Stressed Worried Duaa for EXTREME Anxiety

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When the doors are all closed

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when everything seems to be very dark

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when you feel isolated,

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this is the DUA

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and if not best Radi Allahu Anhu

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call Kana Rasool allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he Akula Phil curb. La ilaha illa Allah, a loving him el Haleem La Ilaha illa Allah. Rob bull Archie Levine. The Illa illa Allah. Rob Buscema what what a bull what up Bhullar Shil Karim Allahu Akbar

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the Hadith in Bukhari and in Muslim the highest level of authenticity. Even our best said, are the hola on Houma, that was Allah say salam, when he was going through carob what has kept me in care for that?

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There is

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sadness, there is grief, there is anxiety, the maximum the extreme of that is called carob.

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Yanni when we are going, or we when we are in a state of extreme difficulty,

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can I call your call means it is constant, it happened more than once.

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So that the Sahaba heard him.

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Now let's explain the DA even though the words of the DA are very common.

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You know, they teach us in

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when you go to school, or when you go to a counselor and you're expressing your difficulty, he will tell you or she will tell you focus on something good in your life. When you're going through difficulty, focus on something good Subhan Allah in this dua, La ilaha illa Allah is repeated three times, same concept, focus on something good. Remember that you are from the people of la ilaha illa Allah that should cheer you up. It is repeated three times La Ilaha illa Allah, Allah Veeam al Halim, and look at the choice of the attributes and the names of Allah, La ilaha illa. Allah, what does it mean? Besides the meaning that there's no one worthy of worship except Allah, it means that

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when we are going through difficulty, the first thing that comes to our mind is go to Allah, we go to this and that and everyone. And the last thing we go to is Allah, here, it is reminding us when we are going through any kind of hardship, La Ilaha, Illa, Allah, em Cisco Allah, who will be during feta Kashi for Allahu Allah, who, when we are going, Allah says in the Quran, when you are going through hardship, no one can remove that hardship except him. We go to this and this and that, and we try everything. And the last thing, let me make dua should be the other way around. First I go to Allah, then there's nothing wrong with seeking help from others. La ilaha illa Allah, Allah Veeam al

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Haleem. Look at the choice of names.

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A loving, the greatest,

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the greatest, what is my hardship to the greatest?

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What is my hardship to the greatest? It's insignificant. And look at the other name. Al Halim, the forbearing al Halim is the one who delays the punishment. I Ya Allah, I am behind. I have a lot of shortcomings and I deserve to be punished. And because of that, ya Allah do not delay solving this problem. Yeah, Allah I do not deserve by answering my dua to be answered. But I'm asking you by your name and Haleem and Allah veem to solve my problem. La ilaha illa Allah, Allah Vim. Al Halim La ilaha illallah Rob Bhullar she loves him. He is the rub

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of the greatest throne and the use of the word drop, also three times, Rob, even though we translated into Lord, but Rob in Arabic is the one in charge is the moudaber is the one who's running their affairs. That's why the father is called Rob Bella isla. He is the ROB of the family. So I'm using the word drop your Allah from the word tarbiyah Ya Allah, Ya Allah, you are the rub and you are robbed of the greatest throne. Again, I'm using the greatest creation

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Allah the biggest creation of Allah to remind myself that this problem I'm going through that sickness that that that issue with my wife or that is insignificant when it comes to the theme and the rub of the greatest throne the One who created this throne this arch, he can solve my problem in one word, Khan failure Khun La ilaha illAllah. Again more confirmation. Santa what he is the rub of all the heavens, what a bull out

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what a Bhullar Shil Karim again one time of him one time Karim Subhan Allah Jaquan Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam told us or best others that are solo Salim used to say this when he is in extreme anxiety or difficulty Subhanallah What's your problem? What are you going through?

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None of your high Mala remember no rhyme Allah He said.

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Even though this dua does not seem like a DUA, I'm not asking for anything. All I'm doing here is praising Allah right? There's no Allahumma there is nothing as a Luca nothing like that. It's all praise. He said, Imam nawawi so why don't you do that say this dua and then mention your hija mentioned, what do you want? There? Ilaha illa Allah I love him and Helene La ilaha illallah or Belarusian Levine La ilaha illallah Abu Sana somewhat wearable. Wearable Art shield, Kareem Yeah, Allah cured me. Yeah, Allah killed my mother. Yeah, Allah cover my debt. Yeah, Allah guide my son. Yeah, Allah guide my daughter. Yeah, um, after all this because I'm going through such a hardship.

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There's nothing, nothing that brings us close to Allah except for Salah Salem taught us there's no situation that we are in except for Salah Salem gave us a dua out of it. So we are one that is very simple. Repeat after me. I hope you the words are coming. If you have problem with saying Leila, then you have a big problem. La ilaha illa Allah

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allow him Al Halim

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La ilaha illallah

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Rob Bhullar she Levine

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La Ilaha illa Allah

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caribou Sana what?

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What up?

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What up? Bhullar shell Kareem

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got it? Anybody needs it. Please text me. Tomorrow is Friday. Tonight is the night of Friday make a lot of salawat and Salah Salem See you at vigil at 630 Zachman Lacaille Salaam Alaikum

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you get the whole useless lunar island

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water he wants to label Destiny Lima

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in Medina, you know Allah wants to hold on.

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To Nia.

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Mother movie in

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Wallasey no you do meanie No wonder movie Mina TV a while at MCC decibel sound quality.

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Daddy. Oh, man movie