First day of snow 2023

Mirza Yawar Baig


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Hello so

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we are walking in

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again and actually wide area and

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the first day of sub zero temperatures is now minus three Celsius you can work hard to Fahrenheit for that. And also it is it can't seem to decide whether it's raining or snowing but it's doing both so there is some rain which turned into snow and I'm thinking lots of data

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is cleaning us under law because the dollar that you make for the other Lamassu will mail you or send you a wallet or

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do is also

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bid him with rain and snow and ice and

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I'm the rain and snow we have an ice VSU concert Allah asked Allah for his forgiveness for us

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living in the tough times times which are much tougher for those who are actually undergoing those things. Also difficult for those who are wondering how are you

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thank you

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the lady who's saying we're going to meet at least 75 years old

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and he's walking in this weather

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that is

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duck of some kind I can't figure out what what it is it's completely diving totally down into the waters disappearing then reappears so in this call doesn't stop them from feeding

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absolutely fabulous weather

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the thing about this kind of weather is that it's

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it's cool yes but it's also very invigorating

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in that sense it's very very nice

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I'm making dessert

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increasing the

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brightness of this to give you a better idea of what

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this whole thing feels like what

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we have the cup here because this is for me this is thicker and it's thicker in the best way which is

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because we touch river which is thicker of experience

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it's not just the

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thicker of repeating the glorious names and attributes of Allah subhanaw taala which of course is also the kind of Hungary less valuable but

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build union will be

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a summary

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was incredible

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with Hammond

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will be tested

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thank Allah forgive me the opportunity to be in a place like this with this beauty to be able to see this beauty into the feminine

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because at the end of the day it's

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as I keep reminding myself and you

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everyone sees the same things but

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we don't always remember lots of panels

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instead of that we get involved in

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in what we are seeing or experiencing without thinking about the creative heavens and the earth

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and that is something that

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against I have Chabela here with me actually

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This is our sheriff

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and he's getting a backpack on he's getting a backpack

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with his coffee machine in the

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water and stuff. And so 100 This is

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This is what we do.

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just some random stuff. So

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there are some terms later. This is funny not the best thing for photographing birds like this. But if you can see them

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there they go flying

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fantastic, beautiful.

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moves down the back it's like as if there is a mist rising from the lake and that is the difference between the temperature of the water and the temperature of the air.

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There are the terms

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like it so heartless so so

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cold it's

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rain keeps turning into snow and turns back into rain.

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I guess that's part of the game

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anyone got any doubt about the fact that it is snowing, there you go.

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That is snow and it is pretty big flicks. And it is wet.

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Which means is heavy snow.

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Now one of the problems of heavy snow potentially is the fact that it settled on

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leaves of trees and can if it is there in enough

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quantity you can bring the food and with that power line and so on.

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For some reason I don't understand America still doesn't have by and large underground power.

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They still hold and stuff which

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we hardly ever see in India. They see a lot of that here.

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there you go.

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Pretty heavy snow

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that I'm able to walk in this snow and

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talk about it and make videos.

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So how am I

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still have the Ashley does away

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this is the forest that surrounds the reservoir.

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There's some color that you can still see

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the problem with that

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most of the leaf has fallen and that's as I said it's a good thing in this particular situation because we don't want a lot of leaves on the trees.

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The first reason is fine because the first needles will not accumulate much slower than the broadleaf trees can be a problem. And most of that has gotten so

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we kind of miss the

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the beautiful change of color but it comes at a cost I guess

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I thought it may

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be also in this so you can see

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what I'm seeing here and

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passing over the back

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very very beautiful, beautiful. Environment absolutely clean. You won't believe how clean it is.

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there's a bit of a wind so we have the

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rain and a

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bit of snow. Also trying to

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help handleless is nearly

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have the hair salon