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The conversation covers the history and rights of Islam, including its use in court and the importance of praying for Islam. It also touches on the use of animals and the need for individuals to practice it. The speakers emphasize the importance of respecting and respecting rights, including being firm in one's deen and staying true to Islam. They also mention a hack on a child who wants to bring their children on the internet and a tour they are taking to see a woman who is not a believer.

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh SMIL Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Loma Linda myInfo now and finally my lamp Tana. Was it nine min Alhamdulillah? I mean, ask Allah subhanaw taala teach us would benefit us, benefit us from what he told us and increase us knowledge. Ask Allah subhanaw taala

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to put Baraka in this gathering, and make us from the people at the end of the gathering, they will be taught Kumu my food and lagoon Cuthbert de la se Adhikam Hassan Al Amin horrible I mean

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last week, I mentioned or we discussed

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the name of Allah subhanaw taala and coffee the raffia

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brother address and brother Salman came to me and you today told me

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that she actually told us the week before that, you know, you're gonna continue with the name of Allah Huck, And subhanAllah I guess it's an old age. I forgot so we continue with the name of Alok today, whatever I have left from that name and sha Allah Tala and hopefully if I'm lucky, this alive Thursday will take another name and Sharma. So he said that name Allah subhanaw taala and Huck is the absolute truth. And we said as mentioned the Quran 10 times or 11 times and we said that ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada he is the heart can anything else other than the hug is as powerful and we mentioned many aids and then the point I want to add to the

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the topic we discussed last last week is how to implement the hack the name and hack in our life. And this is where we stopped an hour so we were supposed to continue. So

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one of the ways to implement the neem oil hack in our life is to give

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everyone in our life that hack

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a thought cooler the Harken haka

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Allah Subhana Allah Allah

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have through Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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have given us even the rights of animals,

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even the hook of the animals upon us. So you can imagine how much emphasis was put in the hook in the rights of the people who are close to us. So

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far first we start with Hawk Allah subhanaw taala. First we start with the heart of Allah azza wa jal. And we mentioned that

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he told me while he said Yeah, more

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than a temporary Mahakala on a bed warmer, how can a bed and Allah yeah more, you know, what's the rights of Allah upon the servants? And what's the rights of the servants upon Allah azza wa jal so while said Allahu Allah sudo who Allah, Allah subhanaw taala and His Prophet knows better.

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So Allah says Salim said how Komodo labored and yeah Buddha Allah Allah usually could be shaken the right of Allah upon his slaves is to worship Him and not to associate any partners with him.

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And the right were Huck and a bird and Allah azza wa jal, Allah, your Zebra Mala you should be shaken. And the rights of the people upon Allah azza wa jal is Allah subhanaw taala promised that whomsoever does not associate any partners with Allah, Allah subhanaw taala promise that he will not punish him. So my God, Allah, Allah, he got very happy about this news. And he said, Yeah rasool Allah affetto Bashir in us. Shouldn't I go and give this great news to the people?

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This is amazing. This is unbelievable news. This is beautiful news. So Allah Salam said called led to the Shiro home, that to the *hole fair tech, you do not give them described news right now, because they will

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call us and I'm not. I'm not wish like, I don't have to do anything. I'm not going to be punished. But someone only informed us about this before his death, because we all know the area that Allah subhanaw taala told us that we are not supposed to

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Don't hold back any kind, any kind of end.

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Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam also said, Man shaida Allah ilaha illallah wa hola Cherie color. One no Muhammad and Abdul who were a pseudo one. Isa Abdullah Hora surah. Were Kennametal who I'll call her Ilya Miriam Wilhelmine. Well Jana to Huck one narrow, Huck, a kind of Hula, hula Jana, Allah Americana Mina lemon.

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And when someone believes that there is no Mahmoud, there is no one worthy of worship except Allah azza wa jal and that Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam is his last messenger under the ESA Islam is a prophet and that Jana is hacked and dinar is hacked Allah Subhana Allah Allah will enter him the agenda

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and fee in another in another rewire mean a minute webhead familiar from any door of it's a DOORS Subhanallah type, now we go to the

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so the right of Allah azza wa jal is to worship Him and to obey Him, this is the right of Allah as the origin and this is the best and most important, right we have to apply in our life. The five daily prayers Jaquan you know, the, for the sisters, the proper hijab, besides the prayers, of course, after the prayers, the first thing of Ramadan, all these

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five pillars of Islam, they these are the hack they are, they are we have no option to say we are going to do it or not let me think about it. No, no, no, no, these are, these are rights. They are rights upon each one of us. We have we said that ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasulullah this has become an obligation, we have no choice to choose or not to do it or to do it. No, no, no, this is it. You have to it's an obligation upon every single Muslim and assume Allah and salam told us Subhanallah when there's to show you the importance of the Salah man half of Allah Salah to comes Roku recording him was to God when we're miroir TT hin walima and Hana Huck min en dilla the halal Jana call whoa

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whoa Shiva cloud Jana Subhanallah masala Islam, he said whomsoever be consistent and give the Salawat their rights Yanni he gives the Roku it's right. Like you know when I when I always remind you of the Salawat here when I tell you about the importance of praying them slowly because this is a lot that when you go to court, boom and you go up right away. This is not this is not right. You are making a big mistake or Salah isn't and said listen to this worker had talked to me in Iraqi and Allahu Akbar may cuckoo until you are at peace in your record.

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In peace imagine and when you get up from Morocco or something Allah halimun Hamidah wait till every bone goes back to its position, then you go down to sujood was should have taught my inner surgery then and makes you shoot until you are in peace in your sujood not to Allah quickly like you know the picking of the

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small chicken. So this is another Jaquan masala system he saw somebody praying like this quick, he said if he dies on the state recognized matter and availability, Mohammed.

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This is how dangerous it is. So it's not it's not a it's not a something simply one hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen ALLAH blessed you that you started praying, why don't you give that prayer? That's right. Can you imagine we go on the day of judgment and you have 50 6070 years of salawat and then you will be amongst the people now Allah go back and pray because you did not pray

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the men came through Salah Salem and said go back and pray you did not pray.

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So imagine that there's no one to tell us right now. But there is the Sunnah for Salah Salem to tell us if this prayer is a good prayer or not. So for extra two minutes or three minutes, I ruined my Acura Subhanallah so what are the Hadith said from whoever does the Salawat and give the record it's right decision. That's right and the timing gets right on time. Then Allah subhanho wa Taala will enter him the agenda. Then there are the rights here one this is the right of Allah azza wa jal and also after that comes the right of the creation the right of the group the right of the especially the Muslim first the right of the Muslim and we all know the Hadith that how can Muslim and Muslim

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comes there are five rights upon the Muslim who's gonna remind us what's the first right

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first of all our invitation yet once you've done the cinematic maybe

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first, it's an

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answering the Salem second

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if you

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sneeze says Hamdulillah you say your hammock Allah. If he says hamdulillah Third,

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if he before he dies, he gets sick first.

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If he gets sick, we go visit him. Not only with

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first if he got sick if he got sick

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if he got sick, you know, somebody might die right away without getting sick. I'm just joking. So if he got sick, we go visit him. It's his right. You know, and by the way, Uncle Jimmy was in the hospital isn't the uncle. I mean, we all know Uncle Jimmy is part of the building.

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He's in the Methodist Hospital and three, room three or six. If you have any time, I'm sure he will be very happy to see your child just stop by for five minutes, or you're on running very close. So if he's sick, you visit him and if he dies, you go into his, his janazah and for a fifth, if he invites you, you accept and the invitation okay? So these are the rights. These are the rights These are his rights.

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And when you reply the salon you're not doing him a favor. When you say your hammock, Allah you're not doing any favor, it says right. And there's another Hadith that says there are six added one more, who knows what's the addition?

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Yes, if he asked me for advice, you give him advice, okay. These are the rights of, of the, of the Muslim to the Muslim.

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Then we have amongst the Muslims, there's a Huck there's the right of the Kabira

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the right of the older person, Karla Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Lai Samina it's a very, very strong start. Ladies Amina. He is not amongst us he's not one of us. Ladies Samina manlam yara Hamza here Rana via cabbie Aruna.

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He is not amongst us the one who does not have mercy on our young and does not know the right of our elderly,

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our elderly, they have right upon us, you know, you

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open the door for them. If they need help coming in, you help them any kind of help any kind of respect, any kind of

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kindness that you can show to both the young and to the old, you know, we should always

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race to do it. Like for example, you know, there's something in our culture.

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We mentioned it many times before, but it's good always to remind them Sharma that when we see, when we see a kid coming in the first row, we take him, we pull him from his hair from his head, and we take him on, we put him back

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Subhanallah like it happened here in the masjid. I was telling them, the brothers and the importance of the first row and the reward of the first row. So one little kid Subhanallah it entered his heart and he came early. And he sat in the first row, because he wants to get the Azure that we mentioned.

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Allah has suffered all the Azure and uncle came. Are you doing? Yeah, and you Allah Hamdulillah that this kid came back to me and check otherwise, we could have lost them suddenly forever.

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But you know, like I told the brothers, this young man and another brother, they were sitting right behind the Imam. I told them this specific place, or similar sized salon said that has to be for specific people. And if the Imam lost his widow, the Imam made the mistake the Imam remember he does not have to do he wants to drag somebody from behind them. If he looks and he finds this guy, you know, so it's those three, four spaces through some

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Fellini let the people behind me be the people who knows at least the *er of Salah some how to act if something happened. So that that spot those two, three places? Yes, we could tell the brothers move to the right move to the left. But you know, somebody, a kid who came, let's say 745 He came at 727 25 and he was very eager and SubhanAllah. Now he's trying to think about to get more Azure. I come at 743 or 404. And I drag him and take him back. You know, he has he came before me he has I'm not talking about a kid that is two three years old who's gonna make it you know, you know what I'm saying? A person that is you know, he acts the responsible and he is any mature enough not

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to move in the Salawat and this and that. He came early to get the Azure hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen. Now we have the hack of the children. And then there's a hack of my children.

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They our children, yeah, when our our our our sons and daughters, they have a hug upon us. And most of the time, we always discuss the heart of the parents and meaning

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collect sometimes the hack of the children, those kids, those kids have a hack upon us the hack we have to raise them on the Kitab and Sunnah This is a hack upon them. Yanni, when when we neglect that at a young age, while Allah he will Allah, He will Allah He, you will pay for it at an older age, you will definitely going to pay for it. If you neglect raising the children on the Quran and Sunnah from a young age, you will pay for it at an older age at 12 1314 1516, you're going to definitely pay for it. If you're going to suffer a lot, because you know how many times either myself or the Imam, people come to us and say Yes, chef, my son is 16 and he he does not pray.

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And we tell them very politely when were you at when he was seven mama here in dunya.

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It's very hard at 16 to tell your daughter to put the hijab very hard at 14 at 15 very hard, very hard, you should have trained her for a long time, even though it was not prescribed on her when she was six and seven and eight. But if you train her a little bit, she gets used to it. So when the time comes Bismillah she already had but immediately boom from nowhere, you come it's gonna be very hard. I'm not saying it's impossible, Allah subhanaw taala and he may have shot but it's going to be very hard, very hard to tell a kid come at 16 come and start praying and he never prayed before or he prayed in Joomla only. They were well you know, there's a hack on this this kid has a hack upon

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you to teach him his deen and another hacker one which was we neglect a lot unfortunately, is there's a hack on that child for you to teach him the Arabic language.

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The language of the Quran and especially in a place where Subhan Allah

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available. You just come and we take care of your children we are opening the doors for all the kids Hamdulillah benemid Masha Allah we have around I think last time they told me 170 kids that come between five and seven to learn the language of the Quran, how beautiful is that? Jaquan every single one of us whom his child is not capable of reading the Quran, we should bring that child at a young age because at a young age they can absorb so easily just like us when we learn the new language when we were kids at school. Similarly, that's the new language to them, instead of being Spanish and French and German, like one brother told me to mashallah you know, your son

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becoming old and this son and he's getting older and bigger. Mashallah. So how's his Cara? Alibaba? I chose German

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I wish I knew how to christen German.

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German Yeah, happy German. Why did you choose German?

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decent. That'll be then if you want to teach German after that Chinese wherever you want, but Adobe, Adobe. And I love that in my my brother's the Indo Pak brothers. I love that so much in them that you know, from a young age, they put their kid to learn the Arabic language, Allah I admire that a lot. I admire it a lot. Because this is just a brand new language to them. And Hamdulillah I mean, this is one of the best thing you could ever do is from a young age, let them learn the Arabic language. Another write on him is to name him a good name to name that child a good name. And before all that to make sure you marry a good a good mother, a good wife to be the mother because the

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mother like they say in Arabic and madrasa alone madrasa you know, the mother is a school by itself by herself. She's the one who's gonna raise them she's gonna want spend so much time with them. So make sure when you choose a wife, you choose a wife that is that is righteous.

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When so since we are talking about the wife also,

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the wife also has a right upon the husband and the husband has a right upon the wife says Alicia Nabi

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SallAllahu Sallam for Katya rasool Allah MAHAK xojo Hatena Ali call them to to Emma either time, whatever to her either decide whether or not the revenue budget would have to come when you're ill, ill will bake masala sigh Sanam was asked rasool Allah is the right of our wives upon us. He said you have to feed her when you eat, make sure you give her clothes when you when you get close and do not approach anything if you do not hit the face at all. And do not cause any any any any harm or any any damage to her and do not if you decided to something happened and you want to leave her or you know stay away from her for a while. only do that inside the house. Do not say Allah I'm

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leaving, leave the house and I go to a hotel. You know, just go from one room to another if things got you know

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really, really bad. So and the wife, the reason Allah subhanaw taala gave you that number to enjoy is for you. She has the right. The right of the wife. She has the right you're not doing a favor to the wife. When you pay the rent, you're not doing a favor. This 5050 thing, this has only started here in America, we will have no 5050 In Islam, and Islam she has 100% When it comes to the money, she has 100% the right to you have to provide for her a place to live food and clothing. This is her right? Her right? If she noticed that the husband is suffering, he is going through difficulty he cannot work. And she helped because she have money or she is working. This is from her o'clock. This

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is from her manners. This is from her therapy. This is because she's a good Muslim. She is doing it as a favor. But if she has a billion dollars, it's her money is all hers. It's up to her to help or not. And of course, we encourage the sisters to always because the minute you get married, you become like one. But I'm just saying because of the unfortunate mentality that we have right now. As if it's a we make the wives feel as if it's a must on her to pay half of the rent. No, it's not a must on her yaki at all. This is

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you know, this is her right here right is in Africa. And similarly, the husband has a right of respect and honor and power and obedience to the husband. Rasool Allah has sent him many, many Hadith we all know that hadith, and the reward, the huge reward, the minute the wife get married, the right of her husband go above the right of her parents.

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The minute the wife get married, the rights of the husband goes above the right of the parents.

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She has still of course have to respect and honor her parents. But when she gets married, this is her. Her husband, she has to obey Him, of course obey him with the maruf did not you know when he ordered her to do something haram, she has the right to disobey Him. But when he asked her for anything, that is his right she has to she has to obey him and he and he many Hadith emphasized on the respect and the honor of the husband. And when you will Subhan Allah, when you both feel Allah azza wa jal, automatically, you will find the respect and the honor and the trust between the husband and the wife and Allah He we can make our houses full of peace and tranquility and mercy if

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we follow the book of Allah and the Kitab rasool Allah says Allah will automatically

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automatically if you follow the Sunnah of Rasulullah Salam, automatically, your house will be full with peace and mercy, automatically Subhanallah because you start disobeying Allah by His and this and and usually, all these disobedience they come gradually. Sure you show a little bit at a time. And now there's a new thing, you know, subhanAllah I want to talk about it.

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Sharla will finish very soon.

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There's there's a new trend there one.

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And my beloved sisters, there's a new trend of taking off the hijab.

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I don't know if you heard about it, I'm getting at least two three people in the last two weeks, taken off the hijab.

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Wallah. It's heartbreaking. It's heartbreaking. And this is what I meant gradually. You see, gradually we start disobeying Allah and all of a sudden you see, there's a mess in the house and you wonder what happened, even though it took maybe one year or two years to get to that level. But sooner or later you're going to have problems at home because you started moving out of the path.

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My sister and my beloved sister, fear Allah, Allah He, no one will benefit you. No one's going to benefit you. Except Allah azza wa jal except your deen Do not fear the people do not fear the people. They're not going to do anything to you. They're not going to do anything to you fear Allah azza wa jal, your Creator, the one who's giving you everything that you have, fear Allah and keep that hijab. This is a bad again, the the hijab is not it's not one time it killed me. And I couldn't I couldn't be quiet while the President of a masjid stood up and, and answered one of the non Muslims.

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And she asked, Is that hijab? I must? No no, it's optional. You like it? You put it here? I told her no happy it is not optional. I said, Well, you have some respect. No, you have some respect. You are in the house of Allah azza wa jal and you're making rules against the house of Allah.

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You don't want to put the hijab your wife doesn't want to put that job it's up to you. But you do not change the rules of Allah. Ask Allah to guide your wife and to guide your daughter and in but to tell the people that does not apply. We are going to make our own Deen How long are we going to keep watering down our deen to please the non Muslim how long? How much we're going to water it down. If this drink. If this medicine is like this, in this ingredients that will benefit you. The more I water it, the more it will lose its benefit

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This is not what I want and the more we watered down our deen the more the people will say to themselves so why should I convert looks the same

00:25:11--> 00:25:43

my deal is watered down so let me say why should I go and get harassed and and kicked out of the house and salon that a job and CRM and let me say it looks the same. We are all one. Everybody's good. This is not a slam Yeah, one. This is not the way you present Islam. Stop doing that. Stop doing that. This is not the way you're not gonna get people to come to though to the dean if we stay like this. You have to be firm in your deen. You have to be firm in your deen with respect and with honor.

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Rasulillah Salam told us that you know, with gentleness and kindness and when you present the hukou, we're talking about hack when you present the hack, the hack by itself.

00:25:54--> 00:26:11

The hack by itself is very attractive when you start polishing it and changing it and what is this? It's not Islam anymore. You know, we are all one you know, we worship the same God and everything come let's hold hands and make prayer together.

00:26:13--> 00:26:40

Allah What is this? Shall may i? What is this? What kind of deen is this? This is the way Roscoe Solomon. You see, we we have a source I sent him on his time. There was Christians there was Jews, there was people worshipping idols. It's not like you know, there was nothing and what should we do right now? No, he showed us what he did. He did the whole Sierra for 13 years in Mecca. He told us what he did.

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He never will change the deen and, and they tempted him so much to change the deen.

00:26:48--> 00:26:53

How about we worship your God one day and you worship our God one day? How about this? How about that?

00:26:55--> 00:27:01

No, this is it. You like it at all salah. You don't like it like him Dino calm, really?

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Straightforward. Jaquan. And you will see when you are under attack and you're presenting hack. You will see how people will jump. We'll jump to come to Islam. But when you say everything is the same. Yeah, you don't see we don't steal. You don't do we don't do this. Yeah, it's okay. hamdulillah Islam? No, no, no. So why should I change? No, you are really harming that person by not saving them and not telling them the truth SubhanAllah.

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And then there are many who can Sharla quickly have to dive. When you have a guest. You have to give him the right the right of the day for three days, three nights. After three nights, you want to keep him and give him more nights. It's up to you. But his right is up. You know, sometimes we have guests for three months, four months, five months. I'm not talking about of course. family, parents, the parents will stay in our head for as long as they want. I'm just talking to somebody came to visit you. You had three nights. This is his right after that. It's up to you. You want to give him more something you want to tell him. The hotel is more comfortable. It's it's up.

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And then there is a hockey trick when we are driving f1 Subhanallah the slum even showed us the hack of the trick of the road. You know let people pass by do not see honk. And subhanAllah when I first landed in Beirut when I was there a couple of months ago. And then I got into because you know what is the last time you heard that someone honking here. Haven't heard that a long time.

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And there's a language with the honking any BB means something B it means something.

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They have language and they all understand the language. They all know the language to be dunking. So I don't know. I think it's an international I don't know if other countries but they know from the minute 20 They put the car on they put the hand and they start when he's hungry all the time. Hey, Lola, so there's hack of the road, you know, be patient let the people go have respect have this you know,

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and the solar system he told us yeah compelled us to record do not hang out on the streets. This is not that lack of the Muslim. And if you happen to be on the street for a while or something, make sure you you lower your gaze and somebody

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walk up in other word the salam I'm gonna bring my roof when he and then monka if you happen to be on the street and you see something wrong, you have to say something. Lower your gaze. And if someone gives you the salam, make sure you reply the salam. This is some of the quickly some of the hook of the people first the hook of Allah azza wa jal and then the health of the people around us, then there's the hack of the neighbor to take care of him and make sure there are okay, Muslim or non Muslim. We have to always the neighbors

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Panama now you know how to come now to Allah Allah. Allah Allah. Allah Hina human three times a Salah salem said by Allah, He is not a believer three times. They said who you are Rasul Allah. He said whom his neighbor is not safe from his harm. His neighbor, general Muslim or non Muslim, you have to make sure always gentleness and kindness.

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I remember in New York, we had a neighbor that was an older lady, non Muslim, you know, and when it snows, we used to race you know who's gonna go and clean her driveway to show her the beauty of Islam. We don't have snow here. You can always find good ways to be kind to the Naval. Zack moolah here welcome Luffy calm so Hannah phenom will be handing

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