Mirza Yawar Baig – Ramadan Reminders – Day 27

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The speakers emphasize the importance of keeping the da da in mind for acceptance of others, as it is often the time for one's health and productivity. They stress the use of hesitation as a way to avoid negative thoughts and feelings of failure, and emphasize the importance of harming oneself by not judging others' actions. The speakers also emphasize the need to be aware of one's actions and to seek forgiveness, as it is often the time for one's health and productivity.
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Another evil hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen or salat wa salam O Allah Shalom gaver mousseline hermoza Rasul, Allah is Allah Allah hollywell he was seldom at the Sleeman kathira and kathira mavado Mighty renlund sisters, we are looking at the issue of da and as I mentioned you are that is the month for VA. And it's the month for the VA because it is a month for taqwa.

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And when a person becomes a moot Dotty, may Allah subhanaw taala make us with the horn because all the promises of Allah Serrano data are for the motor home.

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So therefore, when a person becomes a booth, okay?

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The natural desire of the person is to ask Allah

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to ask about Allah, to ask Allah. And as I mentioned you in the eye, which allows valterra placed in the middle of the earth relating to Ramadan is Bukhara. Allah Subhana Allah said that when my slave asked about me, I'm close to boys, I thought like I brought the money for inequality. I'm closer. And then I lost rather I made two conditions. The law said let him ask me I will give him

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a last round that I said, for any Kareem, would you without Derrida Dan, would you hold out the dye is

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polyester yesterday bully while you will be

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law love your children a lot rather than let him ask me and I will give him but Allah put two conditions let him obey me and let him have faith in me for yesterday bully Well, were you Well,

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you will be longer and he will be among the rightly guided people now. My brothers sisters, we know that in the Quran, Al Karim, every province of Allah Subhana Allah is conditional. There are no unconditional promises in the Koran, anything you want anything I want, we have to do something to get something.

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If we want something, we have to do something without that we cannot get anything. And that's the reason why it's very important to keep that in mind and ensure that we do the right things.

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In this I add therefore, the question issue is of da now how do you make the what is the best way of making inshallah

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as far as time for dw is concerned, there are many many times for was all you know, in throughout the day, your time before

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karma and other in the karma between Asana and karma is the time for the

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after Salah is time for the after any Vicar after the louthian Koran in Ramadan, especially that the arts or and if that is the time for that.

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Doctor, we generally you know many people just run around searching for some answers instead of that don't waste your time sit and make dua to Allah subhanaw taala that is the time for the Pouliot for the acceptance of the especially for the acceptance of that is the time of FDR because you have fasted all day for almost valterra Now Allah is giving you and at that time, instead of asking you running around somebody don't do that. Also those who have helped in the house who have servants who are Muslim,

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let them go home

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or if they stay with you let them say in their in their place, do not put them to do things for you and cook all kinds of food for you at that time because this is time precious time for them, which is important for them also.

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So don't don't become a hurdle for that person between that person and also handles that.

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So in terms of the all of these are of course, though, at the time of the head job,

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which is extremely important and extremely powerful. So many times, many times to make

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the house do are to be made

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a lot of Rotella daughters that methodology of making

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in sort of barrier

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in the door of Zachary Ali Salam where Allah subhanaw taala said that he asked Allah in a soft voice.

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He asked Elena soft Weiss neither and Sophia, and he, how did he start he started in a soft voice. Then he spoke about the about his own weakness and his own inability and his own problems. He said I'm old, I'm weak, my area has become wide. My bones have become weak. My wife is beyond the age of childbirth. And then when he makes da ki makes a DA which on the face of it looks impossible.

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But then he is making their da to the one for whom Nothing is impossible.

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This is the this is

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who said that. And this is from resources Allah say that I just said do not

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constrict yourself, do not constrain yourself when you ask Allah subhanaw taala ask Allah because Allah subhanho data is treasures and his capability and Allah strength and Majesty has no boundaries.

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So ask Allah as if you are asking Rabbil aalameen, which is what we're doing, but let that show in your dry. Don't make small to us don't make drugs which are restricted don't make drugs which have, which I've got all kinds of conditions, you know, around the

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mega Tao. Completely, as a Arab, you are the one so you give me like give me because you can give give me because I'm asking you.

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This is the way to make that. So when you ask Allah ask Allah keeping in mind Allah subhanho wa Taala his ability to do anything Don't constrain and restrict that by by letting it go in your mind that Oh, but you know, I'm asking for this. But I don't know the you know, the doctor said this and the engineer said that and the financial analyst said that or my boss said this and my consultant said is no, don't worry about all that. ask Allah Subhana Allah, Allah subhanaw taala is the one to give.

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May God made lots and lots of God and remember, the conditions of acceptance, this is the methodology, conditional acceptance is to obey Allah subhanho wa Taala and to have faith in Allah.

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Now, obedience of Allah subhanaw taala starts with Esther.

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The first step of obedience is to seek forgiveness, for what we have done or failed to do one of the two things something we should have done, we did not do, or something we should not have done which we did. Both of these are obviously problematic. So therefore we start off by ensuring that we,

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that we do not fall into the,

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into that trap of being,

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of being disobedient on us. So first and foremost is obedience and obedience comes from understanding Allah subhanho wa Taala having his glory and marriage His Majesty in our hearts, we obey our laws.

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And then we have faith in Allah subhanaw taala so when you make the Don't lose hope.

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Many times we do this and I wish I also said this, no, he said that Allah when a slave ask Allah Subhana Allah will give him as long as he doesn't give up asking

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but Allah Allah gives in his own time at the right time because he knows that which we don't know

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the example I give a data level on Saturday for example of Allah example I give us a 14 year old child or you know five year old child comes and asks his dad his dad, I want to drive Can I drive? The Father What will is easy? Sure, of course. Of course you will drive

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to just give me the card you know, can you enough You're too young. He wants to you can never drive you will not drive you can't know he says you will, but in due course at the right time.

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So when we ask Allah subhanaw taala

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two kinds of things might be there one is that what we are asking may not be good for us. And so Allah subhanaw taala will reward us for asking because this is the reward for the other device itself to develop and I will talk about that in more detail to our inshallah, but then Allah will give in his own time because he knows

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Allah knows me don't know. Well as Antara Jose Yeah, for sure ruler who was on to him Boucher for overshadow loco wasa and Takahashi Haha,

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hydro logo once

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again, so the bacara there, it may be that you love something but there is evil in it for you. There is danger for you there is something bad in it for you. And it may be that you dislike something but they won't be good enough for you. And Allah knows that you do not know. So we trust a lot of adults. That's the meaning of you. We will be we have a motto.

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We obey Allah. And then we have email on Allah subhanaw taala. Then we ask Allah subhanaw taala in keeping with his majesty and grace, that insha Allah Musa and we asked with this complete and total certainty, that Allah subhanaw taala will accept my dog because he told me to ask and he said he will accept.

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Right? Allah tala

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rask and he said he would accept so inshallah he will accept masala curry while he was I remember how to go

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