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The speakers discuss the use of "will" and "will" to describe actions, such as preparing for a meeting and spending money on school. They also mention a woman who wants to sponsor schools and her brother's involvement in a family effort. The segment ends with a call to action and promise to report errors or mistakes made. The discussion also touches on the difficulties of accessing money in the past and the risk of losing it, as well as the confusion surrounding the idea of a man and his relationship with women. The speakers mention various examples of men making promises and giving loans, as well as a woman who wants to sponsor schools and her brother's involvement in a family effort.

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So inshallah Tada we continue with our series a better run, the ayat we recited in the first record. And we have mentioned few of their characteristics. Number one, they walk on Earth

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with a humility, number two.

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Number two, I know it's too early, still sleeping.

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If they don't have the ignorant speak to them, they live with dignity. Number three, they spent the night either in sujood or ON CAM, number four

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Benesse refund other Jahannam they make this dua Allah keep the punishment of the Hellfire away from us. That was the last one we discussed. Today. Insha Allah to Allah will go Subhanallah to the next day, while letting you know either

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circle. Let me use three, four, while I'm here to work on everything.

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And the ones who spend

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and the ones when they spend, they are neither extravagant nor miserly. And they are

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In the middle, they have middle ground.

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The first thing we notice

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because many people think that a bagel ramen sitting in the masjid all the time. They have no money.

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They have nothing to do.

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I have divorced the dunya just give me

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a Taliban a piece of bread and some olives. And I'm good. No Allah saying that they have money. They do have money. Just like Allah subhanaw taala when he was telling the people when he was describing the men who inhabit the masajid What did he say return return on Latin he him to jail rotten. What are beyond and Nicola the men who inhabit the massage arm are men, they have businesses, they do trade, but this business and that job never ever keep them away from the remembrance of Allah and establishing salon they do have money because some somehow religiosity is accompanied or compared to being poor.

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Abdurrahman Ben,

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is what we call right now in our standards.

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obika Sadiq was a very rich man of man

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supported the army twice, you know, supported the army twice built the Muslim army twice, you know what does that mean? And in our time he provided tanks and rockets and planes and jets. At that time, this is what he did twice.

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So we cannot say that because you're religious you have to be poor, when Medina either but if you want to be from a data run, you Allah subhanaw taala Subhan Allah He did not say and when either and for who and if they are, if they spent then they are moderate. No, he gave us both extremes. He didn't he could have said Allah subhanaw taala and when they spend, they are wasa they are moderate

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but Allah subhanaw taala showed us both extremes either and SOCO when they spend

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let me use riffle

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they did not do is rough. When I'm young too and they will not miserly. Okay Anabaena Delica Columna

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now Allah subhanaw taala used the word is rough. What's the difference between a Seraph and Kabir because Allah says in surah to this route in Al mobile Verina canu.

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A one a shayateen. The mobile there is the brother look at the brother of who have the shaytaan the what's the difference between mobile there are severe and it's rough.

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It's rough

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excess in everything

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you could have is Ralph in sins. Kalia Abadi, Alladhina Asafa and for him telling my slaves who have transgressed when beyond with their sins. So it's rough could be with sins.

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Letter Kulu Kulu was trouble whether two three food, eat and drink, but do not do is rough so it's rough could be in food.

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It's rough

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on CO tilam of lumen.

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*a Jana, some funding fella used to live Phil Utley even it's rough could be in killing 20 sloughing everything is rough is accessing everything but there

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is only in

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you cannot say somebody had it up there in their sins, right? The beer is only with money because those two words both of them means wasting money. Okay. So Allah subhanaw taala he said that these people

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they do not go to this extreme. Neither to that extreme.

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Yeah, one.

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This money that we have, please, in this blessed morning, listen carefully. This money that we have belongs to Allah

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and it has to be spent in a way that is pleasing to the owner.

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And one of the toughest questions on the Day of Judgment. Allah you have to prepare the answer from now. For all my brothers that are dealing with haram, I beg you wake up, you will be questioned about every single penny. Where did you get it from?

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And where did you spend it? Every single penny

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Rasul Allah Islam opposer narrating the Hadith in Bukhari, he said, I was working with our solar system and we passed by God

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and he said, Rasool was excellent said, he said, Allah I will not wish to have this mountain

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of gold become gold, the whole mountain of gold, and if it did,

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they will not three days will not pass until I have given it all in sadhaka

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the number I don't know if this room was full of gold, it will be zillions of dollars. Imagine he said mountains of odd was gold. It will not three days will not pass except I have already spent it all in South Africa.

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At Varun homall occur Luna young monkey the same Hadith the rich ones are few on the Day of Judgment ill except

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except the one who spent her co worker that worker that worker though

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the rich ones are very few the ones who will enter Jannah from the rich are very few except the one who spent his money this way and that way and that way and that way. Yeah. And he he's looking for ways to spend his money. Sponsoring orphans sponsoring widows building schools building massage with helping this helping that that's all he's thinking about. It's not my money. It's not my money. I have to report to the owner Where did you show me the receipts Where did you What did you do?

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Wake up Yeah, make this Ramadan the last Ramadan you do haram business. Make it this is it don't worry. Your risk is coming Allah guaranteed. Guaranteed the provision guaranteed it

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so don't go to this extreme and waste your money, completely waste the money

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and being extravagant and everything and don't be miserly.

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Don't be very stingy. Listen to this hadith

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al Bukal when Iman Lai ashtami handfeel Calbee movement

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stinginess and Eman

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cannot co exist in the heart of a believer. What does that mean?

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One of them's gonna kick the other out.

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If you are a more men then and FICO and FICO all over the Quran, you're going to be spending and if you're a hill that means you do not believe in the idea of no calculators listen to what up no camera himolla said he said an area in the Quran.

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Listen carefully please. He said an ayah in the Quran to test your iman.

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He said there is one area in the Quran. If you would like to test how strong is your Eman, read this area.

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What is this? Men the lady you call it Allah Carleton Hasina, for you die for who are Baffin?

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Ich kathira.

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Who made the lady men the lady. And if I'm standing here, who's that amazing brother, who's that great brother that is going to sponsor this that's going to support this.

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And everybody would be very happy if someone stood up

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And he will feel very good. How about Allah has asking, Who is that person who's gonna give me a loan

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and I will repay it multiple folds.

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Your credit, the word colored means there's a loan. And when you have a loan and you're righteous person, that means you have to pay it back. And Allah azza wa jal, he is the one who's making the promise. Who is that one? That's going to give me a loan and I will repay it multiple folds.

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You want to test your Eman, check on this idea.

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Now the brothers are thinking there's a fundraising coming after this. No fundraising. It's coming up soon. It's not today.

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Subhan Allah was so true.

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The King of Kings is telling me that I will multiply many many faults. So yeah, one.

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Many people, or many specifically sisters, come to me and say

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my husband makes a lot of money. But I don't see any of it.

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And I am a housewife. I left my job, I left everything to take care of my home.

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My brother

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personal loss I seldom said

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money spent visability Allah Jonnie in jihad,

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or money spent in South Africa, or money spent and this and that, and money spent on your family. The best among them? Is the money that you spend on your family. Give your wife an allowance.

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Do not wait for her to ask you. She's at home taking care of everything. Now, not only some of the brothers not giving their wife allowance. They're telling their brother the brothers are telling their wives. Habib to you're working 5050

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Because you are working now everything is 5050.

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5050, habibi. You know that every penny that your wife makes her money, every penny is hers. Hers.

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If she would like to participate, Allahu Akbar, may Allah reward her. But you are the one who's supposed to pay those bills. Those main donors I'm not telling you about, again, extravagant, she wants to beg for $5,000 That's the term pay for it. I'm talking about the main basic needs of the house. This is your responsibility.

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And to keep the wood to keep the love and the mercy, here's $100 his $200 a week, $300 a month, whatever, go by wherever you want. Don't make her feel that she has to beg you every time she wants something. She's your wife, the mother of your children.

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That mentality Subhanallah and if you're if if you are stingy with your family, something's wrong with you.

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And you're very generous with others.

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So Allah subhanaw taala he's saying he's telling us if you want to be from a bad run, you are neither going to this extravagant. You are also you're not miserly. There was a mention the story to my students and now in the fifth year, there was a brother. He was so rich what we call right now filthy rich, very rich buildings and buildings and buildings in in one of the Emirates

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but he was so backheel that he has only one soap that is always dirty. And he does not buy shoes. He was the one one Dirham flip flop.

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to the level that they start calling him I will flip flop.

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abou flip flopped

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millions of dollars millions. Doesn't give his his family nothing. family struggling.

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You know what happened? When he died?

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His family his kids because he couldn't stand him

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did not pay for the funeral.

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Then has to stand the Imam of the masjid has to stand and ask people to please donate to bury him.

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They don't want to even bury their father

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What did you do with all that money?

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So yeah, one may Allah make us all from a better ramen. So they say by the ramen.

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They are

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moderate and everything that they do, and specifically, when it comes to their money, so by nature, human being, love, to own things, and to still own them to keep owning them is by nature.

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Islam came to regulate that and told to make us

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fight this desire, fight this desire of owning things and keep owning them. Now, suppose I said and said, the son of Adam, if he has one valley, one value of gold, he would ask for two

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he will ask for too, and nothing will satisfy the son of Adam, except to rob. That means, till he dies, he's going to keep wanting more and more and more

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and fewer wanting more and more and more. There's nothing wrong with that except if you are using it to please the owner. May Allah make us from the people who listen and apply May Allah subhanaw taala make our last deeds our best deeds and our last words La ilaha illallah Zachman la cara summary

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in Mussolini now almost Lima D one meaning I mean it will quantity now look on it that he was slowly being I was sliding Ponte was saw the Rena was sobbing before she you know

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what unfortunately no one was watching. The one downside the lino one downside being bought in was all me now was all in

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wouldn't have you Lena photo gentlemen wouldn't have failed What the was that good enough? Guess

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what the guilt or? I don't know hula

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