How to Perform Eid Prayer at Home

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Salam Alaikum I have labor of love and hamdulillah salat wa salam ala Rasulillah dear beloved respected brothers and sisters. As we all know this year we have been deprived from coming to the masjid and praying Salat late so inshallah Tada This short video will demonstrate how to pray Salah eat at home the type of unit of Surat Lee they actually start from the night before select lead. For example, let's assume that there is on a Sunday. So Saturday after Marieb that could be a lot of the heat will start and they go all the way till we place a lot late. What how do we perform the tech Mira Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar. Now law in in

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Allah Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, well in his hand, you could say as many times as you want in sha Allah to Allah encourage the children also to participate. After that when the morning comes of the heat, let's really even though we're not coming to the masjid even though we're not going to see too many people. Let's have the spirit of the Eid take a shower, put you on your nice clothes put on some cologne smell good look good. And Charlotte Allah this is a read, we only have two of them per year. Enjoy that day in sha Allah Tala to the best of your ability. So we put the clothes on and we we shower and everything. And then after that the Sunnah of Adel photo is to have some dates and odd

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number of dates. Just to confirm that today, I'm not fasting because this is one of the days of the year where it is haram to fast. So I am having an odd number of days 357 whatever you want in sha Allah Tala, just to apply the Sunnah when,

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when does the salah to have a need start, there's a lot of aid start 15 minutes after the sunrise. So if the sunrise is 636 35 and 15 minutes 650 Then it becomes due then you could pray from that time till when till 10 minutes before the house or that window we can pray somewhat late. But from now decide the time so the family can be ready to have showered already put their clothes on. So they know that you know what eight o'clock we're going to pray suddenly a theory assign a day a time from now. So everybody will be having all set up before the time that you have assigned.

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How do we perform solidly,

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solidly It consists of two raka

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but it's different than usual record because of the tech period. So after tech period,

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after we say Allahu Akbar de Kabira that we say for every Salaat after that, we say six more tech beers or in another generation seven more tech beers. Let's go with the six, six extra, so the total of seven. So I say Allahu Akbar. And if I want right now after technically haram, I can say do I list after which is Subhana Allah hamara bene will be Hambrick with a darker smoke with duck whether Illa or any authentic dua officer. If you would like to say that you can go ahead and say it now. Then after that we do the six more tech beers and we raise the hands with every tech lira. Allahu Akbar. Allah Allahu Akbar, Allah Allahu Akbar. Allah Akbar, Allah Akbar, Allah hu Akbar. Then I will

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demonstrate on rajim Bismillah Al Rahman Rahim and I recite my Fatiha after that it is a sunnah to recite Surah cough in the first Raka. And so that will cover in the second raka or surah Allah in the first tracker, also that lanceolate last year in the second Raka. But if I do not know the sorrows by heart, I can recite any Surah In sha Allah. After I finished the reciting of the Surah, I perform the rest of the raka as we perform any kind of solid. Then after I get up from the sujood, the second stage and I'm getting up to the second record, I say Allahu Akbar, this is called the tech miracle. Intercon a transitional tech Vera. After that tech Vera. I make five more tech beers.

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Okay, so I get up, I said, Allahu Akbar and I get up here. Now I do five more tech beers. Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar. Allah Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allah Akbar. And then I recite my Fatiha and short Surah after that, this is how solidly it is performed, and there will be no football at home. There will be no football at home. After I finish, I get up and I hug my family and we tell them the DA Taco Bell, Allah min woman come me, I'm like SAP from us and from you. Eight Mubarak hug each other. You know, make sure please to buy some gifts from now for the children and let them feel the joy of the eight. This is a day of happiness. This is a day of joy. This is a day of eating and drinking.

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So please make the best of it. Even though we are not coming to the magic. Call your relatives have a virtual life.

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Let the kids call their grandma and grandpa and wish them eid mubarak. Let them feel the spirit of the Eid and let them look forward for for the always in Charlotte Allah So may Allah subhanaw taala make it their eid mubarak for all the Omen sha Allah, may Allah subhanaw taala I asked him with the best of his names to bring us back to the massage as soon as possible. I mean, there are some a lot of you know hamadryad early he was some big Marine, is that gonna lock in Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi over again. Now on the

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Bellina Meenal Houda wonderful on

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PHMSA Shahida

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Gomez Shahar fellow

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woman again and Maddie one cirfairy

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you read a lot more you saw wanna you read to be low Serravalle to me low light that I wanted to belong

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