JAR #07 Eight Steps To Raise Righteous Children

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Was that catered for in

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the Colorado

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federal meeting? Well now I'm going to login now in

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah here or get some hola hola. hamdulillah salatu salam ala Rasulillah Allahu alumna Maya and founder on foreigner Bhima alum Tana was IDNA Illman hamara Hamid, we ask Allah azza wa jal teachers will benefit us, benefit us from our tutorials and increase us in knowledge me in your blind I mean, my beloved respected brothers and sisters, I ask Allah azza wa jal to bless us all with righteous, offsprings, righteous descendants me in your anatomy.

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In our episode today of John, just a reminder, we will be discussing the rights of the children. We discussed the heat Salaat importance of leisure parents, and now we are talking about the rights of the children. Allah subhanho wa taala. He told us in the Quran, to take care of our parents, most of the orders are to the parents. And you'll see not too many, eight about taking care of the children because that comes natural. The love to the children, that is the care for the children comes natural from the parents. These are a gift from Allah subhanho wa taala. They are an Amana from Allah subhanaw taala. It's a trust that we will be questioned about. So it's extremely important to

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know, what are we supposed to do how we are supposed to produce righteous

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children. So this is what the episodes episode is all about today. And let's start with the light. And I want you to imagine

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that you have crossed the Surat

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and Jana was already behind you, you're done. And you're Hamdulillah you are so happy. And you get to the doors of the agenda. And you find your family over there you'll find your son, your daughter and your wife.

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And of course it all Subhanallah in this dunya when we go home and we see our family we get happy. Can you imagine meeting them at the door of Jannah Allahu Akbar Allah, may Allah make us all and our families from the people of Jana. Now what happens is, your daughter may be she is in level 18 of Jana and your son may be in level 35 Because Jana is different levels like a solo Salam told us, Jana is different levels. And between one level and the other is the difference between the heavens and the earth. Subhanallah huge difference. Okay, so she's level 18 He's level 25 And your wife is level 40 And your level 35 For example, okay, everybody in different level.

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Allahu Akbar, listen to what Allah subhanaw taala said, if we really raise righteous children, what happens? sort of tool will lead the man or whatever to whom the RIA to

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be E.

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l happened to be him though reata whom, one?

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Minimally him, she co luminary in Bhima Cassada are he in Allahu Akbar, and those who believed and whose descendants follow them in belief, we will join them with their descendants, and we will not deprive them of anything of their deeds. Every person for what he earned, is retained. Subhan Allah, what does that mean? From the greatness of Allah azza wa jal, He will gather the whole family with the higher level of whomsoever, from the family, for example, your wife was 40 and the rest were all less than 40. You will all go and be with the highest person in the family which that which person in the family got the highest level in Jana, the Mother, the Father, the Son, you will all go be

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together because you raised righteous children, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, may Allah make all our children righteous. So what are some of the things briefly because we have a short time? What are some of the things that we should do in order to have righteous children? Number one,

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consider marriage as an act of worship.

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You see, I'm preparing the family I mean, the the brothers and sisters who wouldn't sha Allah to Allah are about to get married. So it's extremely important for you

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To listen to this, okay.

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Consider consider marriage as an act of worship which it is. Marriage is an act of worship, you are getting married to avoid falling into haram to protect yourself to protect another person from falling into haram to form a family that remembers Allah azza wa jal. So consider it as an act of worship. And when you do that Subhan Allah this is something that for all my brothers and sisters are looking forward to to married to get married, and for the brothers who are already married, just pause and renew your intention, when I make my intention that this is a bad all my married life will become a bad will become an act of worship Subhanallah So number one, consider marriage as an act of

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worship, you are obeying Allah azza wa jal, you are helping one another as a husband and wife helping assisting one another to come close to Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah He the whole household will become full of Baraka Subhanallah second, choosing the right spouse, you want righteous children, you have to make sure you're choosing the right spouse, whether you my dear beloved sister, or my beloved brother, when you're looking for a wife, make sure you are looking for a wife that will produce children that will a righteous that fear Allah subhana wa Taala and how can I do that her herself she is a very righteous woman, she feels Allah, she's wearing the proper hijab, she

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is she prays on time she, she knows how to read the Quran, she You did your best to find

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the best righteous woman available. You do your best and similarly my sister you know, you look at a person that is in White who feels Allah subhanaw taala his Aki that is right. And he is

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working and trying and striving to please Allah in every aspect.

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So that is a foundation especially when it comes to the mother because the mother spends more time with the children and the children naturally are attached more to the mother. So the mother like they say in Arabic alone madrasa. The mother is a school is a school by herself Subhanallah she if she is a very righteous woman, she will make sure to marry to produce righteous children and she will do her best because all we are required is to do our best that guidance is from Allah subhanho wa taala. Third, very important, you want righteous children, make sure your income is halal.

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Make sure your income is halal. My brother my sister, do not let any haram Penny enter that household. You will see it you will see the the effect of it the result of it you will see it in your children stay away from riba stay away from riba stay away from Reba How can I declare war on Allah azza wa jal and expect righteous children.

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Please make sure your income

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any job that is dealing with anything that's haram, It's haram. The job is dealing with pork job dealing with alcohol job dealing with riba anything that is dealing with Haram is haram.

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Stay away from from taking any bribes. You know, some people take a bribe to to facilitate some documents are stuff this is haram that is haram, income.

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lying, cheating, take some people's rights. This is all haram income. Taking your sisters inheritance is haram income. Make sure your income you want righteous children, the income has to be halal.

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Forth extremely important. You want righteous children, you yourself be righteous. You be righteous yourself.

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You want and you expect your children to get up for pleasure and you're sleeping, you're not doing enough professional yourself. You expect your daughters to wear the proper hijab and you're not wearing the hijab, you expect your children to tell the truth and you're always lying. be righteous yourself. Be righteous yourself.

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Righteousness is not about lectures and talks and and attending this and attending that righteousness is being displayed by the action of the parents display righteousness, live righteousness at your home. Show the family that this house is vibrant at five, six o'clock in the morning. Teach your children from a young age to fast the optional fast to read the Quran.

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be righteous yourself. Practice yourself. Let the children see you. Go to the masjid all the time.

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and take them with you to the masjid when they become mature enough to go to the masjid. Let them see you read the Quran, let them see you be honest

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and truthful practice righteousness, you will produce righteousness, be righteous yourself and in sha Allah, Allah would bless you with righteous children having peace at home, having peace at home, that helps a lot when the when the mother and and the father both are in both are on the same page that will definitely help in producing righteous children. They are both on the same page, they know both the importance of Tawheed the importance of of the Quran, the importance of applying the Sunnah, they are on the same page,

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then no not fighting constant fighting constant yelling constant verbal abuse or or physical abuse between the the parents that makes the environment in the house unbearable, and that was does not help at all in producing righteous children. So the children are looking and taping and recording what the parents are doing. You are their role models. They are going to duplicate whatever they see at home when they grow up and become their own. Husband and wife and father and mother. So the atmosphere at home, forgive my brother, sometimes I heard the sister sent me I haven't spoken to my husband and three months how how could you not speak to your spouse for three months? How

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three days masala says and I'm told us and that's it. That's it and after that all our Ibadat are on hold until we make peace and this is where the regular Muslim How about do my own spouse Subhan Allah forgive my brother, forgive, forgive her. Let do not pick on every single thing and make it make a big deal about every single small issue. let things go overlooked. Overlooked to bring peace to that house Subhanallah

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number six Subhanallah you want the righteous children raised them on the burdah of Mora Kaaba.

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What does maraca mean? Raise the children that

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you go into your room, you lock your room, you put your computer on? I'm not watching you. But Allah has watching my son you go inside I don't know what you're doing my daughter you go there I have no clue. I'm not with you all the time. But keep in mind that Allah is watching you.

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Don't dare this obey Allah azza wa jal when you are alone, and he's bringing you the oxygen and the air to breathe Subhan Allah How dare you disobey this obey him? While he's blessing you with everything that you have His blessing you with those eyes that you're watching haram with Subhana Allah raise them on the Ibadah of Morocco Baba. Wala he because how long are we going to stay with them? We're leaving soon. Right? But when they are always aware, and Amir Adam be an Allahu Allah. Allah Allah couldn't be che in Rocky ALLAH SubhanA wa Allah is watching everything. Then the person will will constantly the child will be always thinking Allah is watching me even though my parents

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are not here. Allah is watching me how can I watch this? How can I listen to this? How can I waste so much time? Allah is watching me. That is the if we can establish that in our children. We have achieved and amazing achievement. amazing achievement.

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Some kids lie to their parents do we have what do you have? But when he knows how can I I lied to my parents maybe he did not. He did not know I'm not gonna have to but Allah knows Allah is watching that I did not make you do. Did you pray? Yeah, I prayed.

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My parents maybe believed that. But Allah subhanaw taala know that I did not pray. So if we established that Allahu Akbar that's a huge achievement. Slowly, kindly try to establish the Ibadah of the maraca. Number seven kind treatment, kind treatment to the children. Be merciful with your children. Malaria Humla your hum. Have mercy on the people on earth. The one above the heavens will have mercy upon you. Be merciful on them, hug them, kiss them, spend time with them. Show them that you care spend on them. The best money spent is money spent on the family. Be generous to them. smile when you enter the house. Let them look forward for you to want to come to the house not

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they're scared

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I was coming barbers coming in, they start trembling. What is this War battlefield?

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No, let them look forward for for seeing you spending time with you take them out every once in a while you actually sit down and make one day of the week. This is a Holika day this is a game board day we play games together. This is a day that we watch something Halloween. So just have some family good time. Good. Good family time. spend some quality time with them. You know so many people or I work 18 hours yeah, here they share for each other? No, have no time on why you're doing this all I have doing it all for them. You're doing it all for them? How do you when do you see them? You go they're sleeping? They'll come back? They're sleeping? Are you doing it for them? They want you

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to sit with them. They want to spend time with you. Spend some time with them quality time, not sitting with them and you're on the phone all the time? What kind of time what is your spending? I spending time and they're always texting and watching this and watching that and answering this and I'm spending time with my children who are you feel are fooling my brother, spend time with them. My sister spend time with your children, they need you especially at the young at the young age and extremely important advice. Please, please do not compare. Do not compare your children? Or why did you get this your neighbor, our neighbor got a higher grade than you look at the look at your

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cousin, he is much better than you. And you constantly compare even you compare their siblings to one another, that's not good at all. Comparing is not good. And what's worse than that, putting them down, you idiot, you this you that and you start calling your children names. You want to call your son these names, he will become these names. If you constantly remind him and tell him that you are this and you are that then he will he will become like that. Subhanallah so be careful about the language that you are using with the children.

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Praise them all the time reward them when they do something. And finally the most important thing Subhanallah is to constantly constantly make dua for them. The DUA of the parents to the children is answered Mr. Jab that's a gift for Salah Salem gave us that Allah subhanaw taala will answer the dua for the children constantly make dua for them yeah Allah guide them ya Allah keep them on the on the straight path ya Allah keep them steadfast ya Allah protect them. Constantly make dua for them, and don't ever make a dua against your children. That is also Mr. Jab. Be very careful. Always make dua for them, not against them. And my beloved brothers and sisters, ask yourself, what would my son

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What would my daughter remember me with?

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After I'm done

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with your sons? Say

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my father used to take me with him to the masjid. My father used to sit me down and teach me the Quran. My father used to play with me my father. My daughter would say same thing. Subhan Allah, what are they going to say? Oh, he used to beat me. He used to always yell at me used to scream at me. He used to do this. He's always angry. What are they going to remember you with?

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May Allah protect all our children? May Allah protect all our descendants? May Allah keep them all steadfast on the deen May Allah subhanaw taala make them live en la ilaha illa Allah and die on Layla Hill Allah I love you all for the sake of Allah Subhana Allah Allah behind the lecture don't let it hinder and the stuff like

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flooded he got help I

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mean holy.

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The lobby was already meaning