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AI: Summary © The transcript discusses various context related to the meaning of the name Islam, including "has been" and "Abba" in relation to religion and technology. It also touches on the use of "Abba" in relation to "Abba" and "Abba" in relation to technology, and the importance of "meditation" in fixing a broken heart. The transcript also touches on the use of "meditation" in certain situations, such as when one is experiencing stress or anxiety.
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Salam Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa

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salam Al Hamdulillah Surah salam ala Rasulillah mama alumina main fauna on fan of Mr. Lumm Tana, was it nine man? I mean that's Allah subhanaw taala teachers would benefit us, benefit us from what you told us and increase us in knowledge.

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And a lot of the I mean, we are so grateful to Allah azza wa jal for giving us the opportunity to study his names and attributes. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us from the people who listen and apply Inshallah, I mean,

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so like I mentioned

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as we are going in order, with the names of Allah azza wa jal

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we reached the name of Jabbar

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who Allah ha Nadine

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an email equal doses Salomon Minalima Haim you know as easily Jeptha moto cab bill. So the law here

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usually goes on. So after we finished

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al Aziz last week or Monday.

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Tonight in sha Allah Tala we will study the name of Allah azza wa jal al Jabbar al Jabbar. Again, as mentioned only in this area, as the name of Allah is only mentioned once in the whole Quran and that as we recited from Surah Al Asha

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the name Al Jabbar, the root

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the root word from Al Jabbar is Jabara. Jeem, the Jabra, Jabra

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has many different meanings. The first meaning is

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to pressure.

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If you want to pressure somebody to do something, you say algebra to who I pressured him, or I forced him to do this.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala

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the word

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or the root Jabara is coming came in many different forms in the Quran, even though it came only once as the name of Allah Jabbar, but the word Jabbar and Jabarin

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was mentioned many times in the Quran. This term here, the mean, to pressure to compel to force someone to do something is when Allah subhanaw taala said, were either Batasan better stone jab Berrien and when you strike, you strike as tyrants you know, that's why, as we will see

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the name Al Jabbar when it came to human beings, it's not a good thing.

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But when it came to Allah azza wa jal, it's the best.

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Usually in our countries, we say this, this president this ruler is your borrower is a tyrant.

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But when it comes to Allah, as we will see, it's completely different story. Second, or another meaning another

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term in the Quran, where Jabbar came to show that it's not a good thing, Allah subhana when Allah subhanaw taala said, What am IA Jalili Jabbar en Sharqiya and he did not make me sure but it means your brother is not a good thing, right? And he has not made me a wretched tyrant. The second meaning of Jabara is to be strong, tall and great,

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strong, tall and great, they say nothing Latin is a bar,

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very high, tall, palm tree. So

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Jabbar and another meaning it could mean also tall and very and very strong.

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The people of Bani Israel, when they told Allah we cannot

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enter the city, what did they say? In Nephi? Ha, Coleman Jabarin, we cannot enter And subhanAllah

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so let's say that Allah told us the story of Bani Israel.

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And they said in one of

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their movies until you know Subhanallah

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are, you know, Allah subhanaw taala is telling us that this land,

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the land of Faustin right now, at the end of the day it will definitely come back to the Muslims.

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Till now, the our brothers and sisters in Philistine they are still striving, striving and struggling and fighting against the the tyrants of many years of the struggle now that Bani Israel and Israel is a good thing. So Allah Subhana Allah subhanaw taala that in common Jabarin indeed within within it, there is a Pete There are people who are tyrant, the third meaning of Jabara.

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The third meaning of Jabara is who knows, this is probably the most common meaning.

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No, excellent, Jabara. You know, when

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any of us hurt his arm or his leg or anything, they put a cast, right. In Arabic, it's called Jira, JIRA.

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when we were discussing sickness series, we thought that someone who have a Shapira on how to do the voodoo and we discussed that, so this called Jabiru, this is a cast that is put on the bones or whatever, that is broken, in order to be mended to be fixed, okay? So the third meaning of Jabara is to repair the broken the broken, fix and reform something when something is incomplete, and you complete it, that is called Jabra.

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if Allah subhanaw taala is the Jabbar. What does that mean? If Allah subhanaw taala is the Jabbar what does it mean?

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I remember

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Allah Bobby, he said, he is number one that means he is the one who forces you remember the first time we said Jabara to force. He is the one who forces his creation upon what He commands and upon what he has forbidden. In other words, whatever Allah wills, his will will be executed.

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Because some people think, because Allah subhanaw taala as we all know Jaquan that we are here we are, creation of Allah subhanho wa Taala that are given the

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option to either worship Allah or not worship Allah

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from a cheerful human woman SHA filioque for but this

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option came if you look at the eye after that in

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the volume in an hour on Toby hem Surah where he yesterday through you are to Mina in Kalamoon Yes, will we do any Allah subhanaw taala gave us an opportunity in my checking on when I before I can decide now you know what I'm not praying for tomorrow I made the decision okay, but that's not what Allah wants in tech for vain Allah have any Yun uncom What are your thoughts on a bad deal? When touch Kuru Yoruba hola Karim. Allah subhanaw taala wants us to be believers, but our disbelief and our sinning does not affect Allah azza wa jal at all. We sin we harm ourselves, we worship we benefit ourselves, Allah subhanho wa Taala HIS WILL will take place anyway. His decree will take

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place anyway this is one form of algebra. Second, it means a latterly

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he is the one above his creation, the one who is exalted and high above his creation. In other words, he is the greatest one. Allah subhanaw taala al Jabbar, he is the greatest 1/3

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which is the one that you want to really give it the more the most attention is the one who men's

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how many times you have one we

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were brokenhearted

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and Allah subhanho wa Taala fixed our hearts. How many times we went through so many difficulties. And Al Jabbar.

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He did Jabra to our hearts. Maybe you go to a doctor he will fix the physical

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breakage but the spiritual is only fixed by the Jabbar himself.

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That's why if you ever my young brothers this night this name you can use it when you

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you're being bullied at school.

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Use algebra as algebra yeah as your bar. If you put a knee

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if you are someone spread rumors against you in the community. My sister is someone because you get a divorce. I'm gonna start talking behind your back. Yes your bar.

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Use that name to follow Allah subhanho wa Taala to fix your broken heart, you lost somebody who is very dear to you. Yeah, sure bar.

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Ask Allah with the Jabbar name.

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Anything that you went through in any kind of hardship. Allah subhanho wa Taala is the mender and the end result is perfection.

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is not something that will be fixed and broken. No, no Allah subhanho wa Taala he is the mender he is the one who will fix and fix with perfection. So Allah subhanaw taala the name Al Jabbar is

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the one that will

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fix that sadness, that sorrow, that oppression that is going around me Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, listen Jaquan how much Allah subhanho wa Taala hates oppression.

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Salah Salem told us that

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the dua of the Muslim is accepted when Ocana careful.

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The DUA of the oppressed, the one who has been oppressed will be answered even if he is an unbeliever.

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And remember Tamia check on Islam Rahim Allah He said Allah subhanho wa Taala will give victory

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to the OMA.

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That is non believer if they were just and he will not give Oh my that are believers that are not just

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this is how much Allah subhana wa Tada loves justice.

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Now, if Allah subhanho wa Taala the difference between when Jabbar is used for Allah and the Shabbat is used for for people when the Shabbat is used for people. It is in a negative form. You see somebody's Jabbar, he is a tyrant, he is an oppressor. He does not respect anybody. He does not give anybody their rights. Because they have no right.

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They have no right to be tyrants. So they are using a quality that does not belong to them and they're using it in the wrong way. If Allah subhana wa Tada is that your bar, what are we supposed to do? We must know that he al Jabbar, he is algebra alone, and we cannot imitate him for many names of Allah, we must act upon them in a way more suitable for us. Allah is a Rahman so we should have Rama. Allah is Allah full so we should have mcphedran Allah subhanaw taala is Allah Karim so we should be generous, but if Allah subhanaw taala al Jabbar, I cannot be algebra, I cannot be a ball to other people in the term that is the negative term I can in a way which will hurt somebody like

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you know when someone is

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sad, somebody is going through any kind of depression stress. If I sit down and I console them with kind words with with a visit with a with a gift, that is something recommended. That is something recommended. Allah subhana wa Taala

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told us about and warned us about the people who are Jabbar on earth when he said kudelski Karatbar Allah, Allah could be Muhtar Kent Baron Jabbar was stuffed out while harbor couldn't lose your bear in need, and they requested victory from Allah and disappointed they were disappointed. And with every obstinate tyrant, Allah subhanaw taala he said, Allah subhanaw taala seals over every heart of an arrogant tyrant. So whoever is your bar, it leads them it leads to their heart to be to be sealed. Now, there's this word, does this name come in any dua that I send them tourists? And the answer is yes.

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This is something that unfortunately, not too many people do Jaquan and that is

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between the two sides does.

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There are two positions on the slot that people go extremely, extremely fast.

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The first position is when they come up semi Hola halimun Hamidah and boom, they dive for the seafood. This is number one, one of the fastest positions of salad

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The second is between the two sides that

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Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar again. Those are the two quickest positions. Now, let me just tell you what it was Salah Salem say we mentioned that many times before, but let's mention it again. Rasulullah Salem, he saw somebody praying like this. Tick, tick, tick tick Allah Express.

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By the way, you know, you remember when I told you about Imam Ferrari, there's a new Imam now. Lamborghini, he is amazing. And yeah, that test is that Ferrari. He beat him. So this guy.

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Yeah. And if you guess what he's reciting.

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You can never know what he's deciding so fast. So fast. SubhanAllah. So, Ross was SLM. So somebody praying so fast. He said, If this man if this person dies on that state of salad, he will die out of the Milla of Mohamed salah. Listen, so yeah, one like, I want you every time you start praying remember this area?

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Can you with me? For a minute to debone Where are you going?

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Where are you going? Why are you rushing so much? Why are you rushing?

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What is it that you're worried about? What is it meeting deal? What is it? Whatever it is, it's in the hands of the one you stand before

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it's in his hands. So I take my time and I beg him to make it easy make it beautiful Subhanallah

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between the two sides does

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is a position that people rush a lot. There are two hours

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we can alternate one time we see that we say one and one time we say the other so we can always use our brain. One Rob they're fairly arbitrarily

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robbed a fairly rubbish fairly. And then you go down slowly. The second one or be fairly, or honey. Well, he was Bernie. Well if he was Orkney,

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what a fatty lockbar Avaya. If Allah answers this.

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Yeah, Allah, all the 778 I remember them because when I'm sitting down sometimes I do like this with my remember. I made the seven portfolio. I didn't.

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Then I go down Subhan Allah, Allah answers that dua a bit fiddly. Forgive me or humbly Have mercy on me of the affiliate Hamlet. Where did he guide me which bothered me? Which was the topic we're talking about any mend my problems fix my affairs? Yeah, Allah maybe I'm, I'm praying wrong. Maybe I'm making the wrong you Allah fix everything was put on the Wi Fi and cured me. What Saucony

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provide for me, were funny and elevate me. Allah. Yeah, one please. One time you say the failure of the family. And one time you say the long one, the seven. If you always say the other one. They're all both authentic. If you have that small book, The fortress of the Muslim and you look at the dark between the two soldiers, you have both options. You have both options. So this is one place that

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the word is Bernie came from the word from the name Al Jabbar another place as soon as I said and said Subhanallah villager Bharati Well, mela could well Kibriya when Allah Subhana zoodle Melaku et al Jabbar rooty, while Mala cootie while Kibriya wala Vana, Glorified is the one who possesses Jabba route, which means greatness and power. Well, Mallacoota and the one hose, all of that is his dominion. Well, Kibriya and the greatness when avana and the grandness they're all in Arabic are very close in English, I mean, translations very close, but in Arabic, each one is deeper than the other. So, this this name Al Jabbar has been mentioned in those two hours and other drivers also.

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when we are

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for example, sometimes you are fearing

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some kinds of authority, any form you will worry about some authority like we said you could use the disease you could use them or Haman and you could also use algebra yeah as your bar you as your bar similarity will or as your bar any

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have some relationship with with Al Jabbar when you are connected with Al Jabbar, Allah He nothing, nothing will make you

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afraid nothing will make you worried al Jabbar is with me, Al Jabbar

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the one who says to anything can fire Kuhn, when we have that feeling Subhanallah if they if we as human beings, if they tell us that a very influential man, or very strong personality or very great figure is with us, you

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supporting us, we feel so good. We have to feel great when we know that al Jabbar himself is with us. So yeah when if you're going oh my sister, if you're going through any kind of hardship, remember that Al Jabbar can fix it. Al Jabbar can fix it. And Jabbar can fix it with the best perfection with with in a way that no one can do it in a way that will please you more. Allah subhanaw taala is algebra. So keep that in mind year one, inshallah. Tada

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I'm leaving Saturday Inshallah, to Allah. So given that

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this will be our last halacha till I see you again inshallah Tada. I promise you, I'm in the house of Allah azza wa jal that I'm going to make. That's what I tell the people always attend. Because when I make my DUA and they say, Allah, yeah as your bar, everybody who used to attend the names of Allah, Ya Allah grant him the highest place in Ghana. So if you're not hearing you wish that that's why this is the purpose of attending these classes that your Allah everybody who attended brothers and sisters and their families, Ya Allah, give them peace and mercy and love, I promise you this is the this is my dua for you in Africa, I promise you and you could ask Allah on the day of judgment

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if I did it or not, so inshallah Allah I'll keep you on my da we still have tomorrow on sha Allah to Allah. I'll be here and Saturday morning I'll pray and treasure and we'll be leaving with the letter Allah if Allah subhanaw taala kept us alive. Tonight is a special night and also it's raining so you have a lot of

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reasons why the DA is Mr. Jab, use algebra while the Jabbar is making the thunder. Make this message. Also shake with Allah Tala or your home or your place of sujood make it shake by the name of Al Jabbar. Ask Allah subhanaw taala to guide our children to keep them on the deen. Ask Allah subhanaw taala to put love and mercy between you and your spouse, ask Allah subhanaw taala to protect your parents or if they passed away to to grant them

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a garden in their grave and grant them the highest place in Jannah in sha Allah Tala So tonight is a special night because the salah says salam told us to make a lot of salad on him on this night. So if you love Rasul Allah salAllahu Salam, make sure tonight la masala Allah Muhammad Allah Allah Allah Allah Muhammad as much as you can. And tomorrow please come to Fisher Fisher is at six o'clock in sha Allah Tala the most beloved Salat in the sight of Allah azza wa jal Salat al Fajr Sultan Fajr fee Joomla fee Jamar Salah to Fisher of Friday in congregation Zakon la here welcome to freecom Subhana Allah Mohammed ik Masha Allah Allah in and let's talk on a totally