gave him that degree and not he does not take care of them on purpose. I'm not talking about a man who had a car accident that he got confirmed. Now that's a different story. I'm talking about a man on purpose neglect, his family does not give them anything. That's not good. God forbid evil. He does not care about their Deen. He doesn't care about anything that Moses does.

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Because one of the rights of the woman is the provision, he has to provide for her.

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He has to teach her a deed.

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He has to correct me if she went wrong. This is his job. The man is responsible for all his

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faith, and we all know that.

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That is probably

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the brother's favorite play. Which is if I owe the person to exosuit to other than Allah, I would have told the woman to make the shoe to the mat. Masha Allah was memorized this before

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no good.

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And yes, Jews innovate in order to develop and test Judah, these OTL

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when Medina su Mohammed in Vienna,

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very strong. That's what a different I have come to the hub as audio.

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When I went where I to command the person to make sure to other than Allah, I would have commanded the older generation shooter husband, by the one who's having this life sword in his head. I suppose as I'm swearing

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a woman would not fulfill her Lord's rights until she fulfilled her husband's rights

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so women will not fulfill completely fulfill her Lord's rights I'm teaching completely fulfill her husband's right

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missile Allah Allah Allah was here

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Look, when he people are standing gentleman gave these slides to the man, that does not mean that the husband is better than the man is better than the woman. Allah told us

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that a chemical, a chemical, and the lie has gone.

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The best of you in the sight of Allah is the one with more

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whether men, women, black, white, rich, poor Albion and it does not matter as long as he has worked upon his word beloved to Allah subhanaw taala that is the reason that is where the measurements come with ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada

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then this is

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he mentioned that

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the woman should be extremely kind to her has, just like you mentioned, that the husband has extremely, extremely conscious right, by the way he treats her by the way I speak to her. Similarly, the woman, my sister, when you speak to your wife, when you speak to your husband, make sure you use the very kind, gentle words. As soon as I said and told us, I can't even tell you that subasta

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goodword is a form of charity.

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A good word is a form of challenge. And you can switch you can switch a whole

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the whole mood in the house, just by the way you speak to your husband.

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By the way, the way you welcome the way you welcome your husband, when he comes from work will decide the outcome of the night.

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If you're gentle and kind and respectful. May Allah bless you may Allah protect you at the same time as no comes in with a smile and he put on his worries outside. That's how Allah Allah subhanaw taala will put love and mercy in such a home. But I don't think that these are these are

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unachievable or unattainable.

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Homes Allah is very, very easy to attain. All you have to do is Fear Allah subhanaw taala and your spouse or your husband or your wife, and like you always repeat

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when you are extremely genuine, unkind and treating your wife with respect that honor, Colet, if she's a righteous wife, the only thing that you've been back from her is righteousness and respect upon, this is our righteous woman supposed to Allah said

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when you give yourself only thing you should receive is Excel.

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And as Muslims, we almost have a lot, we already have such a kind heart if somebody treats us then a little bit of kindness we show extreme kinds extreme so harmless How about if somebody is always gentle and kind to us, so they naturally only in turn is be more kind of

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a great example of being grateful and show gratitude to the husband, Khadija the Allah subhanaw taala even though she was way more richer, than the Zumba Salah he was selling them. And once he had her finances in advance, financial advantage, did not make her arrogant for ungrateful to assume some Allah He was. She was a great example of modesty and kindness. Subhan Allah, a woman who is reluctant to admit her husband spavor This piece is Allah.

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Like we mentioned before, one of the costumers I said and said that most of the people will have a woman. And when he was asked why he asked, what Allah? What did he answer

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that from the last year? What does that actually mean? It means that the husband did 999,000 Good things, and he did one wrong thing. She forget about everything. And she even did that one wrong thing. This is not my words. This was excellent words. He said because you forget all these 1000s And you remember only that one bad thing. That is not this is being ungrateful. And as I said, I'm told us, if you want to be grateful to be grateful to people, how about the husband, that is going out and struggling and striving to make sure that everything is presented to you and provided to you. So we should let the sister and the wife show complete gratitude to her husband, their younger

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ally as well. You know, when we discuss the woman's rights, people came to me is otherwise we will do our siding with the sisters. What is this? It's not today. Now today, we're going to hear it from this

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This was one of the new wealth management, you're certainly with us. And I mean, he was able to finish it up, but what caught

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my eye must be with anybody outside the front line is, if you do, as I say, it's called Allah

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Subhana Allah, and I'm telling you, right from personal experience, it's very easy to be achieved with a with a number one with the purview of Allah Subhan Allah God, but Allah subhana, Allah see that sincerely, you're trying to please him? Who owns the heart of your spouse, so ALLAH, so all of that system that's complaining about your husband, the husband is complaining about his wife, you call and ask, and then the one whom your wife is between these two fingers, he can switch it overnight. And she would become the most beloved to your heart, and you become the most beloved turn out.

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there y'all

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I'm gonna hide this. I can't hide hiding there is haram Islam, to hide knowledge, live information is not allowed. Just like I mentioned, all that hadith, of the duties of the husband towards his wife, we got to mention the duties of the wife also.

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This is not a game. It's not a game. This is deep. So as soon as I say Allah does not look, when we say when you see the Hadith, Allah does not talk does that mean?

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This mostly will be withheld

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some big

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because now the reason to gender is mostly only enters genders first. So if Allah had if Allah does not talk with mercy, and a woman who is not grateful to her husband, when she cannot live without

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she knows that she cannot live without him. And at the same time, she's not great.

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This is not right. And again,

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even Aloha.

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Many times can you handle to set up

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or who can open that?

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Waffle back

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Allah hastily things, does not like free things, this will be your mother.

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Very, your daughter is alive, at least we have the capacity.

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And the third one is not known. Perhaps you do not give your views.

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But you ask for your rights.

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This is similar to our other two that Allah does not claim you asked for us and the name of the house. But none of the house

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you're not bringing anything you're not doing anything. All I see is yelling and screaming and getting angry all the time. So hello, give and naturally she should give you that. You know your juice.

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When I tell my sister respect your husband, the number one reason why are you respecting your husband is because it's an act of worship.

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When a woman

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looks at the thought and convenience of the husband from that perspective, there's a discussion. Not everybody likes to answer for sure a lot of people get very, very frustrated from Syria, but they still do it. Right. Wait, I have 16 houses here 17 out. Some people get really sick in life, but they still got the house. So some of them if your husband have some

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some qualities that you don't try. I'm sure he has others that you love. I'm talking about the righteous husband. I'm not talking about listen to this

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one time assistant. She said Yeah, brother.

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She said saved my husband.

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I'm telling you

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he does not pray.

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He does not test.

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He sounds Latin. He sounds awful. He sounds poor. He smokes. And Wally. He likes to watch that. Even if he does Be Good morning. I think his life

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I'm sure

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he does that fast.

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And then at the end of the

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day statements, she said, but yes, yes. That's not the problem of gun law. Who am I

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What's the problem? What do you think is the problem

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wants to get better at again. Excellent. He made another way

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the only thing he did

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is he did his thing.

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But that doesn't mean anything

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right? So Subhan Allah, husband like this is

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most of us those again.

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I'm talking about that when we discuss we are talking about a man who is doing his best because similarly treating the wife with respect Allah and he anytime you are about to get upset from your wife, and you're about to explode,

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or you have

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the best of you is the best to their voice, control your anger.

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And similarly, my sister when you look at

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the Hadith that said

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is a summary either somebody

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was on the channel, or have you not.

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So Jeff

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Frey and five daily prayers for the month of Ramadan protect from chastity and obey her husband, she can pick and choose which doll of gender to enter from.

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i My concern is transgender.

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I heard this almost accident saying this this is a Hadith, I will do my best to try to obey my husband, so to speak, my husband will be known as as brothers, you know that they can own us with a kind word.

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One kind word, they could own our heart. They'll be right around. One can go tonight how I bring chicken comes to you.

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Let me say

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teach me something.

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Something time this is definitely a language. Well let you forget everything.

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Unless you know you're here to close the clinical check it out.

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So how long so the kind words with this have died? They can they know they know how? Either to make you

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flip and go crazy. And they know how to make you back and kind of Benny did that in some magic tricks power

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comes in default.

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my sister shade your husband from a perspective that he is bipolar project.

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He is by God project. Yeah, National Visa. Oh my god, like I mentioned before, sometimes because we always say this is the idea. This is the idea. We forget

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that the one who said that is the best man ever created. The one who said these things is the one who really worried about me and you and you my sister to go to jail. Yeah, Musharraf is he's talking to them all now all

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keep challenging and ask Allah for from beautiful forgiveness, abundance.

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And fullness that is there for 10 year I couldn't.

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Because I saw you the majority of the people have have

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and he's got like a much smarter guy that wants to throw us.

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There's so many warnings. This woman he won't do this, don't do this, do this and do this.

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Why? Because of the

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being ungrateful to the husband.

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So how

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will mistreatment of the husband

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could be her passport project?

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One of the Sahaba important that one of his paternal aunts visited the prophesy center and he asked

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all women do you have a husband? Suppose I said no.

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She said yes.

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Okay, fine, Kayla.

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How do you treat him?

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She said yes. So a lot as much as I can. I do not deny him any respect.

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I do not deny him any respect. I know you're going to wish

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and I'm sure probably this is going to be the most watched clip on the epic

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TV and you're gonna wish how would they forget to read my wife today?

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He said I saw through a solemn check.

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What is your position with him? Because he's either your way to gender or your way to find

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your husband is either

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somebody named and they never what gender to key when our key

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is either your gender or your yoga. Now, I will finish with this hadith that we mentioned before. Not very good for

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the best of woman

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is she always good and kind to her husband?

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Let's move on. So nobody said, Hey, you in the same envelope, as we were doing

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last year, led to either the fate of

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the rest of your woman or those who are bearers of nature. They are very loving to their husbands comforting and coloring, providing that they have Taqwa Taqwa of Allah subhana wa Jai, I

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was showing what he said and

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I would hate

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to have your card.

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And the worst of your woman or worse will display the chance and beauty with their work. These are the hypocrites indeed.

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he said, The gist of your woman is and when and when. And when that we mentioned before, that she could bear many children. Now how can I find out we said before, how can I find out before I get married that this woman's gonna have children we look at her family members and her arms her sisters and mother. We see that they are from the people who always produce hamdulillah single side. But if Allah decreed that she's not going to have children, that's clear from what was and you were doing means this is one of the names of Allah right. And the duty. So I was I suppose as I said, the rest of your woman isn't going to she's always kind of always loving. And another Hadith he said she will

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not go to sleep on teaching you know, take your hand and she will tell you on why my eyes will not close until you are happy when

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they went to the Microsoft's

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Subhanallah So Java kinda just to make sure that

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you will

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come next week.

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I will tell you all about it that we are going to continue with the rise of husband next week also. So they shouldn't shall bring your wife and bring some

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and everything to Allah. And then before we get to like each other. We have a beautiful training here at Epic to bring love and harmony to our homes and doing that.

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We are going to give you something very nice. So you go home to make chocolate and give your wife Rose and

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This is removed from

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the husband to come and take beautiful girls and get into your life and show up

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nice and kind

00:23:37 --> 00:23:38

good to have

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Robert these are

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some personality somebody

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they have quite naturally

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