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AI: Summary © A person, referred to as Salcedo Allah Sofia, talks about a man named Allah who taught them something and then asked them to ask him in local publications. The man then talks about saving people's lives from diseases and harm from local pride, using the phrase "fteching from any kind of harm" and "fteching from the dams."
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The uncle for solo lifecell Allah He was salam, ala Abbas came to him and said, Yes Will Allah teach me something I can ask Allah when? He said, Sal Illa Allah Sofia, he gave him in one word do ask Allah, Allah Sofia, he went a few days and he came back to the US will teach me something else. He said Sinhala Hill Alfia fifth dunya will ask you, my brothers and sisters, ask Allah Allah in the local mafia for dunya. Well, what does that mean? Yeah, Allah I asked you to be saved from diseases from calamities, from problems from any kind of harm in the dunya and akhira. Say it in the morning at night, anytime. Few hours a day. We'll keep the show theme away.