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The title of Islam is the reference to the book "The Unseen and the Unseen." The speakers emphasize the importance of the "hasn't been seen" concept in teaching Islam and the need for people to have permission to know and understand what is being taught. The transcript discusses five areas of the Bible, including the importance of knowing the timing of events and the potential for mistakes. The transcript also describes a video where a woman named Jana talks about her.

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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smaller 100 Allah salatu salam ala Rasulillah

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Loma Linda main file now in front of you are lumped Anna was at night Illman your camera I mean, ask Allah subhanaw taala teachers would benefit us benefit as from what you told us and increase us knowledge

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as Allah azza wa jal to bless his gathering and make us from the people at the end of the gathering, they will be told como mcphedran lecom Cabo de la sejati compassionate Amin, amin

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Allah Mala calahonda Tada look at 100 out of a local hum de vida riddle.

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Charlotte Allah with another name of Allah azza wa jal, a name that is very common in the Quran and is known to everybody a name that is mentioned 157 times in the Quran and this name is Allah alim. Allah Allah Aleem. When I was preparing for this name I set myself Wow, I haven't done a live yet. This is one of the you know very well known names. So Subhanallah we did not do the Aleem yet and in sha Allah Tada we will discuss it today I ask Allah azza wa jal to give me the ability to discuss it in a way that is acceptable to Him and sincerely to for his sake and shop, I mean Ramadan. So, Ali Mala, as our general Eileen is the old knowing. Allah is the old knowing. He is the one whose

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knowledge is complete and perfect. His knowledge is complete and perfect and Aleem. He knows the tiniest of details of all things that are hidden and manifest. An element animal vibe

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was shahada things that we see Allah subhanaw taala has, has perfect knowledge about and things that we as human beings do not see or do not know about. Allah has perfect knowledge about those two.

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And allene comes from the root letters. I mean, obviously, I mean, and Allah has knowledge cannot be compared to our knowledge. Allah has knowledge cannot be compared to human beings knowledge. Our knowledge came after ignorance,

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or immunopathology When we were ignorant, we were born with nothing and then we gain knowledge. That's not the case with Allah azza wa jal. Similarly, when we gain knowledge, there is a possibility of forgetting the knowledge. That's not the case with Allah azza wa jal. That's why it is does not make any sense to compare our knowledge to Allah has to Allah is knowledge. Our knowledge is preceded by ignorance, and we gain knowledge by learning. We also forget how many times Subhanallah we study something and we learn something and then all of a sudden, we completely forget No, with time and or with the old age or you know, we forget.

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But Allah subhana wa Tada, like

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Musa alayhis salam, when he was asked by Frauen, to

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tell him about his his Lord, to tell him about Allah. One of the

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attributes that Musa alayhis salam told for around about Allah is La yeoville. Nura be when I answer law, your bill, Laura B. When I answer, my load does not commit any error.

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And he does not forget when I can rob Booker NESEA

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that's why when some people say, you know, how come there is no ruling on this? You know, if there is no ruling that means it's halal, right? This is the formula. Allah subhanho wa Taala did not forget about anything. Allah Subhan

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Hello Tana did not forget, especially for those new new trend of reforming Islam and we want to know when we make a new a new Islam and all that Islam that will be fitting to this era. This is an accusation that ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada was not sufficient to know that in 2019 This is going to happen. Allah subhanaw taala is Sharia and book and the Sunnah of Rasulullah Islam is applicable till the Day of Judgment. And remember we gave the beautiful example and then the strongest delille from the Sunnah is that when isa Ali Salam comes back, even if he comes back after 1 million years, he's gonna rule by this Kitab So you're telling me 2019 This is old? How about 2720? Allahu Allah.

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When is ASA coming? He will rule with the same Sharia of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Allah subhanho wa Taala and one of the Subhanallah amazing

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Wi Fi who Nefertiti Hello Lloyd.

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way I feel Bellary when

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when tests go to mu Arakata in in a

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while, but you feel alone on that hill on Well, a lot of

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this il fi kita moving lower, and Allah subhanho wa Taala with him are the keys of the unseen nothing alive.

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None knows that except Him and He knows what's on the land and what's in the sea.

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The millions of creations in the sea, Allah knows about them, knows their sizes, knows their weight, knows what they eat, what they drink, when they die, everything Allah knows about them. Not listen to this Subhanallah if you look all over the world, I was

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in 2005 I was in Malaysia and Malaysia is very well known very famous for most for one, you know for what?

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Excellent for the forests. There's a lot of forest Masha Allah yeah and the nature

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nature that every when I went to an area code Lanka Sri Lanka Langkawi Langkawi means the way to sort of Lanka Langkawi, but they call it I'm counting every time I look, it has 99 islands Langkawi.

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Every time when I was there, I was looking at and saying to myself, if this is dunya house, Jana,

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I kept on repeating the statement till my kids say, Baba, how many times you're gonna keep saying that? If this is dunya, how's gender? And yeah, Annie, what can I tell you? Amazing, gorgeous, beautiful, so beautiful. So the point I'm trying to make is we went one of the tours is you go into a forest and you take a walk, and they tell you this and that and this tree and this. There is so many trees, so many trees, that countless amount of trees.

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And I looked at those trees and I said to myself, and this idea came to mind that every leaf that falls from these trees, whether it's in Malaysia or in China or Indonesia or America, Allah knows about it. This is the Aleem, if one leaf Allah saying any leave that falls, Allah will know about it.

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Allahu Akbar Subhanallah This is Aleem himself Subhana now

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the complete perfect knowledge is only to Allah azza wa jal not even the prophets have knowledge of the Unseen and not only the unseen the prophets do not have knowledge of things and have been proven in the Quran. Allah subhanaw taala for example, about Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam What did he tell him? When el Medina de mer do other than the fact letter lemang let them know now.

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There are people in Medina with you.

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They are insisting on being one of your kin. You do not know them. I know them.

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That me is because some people claim that or Salah Salem knows the hype. And he knows everything no Rasul Allah says Tell him many times what do you say in nama Anna Bashara, I'm a human being. He is the best of mankind, the most knowledgeable of mankind, but to give him attributes that Allah did not give him or he did not give himself this is not allowed. So here from this area you chose a solar cell SLM does not know everything. Another area about three man Alayhis Salam today, man and he said and we all know the story of the hood, the bird, what did he tell him? I have to be my LM to hit the YG to come in southern

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In whenever in your keen

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eye, a bird told a king because a man was a king and the prophets right? A bird told the king I came to you is news you do not know about

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right when he told them about the Queen and the people of Sabah worshipping the

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age, the sun, right Subhanallah that's another story. So here the point is that a bird, you know, he knew something that the Prophet alayhi salam swayman did not know. Not only that even the angels do not have the perfect knowledge and the Delete about that is in Surah

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Al Baqarah Excellent. When Allah subhanaw taala when they said to Allah Carlu Subhana QCCA ly in Medina illa ma alum tena, Subhana Allah Allah, we all the knowledge that we have is the is the knowledge that we got from you. So the name of Allah azza wa jal is completely different than any of his creation. We cannot even compare it to any of his creation and SubhanAllah. If you remember, when Musa alayhis salam went with

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in the journey that have the three stories in it. In the first story, then Tala ca had either rocky birth is Serafina de halacha. Karla Raka, little Rica, Hala laka, DG, Tasha and Imran when they first got into the boat, they saw a bird they saw a bird on the edge of the boat. So the bird went, took a sip, drop of water from the ocean. Musa Ali is a toad Musa alayhis salam, my knowledge, your knowledge and all mankind's knowledge from Adam, till the Day of Judgment

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is equal to this drop compared to the knowledge of Allah which is the ocean.

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What did he can you imagine a drop? All that knowledge is one drop of water. What is that drop of water compared to the to the ocean? It's nothing. This is the home of Allah azza wa jal and not only that, any URL, any knowledge that any person any human being have

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is with the permission of Allah azza wa jal

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you cannot gain any knowledge without his permission, any kind of knowledge dunya knowledge if you know knowledge only with Allah subhanaw taala has permission and what is the Delete of that?

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Whenever you Ito Nabi che minarelli me Allah Illa de mana Shah, they cannot acquire any of the knowledge except with his permission, I literally could see that we all know by by heart. Now there are

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that he may be in we know something about something a little bit about this a little bit about that. But there are certain things that are five things that Allah mentioned that they are strictly his knowledge is strictly to him. And that is the last area in Surah Lachman in Allah Endo, l mu. l Musa, when you're not zero life, well yeah, lemon, mirfield or ham. When I attended enough soon. My other taxable one that I attended enough sun be out of them Sammut those five things

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are strictly the knowledge of them is strictly to Allah azza wa jal, no matter how much technology we have, and we get civilized and all that stuff, still, no one can even come close to the knowledge of Allah azza wa jal

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number one, only Allah azza wa jal knows when is the hour

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only Allah knows when is the Day of Judgment. Second, where unis zero Life Now somebody might say, and it says here and only Allah knows when the rain will fall. Somebody might say chef I just looked at and said it's raining tomorrow.

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How do we answer that? If you look at the weather channel, it tells you from 1020 days

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how's the weather gonna look like right? Here Allah is saying he's the only one knows

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about the rain. How do we answer that

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should add

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something new

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Exactly. That's number one.

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These people

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just like any other science, they were told, when you see a and b

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Then see is gonna take place. When you see this cloud or that cloud or this kind of, you know movement in the atmosphere. That means there will be rain, there will be snow, there will be wind. Okay? They need something to find out about the weather. Number one, number two, how many times

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they were wrong? How many times they were wrong as a matter of fact, remember yesterday, the day yesterday, yesterday? No, the day before I announced these, we need the car to help us to the field trip. Field Trip is canceled because it's raining. And the weather before said it's no rain. Beautiful. Everything's nice. Subhanallah so and oh, forget about New York. You know, before we go in New York many many times they say tomorrow 18 inches remember new dawn. 18 inches of snow. You go supermarkets are empty. Everybody's fighting grabbing shelves are empty. Next day, over here, sorry, the

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the store moved to the left a little bit went to New England. So how am I so they they have studied something? And they tell you according to what they studied? But can they tell you the weather or the when it's gonna rain? How much is gonna rain in 50 years and 100 years? Allah subhanaw taala knows all that. And the third one somebody might argue also, and Allah knows yet Allah will math in our ham. Allah knows what's in the womb of the mother. Somebody might say Ultra what is it called ultrasound? You can tell the boy or girl how many times the sister came and decorated the room pink and it turned out that the boy is blue.

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It happened many times Subhanallah and they probably know they will kind of stay the mashallah Allah we're having. Hafiz is coming and then it turned out to be Hafiz, right?

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They named them already. So they make they make mistakes. Allah subhanaw taala not only He knows the sex of the baby, the gender of the baby, but he knows if the baby is going to be Saeed and shocky. And when he's gonna die and when he's gonna get married. Everything about the that baby in the in the womb? Yeah. Or ham? Allah subhanaw taala knows there are twin three, four before, before they even conceive. And mother Texaco hadn't Allah subhanho wa taala. He is the only one who knows what are you going to earn tomorrow? None of us know no one on earth knows what's going to happen tomorrow. And the last one Subhanallah especially us living in the West. The last one how many

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times? You know

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when I attended enough soon be out of there intimate. And no soul knows in which land it's going to die. Last time when I buried the person Subhanallah this brother was born in Albania. I said to myself and I told the brothers in the in the cemetery that this guy ever think when he was born in Albania that he will be buried in Dallas

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Subhan Allah, no one knows when you're gonna die. And remember I told you the story. There was a brother from Egypt.

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Around seven, eight years ago, he's been trying so hard to get a visa for his father to come and visit him in Pennsylvania. So the father finally got a visa Subhanallah he got a visa but he had a layover in JFK in JFK. He died

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after seven years of trying, he did not even see his son. He died in the airport. Inside you have kids so nobody knows when where we are going to die Subhanallah so these five things Allah subhanaw taala specifically mentioned them in the last area. In surah Lachman

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the name Allah Aleem, you see it a lot of times with Al Hakim

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parent in the Quran, a semi Allah Lima al Hakim what else a Sunni on Ali with a Samia the old hearing what else?

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Al Ali will Kabir al Aziz Ali, Ali. Ali Ali. Ali, also show it came paired with many, many other names of Allah as the origin. Now we come to the part that how can we learn from this name and implemented in our life?

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When we know my beloved brothers and sisters, when we know that Allah subhanaw taala knows what happened and knows what's happening and knows what's going to happen, and knows what I'm thinking inside. Listen to this ayah Subhan Allah Allah subhanaw taala said, why lemon and nulla Yeah, lemon Murphy and fusi Come father Rue, Allahu Akbar.

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Wa level I know for a

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fact that Allah knows what you are thinking about right now. So be very careful. Heather, father, who was a level and Allah or for on Haleem now, when I know that Allah you see you I'm looking at you're looking at me.

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We can only judge what we see. But Allah knows what are you thinking about?

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What are your plans?

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What are you going to do after

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any intention of sins or any intention of good diamond? Allah knows about it. So by having that name,

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knowing that name, and living that name will make me always think before I sin, Allah knows, I can hide from all these people. I can hide from all these people they shouldn't, they cannot know what I'm doing. I can do many things, and no one knows. But when I remember that the one that matters knows, we all do not matter. At the day of judgment does not matter. The one that matters knows,

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like I told you before, one of my favorite saying, be very careful from the sins committed in secret, because the judge is the only witness. Be very careful from the sins committed in secret because the judge is the only witness on the Day of Judgment. No one saw you except the judge.

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ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada is Aleem Ali Mohammed was shahada Can you imagine? How many of creations the end like they say the black end on the black stone in the darkest of nights in the darkest forest? Allah subhanaw taala can see and hear her her footsteps Subhan Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala is an ally.

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And it is said

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that the one who knows

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more about Allah azza wa jal,

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the one who knows more about Allah azza wa jal fears Allah the most

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in nama Yaksha Maha min a daddy he alone and that

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the most people who fear Allah azza wa jal are the people who know Allah the most. So, knowing and I believe I should increase my LM increase my knowledge and the best thing. The best thing is maarif Allah azza wa jal is this exactly what you're doing.

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Allah He knowing Allah azza wa jal is the best thing you could ever do. Because when we know all these attributes of Allah azza wa jal, we love Allah. We fear Allah, we, we begged for Allah's mercy. We beg for Allah's forgiveness Subhanallah now, when I know that Allah subhanho wa Taala is Allah Allah

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Subhana Allah, many people could spread many rumors about you, many peoples could come up with stories about you, not true. But when you know that the Aleem knows the truth, how do you feel? Allah He, how do you feel when you know that the Aleem knows

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Similarly, similarly, when we want to do something and we are very worried or scared that it might be tarnished by React.

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Let me repeat when I want to do some good diamond and I'm afraid that it might look like I am showing off

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when I know that dalim knows about it. What do I care?

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Do I have to tell you that I donated this much money? Who cares?

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Do I tell you do I have to tell you that I yesterday I prayed pm I don't have to tell you I was fasting today. Do I have to tell you I come at three o'clock in the morning and I cleaned the bathroom in the masjid.

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No, no it doesn't matter

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that he knows the Aleem knows sometimes, you know

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an imam from Florida came to visit the masjid today they want to they heard about our message handler Bellman and they want to take an idea about their building message from scratch. So it took them a tour and everything and he said and he may Allah protect us from the eyes of the Hasidim era please say I mean from the bottom of your heart although I may Allah protect us own Sharma

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said how can you achieve all this in three four years? Because sometimes because we are in it, we do not recognize that this is Masha Allah unbelievable. So what is your secret? He said

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What is the secret? So I thought I told him Allah He after the trophy of Allah azza wa jal

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after the defeat of Allah it's our volunteers.

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Think about it.

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How much me and the Imam and textured and the board can do how much

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it is the volunteers look at the volunteers this stayed there is a night to make the rules for the for the for the gym, they stay days and nights and Ramadan standing outside in the parking making sure that we are praying all kinds of volunteers the security brothers, the sisters everyone Subhanallah so why am I mentioning this

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do not care if they were appreciated by the board or by the people

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appreciating is amazing is excellent saying thank you is the Sunnah but when you know that I leave knows about your effort covers

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Hamas. He knows you don't have to know that everybody knows why didn't he appreciate that when you know this? Why didn't he say salaam to me in a good way? You don't know what I do in the masjid I do all day. I give them so many lectures and he passed by and he does not say salam alaikum he did not respect me when I walked in. He did not give me this Yeah have you been Are you looking for a house in everybody's house? Or are you looking for a house in Jana

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Ali knows

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what's the area then tonight we'll head to the metal hipbone when I in fact I mean Shane Fen Allah

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be Helene

00:26:38--> 00:26:39

tal modo.

00:26:40--> 00:26:44

Whatever you do, Allah, how many times in the Quran Allah

00:26:47--> 00:26:49

the Aleem knows, that's all I care about.

00:26:51--> 00:27:07

If he knows about the need for it falls, he does not know that I volunteered. Or I did this or I did that or I collected money from my friends. And I gave them to the masjid or anything or I'm performing or I'm taking care of an orphan and nobody knows.

00:27:09--> 00:27:21

He knows this is the most beautiful feeling. If we get that feeling inside of our heart, then you walk and Subhanallah and you're walking and nobody knows you who's this guy.

00:27:22--> 00:27:32

But the king knows you and the king knows your Armel Subhan Allah, your, your name is is always blasting in the heavens

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Subhanallah llamas.

00:27:37--> 00:27:39

Now, last thing in sha Allah Allah

00:27:41--> 00:27:45

is very important. When we,

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when we ask for something.

00:27:50--> 00:28:10

Sometimes we are asking for richness for example for dinner. I'm asking for something, let's say for richness and Allah. Okay, when it when I ask somebody, why are you asking for richness, for example, he would say, I want I think by being rich, I would be happy. So I'm looking for happiness.

00:28:11--> 00:28:18

So I want happiness. And if I have money, I will be rich, I am rich, I will be happy.

00:28:20--> 00:28:29

So Allah, Allah Aleem, give you poverty because he knows that your happiness what you're seeking is through poverty, not through richness.

00:28:31--> 00:28:41

So when I know that the Aleem and of course you add to it al Kabir and Al Hakim and the one who loves me the most is running my life. What are you worried about?

00:28:43--> 00:29:02

Who's running your life? Men you the camera, Allah, who's running everything Allah. So Allah Aleem running everything imagine if you bring to this masjid and number one expert on Earth and running massage and he is Alim be running the massage.

00:29:03--> 00:29:20

So you feel like you know who we have running our masjid so on so he is that even all the massage in the world running our budget so you feel very strong that you know, no way he will make a mistake. No way he will lead us look at the success he had all over the world.

00:29:23--> 00:29:25

How about Darlene himself running your life?

00:29:27--> 00:29:28

Running your life?

00:29:29--> 00:29:39

Allahu Akbar. How do you feel? The Aleem is on in my life? I am praying fasting staying away from the Haram and these things are happening to me

00:29:41--> 00:29:44

Don't tell me I'm driving 150 180 miles

00:29:46--> 00:30:00

on the highway and oh I got into an accident Why ya know you know you cause something I'm talking about a person was doing everything right. And things are happening. hamdulillah Allah Allah Allah Allah. Allah Allah Allah Allah, Allah. Allah humma laka

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And finally the DUA. How do we make? You know, you could ask Allah or be the only thing that our solar system asked

00:30:09--> 00:30:13

Allah to increase it. He did not ask for wealth. He's not asked for

00:30:14--> 00:30:26

properties, anything. We're called rugby, Sydney Elma. And when you ask Allah azza wa jal this this ask Allah to increase you in the Andaman

00:30:28--> 00:30:30

olam Isigny in mandwa Amylin

00:30:31--> 00:30:42

Yeah, Allah increased me in knowledge and to take that knowledge and apply it. And Allah subhanho wa sallam told us here, one very simple God three times in the morning three times at night.

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All the jinn will be away from you. This Mala Hey lady, lady Adorama asked me she fell out of the water for summer. Well, who was Semyon al Halim? Why was semi allele. So these are two that are classic. We know them all. But I can I can ask Allah. Yeah. Aleem. Yeah, I don't even live your Shahada. I can start with that term in any way that you want. Yeah, I don't even have your Shahada. Yeah. Aleem Karim. Yeah. And his name of Allah azza wa jal. I can start with that phrase before I make my DUA and another name another way, we could use this to the dua of Ibrahim Alayhi Salam. When he finished building the Kaaba, Rob Donna, the cup de la mina in Africa, and the Semia al Halim

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subpanel after we finish any Hamill and it's a lot and he's a CAD and ECM, and he has any hombre and he's caught robbing a Taco Bell Mina in Kansas me.

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And Charlotte, Allah one, just a reminder.

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I know it's the we have a conference on Saturday and we have fundraising and all that but it happened to be the 13th of the month. So the three wide days of this month are Saturday, Sunday and Monday Wallahi please take advantage before March comes and the hours moving ahead. Take advantage of these short days and fast as much as you can. So the freeway days of this month are Saturday, Sunday and Monday in sha Mathias. We have break tomorrow. it as much as you can try to come to Jamaica tomorrow in sha Allah first Joomla has by Chef yes of course the second Gemma is the Imam of

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McKinney Sheffield GBL in sha Allah Tala make a lot of Salon Rasulullah Salallahu Salam Alaikum wa salam ala Muhammad Ali Muhammad, can somebody tell Ebrahim right earlier, Ibrahim in Naka Hamidah Majid Lama Derek Mohammed rather early Muhammad Khanna, Director Rahim Ali Ibrahim in Nikka Hamidah Majeed alumnus alumna in Nia Celica ya Allah I ask you with the name Al Ali, Ya Allah and Italian Mafia Colombina ya Allah you know what's in our hearts yeah Allah unite our hearts yeah Allah make us love one another only for your sake. Yeah, Allah grant our our young men, the righteous wives and I grant our young daughters your Allah grant grant them the righteous husbands yeah Allah Ya Allah

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fill our homes with love and mercy and tranquility. Our but I mean, I asked him this last night the night of Juma to make everyone who attended tonight them and their spouses and their children and their parents from the highest place in Jannah. Ameen Robben Island in Charlotte and tomorrow come to Fraser at 630 Zachman la cara Baraka, Luffy calm so Hannah Colombo, Hantek Masha Allah and the staff Utica Autoblog and does not care for all the brothers and sisters that are bringing candy