Mohamad Baajour – Funerals – Pay YOUR DEBTS ASAP

Mohamad Baajour
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah he over a cat.

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So loud hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Loma Linda main founder on finally my alum Tana, was it no Inman Yahara. So Allah subhanaw taala teachers would benefit us benefit from what you told us and increase us in knowledge. And in me, ask Allah subhanaw taala but baraka and this gathering, and make us from the people at the end of the gathering, that will be told Kumu McFaul and lucky I mean

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So last week,

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and a lot of I mean, we mentioned

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that the person who dies should be buried

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in the place where he died. And we should hurry as much as we can with the funeral with the burial should make a lot of dark.

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And we left this important topic for today, which is the first thing we do after we finish preparing

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washing the body and done with the funeral, the first thing or even before that before that even is to check if he has any debt

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check if he has any debt, and you're going to hear Hadith today, tonight, that shows you how scary it is

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to die with debt.

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And we all know it's very hard in America

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for anybody to die without debt,

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but then as Muslims does not apply to us inshallah. So, as soon as possible the disease that should be paid off from whatever wealth he left behind. Okay, someone died

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and he left a save $5,000 First,

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that 5000 will go to take care of

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if there's any expenses for funeral and burial all that. Okay, if there's anything left from that, then straight to the that before we distribute the world, those who hear

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the Hadith

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and sad

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with your Lawhon reported that his brother died leaving only 300 Dirham for his children. Sad wanted to spend the money on the brothers children. So the prophesy Selim told him in our Harker Maha Bhushan be the end he felt hub fuck the

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your brother is restrained by his debt. So go and pay it off for him. Sad went and did as he was commanded, then came back and said yeah rasool Allah, I paid off all of his debts, except for two dinar

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claimed by a woman without any evidence any woman came to him and said he owes me also your brother owes me to dinner without any paper anything no evidence, so as SLM told him

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Fair enough.

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Go and give her because she is telling the truth. Go give her because she is telling the truth.

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Listen to this hadith Jebel bin Abdullah reported that after a man once die, he was lost, shrouded in bombed and placed where the funerals are usually placed for janazah

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the Prophet sallallahu sallam was then invited Yara Salah

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come and pray that Janessa

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as soon as I sent him came, took a few steps that he stopped and asked

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that Allah Allah Sahibi come Dana.

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Perhaps your friend owe some money.

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So he was told yes, yeah rasool Allah to dinar

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to dinar.

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So he said, I think it's salatu salam, Salam O Allah.

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You go ahead and pray. I'm not praying

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some to others.

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You go ahead and pray.

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Abu Qatada said, yeah rasool Allah. I'll take care of it.

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It's on me.

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This is extremely careful Hadith to derive for key issues about that. And death. Okay.

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You had a suit Allah, I'll take care of it. It's on me.

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Sort of Salah

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Oh man. I like what he made a few Malak. Well May it mean hungry? Do you pledge that

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you will pay them from your own wealth and clear the deceased person from them?

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They said yes era sola, sola sola Salam pray the janazah

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Listen, it's not done yet.

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The following day

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also Salim said so Abu Qatada

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said Yeah, baka Tada NASA at a dinner on

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Uber Qatada what happened with the to dinner

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Tada and he felt like you know,

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he said Yes Will Allah He just died yesterday

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he just died yesterday.

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Oh messenger of Allah he died yesterday next day

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as well as I said a mafia Allah de naran yeah Dakota that will happen with the two dinar said yeah rasool Allah I have paid them off. Listen yeah one Allah one. Listen carefully

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Hina barra de Tolly he should do now and only now his skin cool down from the punishment

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to dinner

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now is concave down. Now. There's a very important point here. What is this important point? The point is, let's say somebody died. brother died. Okay. And Brother Muhammad said

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all the debt is on me. Allahu Akbar something great. But that is not sufficient to stop the other half of the person until it's actually paid. This is the conclusion from this hadith he kept on inquiring Rasulillah salam for two days in a row is the money paid is the money paid and it's only to dinar so do not belittle it's just $100 right it's only $200 Brother what's the big deal

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to dinar

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so that means because you know sometimes somebody say the brother, the father, maybe the son said Carlos my father's death is on me. Hamdulillah this is great. This is beautiful. But rush. Do not delay it.

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Do not delay.

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This hadith indicates that paying off a disease that benefits him after death even if it is done by other than the immediate family. That's another fucking issue. That does not necessarily has to be somebody that is very close. If somebody

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to pay off the debt of someone strange hamdulillah It's okay. There's nothing wrong with that. I listen to the story.

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One time

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in a country name. They throw the janazah

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that put after the Imam finished this idea, Imam if you haven't we haven't done so. Okay, bring it

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a petition as

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So one guy stood up and said, Yeah, one.

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Please, if there's any debt on this man stand up now or be silent forever. Or forgiven?

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Nobody, anyone, nobody. Then a guy raised his hand. He said Allah He was Yanni I wanted to forgive him. But this is the only money I have. He owes me 10,000 On that currency.

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So the man who's stood up and asked, he said, you have one?

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I know the brother very well. He does not have 10,000 And you know the Hadith of the punishment of the deceased to this debt. So Jaquan

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please, let's pay the man the debt. So there was two 300 People

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gathered they collected 11,000

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They gave it to the man he said the man I only want 10,000 And this 1000s For the magic.

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They turned around

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to pray the Janessa they prayed the Janessa finished.

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Where is the man who spoke?

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God what is the man who took the money? Gun? They weren't open the gray the taboo the coffin. They saw a carpet rolled with rocks

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scam about that people in the masjid. So they will agree with each other you say this I say this we collect and he was very generous he gave 1000 to the masjid. I'm not greedy now

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and how could you be this cruel to come up with who come up with these with these things?

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Who come up with these things?

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Subhanallah now, let's go back to

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what Rasulullah Selim says even Rama Radi Allahu Anhu now reported that a sorcerer and said man Mirtha Allah He then further you said from Medina on whether Iran Hassan was a yet

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whomsoever dies owing a debt

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on that day there will be no dinar and no Durham is only has an earth and say yet

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because on that day, you owe me 1000 There's no money okay? No problem. Give me 1000 customer

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or you don't have any ticket 1000 Say yet from me.

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Rasulillah Salam said

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Muhammad Amin Almighty, they in some measure had a fee acabo de familia welcome yuck day for an hour.

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Now, let's pause here and explain what kind of debts we might have. Now, if somebody dies, it could be a few situations Number one, he have enough money to pay the debt. This is an easy case. You

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finish the burial expenses. And the first thing you do before you distribute the money or the properties on the children, the wife and other hires, you give the debt first. Okay, you pay the debt first. This is a first situation and you know, who is the first debt to be paid?

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What's the first debt to be paid?

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The dowry of the wife

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if she he does not pay the dowry yet, because God is that the dowry one some lot of people do not know that the dowry is a gift from the husband to the wife 100% Hers no one, no one has any right in that money. No one.

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And when the husband dies, the first thing has to be paid.

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The first thing that has to be paid is the woman's dowry, she is considered the debt on him. Right? It's considered a debt on the husband. Then after that, this guy wants 500 This guy 1000 This guy this this guy that we distribute the debt before we go into the inheritance plus, that does not deprive the woman from getting her share of the inheritance. Not you all you get your dowry you get your 10,000 No, no, no, no, this has nothing to do this is a debt. Just like forget about the wife called her Person A he owes her money. Then she has the share the right with the share of the inheritance. feel rough.

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Okay, now

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he died.

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He has a debt.

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And he was intending to pay it.

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Because like we mentioned before, some people borrow borrow money with the pre mindset with the intention that I'm not going to pay it. This guy is very rich.

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I'm not going to pay it. Okay.

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If he was from the people and only Allah knows from the people who are willing to pay his debt, the Hadees said, Allah will take care of his death

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on the Day of Judgment, if you're sincere, he was trying he was making payments this and that.

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Allah will take care of off his debt.

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For Manitoba in Rio Cabo. Walia, woman Murtha wah wah Yan Hui acabo. fedeli can lead the yoke Adam and Hassan it.

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As I said, there are two types of debt. As for a person who dies while intending to pay it off, I am Muhammad salallahu Salam, I'm his sponsor. But as for the person who dies while not intending to pay it off, this is the one whose good deeds will be taken away on

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The Day of Judgment.

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Now, somebody might say what about the mortgage? What about this? What about that? Now?

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If the person did not leave money,

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okay, he did not leave enough money

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to pay all the debt

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it is not

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it is not an obligation on the family to pay it.

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It is the Hamill saw that.

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It is if the child paid fathers that this is better. This is excellent, amazing. But is it to follow up on the child on the son or on the family to pay off the debt? No, it's not a fault.

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It will be something great as a favor to do it. But if there is money before they take a penny let me give you a scenario very common. Somebody died he has not no cash to pay off the debt. But he has a piece of land. Okay, he has a piece of land.

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So the family say but now the market is too low.

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To sell the piece of land it's too low let's wait till it go up and then we pay his debt.

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Right. The more you wait the more he's punished

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you know, you know, listen carefully, you know who's not forgiving of the debt.

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You know who

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was not forgiving? Even him is not forgiving of the debt who?

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Can you imagine Shaheed visa biller? And we all know the value and the weight of the Shaheed said except the day

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except that

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anybody going to hedge here?

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No one.

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It's just me.

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You have to write down before you go to Azure, I owe this person I owe that person make sure you pay it off before if I don't come back, you know.

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Many times family do not know what you really owe. Right? Especially if someone died a sudden death. Right? So we have no clue. That's why it's so important to have our will under our pillow.

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So this is how important the shift took a very

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took like five six pages, just explaining the importance of paying off the debt.

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The next chapter is

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what is the etiquette of grieving and mourning over the dead. Because when death strike, it is natural to feel

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sad and cry. Nothing wrong with that. But some people go to extreme and they complain about the color of Allah subhana wa Taala so what is the etiquette of how should we react when death strikes? Especially if it is a sudden, sudden death? I feel like I want to leave it

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the next week and shall do you think next week because today's the last day 1010 Next week will be 950 We have a lot of time inshallah. I want you to go home and talk to your spouse's communicate talk to each other. Check. Communication is excellent. Yeah, one between the spouses. Okay. Zachman locker where a coffee comes to Hanukkah llama hammock, Michelle. Hola. Hola, hola and the staff Heruka on a toolbar like

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