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AI: Summary © The importance of reading and memorizing the Quran in order to derive lessons from it is emphasized. The shelling and plot tactics used by the enemy are also discussed, including drinking alcohol and committing major decade. The use of Islam in a media segment is also discussed, including a person named K’tha who is a trainer and a person named K’tha who is a trainer. The importance of following a method and not forgetting past experiences is emphasized, along with the importance of being prepared for anything comes up. The segment ends with a mention of a video about a man named Jesus who gave a gift to his children.
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knowledge. I mean, you know what I mean? And ask Allah subhanaw taala to put Barak and this gathering, and make us from the people who are told to move forward and let them get up all your sins are forgiven. I mean

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we are continuing in

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the explanation of Surah Yusuf alayhi salam, and what are the lessons that we could derive and learn and implement in our life? The Quran? Yeah, one is not just to read and memorize the Quran is to read, memorize, understand implement, okay? Like I always repeat we concentrate a lot on reading and memorizing and we do not target the main goal why the Quran was revealed, Lea dub through it so they could ponder upon every single every single area

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so last week, we took the whole Halaqaat explaining when you accrue value Salam told us of

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course a

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taco sauce Hello.

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Thank you failure, Ki Duna Takeda in a shape on a

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sunny I do I'm moving. So he told us of a restaurant do not generate do not tell this dream that you have seen. Do not say to your brothers, because of the if you do, they're going to plot against you.

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Now listen to this SubhanAllah

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jacobellis Salam warned his son, not to tell the dream to the other siblings.

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And like we said last week, as if he said why

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he said for your key do look at Qaeda

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because they're going to plot against you.

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And then we said, in order not to create enmity between his kids. He told him Look at the Subhanallah there's a lesson here in the shaitana. It's not your brothers.

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It's not your brothers in a shaitana insanity. I don't want to be the shaitan is a major enemy is I don't know been clear, or do clear enemy to mankind. So in order not to make him hate his brothers. Why are my brothers doing this to me? What did I do to them? So he made it? It is the Shaytards fault. Okay? Your brothers did not mean to do that. You it is the Shaytards fault. This is one lesson second lesson.

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Whatever you notice here, he told him don't do this.

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And he gave him a reason.

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Right. When you talk to your children, haram Why is haram? I said so.

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I'm the father here habibi. Who's paying the bills

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don't say the dream. Why are they going to plot against you? He gave reason why. Okay.

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Yeah, when you know, especially in our team, it's very easy. Why bother? Alcohol is haram heavy. Allah subhana wa Taala is our Creator. And he is the own knowing. He knows what's good for us and what's harmful to us. So he made alcohol haram and we know that Allah is the Kabir he is the expert. He knows everything. He is He loves us so much. So he said that this alcohol is haram in a nice way. How does haram haram haram we grew up haram haram Subhanallah we get the kids confused. So don't take the DRI why? Because your brother your brother's gonna plot against you for your key do like Qaeda so this is one one lesson

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Allah subhanaw taala told us in many places you have to learn and you know what? Any Can you imagine someone is telling you? This is your enemy. He is Moby and he's very clear that's your enemy in a shaitana Can

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I do that? I do that tell you do who do Allah says in surah tauter the shaitan is your enemy so treat him like one

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call a birdie welcome Larry Bird Jaco net he acid in the shaitana yinzer Hubei now home

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hola todos. Susannah tell my slaves tell my servants to say everything that is good Assam and be careful because the shaitan is plotting against them between them

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yeah when there is no camera him Allah

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He said that the shaitan approaches us six different levels versus the shaytaan will try his best to what's the first attempt?

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The first thing he tries to do to me or to you is to commit shirk, he tried to tell you, you know, to worship this worship that go to the graves, ask the people who are dead for help to walk around the graves, that all the stuff

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he wants you to commit should ask other than Allah. Okay?

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When he sees that, you are very strong, he goes to the next step. What's the next step?

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Excellent. Subhanallah a lot of people think the next step is major sin, which is the third step. He makes the big die so beautiful. Imagine after Schilke

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he makes the bidder

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and innovation in the deen so beautiful to us. So you want to start doing it and convince others to do it. What does that remind you of? Which name of Allah?

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Come on,

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which was close to Buddha.

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But here, what does it mean?

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He creates something out of nothing.

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So the same thing better from the eye

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to make up something new in the deen. So the shaitan loves the bit more than he loves major sins like Riba and adultery and he loves Demeter more. Why? Because when I commit a major sin, I know that alcohol is haram. I know that trip is haram. I know that adultery is haram. I know. But there are no I do not know I think I'm doing something great. And I'm inviting people to do it. So he loves that. He loves it to introduce something to the deen.

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Now you are very strong and the sooner the better. You're very far from the Buddha couldn't live with that in the law. But the law that infanatil Very far he comes to third entrance.

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Major sin he there he makes you like major sins, commit major sins, Riba and stealing and lying and cheating, you name it. Now you're very strong. He cannot touch me. No major sins. What does he do?

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A lot of minor sins. A lot of minor sins. You say to yourself, what's the big deal? I took a look at this girl. What's the big deal? Another look another look another look becomes huge. Like I said that. The mountains are made of pebbles, right? It's that one table one table one pebble and pebble becomes a major sin. So he makes you do a lot of minor sins. Now you are not sha Allah from the people of the masajid sunnah you will not even do minor sins what's the next step the fifth

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No, no reverse from the major sins

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no show off was major sin Rhea.

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Do a lot of listen to this because now you are not a mushrik you are not a movie. You are not committing major sins. You're not even committing minor sins Jenny very few minor sins. So now you're very very high. So he has to come to something different. Far middle musta had that. He makes you do a lot of things that are okay. Because they're not haram and they're not halal. For example, there's nothing wrong with playing basketball right? So he makes you play basketball 15 hours a day.

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waste time, waste your time. He musta habits it's halal, but he makes you do a lot of it. Eating is halal. He makes you eat a lot so you get tired sleepy a new masala eatings Hulen

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sitting down with your friends and chatting and talking is halal. But seven hours is too much so he makes you do a lot of domestic but but you are Habibi, forget about it. Nobody can touch you. All these five he cannot come close to you. He come with the sixth one who's gonna guess what is the sixth one?

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I don't think you know this

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Allahu Akbar you probably heard my lecture before, right?

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Because there's no way

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and sha Allah. You still remember the sea? Bring your kids yeah, one legged? Does he remember that? I think I said this maybe a year or so ago, however you

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ate, so he had it when he was seven. So

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he makes you

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Do the less good

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okay. And I gave that example that he gave, he mentioned the example on the, for example, we have the Halacha here. Now this is the Halacha this halacha here Bismillah, surrounded by the angels, the Rama, the Sakina. And Allah has mentioned our name and you will be told Khumba for a brother said, You know what, I don't want to listen, I want to sit by myself over there. He convinced him No, no, no, go finish your use of the Quran.

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He's very high Eman. He's not gonna go home. He's not gonna go. So he sits in the corner. You start reading the Quran. He doesn't want to be in this gathering. He's getting has an ad but less has an ad than this. So he makes you do that is less rewarding because you are very high in Eman, long story short, he will never give up. He will never give up. He might come. Like our self said he might come through 70 ways of good things to make you do one bad thing.

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Subhanallah This is his job. Now call then I will definitely sit anytime any one of us is thinking of going straight. He is going to start reminding him of so many things. And giving him so many excuses so he could go back to his old way. This is the shaitan so let's go back to use for Islam. He told his son

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in the shaytaan it's not your brothers because at the end of the day yeah one who are these brothers? Let me ask you a question.

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Are these brothers mentioned in the Quran?

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As I mentioned in the Quran, the brothers of use of

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Binyamin by the way the brother's name is Binyamin is also from the Israeli I know Hadith said it's many I mean, but we call them enemies no ha No harm. If there was a benefit in mentioning his name, Allah mentioned that autosource Isola, but I'm talking about the brothers that plotted are they in the Quran?

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What's the name?

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Excellent show us that. You know, that's bad and so little Bukhara. When esvagt Musa as well as birth to Bacara last birth are the brothers of use of they became prophets at the end. But when they did this, when they did this, they were not prophets. Obviously, no prophet plot to kill his brother. Right? So he clarified it to them that the shaitan is very evil, and he's been very clear enemy to you. So make him as take him as your enemy.

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Now, one of the main things Yeah, because, like we said, the shutdown is constantly distracting us the best thing and the easiest thing to get rid of the chiffon Wallahi that would be Lana Shakeology.

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Anytime, a thought my younger brothers, my young sisters, anytime a thought comes to your mind about attempting to do something even, I would have learned Shakeology Mauldin learnership He runs away. He runs away Say it like you mean it. Okay. Now Subhanallah after he told his son, don't tell your brothers about this dream because they might talk to you any use of said what did I do to them? Right? Why would they plot Why would they do this to me? Look at this Pamela look at the Quran. Yeah.

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Why can any KLG Terry carob book where you are LIMU? Can you win in the way your team money and matter who I really want?

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To come at him?

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Really, either.

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You can call either or Hema is

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in Rebecca Lehman Heike, after he gave him this news that made him sad. Immediately, he gave him great news. But listen, now you also don't tell your brothers about this dream because they're gonna plot against you. And he's feeling sad. What do they do to them? I'm seven years old. I remember he said seven years old. But your use of Allah subhanho wa Taala is going to choose you. He may he may he mentioned three things. Well, cada le que LGTBQ Rob book, Allah is going to choose you from amongst all these people, to be a prophet, while you are living in Wheeling, ahaadeeth. And like we said before, there's no science of dream interpretation, right? He you are going to be one of the

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very few people or in his time, the only person as we will see in the future, the only person who will know their interpretation of dreams, this is another honor. Third, where you Tim and he's going to complete his blessing upon you. And the ultimate said the blessing here. The best blessing that you have ever got was

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he's a prophet prophethood right. So he gave him three things.

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After his father gave him this bad news about your brothers, man

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But against you. Immediately, he gave him something to look forward to. Okay. Another lesson here. Yeah. When a brother comes to you and complaining

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he's sad. He's going through hardship. He's going through this through that. Don't close all the doors. Carlos Habibi, you're going to help them discuss with me finish. You're miserable. You know your wife? Is this your mother? Is this No, no, no.

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Help him. Listen to him first and then give him a solution. Give him hope. Look at this. Look at daddy K HW book. Well, you hadn't even come in. We had if you didn't want to

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look at this Subhanallah it gives me so much hope. And it's okay. Now after hearing this, who's going to think about that the brother is going to plot anymore? I'm going to be a prophet. I'm gonna have Allah subhanaw taala is gonna give me that will? Do you care anymore? Look at this. Yeah, one Allah. And this is why the Quran is so beautiful, that we could take it and implement it on a daily basis.

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On a daily basis, we how many times people come and complain to us or me, myself or you yourself are going through hardship. You know, when we are going through hardship, the shaitan makes me or makes that hardship look like it is the biggest problem in our life. And he makes me forget the millions of blessings that I have. And he makes me concentrate only on that thing. Only I don't have enough money. I'm sick. Okay.

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This whole table is white, and it has one black.on it the shaitan makes me concentrate only on the black dot and he forgets that the whole the whole paper is white. It's all beautiful and clean.

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One man came, and he saw a beggar.

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And the beggar was the poorest man on earth. I'm the poorest man, please help me please help me. So the man said, Would you send me your own for $100,000? He said no. He said, Would you send me your eyes for half a million dollars? He said no. He said, Would you send me your leg?

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For $500,000? He said no. He said you're a millionaire.

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What are you saying? You're the poorest man on earth. You're a millionaire.

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Subhan Allah because of our weak Eman. When when something small happens. That's all we concentrate. And we forget that. For example. I'm 50 years old. 50 years old. Nothing happened to me. And I got sick for a week.

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50 years were nothing wrong. You forget for one week now. How's your complaining? For 50 years, you had a best job? You lost a job for a month. You're up and down? What should I do?

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It's part of have you forget the 50 years or the four years or 30 years? And we concentrate on that one week.

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Subhan Allah. So he gave him good. Good, great news. This is a method Yeah. What? Okay, dedication to be current book. And there's another great lesson

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there's no listen carefully. There is no ishiba Without if tila.

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When was use of informed about that he has been chosen after he was tested.

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You will never make it in this dunya make it really make it as a true believer. Until and unless you are really tested. You're going to be tested. One and a blue one Bucha in mental health when you're when actually mentally unwell. While emphasis was summarized. Well, the sheer salary,

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you will be definitely tested. Definitely don't fail the test Jaquard and I'm reminding myself don't fail the test. Now what is panel my brother called me today, very close from New York.

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He said brother butcher, I planned and I already plan to go to hygiene and Hamdulillah I paid half deposit and I still have the rest. And then

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my father called me he is in desperate need of money.

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What should I do?

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Look a trainee

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is a test. This is your first has your second page. He said my first so it's okay. If it was second highest. The answer is easy, right? You can skip anything you know, it's not important.

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When you compare to helping your father, the NFL hedge is not important. But the first hedge

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is very important. It's a must to follow.

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So what do we tell the guy?

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Anyway, long story short Hamdulillah I mean, I spoke to him after a while we were able to find that he had after I told him the Hadith that we all know. And when I look up the Arabic

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Maasai Salim said you and your wealth belong to your father.

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And when a Susanne Selim was asked ya rasool Allah what are the most beloved Amen to Allah? Number one a Salah to either walk to salat on time. Second year rasool Allah Berlin Valleydale in

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Berlin where he deign being good and respectful and beautiful to the parents. Third Era sunnah Allah.

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Allah Jihad feasable Allah. So anything came before, before she had

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and the hedges you had, right? So if we can manage between both, and I'm the latter bad. I mean, he was able to think we spoke with each other this and here and there, he is able to do both help his father and continuous mission with hedge.

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Okay, but if it was an option that has Jaquan, and your father or your mother, I'm talking about father and mother asked you for help. And it was an optional hedge, it was our ombre, then helping the parents is way ahead of something optional. Why? Because partly validation is a foreign ombre and second hash or third hash is optional. Right? Okay, so

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the lesson

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let's mention, we were talking about, what does that mean?

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Chosen, it is liquid as the

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English means sifting through and choosing the best.

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And he told him Allah

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have chosen you.

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HDB. So this is the first demo

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where you are living come into reading Hadith and he you're going to be expert in interpreting dreams. And we saw how that got him to the king future in the future. And

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he is the most noble human being. Right, Al Kareem Abdul Kareem Abdul Kareem Abdul Karim, his use of his heart, in Yaqoob in his heart, Ebrahim. So his lineage is the best ever profit center for profit center for profit center for profit. So this is another honor that he has. Now.

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He said, We will finish with this inshallah. Well, you didn't move, no matter who I like while earlier, cannot attend.

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The father is telling him that he will complete his blessings. Allah will complete his blessings upon you, just like he competed on your father's Ibrahim was Huck.

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What is the lesson here?

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The lesson here is

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always remind the children of the righteous grandparents, your father, your grandfather, was this your grandpa, your uncle? Was this your this? Keep reminding them? We don't discuss that with our kids. Right.

00:23:13--> 00:23:17

He reminded him how great was his grandfather, keep in mind, he's still talking to a seven year old.

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Another lesson

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we said last week, that it is not, it does not.

00:23:31--> 00:23:50

It is not necessary that if the father is righteous, that means that 100% the Son is going to be righteous. It's not 100% But the more righteous deeds I do as a father, the more and the higher protection I'm giving to my children.

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What is a delete? The Delete is in surah Alkaff.

00:23:58--> 00:24:45

Allah protected the treasure of the kids. The two orphans were Cana abou Houma, sila, and their father was a righteous man. So Allah protected the treasure of the kids till they become adults. Subhanallah so he, he reminded him that your father, your father, they call them father, when it goes up. He didn't say grandfather to make it close to him. Because your father includes your grandfather. Anybody who goes from your father's side is called Father. Okay. Your father grandfather, great grandfather called fathers. And then he ended the idea by saying in Nara Baca Lehmann hacky Subhan Allah, Allah knows your use of that you are going through, you're gonna go

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through hardship.

00:24:47--> 00:24:51

You will definitely go through hardship. Don't worry, the one who saved

00:24:53--> 00:25:00

your father Ibrahim from the fire, he will able to save you from the well because Allah is relieved look at this

00:25:00--> 00:25:19

two names that I've chosen here, I leave what's going to happen and whatever is going to happen to you use of is with utmost ACHEMA. With wisdom, don't worry, it's not haphazardly, it does not happen by coincidence, whatever is gonna happen to you. So as of now, use of RAM is being prepared. Something big is gonna happen.

00:25:21--> 00:25:24

In Rob DACA, or Lehman, Hakeem

00:25:25--> 00:25:36

and Rebecca or Lehman hacking and the Hekmatyar one, the Hikmah wisdom is something very precious. A lot of people have them without eczema.

00:25:38--> 00:25:39

They have a lot of ill, but no Heckman,

00:25:41--> 00:25:41


00:25:43--> 00:25:45

And then there was a king.

00:25:47--> 00:25:48

He had a dream

00:25:51--> 00:25:53

that all his teeth fell.

00:25:55--> 00:26:00

So he asked who's the best dream interpreter? They told him this guy. So he came.

00:26:02--> 00:26:05

He told him I saw on my dream that all my teeth fell.

00:26:07--> 00:26:07

He said,

00:26:10--> 00:26:14

all your kids are going to die. And you're gonna bury them all.

00:26:15--> 00:26:15

He said kill him.

00:26:18--> 00:26:20

They killed him to bring me another guy.

00:26:21--> 00:26:25

He said my teeth. I jumped on my teeth all fell

00:26:26--> 00:26:26

up. Sure.

00:26:28--> 00:26:29

Great news.

00:26:30--> 00:26:35

You're going to be the last person in your family to live Allahu Akbar. Same thing.

00:26:38--> 00:26:58

Same thing, same thing. The last person today for all your family gonna die. But the way you said it, no hikma so the guy who was under than giving gold. Even though he said the same thing. Same exact thing. So Allah says in the Quran, when they tell hikma saccade OTF how you run Kathira

00:26:59--> 00:27:05

mama you tell Hickman Fahad oto Hi Ron Cassia has been given the Hikmah

00:27:06--> 00:27:15

has been given something huge hype. Now I will definitely under this. What is the difference between OTs and Austria?

00:27:17--> 00:27:20

That for example, will tell you okay.

00:27:21--> 00:27:22

Well at

00:27:23--> 00:27:29

you, Allah subhanaw taala use data and data, what's the difference between data and outcomes?

00:27:30--> 00:27:31

For example, here

00:27:35--> 00:27:43

wanna you tell hikma? Whomsoever Yota and ACHEMA and this is the Quran artha Okay, the difference is

00:27:44--> 00:27:45

your data

00:27:46--> 00:27:49

is for you. And others

00:27:52--> 00:27:56

that I could give Allah could give you Hekmat, you hikma your Heckman

00:27:58--> 00:27:59

Welcome to Athena.

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util will care. My Yasha Wedensday unwelcoming Masha, Allah gives the monk the power of the bounty to whomsoever he wants, but he does not give the milk to one person. But artha in Athena council, the council is for you only Muhammad. Okay, that's the difference between yatta yatta yatta is for others I could give it to you and give it to others but Arthur Arthur

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Femi, Salah Hadiya he gave it he gave him a gift as his only didn't give a gift. And

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for everybody, no, he gave him the gift it's his. But when you say Yota it is for everybody and he given to one person and give it to others at the same time. I'll finish with this inshallah Tada. As usual, today is Thursday. Tomorrow in sha Allah Tada is Friday morning. We have to come, professor and Jeremiah one and get the Azure as if you stayed up all night. Make a lot of salad and Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and sha Allah to Allah come to Juma early, have the mucosal clip your nails and rhetorical calf, may Allah reward you Oh, they're not just like He gathered this year. gathers Rasulullah Salallahu Salam Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah so kind of anomaly Hunting Mission.

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Hola. Hola. Hola. Esta fuca on a taco