Mohamad Baajour – JAR #86 5 Advices From The Best Angel To The Best Prophet

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The importance of not allowing others to claim victory and focusing on one's own success is emphasized in Islam's advice. The advice includes praying for the night, not giving up on past deeds, and not asking for help. It is also discussed the need to be mindful of others' actions and not to ask for help.
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the karate?

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salam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Loma Linda mon founder on foreigner Bhima lantana.

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Hammer Rahman, we ask Allah azza wa jal teachers would benefit us, benefit us from what he told us and increase us in knowledge, my dear beloved, the specters brothers and sisters, I ask Allah azza wa jal to make me and you from the people who listen and apply

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tonight in sha Allah to Allah, we have an amazing reminder

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and advice from the best angel

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to the best human being.

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And advice from Gibreel Ali salam to Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So it could not come from any better source, and it could not be received from any better source. So 100 a lot of bad. I mean, if advice is be fitting for Rasulillah Salam, then we are in more need for such an advice. What the real Alehissalaam advice Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said, as long as I said, I'm said Gibreel came to me. And he said, Oh, Mohammed, live, as long as you wish, sooner or later, you're going to die. And

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love whomsoever you want, sooner or later, you're going to separate and do whatever you want, you will be accountable for. And then he said, No, yeah, Mohammed know, that the nobility of the believer is him praying pm at night. And his honor, is to be independent from people. Five advices such a profound advice. Let's take them one by one.

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So first aussolas first realisieren told Rasulillah Salam live as long as you want, your sooner or later, eventually, you're going to die. So my brothers and sisters, have you ever met somebody who has been living for two 300 years or even for 150 years. Sooner or later, we are all going to perish. Every breath that we take bring us closer to our final destination. We have a limited amount of breaths, let's say Allah decreed, I will have 2 million breaths.

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During this lifespan, every breath that I take is one less from the amount decreed for me. And I am now closer to my final breath.

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And that is happening to every single one of us watching every single one of us.

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this will happen to whomsoever we love which will bring us to the second

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advice, love whomsoever you want, sooner or later you're going to depart from them. We all loved our parents and many of us watching have lost their father lost their mother lost it years son or a daughter lost an uncle, an aunt that they love so much lost a friend.

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All the people who love us all we love them, sooner or later we are going to depart from another from one another. And then the third advice.

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Do whatever you want. Whatever you want to do,

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everything we will be accountable for

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the measurement of the deeds is by the mustard seed.

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For me YAML myth Carla Vera. Allah says in surah Zilla whosoever does a mustard seed of good it will be recorded. And whoever does a mustard seed of evil it will be recorded. Do whatever you want, you will be accountable for. So take advantage of this period of time that we are still above the earth and accumulate as much as you can have has an Earth because the time is very limited.

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We measure gold by the kilo we measure

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some things by the pound, but when it comes to Huseynov it's by the mustard seed. It's a scale that is so sensitive.

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A Smile would be recorded as a good deed.

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A bad gesture just a gesture with your hand, it could be recorded as an evil deed.

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Nothing nothing that we say or we do except it is recorded. Kita buckler, look at the justice of Allah azza wa jal read your own book, On the Day of Judgment, I will read my own book, I have written that book, you have written your book, is there any more justice than this? So whatever you want to see in that book, do it now. You want to see a lot of Quran reading of the Quran and that book, read a lot of Quran now you want to see oh, he prayed so much. Pray now. He donated so much Donate now because whatever you do, you are writing allah in Surah Surah he said, on the Day of Judgment, I and you will be told ekra ketomac read your own book Katha BNF SIECLE Yun Malaika Hasib

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sufficient you are as an accountable for your own deeds, Allahu Akbar.

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And we all know Allah azza wa jal is beyond fabricating or adding things to our book that are not there.

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Whatever I would like to see in that book, let me do it right now. And if I see a lot of bad things,

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do not blame anyone

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except yourself.

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And if you see a lot of good things, you're the only one to congratulate.

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So it is me. Yeah, Mohammed, do whatever you want. You will be accountable for Allahu Akbar.

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Fourth advice. And then there was a pause and then he said, and no, you know Subhanallah as if there is something big coming. The

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honor of the believer, the honor of the believer praying PM, praying pm

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praying the night prayer what a scam any solid after I finished my a sharp any solid all the way till the fissure. Time comes all that is the period for tea I'm late.

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My brother my sister you can start with two raka after Isha with the intention that this is clear already and then you can upgrade and do Touriga before you sleep. And then if you want to get to the premium, VIP. These are the people who pray the last third of the night. This is the time where Allah descends

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to the first heaven in a way that befits His Majesty and he asks who wants to be forgiven so I can forgive him? Who wants anything so I can give him

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a solo say Selim said don't ever get up with 10 A are only 10 I Yanni Fatiha and Kulu Allah had and the next paragraph that will also lend me a communal offering he will not be from the heedless. And I'm sure ever performed pm with 100 Aya could even mean al carnitine he would be from the devout ones. And also ever performed TM with 1000 Aya he will be from the country in the people with cannot hear the people with so much very heavy scale of hasenhuttl May Allah make us all among the Allahu Akbar dem Lail. And now this is the time you know what our scholar said.

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The winter, listen carefully. The winter is the spring of the believer. It stays short. he fasts its night this long. He prays PM. That's why we call the spring of the believer. These are the times where the night is so long. Like for example here in Texas, a shirt starts at 635 and finishes at 615 12 hours of pm I can pray big one hour, half an hour, whatever you can. And then fasting is very short. from six to five SubhanAllah 11 hours of fasting.

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So Tiana lane. Yeah Muhammad know that the honor of the believer this preamble. And then the last advice he told them, and the dignity of the believer is not depending on others. What does that mean? That means he does not look or want what's in the hands of others. He tried as much as he can not to ask people for a favor. Don't get me wrong. There's nothing wrong with asking for help. We all need one another in this dunya but this person he is he tries his best to avoid asking

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To the best of his ability, if he can do it, he will. If he cannot afford this, he will not buy it. He doesn't go beg from here and there and every time he sees somebody asked him for something, no, no, no.

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The more you ask people for what they have, what belongs to them, the more you are lowered in their eyes. The less you ask, the more you are respected.

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The less you ask, the more you are respected. So, my brothers and sisters five advices beautiful advices from Gibreel Ali salaam Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa salam, ala Muhammad, live as long as you wish, sooner or later you're going to die. Love whomsoever you want, sooner or later, you're going to depart from one another. And do whatever you want. You will be accountable for and know that the honor of the believer is praying the night prayer and his dignity is being independent of others. May Allah make us from the people who listen this advice and apply this advice. May Allah azza wa jal gathers with Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, May he make our last these are

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besties and our last words Ilaha illa Allah I love you all for the sake of Allah Subhana Allah Allah, masha Allah Allahu Allah and the stuff Utica on October

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See Aslan did he got out on

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minoli to

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the lobby was he on meaning

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