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AI: Summary © The segment discusses the history and meaning of Haman's name, as well as the significance of "has" in Arabic language. It also touches on the importance of God and apologizes for the confusion between one's Muslim identity and a partner's. The segment encourages people to apologize for their actions and warns about the potential consequences of the pandemic.
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Salam alikoum logging

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hamdulillah salatu salam ala Rasulillah no molybdenite found on find me my unlimted was ignited when

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someone can tell these kids to be quiet

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along with that agenda feature

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on Mahoma was Daddy hate to follow konasana but at agile fina Shakti what? I mean

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who Allah one lady

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who alone Lila

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Marie Kondo could do sell

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more Haman,

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Haman as he is on

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here. So the

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merge people.

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So you finished Haman and then after the moment today comes al Aziz

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al Aziz

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is one of the most

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mentioned Names of Allah azza wa jal in the Quran after Allah Rahman Rahim may be a fool and then comes disease.

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It is mentioned around 92 times 92 times

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and is combined

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the most with which other name Hakeem

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as easily Hakeem the most combination of diseases with hacking and also it is combined with

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as Ezel.

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Korean as he is

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there's one Sula,

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al Aziz

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Hamid oh man, aha moment hon. Allah you know Billahi la ZZ Hamid right. So,

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this name is a very special name

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this name if we understand it,

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our whole Muslim identity is based on this name.

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And when we neglected this name, we have lost our as

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Al Aziz

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it means a few meaning just like the other names, it means the one who's always victorious, never ever defeated. And as he is

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always victorious, never defeated.

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It also comes

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as a reinforcement

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the reinforcer

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as we know the surah trc.

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About the village home they had

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two messages, sir. As

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the sheriff, right for as escena de salud. What does that says Now hear me? Reinforced we sent another messenger, the third messenger. So there is disease also come from the reinforcer. Allah subhanho wa Taala will keep

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your eye Zuko Allah, Tableau and ASA.

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This is a beautiful meeting. Allah will keep reinforcing you until you get the result. And both are same Ruth you as this tableau Eliza.

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And Aziz is the one who does not accept

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His claim to be humiliated, the true believer

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we all know the story and I love I know my young, beautiful

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Brothers, they love stories.

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I'm gonna bring up the top of the Allahu Allah.

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He was told to come and

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receive the keys of

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Jerusalem, right?

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May Allah subhanaw taala grant us all Sebata SHA, Allah He, you never know Right? Allah Allah Cody, Shane Cody this disease

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so Armand was on his way to take the keys from

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of the keys of tourism, little Marcus.

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On his way there, he was putting his camera.

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And before he arrived, there was a big part of mud.

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That he had to step on it, he took his shoes have put him here, and he walked through the mud.

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I've already saw him coming.

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And Emile Meany,

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the leader of the believers, he's coming with batches on his throat

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and all

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mud. So he said,

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he, of course,

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did not mean any insults or anything man of Allah. No way. But he does not want any of the non Muslims too. He looked down on me.

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So he came and he said

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you're coming to receive the keys of beta knock this looking like this. With all the wanton apathy,

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Allah he will be done. If someone else said it other than you, I would have made them exempted almost

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as an Allah when Islam

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for men of delay in

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biryani, as the Lenola very famous statement of former

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as an Allah who in Islam, for men that there are you know, and there is the rally as a lead Allah, and this is exactly what's going on. Right now.

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We are

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We are people who Allah subhanho wa Taala dignified us honor this was something called Islam.

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Maybe just quick history, the Arab before Islam, the worst kind of people on earth

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ignorant, illiterate

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and organized, you name it.

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And at the same time

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when the message was revealed, there was something called Romans and there was something called Persian empires.

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Yeah, the Romans are there and the Persians are there and you chose to, to put the message in them is ECMO from the Hakeem Subhan Allah. So they were very well known to be an inconsiderable at all, nothing.

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So the Islam came and gave them that honor and that they felt something amazing.

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So he told them we are calm they will not we will nothing Allah honored us with Islam. And if we see, honor, through other than Islam, listen, my younger brothers, my sisters, if we ever seek honor and dignity,

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through a path other than Islam, Allah will humiliate us.

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Allah will humiliate us this is a statement of formula.

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what did Allah subhanaw taala say yet when

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Allah said

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a lady that Ducky thornell carefully in a Will you mean don't invoke meaning?

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The one who take the non believers

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as the only

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instead of

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the believers

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now, the word Alia unfortunately, is translated into in the Quran in the translation into

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And anytime you go to an interfaith meeting, the non Muslim bring this idea and you say your book says rugby our friends

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but as we all know if you know simple Arabic, you know that Alia or Willie is way much bigger.

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Then a friend, friend saw him, Sadiq, zamil raffia these are all friends. If that is clean, it depends on how strong is your friendship. You choose one of those five meanings of soccer.

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But when he

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is much deeper, like for example, he said, and Nika will are willing. Dalton Dalton Dalton

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marriage without a willing is void void void. Could it possibly mean? Marriage without my friend?

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Is void?

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Impossible? Really? True? Right? So when he is much bigger than a friend and ally, a guardian someone who's in charge of your main affairs?

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Allah saying Alladhina Turkey Donal caffeine, I will Lea Indonesia meaning the one who take the non believers as their only instead of the believers. What does Allah subhanaw taala say?

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Yep toner in dark Melissa.

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Do they seek as with them? For in the lace at Allah He Junya Allahu Akbar? Are you becoming friends with these people? Are you forming allies, with the non believers against the believers? You think you're gonna get under a dignity from the non believers? The is belongs only to Allah.

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Only to Allah only to the Aziz mankind.

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Montana you're

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to fish, Jenny.

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You won't, you won't honor. You won't respect, human dignity. The only source of that is Allah azza wa jal. If you seek it from any other source, you'd fail,

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you'd be humiliated. Exactly the opposite.

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You want to you have a goal, you want to do something you have a goal in front of you. And that God is so this is the way to do it through Allah azza wa jal and the other way, not only you don't get it, you will get exactly the opposite Subhanallah not only you will not get it you will get exactly the opposite. So for anybody, you know, anyone amongst us that is trying to hide his Muslim identity will lie you will only being humiliated sooner or later.

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You're going to be humiliated sooner or later, anyone who tried to hide and pretend that he's not a Muslim.

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I was getting

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no names phone from storage.

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And then you went in there and they saw the name of the brothers and Muslim says

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can I help you?

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Mashallah, you're from this country? said yeah, how can I help

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you speak Arabic?

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How can I help you?

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Yeah, and it's so obvious. Please ignore this. Let's get to business.

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What am I going to tell you give me this.

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What I'm saying is you're my Muslim brother. Talk to me. Tell me what's the best plan Tell me something.

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Not even consider. Yeah, this was so obvious. Please lower your voice. Don't embarrass me. It was so obvious Do not embarrass your habibi. If you are that worried. Your name is very Muslim changing, at least call yourself Mike. Jimmy, Steve, this name is I don't want to say

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subhanallah So, when we do that you are looking for sooner or later you might get happy for a while you think that you are honored? Because your friend is so and so on your ally so and so but sooner or later Allah He you will be humiliated

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because you are going to get

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there is from the wrong sources Allah said if

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you want so from them, okay. I'll show you and we've seen we have seen it. I don't want to go into politics, but we have seen it and the Gulf War receipt from somewhere else what happened?

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So So

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let's unless there is a very

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honorable scholar, his name is Celeste, even Abdul Salam

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He went to the ruler of Cairo one day and he said it tequila fear Allah with your people and rule them with justice.

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Fear Allah with your people and rule them with justice. He came to Tao dare you.

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How dare you speak to the ruler of Egypt like this one too scared, because these people, you know, killing and spitting is the same. They don't care. He said when lying before I go inside,

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I thought of the result Allah azza wa jal, I thought of There is Allah azza wa jal so when I looked at him, he looked like a small kitten in front of me.

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Yeah, because more than most

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diseases will be

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diseases with me, why do I care? Spam Allah, and it really when we reach that level of a man and understanding of the names of Allah azza wa jal, which is the whole goal of this halacha Subhan Allah your your mentality will completely change. You know, the diseases with me who are you? He could be the most victorious the one who will never humiliate me because I'm connected to him. He's with me Subhan Allah plus all of us I send them in a Subhanallah the Hadith what we all know and I will finish with this because I promised you 15 minutes I will read Arabic First he said that is famous. You shake

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aluminum and Tada Tada Kela to either Casaya for color color Ilan woman killed it in

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callable Antonio is in Cathedral, when I came back from Goethe and Kavitha is sailing with a enzyme Allah means to do the I do we come al muhabba tam income while defending Allah.

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Allah, Allah,

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Allah, woman wa Tada Hubbard dunya baccarat here

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so as I said them said,

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the people will attack you.

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Just like someone is invited to eat dinner, like you are the dinner and everybody's eating from it. There will come a day that other people will eat from you just like

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people are gathered around the dinner.

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Someone said he had a solo because we are few and that day because just the number is very small. So no, no, no, no, you will be numerous, you'd be a lot. But you are saying you are just like the scum of the sea. No use.

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And Allah subhana wa Taala will take this into this will take field out from the pseudo of your enemy.

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Your enemy will no have will have no respect no honor to you at all.

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Allah will put one of your hearts. This is Dr. Salah what is the one?

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He said

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loving of this dunya and hating death.

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Loving the dunya the reason why people will do this to us is because our involvement in dunya and hating death on the days of the Sahaba one they used to look forward

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for death is to dream. They Subhanallah What an honor, if you haven't Shahidan the family, you walk with your head up

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spamela that our love of the dunya have made us forget, forget the reason of our existence. So when the disease is the one who will give us the answer, and the only way we could come back

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one at a time. Whether we're Unto Allah In Kuntum meaning don't fear don't grieve. Don't worry, you will be on top. You will be superior if you are true believers, if we are true believers now the question is when we go home today, tonight, are you

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Abdul Aziz,

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but our glasses, your name

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ask yourself I am am I the app of the Aziz himself?

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Am I the ad of the Aziz Panama and by the way, when you when you hear the name of disease, if you have any new baby coming a boy, what a beautiful name, Abdul Aziz Subhanallah you appreciate the name

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What do you know? What does disease or disease mean? May Allah subhanaw taala give as like the NWA how can we use this name in order to

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further oh yeah as he's yeah as he's as Islam and Muslim in right yeah as he's

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obviously been

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working with a little cool for a while caffeine This is the name this is the way we could use this name in our yeah yeah yeah as he's

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Bella is blessed me with is in my life Subhan Allah so such a beautiful name yeah one and may Allah subhanaw taala the grantors May Allah Subhana Allah to Allah make us of the people understand and listen and understand and apply inshallah to Allah, may Allah forgive our sins and unite our hearts is going to come off equal, so

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that should

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stop Heruka on a Tuesday. So Thursday would be my last before I go to Azure to make sure you're covering trauma data so we can give you a special name for LA's origin