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Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The transcript describes two groups of strangers, called "strangers" and "strangers" among Muslims, secular non practicing, and Christian- born individuals. The culture is centered around alcohol, smoking, and drinking, and is not allowed to encourage others to drink alcohol. The culture is centered around men and women being seen as strangers and some men and women are criticized for their behavior. The transcript also touches on the negative perception of oneself as a stranger and the potential for it to affect others, including a woman named Jana Allama Jungideo claims to be a woman of men and a woman named Jana Allama Jungideo claims to be a woman of men.
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Was that catered for in

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the Quran?

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Pharaoh, meaning well now for now, Jean now in

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Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah alumni alumna MA and fauna on fanomena. Harlem Tana was Illman. Amara I mean, we ask Allah azza wa jal teachers would benefit us, benefit less from what you told us and increase us in knowledge. I mean, but I mean, my dear beloved respected brothers and sisters, I ask Allah azza wa jal to make me a new from the people who listen and apply

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another extremely important topic.

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You know, the need to be accepted as a human being is part of our nature, we all want to belong we all want to fit in.

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And to achieve that sometimes we present a different version of ourselves in order to fit depending on the environment, and whose company we are in.

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Now, we are doing all that to avoid being

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And the most intense form of alienation is when we do that, and this is very dangerous, when we start tweaking our principles and watering down our religion and watering down our beliefs in order to fit in. This is dangerous, because we feel

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like strangers.

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My brother and sisters just sort of loss Allah Allah Allah He was salam said, Better al Islam, or even worse, a camp bed, or even for too little horrible.

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Islam began as something strange, and it will go back to being something strange. So great tidings Glad Tidings good news to the strangers. May Allah make us among the people who are strangers.

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There are two categories of strangers.

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The first is having gone about having being feeling strange among non believers among unbelievers.

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And that is emphasized in many places in the Quran. Allah subhanaw taala. For example, he said that Abba exaro Nursey Illa Ko for most of mankind refused,

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and accepted nothing but disbelief to be accepted nothing but disbelief. Ill Alladhina amanu AMILO slyly had work a lien on my home, except those who believe and did righteous deeds, and they are very few, like a Janaka Bill Hakoda kin acceleron axacon lil have to carry on? Indeed, we have brought truth to you. Yeah, Muhammad, but most, again, most of you have a hatred for the truth, and many more

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yet. Now.

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Let me give you an example of being very

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recently one of the very well known Muslim soccer player at Risa. He's a single is footballer.

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He chose not to attend the match, wearing a t shirt displaying symbol of the LGBT movement.

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And he was given very tough choices. But he stuck to his belief. And he felt like he's ready among all these people. They're accepting it. What's the big deal? It's just a shirt. Just wear the shirt? No, no. He said this is something haram in our deen and I will never promote something haram. He felt like a hurry like a stranger. Now, the second kind of strangers which is Subhanallah that is the disturbing one is when you feel strangers among Muslims, when the practicing Muslim feel as a stranger among secular non practicing Muslims.

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They want to when you mentioned the topic of for example of alcohol, they go and they start raising what's the big deal? It's only I'm drinking a little bit and they start telling you where does it say in the Quran haram it says only each tiny boo. Even though we disagree we explained before that the word is tenable is bigger than haram because it was used with worshipping idols. Allah used the same verb for worshipping idols. He used it with alcohol.

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When you tell them about that smoking is not allowed. They start the Muslim starts rising. What's the big deal? It's only this and that and it's

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A crew and many scholars are saying it's okay yeah okay. On the box it says do not is smoking kill you and Allah said do not kill yourself Subhanallah and they of course if somebody tells a brother that you are selling alcohol you're you're opening smoke shops this is something very popular right now. Many Muslims are opening smoke shops yeah okay fear Allah here. smoke shops. If you tell them something, oh, you're being extreme it's rather you know, I don't, I don't smoke it I only sell it. I don't drink it. I only select yaki, Tao and Wilder, taqwa help one another, doing good and, and do not help one another commit sins, even if it's not Muslims,

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which was supposed to be the example for the community. So if you see Muslims fighting you Muslims arguing with you, when, when, when the roles of motherhood and homemaking are praised and raised above all, it is Muslims in many instances, who are the first to protest? What, let the woman go out and it's okay hamdulillah if he she goes out, and she works, and she has combatants between her home and work, Allahu Akbar, but

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the kids are suffering, the husband is suffering. And these are the ones that you will be questioned about, you know, the best known the most noble job ever is being a mother Subhanallah and raising the new generations on the deen. And the minute you mentioned that, you know, you feel like you're a creep. And they look at you that what are you talking about? We are in 2023, and all that stuff Subhanallah the image of greed

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is that of

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any reserved people think that when you're a very, you're you're weak, you're

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helpless, you're disheveled. And you live in an invisible life. And you're not involved in anything and you're not successful. No, no, no, that's absolutely not true. There are doctors who are very, there are engineers that are worried that our IT specialists that are ready, because I my job has nothing to do with my beliefs and my dean, my job will only I will only take my job if it lines up. It aligns with my with my dean, if somebody left a job that makes for $500,000 a year because this was around his rib. Are you crazy? What's the big deal? No, no, he knows that. Allah comes first. And he feels like a hurry people are looking at him. You're much known how could you leave such a

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job with all those benefits or the vacations and all that stuff? Just because it's with the alcohol just because it's with the pork just because within interest? Yeah, he Allah has the result and I'm gonna leave anything for his pleasure. These are the now more about the people who think like this are strangers and

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wonderful la Santa him was asked who is the heap? I want myself and you to ask yourself, Am I a very Am I a stranger? That's what it was. I sent him when he was asked ya rasool Allah, who are the What about he replied, Alladhina. Yes, Luna either faster than us. Those who remained righteous when people become corrupt. And another narration Alladhina Usili, who not Matt of southern Nazarene, bad demon Suniti. They are the ones who rectify what people have corrupted from my sunnah after me. And another narration owners Saudi hone in Fiona's su cathedral. Many I see him Ackerman, Manuel Theon, they are righteous individuals. In the middle of many evil people, those who reject them are far

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more than those who accept them.

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Now having defined what is a stranger? Are you a stranger? Do you feel like you're a stranger?

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Or do you feel like you fit in everywhere you go, if you do not feel that,

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that stranger would in your life, something's wrong.

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Because we are living in such a corrupted environment these days, from the social media to everything, even to our weddings, to our everything's corrupt lately. And everything's many, many times. You have

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events and occasions that are against our dean, and we just Yeah, Allah, we just fit in in order not to upset the people. But we are ready to upset Allah at any cost. Subhanallah when you say I'm not going to that place because everybody's mixed and the music is playing and all that you would have read. Great news for you, my brother. Great news for the Muslim woman who wears her proper hijab and she feels like a reader because everybody around her is half naked. You are a reader, my sister and you should be proud of it. Great news for that.

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person who with all this corruption is still my brother, you still lowering your gaze. Great news, great news for you because you are a stranger. Great News to the one who only accept income from Khaled sources, great news to the one who preys on time, wherever he is, wherever she is. Nothing will stop them from praying on time. You are a stranger, my brother, great news to the one who have one version of themselves, which they present to anyone in front of everybody. Now, my brothers and sisters again, ask yourself, are you a stranger? Because I saw loss. I seldom give glad tidings to the strangers. Now Subhanallah you want to express your feelings? You feel like you know, if you go

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and just I'm not talking about extremism. I'm talking about just going by con Allah hookah soon. You feel like oh, people call you names, backward or radical, all kinds of names.

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My brother, my sister,

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connect with Allah azza wa jal and know that when you are connected with Allah subhanaw taala, Allah is with you. Let me ask you a question. If all mankind are praising you, and Allah has against you.

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And if Allah has with you, and all mankind is against you, what do you care Subhanallah the King of kings, the Almighty himself is with me I'm doing it only for his pleasure, because you will never be able to please to please all the people. So feeling stranger is very, very healthy. And we ask Allah to make us amongst the strangers because even though they are strangers, and very few in this dunya but they will be the majority in Jana Allama Jungleman antigen they are, but I mean, may Allah make our last these are besties May Allah subhanaw taala make our last words La Ilaha illa Allah, I love you all for the sake of Allah Subhana Allah Allah we should Allah Allah Allah and a stuffy raka

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wanna Tolik

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flooded he got out our

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minoli to

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the lobby was the

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