Mirza Yawar Baig – Akhlaaq is the root

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of knowing one's source of knowledge and staying true to one's own values in modern times. They also emphasize the importance of good intentions and staying true to one's own values. The discussion touches on religion and personal experiences, including the theory of God being the source of wealth. The speakers stress the importance of learning to drive a 2016 Wheeler and practicing Islam in one's life to make it a means of existence.
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Fila Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala

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Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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for my mother, my brothers and sisters, one of the

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very important parts of learning or have knowledge is to know our scholars,

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the scholar the whole deal.

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Today we seem to have lost this completely.

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Take the average person

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as their name for me three scholars.

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Maybe they will name the three of the four Imam maybe they will say Abu Hanifa Imam Shafi Mulligan so maybe

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some people don't know even that

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then if you ask them okay, you're saying Imam Abu Hanifa bonafides Hakuna, what was his name?

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What shafa is what is there was not really sure what was

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very important to know our Allah

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because part of knowledge is to also know the source of this knowledge. So you got the knowledge from where

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the knowledge ultimately comes from Allah subhanaw taala it comes to us or nice and solid, but to you and me.

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Where it comes from,

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didn't come from directly from NASA a celebrity in Kahala. So, where did I get knowledge for this very important? It used to be part of the way of introducing somebody and usually people ask this question among the scholars is who are your teachers,

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the soil So who are these teachers, this is how a person is recognized by their teachers. So also the teacher of

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the teacher this was

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one of the great scholars of our modern times is Sheikh

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Abdul Fattah

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Remo later

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he passed away and he was one of the

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micellar very big and very

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of our modern times.

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And he wrote a very small book in terms of size is not big, small little book

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about the manners of the Muslim

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and in this he has covered everything from the time you wake up in the morning, today, we would with all our different interactions, how we should be with our parents, with our elders with younger people and so on and so, on the main images and that book, I would recommend to everybody to read each other will do a series of reminders based on his book also Inshallah, but extremely important, because this is the whole issue of the of our clock. And incidentally, the book begins with this episode,

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where as soon as as Alan said, he came for the he came to the work

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to complete and to beautify Gouda cloth

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and just think about this, he did not say come, I came to teach people who have no class, how do we know

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that people already have a class I came to beautify this

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make it better.

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And this is something which is so important, because as if nobody

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is observing work is known again, we should know our scholars is some intervene and he is known he and Hassan Bashira law they are known as the the race from the scholars of the Tribune. They're very, very highly respected scholars. So Abdullah bin Mubarak shahada, he says I studied other for 30 years before I touched the Quran before I approached.

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Today we might think what is there to study with ideas or other means what is our problem we don't even understand what is required.

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And I'm not blaming anybody I'm saying this is unfortunately the kind of society we have created.

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Where we have created a sense of arrogance

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right we go around feeling nobody can teach me anything.

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I know everything. What I don't know I'll get it from the net.

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is arrogance this is this Kimber giver is what shatta had, right.

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This keyword in the in the people there remember we had a conversation here when Jack was I was here.

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One man came they were

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I won't mention names and so on but they were promoting this group and they say we gather the youngsters together and so on a particular day they all come we get don't get them all together and then we have Allah

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in the masjid.

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So worship is our that and so

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I asked him I said, Who does the Halacha who runs the Celica?

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The who's we

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those young people were there

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so I said again overall Ramlila Is there somebody who's who has knowledge who studied Islam knew and was qualified to run that if not,

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we don't need all this

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under we good intention

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good intention if so, if I don't know how to do salah, my good intention means by size okay, I can do anything done on one leg

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due to all sorts

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but there is a there is a the recovery metrics are

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good intention def Of course, definitely, if lasagna is the is a barrier is the foundation

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for this there is a method

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you can save while I was coming to the matches I fell into a hole which is full of water. So I have to do

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I made the near when I was falling into the hole may just be able to.

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So I said sorry. We will not we will not allow this in this budget.

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Anybody who is speaking about religion, but with somebody who's trained to do that, we will not allow people just to come out of anywhere and say this is my opinion.

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My opinion is the door or shaitan

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Shan is the first one who said my opinion. Last month I said Why did you not make sojo? He's in my opinion, I'm superior, and a hydro minnow.

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And he gave me the results via

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Pelotonia Minahasa. When teen is giving us the eligibles opinion.

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The result of this opinion is what Johanna forever.

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So other of learning. So Abdullah Abdullah, he says 30 years I studied other before I came to the car. The reason is we have to understand this, why is this other so important? Not because somebody is trying to sit there as a bossing over you and saying, you know, is because it is like I always give the example of agriculture.

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If you're planting,

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you can have the best seed absolutely fabulous, fantastic seed, which is designed to give you 10 times the crop of normalcy.

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So we give this to you mark your level here. Okay.

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So what is the first thing that Neville will do? If nobody knows farming? What is the first thing he's going to do? He will give the cedar site safely, then he will work on the land.

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Now, if I come there, I don't know what your why What are you doing? I'm digging why why are we

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we've got a seed planted. So, no, no, no, it doesn't work like that.

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The land has to be prepared to receive the seed.

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If the land is not prepared, what will happen to the seed seed will die

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because the land is full of insects, it is full of pathogens it is full of its it has the wrong pH value, the acidity alkalinity level is not correct and so on. So on seed will die even if it germinates, it will

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not give you any proper crop. So, he is going to work on the land he will plow the land he will you know the soil he will take out all the negative things from the soil and clean it and everything else and then he will prepare for watering the soil. So, what are we putting a sprinkler system or am I going to put irrigation trenches or whatever depending on the place where it is

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only when the soil is completely ready and this may take whatever time it takes.

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Then he will plant the seed and he will get a beautiful result.

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Without that if he plants

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nothing wrong with the seats it is good. At the end of the day, whoever is teaching is teaching the Kalevala so nothing wrong with the carnival.

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But the way it is taught

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several things here I said supposing I open the book and say this is what Allah subhanaw taala has interviewed this hour they will order the villa Villa you wanna hurry the ayah delivery about Okay, now what is your opinion about this?

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And I'm saying I'm doing a helicopter sale, this is a helicopter seat and a lot of times what I reside somewhere random from somewhere and I say okay, what is your opinion? What is your what is it is

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this a joke is not a joke.

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What is your opinion God who is this is the color of Allah Subhan Allah subhanaw taala is telling us something,

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where is the question of where is where does anybody's opinion come to that?

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We say what does Allah Subhana Allah said this what does it mean? Where do we go for that? What does it mean? My opinion? No.

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You go back to the source, the sources that we are a seller, you say what did Rasul Allah Azza wa sallam What did he say? How did he explain? How do we have that we have this from the Sahaba we have this from the classical scholars, we say what is the theory say what does you know? Even the cathedral say and so on, so on. This is the way of doing this. I also noticed

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that was one of the theories that the Kitab of Allah subhanaw taala first of all, must not be somebody who's not qualified must not try to explain number one.

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Like anything else, you will not have somebody who's not a Mahan, this will not an engineer tried to explain engineering theory.

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Right? My friend here is a truck driver, right? It's a highly sophisticated highly complicated machine.

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I can also drive a car I didn't make driven a car or my visa moves I can die this is okay go drive die, you know, killed somebody, what can I do?

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You can't just get into the cab of a 16 Wheeler and say I can drive a car so I No, no, no, no, no, you will do that you will kill yourself or you will be somebody else.

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It has certain things which you have to learn. So if you want to drive a 16 Wheeler, no problem. Take the time and travel, learn that you can drive no problem.

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So we don't apply the same thing to the kidnap of Allah. Anybody can talk.

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Anybody cannot talk. If you talk then what happens? You put yourself in trouble and may Allah protect you. You're going to put other people in trouble because people don't know who you are say Oh, this is great person sitting and talking about you must be correct.

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So those who will often see that Allah subhanaw taala. The Kalam first of all the other bendy Asmat of the kalam the Hazama of the color must come in the heart this is the this is Allah subhanahu dallah speaking to me.

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this is not interpretation, this is not the nature of Service said Allah said this which means is no this is Allah subhana who always gives the example I mentioned that. Allah's writer has said we will ash

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Who is Allah? So Allah revealed so the lessons What did Allah call who Allah wa has?

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What a loser so don't tell people hold who are lower. But look at the grammar of this is called reverse doom.

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This is

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what you retell the people actually Allahu Ahad. Why is it

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called a let's say you tell him

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you tell him

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this is the circuit of the Rosary, Sarah. He never changed anything in the court. Even though you can argue and say grammatically, there is no need to say Paul because Paul is referring referring to you. Yes. Was Sarah Why are you telling them you will just say well,

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This is the was one of the many many many della L of the truthfulness of Persona Saracen.

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So first we take that, then we say, How did you understand this, then endorse it? Sometimes the Quran does the Tafseer of itself. So you will have an idea. And the meaning of this is Allah has mentioned this in some other place. And this the I experience the

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second level, the Hadees. Excellent. Yeah. And I mentioned something the

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third level from the Sahaba, as well, I had an image when they would have understood and they would have explained

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your opinion, my opinion doesn't come into it anywhere from anywhere. No, there's no there's no place for it.

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But this comes from understanding

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and learning.

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So they're essentially a couple.

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One of them great scholars, he talks about these issues of Accra and one very simple thing which I read his book, which is why he told us,

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he said if somebody has invited you do not take a guest unless you take the permission of the person invited.

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Now you can argue you can say you know,

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Mark is a good friend of mine, Neville is a great friend of mine. They are both mashallah people they are not they're not hurting for money, right to feed instead of feeding one person to feed two people, no problem defeat and people no problem. I can just come and say either

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believe I've typed up all these five people I will be, he will check hamdulillah marhaba most welcome. Thank you so much for coming. That is not the issue.

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That is not the it's not the issue of Gary Vee, it can't be no issue is you are invited you if you want to take somebody take the permission of the hosts that will Can I please bring my friend Mark with me?

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He will say yes, he will. He won't say no, I mean nobody will say no, right? But this is the other.

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And this is the beauty of Islam that Allah subhanaw taala taught us the small things

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when you eat, don't give up on the plate take from your side.

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what you think is good, give it to the other person.

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You know, if you like Verity chicken, you like that like good memories. Let him give it to the Sahaba are so good at it and sometimes it would come back to them because each one is giving you that might come back to you.

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So on the face of its mouth in this dark spot, this is the afterlife of Islam. This is what brought people to Islam. The beauty of it the the detail of it the attention to that which we learn from the NABI sallallahu alayhi wa sallam you ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us to truly appreciate the beauty of this Deen to appreciate the teachers of this Deen to appreciate the the the material of this deen and to practice it in our lives in a way which makes it a means of higher on baraka for all of us. Was Allah Allah Allah Allah will carry one idea he was able to get

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