Mohamad Baajour – How did they feel when they heard Prophet Muhammad say

Mohamad Baajour
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Hey, Sam, I got a hot lava kit. Just a few few minutes. Quick reminder

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that left

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that lack of Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam and the way he dealt with people, so I want you to for a few minutes just to imagine those few scenarios.

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I want you to imagine how did my AV feel? Or the hola Han when Rasul Allah says Allah told him yeah man will law in the law her book.

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Oh my god, I love you.

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Just make sure after every slot you say Allahumma inni. Allah the crick was sure Creek wasn't a bad attic. How did Abu Musa luxury feel when Rasulillah Salam told him? Yeah, Abu Musa, you have very beautiful voice. I was last night listening to your citation of the Quran.

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How did obeying the cap feel? When Rasul Allah says, Allah knocked at his door? And he said, Yeah, obey. Allah told me to come and recite to use rattle Bina, he said, Allah said Manny, Allah named me by name. He said yes. And he started crying. How did even abbess feel, when Rasulullah saw Selim hugged him so hard and said Allah Houma, Lim, holy Kitab ya Allah make him very knowledgeable in the Quran. How did that Isha feel when the salah says salam, when she found out that was almost Salam said, in the Hebrew, when the Sahaba asked him, Who do you love the most Eros of Allah. He said, I love Aisha. How did all the Sahaba feel when the salah Salem told them that tomorrow, I'm going to

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give the RIAA I'm gonna give the flag to someone me and Allah who love and he loves Allah and myself, Allah and Allah, Allah, Allah loves him. How did the Sahaba sleep that night thinking who's that person? And how did I leave feel when he found out he was that person?

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How did it feel when he heard that low consumer toughy them cleeland Let the two other vackra kalila if I was going to take a very close kellele It would have been Abu Bakr because his career is Allah subhanho wa Taala How did all the Sahaba feel when they heard all these beautiful words from masala Salam now?

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How do you feel

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when Rasulullah Selim went to the graveyard and he made the dua of the graveyard. And at the end, he said, I wish I can see my brothers. So the Sahaba said, yeah rasool Allah unto your brothers, he said unto us Hobbie, you are my companions. My brothers are the ones who come, who believe in me and never seen me. And they will come after come after us. They believe in me, and they've never seen me. So some of us I sell them called us. His brothers and sisters, Allahu Akbar, what an honor. How would you recognize them? Yeah, rasool Allah, from the perfection of odo. Now this is not our topic, but make sure you perfect your will do so you will be recognized. But as soon as I saw them, the

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point is, look how Salah Salem dealt with people when he's giving Dawa before he gives me before he says something, I love you for the sake of Allah.

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You You are so special to me. He starts softening the hearts and then he gives his message. This is the best way you have one. If you want a great outcome from any kind of Dawa. May Allah subhanaw taala gathers with Rasulullah Salallahu Salam May Allah subhanaw taala unite our hearts may Allah subhanaw taala increase us an email and finally one

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every Monday at 10:30am I have a HELOC for sisters only from 1030 to 1130. And that handoff is about how can we have peaceful homes. May Allah for all our homes with peace and love than tranquility inshallah. Tada. So please, if your wives your mothers, your daughters are available sisters, so please let them come in sha Allah Tada 1030 to 1130 every Monday Baraka Luffy come see your treasure at 6:30am 10:30am Yes

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