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AI: Summary © The speakers emphasize the importance of parent behavior in shaping future generations, including the use of shirps to rob children and the struggles of families lost. They urge parents to be kind and perform charity on their behalf, and to be patient with their children. They also mention the struggles of families's loss and the importance of not letting their emotions affect their parents' decisions. The speakers encourage parents to be patient and treat their children with respect, and to be kind to their parents and perform charity on their behalf.
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Was that catered for in

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the Quran?

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Pharaoh, meaning Wilma Honda gene, now one is

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh as we level hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Allah Melinda man found now and finally my lamp Tana was the Nile manjar hammer Rahimi, we ask Allah azza wa jal teachers would benefit us benefit from what you taught us and increase us in knowledge. I mean, you're bright. I mean, my dear respected beloved brothers and sisters, I ask Allah azza wa jal to protect you from any harm and a lot of melamine in this series, just a reminder, it's actually a reminder for myself and for all my beloved brothers and sisters. We started with the Arcadia issues like the hate. And then we went to the salon and when we discussed last time, Salat

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al Fajr. And today we have an extremely, extremely important reminder

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on what happened when he was omitted, what meaning

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every time there was a delegation coming from Yemen, he used to go to that delegation and ask them one question is always a colony among you? And many times they used to say no, or most of the time, they said no, until one time when he asked, they said, Yes. So and he asked him to point him, and then they did. He went, he said, Are you always? He said, Yes. Are you from the tribe of Quran? He said, Yes. Did you have

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disease of leprosy, and you were cured from it except the size of the room? He said, Yes. He said, is your mother's still alive? He said, Yes. He said on top said, ask Allah to forgive me make dua of stefarr to me, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. Ahmed will have pub. The Mubasher. Will Jana Ahmed pub, the second Khalifa, Allah

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al Farooq Subhan Allah is asking a person to ask Allah to forgive him. Who is that person? What did that person do? Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he told the Sahaba one day even though this was as I've never met, always, he told the Sahaba one time that there will be a delegation coming from Yemen. And among that delegation, there will be a person called wise he's from current, he's this he's that. And if you see him, ask him for forgiveness. Ask him to ask Allah to forgive you. But also salam, he said a statement that showed why always is so valuable. Why can Allah who um, who are Bihar bar, and he used to have a mother whom he was extremely obedient to love?

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My brothers and sisters? How was your relationship

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with your parents?

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How was your relationship with your mother? How was your relationship with your father?

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Allah subhanho wa Taala right after his toe heat. We all know that the heat is the foundation of our deen right after his Tauheed ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala said, take care of the parents

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walk or Booker T taboo do it.

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Well, Bill, Lee Dini is

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one that can keep

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our killer Huma, further taken

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off of Weinert and her home. Walk on Luna cola carrying

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Workfit left on Jana has a lien in a run, walk or beer hunt home. Rub beer hammer home can rob Bernie sabe

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Allahu Akbar

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Allah subhanaw taala told us after his worship after not associating anyone with him, were Bill Whalley, they in he said I have a son to your parents. Be on your best of behavior when you're in front of your parents. When you speak to your parents don't even say off the shortest word in the Arabic language that has meaning it's two letters that has a meaning of

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that and her mama Do not ever raise your voice Macula Houma, colon Karima think 100 100 times before you utter any word to your father or to your mother. The words even the words that come out of your mouth have to be Kareem.

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Allahu Akbar parents, my brothers and sisters, the reminder today is about parents. Parents, how's your relationship with your parents? Allah told us in the Quran that over sinal insana bydd. So we'll see. Yeah, it's a wasa from Allah azza wa jal. What does that mean? That means even if your father even if your mother are not treating you good still, because it's an order from Allah azza wa jal, I have to obey them. They will be punished for their mistreatment, but you will be rewarded for their respect and honor. Allah subhanaw taala told us in Surah o'clock man, even if your parents ordered you to commit shirk, even if your parents ordered you to commit Schilke which is the Akbar

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Al Qaeda in the worst of the worst of sins, Allah said do not obey them while Sahiba Houma and befriend them, Allahu Akbar, if that is the case with the parents who are ordered me to do shirk. How would my treatment be to the parents who are asking me did you pray?

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Did you make wudu? Are you fasting? Did you SubhanAllah? How would my treatment be to the my parents who are making me a half as of Kitab Allah Kitab Allah, how would be my treatment to the parents who are constantly reminding me of Allah azza wa jal SubhanAllah. My brothers and sisters, your parents Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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when he was telling us about Akbar, Al Kaba the worst of the worst of says, He said, number one is shirk, number two, or hawkhill worry then this obedience to the parents

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and having better the real worry then having but what does the word better mean? There is to do the best to them, and withhold the least of evil. The least of evil, withhold the least of evil, and give the best both combined constitute better. Do you have birth your parents

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if your parents are still alive, make sure you're pleasing them every single day. Make sure they never go to sleep and they're upset with you. If your mother's still alive, go stick by her feet and kiss her feet. Kiss your mother's feet.

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Make sure they are happy with you. One day, one day from your father or your mother.

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Either will make your life or will break your life.

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These are the parents they have a different category. They are in a different level, a completely different level.

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They are the parents. They are the ones who brought you to the studio.

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They are the ones who went through so much to make you who you are right now. They are the ones who fed you, unsheltered you and gave you so much love and care.

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They are the ones who spent the nights crying and spent the nights worried about you.

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They are the ones who took things from their own mouth to feed you. They are the ones who struggled and struggled to make sure you go to the best of colleges. They are the ones who did everything. And in return, you raise your voice. You roll your eyes when they ask you for something. You complain. No no, no, no. Don't ever ever complain. Even if you are in the toughest situation and your father asked you for something pretended there is nothing going on. How other Baba Yes, my dad? Yes, my mom. Don't ever show them that you are upset. One of the automat said if your parents are afraid to ask you to do something to them. You have committed of coke. They are worried or is he going to be

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upset now if I ask him for this, Allahu Akbar. This is how valuable are the parents? Listen to how the Son refused to treat their parents. One of our righteous predecessors he used to his mother used to

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sleep on the floor because in the past, there was no mattresses like we have right now. So before she sleeps, he makes sure he goes and he wipes or the place where she sleeps with his hands to make sure there's no no pebbles, nothing. And then he said to himself, maybe my my hands are harsh. So he started doing it with his cheek, Allahu Akbar to make sure that his mother sleeps comfortably.

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A man called the chef and that was recent, a man called the chef and he said Yes, chef, I have a question. He said, Go ahead. He said Yes, chef, my mother live. My mother lives with us. He said The chef said it. So I'll repeat the question.

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So the man said, Yeah, Chef, my mother lives with us. The chef said repeat the question. The man said Ye shall not even ask the

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watching it. He said, Of course you did not ask the question because you started the question wrong.

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You should say me and my wife live with my mother.

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So the man said, Yeah, sure. I got the answer. I don't have to continue Subhanallah

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Eman. His father was started forgetting and he kept on telling him to take him to the masjid even though sometimes it's not even time for the Salah and he cannot walk. So he used to put him in his back and walk him to the Masjid 567 times a day.

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And then he did that for seven years. So one of them was saline in the masjid. He said Subhan Allah.

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You do this for your father. You've been doing it for seven years. And he did not even know he does not even know who you are.

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He forgot. He doesn't know. He doesn't know who you are. You know the sunset.

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I know who he is.

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I know who he is.

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Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar. Are your parents still alive?

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Make sure you go and please them before they will come. And then you will say I wish I wish they could come back for just one hug. Just for one kiss. Just for one. I love you.

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Unfortunately, we get all these omega or emotions after our parents depart.

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No, no, no, no. This is not how the true believer act.

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Take advantage now and cherish them and obey them and please them please them to the best of your ability.

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My brothers and sisters

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said three kinds of people will not enter Jannah Lao Akbar

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what's the first one? Allah clearly the the one who this honor this respect this obey his parents. Second is the one who's addicted to alcohol. And the third is Elma Nan Bina aka the one who constantly remind you of the favor, the favors he have done for you. My brothers and sisters, we all know that our pleasure our our main purpose in this dunya is to gain the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala Las Olas SLM, he told us, the pleasure of Allah is from the pleasure of the parents. And the Wrath of Allah is from the wrath of the parents. How's your relationship with your parents?

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Sometimes we we get upset for the simplest thing they did? Or they say, and we forget what they have done to us. Be patient. Be patient. Swallow your ego. It's okay. These are your parents. Nonetheless, strangers. We are supposed to forgive and forget with the strangers. How about my own parents.

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Don't let the shaitan come between you and your mother. Don't let the shaitan come between you and your father.

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Because you will regret it Rasul allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he told us that the parents are one of the doors of Jannah. So make sure make sure that you are always close to that door before that door is closed completely.

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Even our best are the hola Juan. When his mother died, he was crying hysterically. They said you haven't had that low tap. That is truth and that is real that is going to happen. You are an ibis. He said I'm not crying because she died. I know that you are we all going to die. He said I'm crying because one door of gender has been closed.

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Make sure that you know that your parents will be the reason for you to entertain them.

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What if they passed away Subhan Allah from the generosity and the greatness of Allah azza wa jal even if they have passed away, you can give sadaqa give charity on their behalf build the masjid on their behalf sponsor an orphanage in their behalf. Allahu Akbar, go and perform Hajj if you have performed Hajj already and they did not go perform hajj on their behalf, be kind to their close friends Rasulullah Sallam told us if the your mother had had a very close friend and she passed away, treat that friend with love and care. Be kind to your aunt, your father. She isn't the same level as the mother Subhanallah so my brothers and sisters

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a very simple formula. Treat treat your parents the way you would love your children to treat you because what

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goes around, comes around, what goes around, comes around.

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I will finish with this story one time. And then

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he was living with his family and his father was living with them. And every day this man comes back home, the wife complain, your father did this your father spilled that your father did this. I cannot take your father anymore. She complains all the time about his father.

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The man was patient one month, two months, and then she kept on, you know, pushing it, pushing it until he said to his father, you know what I want to take you

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and go with your trip to Umrah.

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He took him and the father was very happy my son is going with me and they bonded and everything. But the father, the son had

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ill intention.

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When they finished performing the umbra, he put his father next to one of the gates and he said

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my father, I will be right back. So the father looked at him and said, Give my regards give my salaam to the to the children.

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said What do you mean I'm coming back. He said you're not coming back. You brought me here to drop me. Because this is the same spot. I dropped my father.

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This is the same spot. I dropped my father Allahu Akbar.

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What you do to your to your parents, the children, your children will do the same to you. Subhan Allah, please, I will finish this by saying run now. Literally, if your mother's right there right now. Go run to her kiss her hands, kiss her forehead, kiss your father hands. Ask them for if they are pleased with you. And to the parents. Treat your children with respect. Treat your children with honor. Love them, care about them, spend time with them, hug them, hug them, kiss them.

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Love them.

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And always

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you make to have your parents and I ask the parents also to make to their children. May Allah protect us May Allah protect our parents. May Allah subhanaw taala make our parents last deeds their best deeds and they have already passed away your Allah grant them the company of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and grant them the highest place in Jana. I love you all for the sake of Allah subhana Colombard Hambrick Michigan De La Hoya and the staff Utica Manitoba Thank you

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flooded he got out on

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minoli to

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the lobby was on meaning