Our Mothers’ Great Manners

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Fajr Khatira


AI: Summary © The transcript describes a segment of a media article where a speaker discusses the influence of Subhan conversions on the media and mentions a woman named Alicia who wants to start consulting with him. The segment also touches on the topic of women and men and the importance of being fair and being proud of one's behavior.
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A very, very short Katerra about

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how to improve our manners.

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And we all know that Subhan Allah

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the higher and the better your manners are,

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the higher your Eman

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during the story of the,

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during the story when our mother I issued the Allahu anha was accused

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in a very very, very long Hadith in Bukhari and Muslim

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Rasul allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he went to Xena

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Xena is was

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one of his wives. So he went to China and he said

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Ma LMT mera at

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call it me Sammy Lobo sorry wala Hema into other insha Allah.

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She said, he told her, what did you see? You know, first of all, before we continue, I want you to imagine what's happening. Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam is starting Islam. Not that we're in a country starting building the foundation of Islam. And this huge rumor came and spread like wildfire. And it's not a small rumor, accusing his wife of adultery.

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The wife of Rasulullah salaam, the Mother of the Believers, the daughter of Abu Bakr, it's a huge thing. And we all know the the, in the Arab and specifically at that time.

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So suppose I said and he said to Xena, did you hear anything? Did you see anything?

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So Xena bloody Allah on how she said

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I refrain of talking or seeing anything about that matter. And by Allah I do not know anything about Isha except higher.

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Except good. And listen to the rest of the Hadith ISIS continuing the narration she's a narrator of the Hadith. Well here let he cannot to say Nene and the Rasul Allah

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Tala call Hala Bhilwara

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Subhan Allah and she was the one who competes with me

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with Rasul Allah, Allah, Allah. But Allah protected her because of her work because of her piety.

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Love it, listen to this. Now we all know, I don't know how many of you have two wives.

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But if one wife is mentioned about if the husband comes to one wife and mentioned the other,

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Alicia that

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she will take advantage and start thinking everything possible about the other wife.

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She wants to look better than the other wife.

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This is something in Arabic called Insaaf.

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fairness, justice, she could have easily took advantage of that moment and said whatever she wants to say about that you showed the Allahu anha but her piety and her Eman prevented her. So the Rasul Allah all I know about Isha is higher even though I was narrating the Hadees she used to send me she used to compete with me and who's gonna do this to suicide son who's gonna do that? Who's gonna cook better who's gonna? They will come big competition with who with the best man ever.

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But look at the o'clock look at the manners

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in the same at the same time, look at the flag of hi Isha

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Ottawa, her, her nephew came and he wanted to start cursing Hassan bin savate, who's his son in tablet?

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Who's her son? The shout of the poet of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam used to praise or Salah Salem with poems. But unfortunately, he made a mistake. He's a human being he made a mistake. He was one of the people

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who spread the rumors with Mr. Han others Sahabi big times a hobby, but he was one of the people who spread the rumors about Asia or the hola Han Solo came and he wants to start cursing her son in front of her Isha. She said, Stop. Can I you Natalie? Who and Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam do not say a word about her son. He used to defend Rasulullah sallallahu Salla Allahu Akbar. He's spreading rumors against her again.

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is the Mother of the Believers but 10 o'clock did not anyone know put yourself let's go back to me and you

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you have a problem with someone and somebody came and said something about that someone. Hola Hola, Kabul Bismillah Yulia Shabaab F

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he did this to YouTube to me to Jimmy to Samia to Killeen Yeah, and you everything. We forgot you honey Subhanallah

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look what Aisha did. Or the Hola, Hannah. And this is the whole lesson of this Kathira always find something good about that person. I'm 100% sure there is something good about that person.

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He's spreading rumors against her big groomers that ruined a lot of stuff. And she found something good he used to defend Rasul Allah.

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He used to defend Rasul Allah. So when someone started talking about somebody, even though you have a problem with that guy, you have an issue with that guy, find something good about that guy and mention it.

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And even if that person is not a Muslim, Allah subhanaw taala told us in the Quran was sort of made up.

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Did you hear a caribou

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Krishna and we'll call him in Allah Allah.

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Do you know he Acropolis Taqwa?

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Do not let anything. Do not let your hatred to someone make you go unjust be just be just as closer to Taqwa.

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And the hadith of Rasul Allah says, Allah will end with this muscle loss or insulin segment.

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Whomsoever, defend his brother in his absence, Allah will save his face from the Hellfire

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so ever defend his brother in his absence. Because most of the time when someone's talking about somebody in their absence, we stand over there.

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And we start shaking our head. And sometimes we are 100% sure that whatever he's saying is not true.

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But we start shaking our head because what are they going to say about me? This is where the Eman rise. This is how we separate not by praying more and donating more and fasting more. This is how we separate in our Eman by improving our clap imagine someone talking about someone that you do not like and you stood up and said no.

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Stop. Number one he is not here.

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Number two, don't forget maybe he made a mistake but don't forget all the good that he has done.

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We ruined years and years and years of good with one simple evil action or bad action.

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We have to be fair, yeah, one, we have to be fair, Allah He those lessons from our mothers and our Sahaba Allah be pleased with them. They are foundation for our daily life. May Allah make us from the people who listen and apply. May Allah subhanaw taala just like he perfected our creation perfect our manners. Amin herbal Alameen wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa

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down what Eileen