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Mohamad Baajour
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh cat

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smuggler hamdulillah salatu salam ala Rasulillah Loma Linda and fauna. One fan of Mr. Olympia Anna was at nine mon Hamra. I mean, they ask Allah subhanaw taala teachers would benefit us, benefit us from what you told us and increase us in knowledge, along with Eric NFE Jimena Harada, which I love to jump on Mahoma was the follow on buddy to Farrakhan musoma, but agile fina would have been in a Sharpie and while Muhammad Amin, amin,

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ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us from the people at the end of the gathering, they will be taught como McFaul and Lacan but booty let's say your article has not get up all your sins are forgiven, and all your evil deeds are switched into good deeds. I mean, yeah, but I mean, you know, when we have when we have the Yaqeen Allah one, just listen to me carefully when we have the clean that this hadith is so here, and it is said by the one who only tells the truth. And he said that if you sit in a gathering like this, at the end of the gathering, all your evil deeds will be switched into good deeds, will you go anywhere?

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Really, unless of course you have an emergency you have something you have plans. But when I read this hadith, I say subhanallah there's no better place on earth. But that was that was living he said

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there's no better no place on Earth. This 15 minutes. Then the house of Allah azza wa jal, and in general in general, rustlers SLM told us that the best places on Earth are the masajid. And the worst places on Earth are the marketplace.

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Tonight in sha Allah Allah the name that we will be discussing is known to every single one of us and everyone knows that name by heart and not only that, everyone knows and memorizes the surah that this name was mentioned, and that name is

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next to it.

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Someone we have a brother up this summer here,

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today is tonight, this is Nathan Shala. And we have all the series represented in the back.

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Handle that so a summer is

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the name we will be discussing tonight. And like I mentioned, it's only mentioned once in the Kitab of Allah azza wa jal in surah Allah class and surah Allah class all who Allahu Allah Who Samad let me hit it with a mu that What am yeah canola who go for one

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a summer is the unchangeable one

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on whom the entire the entire creation depends upon.

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he is the one that is unaffected by any circumstance and the only one that is able to fulfill all the needs in the most perfect way without himself being in need

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to anything or anyone. I'll repeat the last statement.

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He is the one who fulfill

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all the needs, not just fulfill them in the most perfect way without him

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I'm being in need of anything or anyone. This is a summit

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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mentioned this name in a couple of Hadith and I will come to them in few minutes in sha Allah Allah. Allah subhana wa Taala when we say he is a Samad he is the one we go to, in any need that we have, no matter how small it is, or how big it is, you go to a summit. You go to a summit Rasulullah Salallahu Salam used to tell the Sahaba go to Allah, even if it is what you're asking for is the straps of your sandals

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of the shoes, even for the steps of the shoes, ask Allah azza wa jal do not say this is something simple. And this is something little, Allah Subhana Allah can fulfill anything, no matter how small it is, no matter how huge it is. Now, one of the meaning of the summit. Is that

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you when you say some of the some of the Jaish anomala do that the army was steadfast in front of the enemy.

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When they were facing the enemy can also meet in Yanni they stayed for firm. Some other is to stay firm. This is where Ali Radi Allahu Allah and he said, for some done, some of them had potential locka Amoud Hawk,

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stay firm stay firm, until the pillar of truth is obvious to you.

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So a summary, he is the one who's always firm, this is one of the meanings. The second meaning is that he is the one who does not need to eat or drink or sleep

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is eating

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and drinking and sleeping. Are there any signs of perfection or signs of deficiency?

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Deficiency? Anytime someone needs to sleep or to eat or to drink, he's not perfect.

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That means he's gonna get tired. He's gonna get weak. Allah subhanaw taala.

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Well, who are you to mo whether, whether you Tom, he is the one who feeds and he does not need to be fed.

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So this is one of the meanings of the summit the summer lady Leila Jo fella. Third, he is the one who has Subhanallah he's the one who listened carefully to this meaning he is the one who has the perfection perfection. In all a Samad means the one who has perfection in all the other attributes. That means he's the perfect Rahim. The perfect of him. The perfect Samia the perfect Bussiere the perfect Rahim. The perfect Kabir, the perfect Kareem the perfect Kawi so he's perfect in every attribute, like Imam Nakayama Hamdulillah. Instead of saying he said instead of saying he is I will come on Phil Phil will command for Rama welcome and Phil will command from the camera while command

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from COVID Phil irida Welcome. He said just say a Samad it is sufficient.

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When you say a summit as if you're saying Allah is perfect in this 12345 all His attributes. So just say as someone that is encompasses all all of them, and that will bring us to something Subhanallah

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let me ask you a question.

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Do you think

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we all have

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we all have mothers,

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maybe some of us their mothers have passed away May Allah subhanaw taala grant them the highest place in Ghana and some of them are still alive may also Allah have mercy on them in sha Allah Tala

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Do you think

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every single one of us do you think your mother will throw you in the fire?

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Nobody, right? No way. No How? Subhanallah she worries about us if we get a 103 Fever. How about throwing in the fire is out of the question. She does not sleep all night long. When when we are just maybe complaining a little bit.

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For you. Let me ask you a follow up question.

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Does she have the perfect tremor or part of the Rama

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so do you think the one

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Who has perfect Rama will throw you in the fire?

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This is a solid

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unless this is why I always repeat because many times people you know the one who wants to debate about Islam and they want to doubt Islam or something they come with a very famous common question

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Does that

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or they say your God in the Quran he is very savage he's very

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angry angry very angry

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* * * *

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when you came up to this conclusion

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you never passed by man which is the most mentioned in the Quran. You did not test by the way dude. So you always repeat your one

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one song someone listen carefully. This is very important statement. When someone ALLAH SubhanA wa Tala decrees that he's going or she's going to * with Allah He there should be no doubt in your heart, not a speck of doubt that he or she deserves.

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Why? Because of two names, because Al Hamra, I mean decreed the Most Merciful and have made that decision and they all just made that decree Allah.

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So, put them together, when you put them together, there is no way there is no way someone went to * and He does not deserve it.

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And you will only know that you know sometimes somebody say what do you know this is to you know, when when you throw somebody in *, where is the Rama? Where is this

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you know, when they when something evil happens to you, if someone comes to your house, rob your house, burn your house,

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do something evil to your wife or to your daughters or to your children, then talk to me about Rama

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to be completely different. So imagine if you felt that you want to forgive that person, because you are super Rahim.

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Keep in mind that your Rama and Maya Rama and all the Rama of all mankind combined

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is nothing compared to the Rama of Allah. So don't ever feel that this guy does not belong there. No, no, no, no. Keep in mind is the hammer Rahimi is the one who decreed his destiny or her destiny. This is the other meaning of of a summit.

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A Summit is the one that explained in the same Surah as some of a lady let me le dwell them you will add

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the there's no one else

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other than Allah azza wa jal let me yell it whether Mulan anyone that yell it where you will. He's not some have

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a solid limb nearly dwelled a mule that

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plain simple. That's why when when someone a brother come and ask me, brother, what should I do? Or what should I say? Because how did what was the reason who's gonna tell me? What was the reason for the revelation of sort of law class?

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very simple they came to him and they said,

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describe your God. Describe your Illa

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this idea the surah was call tell them they are asking you who's Allah call who Allah Who Had Allah a Samad. Let me yell it What am you let what a miracle Allahu Khufu and

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this was the reason for the revelation ASVAB and Mazoon. So when someone asked us, they asked me, What do we tell the person and I'm Muslim? I am not very knowledgeable about the deen Allah one. Try it please just recite kung fu Allah who had of course with the meaning and try to explain because we all know what that what does it mean right? And now we added to it but there's the word summit mean because all of us hardly know what the summit mean. Now you have an idea what the summit mean? That someone is the one that chameleon he is the one laser.

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Laser can literally shake. This is as solid as some of these the one that everyone is in need of Him and He is no need

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Have no one, no one whatsoever. This is a summer, explain to them

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what does it mean and see the shock on their faces? How simple any, why do you think which is I made it a special

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point here to mention the virtues of Surah teleclass. But first before I go there, you know sometimes as a matter of fact only a couple of days ago

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when someone asked us What is Allah, we answer that ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala is above the Arash okay, we do not say Allah is everywhere. Allah is everywhere in his knowledge in his in his bustle in his summer, but Allah is not in my pocket. Allah is not in the drawer stack from Allah zine. Allah. Like Allah said himself, Amin, Tom Memphis, Sana a yes if I become a lot of this summer. And I mentioned this the story I mentioned last week when he brought the Sharia he said, Where is Allah? She said to summer, he said free her. She's a believer in Muhammad Amina. Okay. So

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above the average in the summer, does that mean somebody says Allah subhanaw taala is stellar and an arch?

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Does that mean that Allah subhanho wa Taala needs the ash?

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Does that mean if I remove the Arusha Allah is gonna fall stock for Allah?

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No, Allah has no need for the Irish. Allah is a no need for the angels carrying the Irish out of Shut up Vika homeodomain he then said earlier, eight angels carrying the ash Allah does not need them. Allah does not need any of his creation.

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Even though the ashes the huge is the biggest creation, Allah does not need that. And similarly, if someone says, Does Allah subhanaw taala eat and drink we say never because as someone because he is a Samad. Because he is someone he does not need to eat and drink and he has the perfect attributes. Now.

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What are the virtues of the surah Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam one time he came out to the Sahaba and he said, I'm gonna read for you third of the Quran.

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I'm gonna read third of the Quran. So he came and he read.

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So Atlas

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so the Sahaba were waiting. What is the rest? He said surah was full full Quran. Allahu Akbar. Look at the honor. And the weight the surah has a third of the Quran in In Azure.

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This is how important is that? Surah and it's called Allah's because when you understand that and you live by it, you only do Armel that are

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lost to to Allah azza wa jal now, this is not number one, it is third of the Quran number two

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and we want to practice this right now in Sharla. Let's see how long is gonna take? I'm gonna put

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my timer okay.

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So this hadith

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let's do it together in sha Allah.

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If you say if you read surah last 10 times, then Allah Allah will cuss on Phil Jana

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a mentioned in Jana is built if you recite Allahu Allah Allah had 10 times ready let's go inshallah Yama everybody do it separately

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Okay, I'm done.

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You know how long it took to build? How long does it take to build your house? Doctor?

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Two, three years. You mentioned in Jamna? One minute.

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One minute Yeah, one one minute. So let's make it a habit 10 times that is 10 times Kullu. Allah had mentioned Jana insha Allah Tada. All these mentions will be next to each other will be navels agenda

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behind me. So second 10 times

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Hello Laura had mentioned in Jana third

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remember the brother shot when we mentioned about before you sleep before you sleep? Let's demonstrate one time so people in the watching us they could before asleep look the best man ever created. He used to make rakia for himself before he sleeps. Is there any better rakia than that? What is the rakia

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Hello hola hola is somewhat limited when a new American low California law but I will get a bill for law come in Shereena holla CommInsure reverse you can either lockup when Sharon Nefertiti felt awkward when in Shari has he didn't either hazard Smilla Rahmanir Rahim

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verbenas moluccana Illa hiddenness been shattered was worse than Kenaz Allah the use of usado Rhenus Meenal Jannetty oneness and then start from the head and as much as you can wipe all over your body three times before you sleep.

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Three dreams Subhanallah this every night before you sleep fourth, three times in the morning, each one

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class falconers and three times in the evening and three times after fajr and three times after acid also

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Kapha Kapha Hola. It was sufficient for him in sha Allah tan.

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And finally,

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in one Hadith

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Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, he used this name in a dua listen to this. Or let me let me narrate the Hadith for you.

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Sunny out Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa salam radula Nicole Allahumma inni Luca be a NACA b&e, a shadow a Naka and Tala La ilaha illa and I had a summit a lady let me yell it well um, you will. Well, Aamir Khan Lau who had

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the con la casa um Allah be is me. Hey lady, either Sue Ellerbee or Thea were either Doria be a jab.

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So this person was saying Ya Allah I'm gonna give you the charlatan ya Allah I asked you be any eyeshadow Anika and from Allah La ilaha illa and we all know this and I had to Samad and then as if you are reciting surah

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Allah you limb nearly do them you will well on the one hand and then you ask

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cure my mother

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guide my son

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Grand Prix righteous husband, righteous wife

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whatever you want to this is the beginning and another narration

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and then so seldom heard somebody saying the same thing alarming. Yes, I know cabbie. Nicola and I had a summer the lady and Amelia daughter Murad when Aamir Khan Lau and Delphi really

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forgive me. This was somebody say

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three times. Three times. Cut off here. Cut off. Cut off here.

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He's forgiven. He's forgiven. He's forgiven.

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So repeat after me insha Allah Tala

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Allahumma. In NE Luca. Yeah Allah. Allah had his Samad and the rest you know a lady lamb nearly dwell them you will add one American law who for 110 fearly

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Forgive me, oh fear Allah. Oh fear Allah, Allah. So this is the way we make the story in sha Allah Tala now we know what the summit means in sha Allah Tala ask Allah by that name. That's the beautiful beginning of the DUA inshallah Allah and after that, ask whatever you want, but specifically, that when when Hadith left it in general, and other Hadith specifically said about, about Mafia, I ask Allah subhanaw taala who gathered the season this beautiful, beautiful Masjid to gather assume Oklahoma will say the mursaleen sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I ask Allah Subhana Allah to forgive all our sins. I ask Allah subhanaw taala to purify our hearts from hypocrisy. I ask Allah

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Subhana Allah Allah to unite our hearts. I ask Allah subhanaw taala to increase us and Iman. Allah McQuillan and Reuben our Salafi Emelina with them around Salma Alcon will Catherine Allah more Faulkner Lima to hit both your up your Faulkner Lima to hit both are Hamra Hamina Hamina

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Hamina have no Medicare but I mean, alarm was on customer alarm was without on customer era but I mean, alarm Ballina? motiva Bernal Bell Tila Beltran was Augustina alarm mudgil of the man in our team Allama Jonathan Anna nakawa tema Conley, liberal club fabric color of the realty allergenic fabric clubs Rio de Nicaragua, Rahimi masala and Amina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Jemaine see all our treasures see

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15 In sha Allah Allah and make a lot of Salam Rasul Allah Tonight is a night of Jamar cinema economic loss we have a number we have the Commission on the stock your account

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