Mohamad Baajour – Names of Allah #63 Al Mannan

Mohamad Baajour
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah here. I'm gonna get

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smuggler hamdulillah salatu salam ala Rasulillah Loma Linda main file now and finally my LinkedIn wasn't known manjar hammer I mean

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a llama Vatican official mean her though Jada with him on Mahoma was at the federal court and buddy to follow up on masoumeh or athleisure fina would have been shocking and when I'm at home, I mean

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alumna can handle that. I can handle it. I did what I can handle.

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We are so grateful to Allah azza wa jal that he made us from the people of the massage.

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We are extremely grateful to Allah azza wa jal that he made it easy for us to attend classes and learn his Deen

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while we are trying to get close to Allah azza wa jal, there are people who are at the same time disobeying Allah azza wa jal May Allah subhanaw taala guide them and bring them back to him in sha Allah Tada. I mean,

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tonight in sha Allah to Allah will take another name for Allah,

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which is also

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not mentioned in the Quran, but it's mentioned in one of the Hadith that we spoke about around a few weeks ago. And tonight, name of Allah azza wa jal is Alma Nan

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manaan. What does almandine mean?

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And how can we use this name in our daily life?

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And my nan refers to the one who bestows abundantly.

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By the way, you remember when I told you that some, some names of Allah azza wa jal, we can apply them as human beings like for example, and Allah is that Rahim. I can also be Rahim, when Allah is Allah for of course, nothing compared to the ram of Allah and the mafia of Allah. But I can have some of that characteristic here, this and manaan in the name of Allah azza wa jal, just like we mentioned in the name

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with a capital and with a capital in the name of Allah azza wa jal, it's an honor. But in the human being of his arrogant, it is something not recommended. Similarly, if a person is manaan

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we're going to discuss that that's not good for a human being. But when it comes to Allah azza wa jal, it's an honor. It's a it's a huge, great, beautiful attribute. So Allah subhanaw taala isn't my Nan, who bestows abundantly, favors extensively, and he is the one who graciously gives the favors

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without asking, without asking, before asking.

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This is this is very important. Listen to this statement. If we only get what we asked for from Allah azza wa jal, we are in deep trouble.

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Let me repeat, if we only get what we asked for,

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we are in deep trouble.

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Why I'll give you an example, that takes place in our life almost every single day.

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You bring the plate of food in front of you,

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you get a piece of bread, and you dip a

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small morsel of food and you put it in your mouth.

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And then the food goes down. And then the food leaves the body.

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When was the last time we asked Allah Ya make this bite? Let me take from it the benefit and all the bad of it goes away. Ya Allah make me digest it in a way that is not harmful to me. Yeah. Don't be. Don't make never. Anybody did that before. We don't do that. Of course we thank Allah we say Bismillah before we thank Allah after, I'm just giving you one example. One example

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that if we only get what we asked for, you know Subhan Allah, it's not Allah subhanaw taala is an Munna and he gives us more than when we ask for before we ask for it. And without asking for it. Who amongst us ask Allah to be a Muslim?

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No one we were born and we came into a family that is more either a father or mother maybe a country that is all full of Islam. And we Allah subhanaw taala favorite that was with this nema. So ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada is the one who shows kindness, this creation by bestowing upon them and providing them with everything they need. His favours are upon the creation and not vice versa.

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Where does this hadith where is this name mentioned? It's mentioned in the the when we spoke about the name of Allah will generally will Ikram we mentioned that hadith that Anasazi Allah Han he said, kind of our Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Jellison that I suppose I seldom he was sitting with us and then

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Raju, you're suddenly from Nevada. He saw a man making this Allah how many LKB and Lachelle hum La ilaha illa and Ullman, but he has some work you will org Yeah, they'll generally when a cramp Yeah. Hey you yaka yom,

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for cotton Nabi SallAllahu, alayhi wa sallam. locka Bismillah he'll have them a lady either Doria be a jab were either su Illa de

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Souza, Salam so this man saying this, and I gave it to you before if anybody wants to so I can be more than happy to give it to them. He is asking that Allah Allah subhanaw taala is da ya Allah. He's let me see if I can find the translation.

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I ask you, since all praise is due to you, there is none worthy of worship except you, Ya Allah, the Bestower the Creator of the heavens and the earth, the Possessor of Majesty and Honor, the Ever Living the eternal, I asked of you,

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this is the beginning of the DUA and then you ask whatever you want you actually this is just the beginning. So Souza seldom heard this man say this. He said he this man asked Allah with his greatest name, the one name that when Allah was asked by answers

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so yeah, we all love to chat and we all we get messages all day long check I need to ask for this. I need that for this any draft for that we all need in desperate need of DUA

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and we all know from the etiquette of dua, is to praise Allah first. Then you make the DUA praise Allah Salam Rasulillah Salam make the DUA, Salatin rasool Allah says Allah, this is the etiquette of that. Praise Allah. Salah masala for example. Allah man tell Hannah and Alana and Tillman Nan Allahu Maya

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The generic Holy Quran Allah homea academia Al Hamra. He mean Allah Houma la maniere anima I'll take your place Allah azza wa jal Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad Ali Muhammad, then you ask whatever you want, oh Allah cure me or Allah give me this or Allah, grant me this. And then you finish Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad Ali Muhammad, this is the ticket of dua, and there are many other stuff but this use this statement that the one who taught us the DUA said,

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listen carefully, the one who taught us the all the DUA that we know said that if you say this, you have called Allah or you say this three your dua you have called Allah with the name that if he asks by answers, to take you, maybe one hour or half an hour to memorize it, and then after that, it will be your template before you make any dua. You say this and then you make any dua that that you wish for you. Where do we see this word? banane Mamnoon menino Munna you may have known alayka mentioned the Quran in many places, but probably you never noticed it, but I will I will remind myself and remind Inshallah, first of all, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada.

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The word mere men, it comes from the root three letters, meme, known, known, meme known, known, and it's an intense form of the word men. Men are far it's an intense form of the word which means sometimes mundane also, it means to cut any for example, I'll give you an exam from the Quran. We're in luck Allah agilon

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Random unknown, what does mcnown mean? And interrupted

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you Yeah, Mohammed indeed for you, there is a reward that is uninterrupted. Similarly, the giving of Allah azza wa jal is uninterrupted and interrupted, no one can stop it. No one learn any fight. Well, Mr. Tia Lima minute, we noticed that the word mana

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comes with

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gifts in the Hereafter

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with gifts in the hereafter or the or gifts that will benefit you in the hereafter.

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For example, Allah subhanaw taala said so not at all. Why don't add the test

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on all new in con kabhi Luffy Lina misfitting Femen Namaha Alina welcome work on either this sermon Subhanallah the people agenda may Allah make us one amongst them you

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might ask with the best of your names to make us all amongst the people of the windowsill. Adda Amin Rabbil Alameen. So they are single Surah to tour the people of Jana, they come

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Subhan Allah I'm imagining the day that we come and

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Allah subhanaw taala Negus from the people of Ghana. We will come and remind each other of these helicopters. SCHEFFER Okay, remember when we sit down in the Halacha and we will remember these days? It is I don't know, remember this? Remember this? What do you think we what do you think? What was the one thing that made us intergender? And everybody was telling story? Oh, no. One day I give $1 Even though I needed it so much. One day we said yeah, one night, I get up in the middle of the night and

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one guy said You know, I helped an orphan one Subhanallah one dag I said, I said one extra Subhanallah who was entering the reason for entering Jana. So we'll sit down and talk it alone you talking to each other and then they say, you know they are approaching one another and they inquiring, they said before in dunya this way we were very fearful in amongst our families. We were very fearful. For men Allahu Allah and I'm using this idea just to use the verb Mina, feminine Allahu Alina, and Yahoo and whatever we do, whatever we do, like I always mentioned this whatever we do,

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even if we day and night just a bad that day and night cm all day, all night and during the day as car and so the car do we deserve

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or, or even if we do, we will deserve it. Let's say you live 50 years you deserve gender for 50 years is fair. But traditional gender forever. What did I do? Really? What did we do to deserve Chanda forever? This is Mina from Allah azza wa jal commending Allahu Allah you know, this is only from Allah azza wa jal. Why don't we do this Salah that is two seconds. The meanings we don't even know what he's saying and Subhan Allah. So, this is all favor from Allah azza wa jal and then Allah who will work on some, this is a minute from Allah azza wa jal

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If able to from Allah that He protected us from the stewardess from the agony of the Hellfire.

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And I reminded him before

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that Irish our beloved mother, or the Aloha, her nephew, passed by saw her playing Baja and reciting this ion crying. And he waited a little bit, maybe she will be done. Two minutes, five minutes 1020 30 Then he has to go. He said, I went to the market and I came back. Feminine Allah or Elena will work on other some same area still crying, reciting one area. She was praying to her one area reciting it and crying and crying and crying Subhanallah so, you know, they understood that this is a favorite from Allah azza wa jal May Allah subhanaw taala human arena, or Yaquina adabas Some meaner blah. So if you notice here the men came with a favor in the Acura wacana data system again

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if you continue couple of more areas, further Karafin and debonair and Matera BKB Kenny what I mentioned when I'm gonna share Iran, natural gas will be ribbon maroon what doesn't matter on maroon manner, my Nan, Manon here also what it means and mouth,

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mouth, maroon means and mouth. So

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another favorite from Allah azza wa jal is like we mentioned in the beginning, is

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the favor of the favor of Islam.

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Allah says in Surah Surah Yemen new Yama, Noona Allah you can Islam

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but allowing a command Hi there calmly Eman. I hear you for bench meaning that Muslim

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you already you know you're just showing off or just, you know, boasting? No, no, this is a favor from Allah azza wa jal. So how can you be ashamed from a favor of Allah that He bestowed upon you? This is a favor, Allah is telling Rasulillah Salam, they are telling you, you should be happy that we became Muslims. This is a favorite of Rama, Allah that He guided you to Islam. This is the biggest Dharma the biggest nightmare that we all have. Literally the biggest nightmare that we all have is Islam. You could be poor, you could be sick, you could be anything. But without the name of Islam Subhan Allah you're out. The biggest nightmare ever is the name of Islam Subhanallah and now

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here we pause one second

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what Listen to me carefully, one please.

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Allah favored us with this with this number.

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And I want every single one to ask himself and ask herself sisters.

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What have you given back to Islam? What have you done for this Deen?

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Please, every single one of us ask yourself, What have I done for this Dean?

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I can tell you what this Dean has done for you.

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This Dean has made you an amazing person have taught you the UCLA app and the best manners. This Dean, no matter what happens has guaranteed you Jana. But what have you done for this team? How much of your time per day is for Allah sake? Or for the Islam sake? For Islam sake? When was the last time you got so worried that Islam is not really we are losing our children? I got a phone call yesterday Subhan Allah may Allah protect all our children? Someone ran out of the house? 18 year old

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she ran out of the house.

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And guess what?

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What can the parents do?

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From your experience? What can the parents do?

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With a shoot Of course you don't have to the boy nothing. She's 18

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Nothing, nothing.

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Nothing, spoke to the lawyer. Nothing.

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Now not protect all our children. Allah may Allah console this this mother that called me May Allah subhanaw taala bring her back her daughter I mean herbal alanine.

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Living in this place

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is very costly.

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And you know who's going to pay the price?

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Our children

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very costly. This is this piece. This availability of everything in the supermarket. You can go here, go there, drive nice cars live in big houses. It's not free.

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It's not free.

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Somebody's gonna pay for it. And unfortunately, it's our

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children and our grandchildren may Allah protect them you're blind I mean that's why when I always I don't think there's a helicopter testify I did not remind you to her to have for them yeah Allah will come live and Kulu Raiatea Dini, please please don't let the day pass by 10 1500 times from the bottom of your heart ya Allah keep them steadfast on this Dean

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this girl is a graduate of a I'm not gonna name the school is of a Muslim school Islamic school

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so, again, that no guarantee that my kids are going to be righteous, no guarantee right? No eraser and his son is in *. Right? But you will be questioned if you did your best.

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No one guarantees.

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We did our best. We brought them to the massage and we taught them to deal with we taught them the deen and the most important thing we showed them that we as parents are implementing the deen we are living the deen not picking and choosing from the deen not only choosing the cultural Deen that applies to my culture. This is our biggest problem is that the culture has dominated over the dean, I pick and choose. I pick and choose from the dean that suits me and my family and then the rest. It's okay in Allah photo Rahim. Yeah, I agree. Like I mentioned the hotbar about the marriage. Still till this day. People come to me and say Yasha Allahu Akbar should be heard in every single house.

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Because people who are very religious very righteous people when it comes to weddings. The dean is out the door.

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The dean is out the door. Okay, have you been you heard from the first draw people have visual? Now when it comes to your wedding, music or dancing or mixing we all know what happened. I share

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the hobby. It's a way of life. It's not you know, you pick facials and you skip CM and you pick CM and you you skip it's a package. Of course we are. We know we fall behind we are all sinners, but not intentionally. I go and plan my daughter's future to start with haram and I wonder why she got divorced after three months.

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Subhan Allah so that we go back to the point Jaquan what have we done for this Deen please and in small thing and in small Dawa Allah Subhan Allah very simple thing yesterday, I was just walking in the neighborhood and

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a neighbor, she she stopped me. She said the higher you knew in the neighborhood, I said, Yeah, it's only a few months I've been here. So where do you live? I said, on Nimitz. She said, Are you the Imam? I said

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I'm one of the leaders of the community. Oh, please. I want to know more about Islam. Can I come to your office? I said you are more than welcome. If you come today, and you saw somebody in my office when you came, I saw some some of you came. Anyway. She came in one hour. And she said she just texted me to please can I come back again tomorrow?

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Allah, I want to I want to know, I want to know more about Islam. And I want to know, how should I conduct How should I carry myself in front of Muslims? Wow. So how Allah I felt I told her, Allah, I wish all my Muslims think like this. And they come to a Muslim to ask him about Islam, not to anybody to Fox News and ask them about Islam. And I love that said Fox News when they bring expert in Islam

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expert in Islam, and he said, You know, there's, there's a very funny clip on YouTube, it says expert in Islam, and some I forget what it says and and they people are, you know, putting it in the millions of years because they're laughing at it. He said he they brought him and they talking to him he said, You know, when when you speak Arabic as an as a as an Arabic speaker, and you said expert in Islam and you start talking Arabic in front of the

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person interviewing you, it looks like you're very very, you know, well informed, very knowledgeable. So he said, you know, in Islam, you know, the shahada, which is Bismillah.

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expert in Islam is an expert in Islam does not know the Shahada. What is his expertise in what Subhan Allah You know, so you come to the to a Muslim and learn learn your, your deen. So

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we have to Jaquan once a week, once a day, once a month. dedicate some time to do something for the sake of Allah. For the sake of this Deen for the sake of this Deen, whatever it is.

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That we're broche

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To stand I know my brother beloved brother Amira, masha Allah, they have $1 and UTD. They sit down all our young men Mashallah. And they do that with to non Muslims. And they have him did not have any maybe not, not too many people take shahada, and maybe nobody takes shahada, but at least I the shahada is not your job.

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This is the beauty of it. That too, for someone to take shahada, it's not my job.

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Can you imagine?

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What happened his uncle did not take shahada

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so imagine that he has to stay on you till you take shahada and then he moves to the next verse. We will not be sitting here today. So our job is just to give that beautiful message in a very beautiful way. There are so much thirst out there. So much thirst for our beautiful Deen. So let me call it let me just because of the time, another great number from Allah azza wa jal

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is Rasool allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. laquered min Allahu Allah, meaning Allahu Akbar. Look at this word, the same word from Manasa. The verb, Allah said, Allah did a great favor to the believers is that he sent a prophet from amongst them.

00:26:14 --> 00:26:23

Yet que la him when he was a key him when you're a Living Will kita will hikma Subhan Allah the biggest one of the biggest favors after Islam

00:26:25 --> 00:26:30

is having Rasul Allah say salam as our our Nibi the leader of the prophets as you're

00:26:31 --> 00:26:42

the leader of the prophets say even more saline is your Prophet Allahu Akbar. How How beautiful is this? How beautiful What did I do to deserve this

00:26:43 --> 00:26:58

Subhanallah look at min nama who I mean this is an empty Nan from Allah azza wa jal on the believers that he made Muhammad he picked an AMI from amongst them when he picked the solo Messiah son from amongst them to be to be the prophet. Now.

00:27:03 --> 00:27:04

I will finish with this inshallah Tada.

00:27:07 --> 00:27:11

There is a form like I said in the beginning when it comes to human being in men

00:27:13 --> 00:27:18

is not recommended. What does men mean? In our

00:27:20 --> 00:27:48

transaction between each other or our between our in our dealings with one another? Allah says in the Quran, led to overthrow sada Corticon Bill many will either listen carefully let a tubal pillow saga cardi come Bill money while other do not invalidate, do not negate, do not make your circuit go zero by

00:27:51 --> 00:27:55

reminding peoples by reminding people of what you have done to them.

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00:27:59 --> 00:28:08

you gave me $200, I was one time in a very dire need. And they asked you for money and you were very generous, you put your hand in your pocket and you said, here's $200.

00:28:10 --> 00:28:15

And then one time was sitting on the Halacha a chef I was at $200 Doing

00:28:18 --> 00:28:58

this is called min. You keep reminding the people of the favorite you have done for them. Maybe Hamdulillah. But I mean, it will not cross your mind which is beautiful. hamdulillah but unfortunately our one, Allah mentioned it in the Quran. That means there are people who do it. And it was of course revealed for a reason I did not really study the reason that I'm sure somebody did something that Allah said do not follow your sadaqat your charity with men. You remember this in front of the people or but without being in front of the people or unknown? You keep reminding him? Yeah, he leaves me alone. Yeah, here's your $300 Give me a lot. You know, constantly, you have

00:28:58 --> 00:29:02

ruined your sadaqa don't even you see

00:29:04 --> 00:29:09

sometimes we maybe do not make men with our tongue.

00:29:10 --> 00:29:25

But we do men in our heart. For example, I gave me $200 And, you know, every after two, three months, maybe he did something not right with me.

00:29:27 --> 00:29:34

I'm not gonna maybe I was so polite. I did not say anything to him. Remember the $200 I gave you this is the way you treat me inside my heart. I'm saying

00:29:41 --> 00:29:49

that you know Subhanallah you know why? That means when you gave him the 200 it wasn't for the sake of Allah.

00:29:50 --> 00:29:56

That was not for the sake of Allah. Because if that was for the sake of Allah, it is recorded already.

00:29:57 --> 00:30:00

Registered, done. When you do this

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00:30:02 --> 00:30:23

You know, like I've told you before I visited you in the hospital because you visited me. I gave you because you gave me no, no, no, I'm doing this for the sake of Allah for the sake of Allah so it can stay awkward. This is very sensitive topic. We all fall including myself, we all fall into it. Yeah, we have to go to his janazah because he went to my father's Janessa

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right. Let's go Yeah, because they came to my wedding. I have to go to their wedding. I forgot that. One of the rights of the Muslim and the Muslim is to accept the Azima the invitation, you know, I got Subhanallah I lose all this Azure because I did not take three seconds to refresh and renew my, my intention. Listen to this will end with this, this this hadith that is related to this issue. How scary it is. Cada rasool Allah He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Salah artha la you can live with your multi when I use a key him whether home either one Elin

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Allah without continuing you get trembling three people Allah does not talk to on the day of judgment does not purify, does not look at them. And they have severe punishment.

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One of them is a lineman.

00:31:18 --> 00:31:23

The one who is always reminding the people of

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the favors he has done for them. Be very careful. Like we said before, do it and forget it.

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Man who can be bothered do it and throw it in the ocean you forget about it. Do it and forget it cut us don't even mind.

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Forget all the good you have done. And remember all the evil if you have done so you can always ask for Tober but the good that you have done Forget it colors Forget it. Don't keep reminding yourself Wallahi I used to give her cousin the massage. I used to do this are you I'm a half of the Quran. No no, no don't. You don't know if any of that stuff is accepted. So just do it and forget it. So we can ask Allah azza wa jal with that name Yemen and then you ask whatever you want. Yeah, mon mon Alia Bill Bill hidayah ya Allah guide me Jana favor me with the NEMA of hidayah because after the name of Islam, one of the greatest name ever is to be guided. We have many Muslims that are you

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know, subhanAllah they're not you know, increased in guidance Allah subhanaw taala whereas Eid Allahu Allah Dena todo Hooda Allah can increase you and guidance so constantly ask Allah azza wa jal

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to increase you and Goddess maybe some question comes to mind is Al Hannon because we hear that people always say yeah my nan yeah her Nan always with each other is Hannah and one of the names of Allah azza wa jal

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is it and then my name is of Allah

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will keep it till I come back from New York in short.

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So this Thursday I'm leaving to New York I'll be back on Sunday be in LA Tada. So we will continue next Monday at the LA with another attribute of Allah azza wa jal Subhana. Allah, masha Allah, Allah and Mr fuca on a two way Lake

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