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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the use of "naught" meaning "has nothing to do" for Islam's name and how it can be difficult to change its names. They also talk about the confusion surrounding Islam's carrier and characteristics, and the significance of "naught" meaning "has nothing to do with" for the product. The conversation also touches on the drama of the mother and her mother's actions, the importance of bringing the most impactful message to people, and the importance of learning the names of Islam and bringing them into one's life.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah here over a cat

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Smilla Al Hamdulillah salat wa salam ala Rasulillah Allah Melinda man fauna on finery marlim Tana, was it now? Illman Yahama Rahimi?

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Ask Allah subhanaw taala teachers would benefit us benefits from what he told us an increase as a knowledge I mean your ability I mean, some Charlotte Allah like I promise you we're going to keep it short because of the time

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can you let the brothers Keep it down? Let's say

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we continue with the names of Allah azza wa jal. Well Allah he'll Asma UL Husna for the Obeah and Allah belongs the best of names, the most perfect names, the best attributes. So ask Allah by these names. And we have

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quickly discussed the name Allah, this Masjid Allah, Allah last week, and we said that Allah this image Allah Allah azza wa jal, that name by itself is it means that

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the only one that deserves to be worshipped, somebody asked me What does Allah mean? It is the only one who deserves to be worshipped. And we said last week that

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all the names of Allah are SIFAT of the name Allah but Allah is not a sufferer of the other names. What does that mean? That means R Rahman r Rahim is semi Allah Allah mil Kadir they are attributes to the Name of Allah, I cannot say Allah is an attribute the name Allah is an attribute to the name Rahman for the name, Rahim but the other way is right, okay. And someone that said that is Mala Hill oven the Greatest Name of Allah they said that it is Allah, Allah and some other say Allah your Korean we will come to that when we come to the name of Halal came today inshallah Tada. The names we will be discussing the names that are most used on a daily basis with by every single believer

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and they are

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Rahman r Rahim. Rahman r Rahim.

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Before we start in sha Allah Tala, I just want to

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some of the brothers and sisters that are not born with an Arabic tongue, or they were not taught

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Quran on a young age they

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Switch the hat into her. Very common. And our job as parents is from a young age

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when they are very young, four, five, don't say this to young, teach them to say our brothers came to my office the other day and he was being tested for HIV school. He said Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem. Okay? And now you see if you make a mistake with something else, we can fix it. But when you make mistakes with the name of Allah, it's very heavy, you know, to to accept. Okay, so it's very easy. In one minute, the young man was able to say Bismillah R Rahman Rahim. So all it takes is just some effort you sit down with your child Bismillah repeat after me. Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim, Rahim Rahman. And it was what was strange about this young man is he said Bismillah R Rahman Rahim.

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So the Rahman was proper her and Rahim was with her. So that means the he was there. All he needed was just to be guided and all it took Allah He one minute Yeah, one can imagine one minute because at that age, you know, absorb, they absorb immediately. So just take it please, especially when it comes to the names of Allah. And I can say very Another common mistake when we come to it also. La Zim is an awesome name of Allah. No, I love him. Love him. All it takes is small effort. Put your tongue between your teeth. That's all it takes. The difference between Levine will Azim is putting the tongue between the teeth Allah Lim don't put the tongue Allah Zim as he was not the name of

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Allah, Allah Veeam I cannot change the names of Allah you can change my name like the Egyptians say Brother by Guru, not brother by rule no problem.

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You can change the jack together. But when it comes to Allah, no. Alright, so today inshallah Tada. The two names are Rahman Rahim. And as the obvious they're both coming from the word Rama, from the word Rama from the noun from the adjective Rama. From the verb ra hat Rahima and Subhan Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala is a man and is very common question. Very common question. What is the difference between R Rahman r Rahim? Big because they're both coming from the same source or Rama. But when is Iran and what is right? What is the difference? There are two opinions one that says that Iran is general mercy for all mankind. And the Rahim is specifically for the believers. This is one opinion

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because all these people every every creation that is walking on Earth, or moving on Earth is by the realm of Allah azza wa jal whether it's a Muslim or non Muslim, it's an animal it's a it's a fish, all moving by the ram of Allah azza wa jal. Now the other

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opinion about the difference between a Rahman and Rahim is that Rahman is on

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the same measure as

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Fallon when he you know, when you do the measurement of the announced, fail, fallen foul file, fallen in general, any noun, any adjective that has Elif noon at the end, it means that the person you are describing with that character characteristic is full of that character. Let's say I say my boob is Robin.

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Robin. That means my boob is full of

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anger. I say.

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How come is Joanne? That means How come is full of hunger? Razi is our chan Rousey is very thirsty is full of thirst.

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Altaf is Farhan, he is very happy full of Farah. Similarly, our ramen is full of mercy.

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Ramen is full of mercy, full of mercy. Now what does the Rahim mean? It does not necessitate necessitate that when someone is full of something, that means he could give it right. Somebody could be full of money, but he's buggin Allah subhanaw taala is full of Rama and Rahim is the one who gives the Rama

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Allah Rahman full of Rama and Rahim is the one who gives the Rama This is the second opinion so the first one is the Rama is in general Rahman and Rahim for me were can I build Mina? What can I build me Nina?

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Rahim below me Nina Rahima. By the way, you never see. Allah says in the Quran can I believe

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wouldn't be Nina ramen? Never.

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And subhanAllah where did they get that? A ramen is general and Rahim is particular

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the only name that is associated with the outer shell in the Quran is

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a ramen. You never see a Rahim Allah Allah she Stella, Alka we, Stella al Jabbar, and in Arusha Stella only a ramen either Laroche is Stella. So look at this interpretation of our anima. They said, Allah subhanho wa Taala chose the name of a Rahman to be associated with his biggest creation ever, which is his ash. That means his Rama is dominating what Rama tea was here at color shade. Allah says in the Quran that my Rama has encompassed everything, Allahu Akbar, Allah subhanho wa taala. His Rama is beyond beyond our imagination. He is more merciful on us than our own mother, our own mothers, you know how much your mother loves you, especially my younger brothers and young

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sisters, your mother will do anything, anything to make sure you're happy, you're healthy, you know, anything.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala is more merciful than our mothers. And I gave this example before and I love to repeat it because it's so beautiful. The drama of my mother, and the drama of your mother

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is one part, just one part

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of one Rama that Allah put on earth. And he left 99 For the day of judgment. So my mother's Rama and your mother's Rama and all the mothers on the words Rama is one part, just one small part of one Rama that Allah put on Earth. So how could be my mother's Rama more than Allah as Rama? Impossible. So that's why when one of the setup was asked, Who would you like to judge you on the Day of Judgment, Allah or your mother? He said Allah. He said Allah because Allah is more merciful on us than our mothers. Can you imagine? Jaquan and what's the de Lille, the de Lille, the Hadith that we all know, a samosa Salam when he was standing after a battle, and he saw a woman running and looking

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for her baby. She flipped that baby. No, it's not mine and she's crying and she's frantic, going crazy. She flipped that baby. She's not mine. And then when she found her baby,

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she grabbed him she put him to her to her chest, and she started feeding him. They saw Him the Sahaba sewing are seeing this from it from a distance. Masala is excellent took advantage of that moment and taught them and us a lesson. He said to the Sahaba Do you think this woman would throw her baby in the in the fire? She rasool Allah, did you see how she was looking for him? She was going crazy. How could she possibly throw him in the fire?

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And the salah Salem gave us the most beautiful statement. He said, Allah has more merciful on you than that mother on her baby.

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how merciful is Allah one? Who, who? Who fed you who fed me when we were in our mother's womb?

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Allah Who made that delivery easy. Allah who made me notice when I was a baby, that this is the source of food, who made me know that it's by sucking? Who made me Oh, who Who's that? It's our hammer Rahim in Allah who gave me the feet to walk who gave me the brain to think Allah could have made us easy. We go down from our mother's room and we have teeth, we could walk we could talk immediately. No, this is from the llama of Allah, that it came on stages. So the mother so you will appreciate your parents what they go through. And the mother knows and appreciate her parents and everybody feels that the gradual development of the of the baby. This is all from the retina of

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Allah azza wa jal. If you think about every step in your life, you will find out that we are all immersed in the realm of Allah azza wa jal, we cannot survive on this earth for a fraction of a second without Allah's mercy. We cannot survive for a fraction of a second without Allah's mercy.

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Without Allah's mercy, Allah is Allah man and his Rahim

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my brothers and sisters

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Allah subhanho wa Taala

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told us in the Quran and told the salah Salem specifically to tell us net bit Eva the

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net be at the end knee and unlawful Rafi game

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I'm sorry, who Elijah early? Yeah Muhammad, give them that give the news to all my slaves My servants that my I am the old forgiving all merciful

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but at the same time tell them that my punishment is the most severe. Unfortunately some people take this side only Allah has a photo Raheem and some people take this side only No, we are supposed to be like we said before two wings wing of hope and wing of fear wing of hope and wing of fear

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how to get the Wrath of Allah two more minutes and we will keep it to the next week inshallah because I promised you 15 minutes only

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we listen carefully.

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We will not be able to enter Jannah without Allah's Rama

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keep that in mind

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when our entire Rasul Allah,

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that even you

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not even New Era Salalah

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Do you know what does that mean? Not even New Era Salalah.

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I mentioned this before.

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Every time any Muslim on earth from the day of Rasulullah Salam till the Day of Judgment, any Muslim

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for Salah Salem will get the same measure true or false. Any Muslim that says Subhan Allah wa salam will get the measure and he Muslim will donate $1 A penny for suicide Salam will get the measure. Any Muslim who fast go to Hajj or Umrah tawaf, you name it, say Bismillah you name it or Salah Salem will get the measure. So now if you want to bring the smartest

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company, organization institution in calculation, it will not be able to calculate the asana it was almost impossible impossible.

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Even New Era Sol Allah

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even me, so a person with this much. Countless has an ad said that I will not enter the Jannah until Allah have mercy on me. And sometimes I get fooled when I attend Fischer three times have even three times in a row of Azure. I prayed in Jana, Jana,

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my pocket I gave some donation INSA forget about it. No, yeah, one always, always remember that our solar system is depending on the ram of Allah. What about the subdial faqeer? What about us? So, the Rama of Allah azza wa jal is

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the only way. According to that 100% authentic hadith the only way to Janna how to get the ram of Allah will be our topic next week. How do we get that? Anytime you see in the Quran, an area ends with Lala control hormone so you might have the right man, immediately concentrate on what comes before it and that is one of the reasons to gain the Rama of Allah. But the homework from now till Allah if Allah keeps us alive on Thursday, Allah Maha Nabi rhotic

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ask Allah with that name because we are learning these names. So one of the reason we are learning this name is to get close to Allah plus another reason is to ask Allah by the proper meaning of those names. Now I know what that means and how important it is my question my request with Rama will change your camera your camera and

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you know your your your DUA will change when you know what you're asking Allah Muhammad Allah but it mean Aloha mahalo Mahalo.

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Aloha Mara

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couldn't min Kuhlmann yo Hepburn era but adenine Allah Allah for Allah Serafina Allah hum Elif Minako Lovina Robin hablan

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Kurata Iam Jana Linwood, Sakina Imam, or someone wanting to be you know, Muhammad Ali, he was a big man, so halacha Lama behenic I should Allah Allahu Allah and stuff Heruka when I took her like

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we got the candy back for the young