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Saad Tasleem
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the causes of the "be conscious of the hereafter" and the "baAKing of the hereafter" message. It emphasizes the importance of being conscious of the "baAKing of the hereafter" message and not trying to be perfect in everything. The segment also touches on the "be glad of your blessings" message and encourages viewers to use their blessings for their own enjoyment and others to help others.
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu Welcome to tonight for our we have reflection Today we are covering sort of the causes verse number 77. In July data, what kind of data says websites have a female duck a LaHood that seek from that which Allah has given you by the means of that which Allah has given you, the home of the Hereafter, fearless pantallas telling us that we should use that which Allah has given us to earn Jenna to earn paradise, all the blessings, all the special things that Allah has given to us, we use those, oh have certain blessings, that last part of data has given to us and it may be things that Allah has given to us, but may not have given to other people

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or not many other people, for example, law has blessed some people with more money. So use your money, use your wealth, whether it be charity, or helping out those who are in need, and so on and so forth. use that money to attain agenda. Likewise there are other people who may have certain skills that Allah has blessed them with so here at law saying use those skills that Allah has blessed you use those skills to attain Jenna. So the idea here and this part of the idea is to be conscious of the aka be conscious of the hereafter and seek that hereafter in everything that we do. And then a Lost Planet. Allah says what I tend to not sleep I come in at dunya however, do not

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forget your portion of this life. Meaning working for the earth that I mean doesn't mean that you give up on this life that you don't pay attention to this life that you don't enjoy anything from this life. So the blessings that we have Moleskine Tada, we can use them for our own enjoyment as well. So law here saying Don't be extreme In this sense, Muslim is balanced in their approach, meaning they work for the athlete, and they work for this dunya as well. And you know, there's a very famous statement of in our model on the left that I, he said, work for the dunya as if you're going to live forever, and work for the hereafter as if you're going to die tomorrow, meaning excel

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in both don't give up one for the other. And this is usually an extreme approach that people take either they're fully into the dunya or they have given up they've given up on the dunya when they want to have nothing to do from dunya so it's almost like some people believe that any type of enjoyment of this life is how I'm it's impermissible. The last panel to Allah says what I said come I said I love you like and do good as a law has done good to you. Meaning do good towards other people. Just like Allah has done good to me and just has a lot has blessed you with these things. And we said yes, you can use them for your own enjoyment, but don't forget others as well. littlest

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pantalla says what our Wi Fi cell doesn't have and do not seek corruption upon land or upon Earth. Once again speaking about our blessings here. Now it was penalty Allah says do not use your blessings to spread corruption and immorality and sin on earth meaning Don't be the cause of sin. Meaning don't use your blessings for sin, whether it be money, whether it be time whether it be your skills, whether it be whatever Allah has blessed you with, make sure you don't spread corruption With your blessings. wahala you have been mercy Dean. Most certainly Allah does not like those who spread corruption or spread sinfulness is so amazing because in this short I law tells us how to

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lead our lives when it comes to the blessings of Allah subhanaw taala is a complete roadmap number one, use your blessings for the work for the essence number two spend on yourself you can enjoy from this life number three, help. Number three, help others as well with your blessings. And number four, do not use your blessings for sins. Pamela very amazing buyer was fantastic to help us lead our lives according to this I and the rest of the Quran. mean Allah to Allah until next time in sha

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Allah He

From the series ‘Tarawih Reflections’ on Snapchat.
In this lecture: Some reflections on Ayah 77 from Surat al-Qasas.

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