Mohamad Baajour – Hellfire will not touch these TWO EYES

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the behavior and reasons behind the Hellfire, including the fear of the fire and desire to protect the heart and body. They also touch on various aspects of the culture, including the emotional nature of crying, the use of paid laughter, and "rowling." The segment ends with a brief advertisement for a road trip and a discussion about Jana's supposed quiet night.
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Salam aleikum, lie about to get smaller hamdulillah salatu salam ala Rasulillah.

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We started on Thursday, a very short series about actions that will make the Hellfire forbidden for us. And you mentioned three things on Thursday. anybody remembers? What are the three things that will keep the Hellfire away from you? The Hellfire will become haram

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first one is one of the ones we mentioned is the person who is Corrib

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he is accessible and he's easy going home so I will have these characters. The random will become haram on him. Second

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the one who is consistent his last words are now in a halal Allah Allahu Akbar La ilaha La ilaha IL Allah Allah Sharika La Ilaha illa Allah Allah Who Alcala hunt Illa Illallah Hola. Hola. Hola. Quwata illa biLlah whosoever. These are his last words. Johanna the fire will never touch them.

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From NZ Zeon and narrow theologian faculty has whomsoever is removed from the hellfire and enter Jana. He is the successful one.

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So one more today in sha Allah Tala about the people whom Jahannam will become forbidden for them. Called Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam iron lerton Asuma now i in on Beckett minha Shatila, why in on that rose visa vie Lilla

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two eyes, two kinds of eyes will never the fire will never touch them. An eye that cried out of the fear of Allah. And the second eye is an eye that spent the night guarding FISA vilella

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another Hadith or salatu salam said Len nearly Jana

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Rajan on back here Baca min Kashi Attila had

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a lemon Fedora

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a person who cried out of the fear of Allah will not enter the Hellfire not see the Hellfire the Hellfire will never touch him until the milk goes back in the other. And he this is a

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an example that it's an impossible for the milk to go back inside the cow Subhanallah

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imam in Malawi in Friedel Kadir he said something beautiful, he said so one law being the Lionel harissa well I will Baqia Allah wa salatu salam, he equated between the eye that is crying out of the fear of Allah and the eye that is guarding if you Sabine Allah, the underlying will back here, say Lionel Baqia. Ahmed, Bilal testking KOFUN mean Allah will line Allah Allah lie in the lead harissa. That Tab key how often do Allah Subhanallah he said, the eye that cried, it cried out of the fear of Allah and the eye that guarded stayed up at night.

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God guarding to protect the deen of Allah.

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For you.

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When was the last time you cried?

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Why is it so hard for us to cry?

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One of the main reasons is because the eye follows the heart.

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For either Russia I'll call the Raafat line, where either casal CALB Jeff fitline

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the eyes, the heart, the eyes follow the heart. If the heart is hard and harsh, the eyes are dry.

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And if the heart is soft and pure and clean, then the eyes will start shedding tears. So one of the main reason yeah, when that we find it so hard to cry, whole month of Quran whole month of Ramadan, do everything and not one tear.

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and companions that were guaranteed Jana never stopped crying

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they were guaranteed Jana not prayed fashion and Gemma once in a blue moon not donated to

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me million dollars. No. They will have guaranteed gender by the service I send them and they never stopped crying.

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What's going on? Why what's happening? Why this is so dry

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the love of the dunya

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the love of the dunya

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one of the main reasons the heart becomes harsh, is because it's once dunya dunya dunya. The new this new that young man always involved in dunya we are so addicted to dunya matters, that Subhanallah

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we go to funerals in the graveyard we are laughing and joking.

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While the Sahaba stayed three days, three days crying after anybody died.

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That's why the salah says seldom used to seek refuge allow me now to become an Albula Yaksha.

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Why in inlet ADMA I used to I seek refuge Yala from you from a heart. That is not Harsha. Not humble. And from an eyes dry.

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Abdelkarim Rahim Allah He named

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10 kinds of crying.

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He said there's a crying of mercy. You know, when he feels, you know, seeing some maybe an animal or someone being hurt, and you cry out of mercy. There's a crying of fear, the one who you're talking about. And then there is a crying of sadness. When you lose something, you cry. And then there's a crying of worry. You're worried about someone so much worried about your son or your daughter, you start crying, and then there's a crying of weakness. You are so weak you cannot defend yourself and you start crying. And then there is the fake crying the crying of *, the crying of the hypocrite, he pretends that he's crying. And then there is hired crying. There are countries where

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when someone dies, you pay somebody just to cry. It's called wailing.

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This person has no clue who died. But the family hires this person to cry loud to make others cry. This is called paid, crying. And then there is a crying, which probably we can all relate to. It's called Boca Elmo Africa.

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The crying because the guy next to me is crying.

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I'm crying because the Imam sounded that he's crying.

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I have no idea what's going on. But everybody's crying. So I'm crying. Right. So these are all kinds of grind. And I will end with this story is Panama.

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I'll be there are the hola Juan. One time came to Asia, our mother or the Allahu Ana and he asked her a beautiful questions.

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He said yeah, Isha. What is the most wonderful thing you have seen from Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam.

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She said, she was quiet for a little bit. And then she said, one night, one of my nights

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as well, as I said and asked me and she said, Yeah, Isha. I would like to get up and pray.

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She said, Your Rasul Allah, I love your company, but at the same time. I love your privacy. I love to give you your privacy. So she said he started crying. He started praying.

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And when he started praying la salatu salam. She said she was narrating the Hadith. She said he started weeping until he wet his beard.

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And then he started weeping until he wet his lap. And then he started weeping until he wet the ground.

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Let's pause for a second the weeping wet the ground

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wet the ground.

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Who's that?

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The one who's guaranteed Jana. As a matter of fact, the agenda will not open to anyone before him.

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He He's weeping that he wet the ground and he's guaranteed Jannah and I have no clue where I'm going. And I forgot was the last time I cried. What's going on? Yeah, what? So Bill came to a came up,

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came to make the Identifizierung he saw him crying this much. He said the ehresmann Allah.

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Why are you crying and Allah subhanaw taala for given all your past and future sins. Siddhartha Fela Akun

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Abdun chakra

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shouldn't I be a grateful servant to Allah subhanaw taala one lie, and he has been revealed to me today. Woe to the one who does not ponder upon it in a fearful Chrissa now it will work at laffy Layli when all the way to the end of Allah

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Subhan Allah

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so Jaquan these are the nights of crying

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if these nights we don't cry,

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we have to see a doctor.

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Something is wrong really wrong. Allah here when

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I ask Allah azza wa jal to soften our hearts

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and ask ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala to purify our hearts in these blessed nights, make dua from your heart

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to your heart.

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Your Allah Allah bless me with a pure heart Allahumma zucchini colbyn Solomon Alcock kabhi Aloha Metoyer Calbee Mina NIFA What are Merli mineria Your Allah purify our hearts from hypocrisy

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and our actions from showing off

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most of our other are posted and blasted on social media we are desperate to show others what we are doing there's nothing left there's nothing left.

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There's nothing left that is private and sincere everybody knows everything.

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Yeah, when Allah he this is a different topic. But please, please have some mammal that no one knows about except Allah azza wa jal no one knows about except Allah subhanho wa Taala

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even if you cannot cry, try to cry get yourself used to crying.

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Ask Allah azza wa jal in the best of his name's ya Allah believe in Allah little yeah Allah Belinelli little alumna article covered I mean I know Dr. Bellamy alumna article club and I mean a nerdy I mean, along they are benign I mean, ALLAH forgive our parents yeah Allah Allah grant them the highest placing Jana yeah Allah guide our children yeah Allah Allah keep them steadfast on your deen ya Allah make our last deeds our best deeds and our last words La Ilaha illa Allah, Allah Allah and Muhammad Allah and He will Samia Jemaine Subhana, Colombo Hambrick, masha Allah, Allah, Allah and rest

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