Bashar Shala – The Sahabah – Part 8

Bashar Shala
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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa Taala teslin ala Sayidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi

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Loma Linda and finally, finally Marlon Brando, Sydney, Guinea Arabella Ella Nina and

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Mr. hain, we continue to follow in our study of the life of coastal habitat. And today we have somewhat of a special session we will talk about the poet's of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Shara Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And before I speak of the Sahaba of the stars of our session today, sha Allah, let me talk a little bit about poetry. Why is that important? And why? Why are we dedicating your session for just the poets of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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poetry in Arabia and poetry for Arabs was an extremely important media and propaganda and and Information System. Poetry reached a great status in Arabia before Islam, what it was almost sacred, it has sanctity by the Arabs at that time, to the extent that they will choose for every year, a poem and posted and lukather and they will hang the post that poetry in the cabinet. And they call it the heart meaning the posted poetry. And they will be very picky about what they choose and how they choose their poetry. And another thing for the Arabs at that time, is they're very proud of their ability to master the language. Mastering the Arabic language for the Arabs was a point of

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pride, a point of honor, that they had competition, and they had poetry competition in the marketplace called soup or call. This marketplace was almost a fair, a great fair for Arabs where they come and do their they show their poetry and their shirts show their ability. And that's why it was a panel with the ally challenge them and their own

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point of strength. Like Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, you see the miracles that come to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam engineering. The miracle that came to Musa alayhis salam was a miracle of magic.

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When Alice punctata gave him the staff and you throw the staff and he will eat, it becomes a snake and that snake will eat the snakes of the sorcerer of the magicians, because the pharaohs and the Egyptians at that time, they excelled in that art of deception and magic, and Alyssa kuntala brought them real miracles that overcomes that. The Jews of Venezuela either of the people of Israel at the time of Esau Jesus for alayhis salam, they excelled in medicine, and curing diseases. And Allah subhanaw taala send the miracles to Isa, Allah, his Salah where he would heal the blind cube vitiligo cube diseases that are incurable today. And he would even would call the dead to come

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alive. And then the lesson, ascended the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Al Quran to challenge the Arabs for the point where they think that that's their greatest strength is the language of Arabic. Allah subhanaw taala said in Allah who called me out of via, we have revealed a Koran our the Arabic Quran, that is challenging. The Arabs is this are the words that you use every day yet you see how miraculous it is. And when one of their most important critic of language and well even then we all went to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to listen to these words he came back and he told the people of koi fish I have never heard such words. He said even that the Kela mihaela

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Hello, we're in la de La Paloma. Allahu

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Allah who were in the huya. yalu. La he said his words I have never seen I've never heard such words before. Speaking of the Koran, he said that the highest point of it is fruitful. And the lowest point of it is, is fertile. And this is so high and nothing can be higher than it and they filled the miracle of Quran because they knew the language of Arabic and poetry, among the

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Arab was a way of transmitting information and understanding what had what happens in the world. And also it was used to elevate people and to put people then they had the art of media, the art of praising through poetry. And one polen can elevate a family or a tribe to the highest of the high. And then one, they had also an art of any job of actually, this honoring people through poetry. And they use that in their wars, and their media wars. And there were a lot of talk. So when there's a physical Read between the two tribes, the poets of this tribe will come out and, and try to dishonor the other tribe with their poetry and increase the praise on their own tribe. And the other thing

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would happen on the, on the other team as well. So poetry was very, very powerful. And it was acknowledged that power of poetry in the

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complete chapter in the Quran is called sutra to Shara, the chapter of the poet's and in that Allah Subhana, Allah mentioned the poet's, and also mentioned the poet Allah subhanaw taala in a way that diminishes

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their influence, because Allah Subhana Allah says in Surah, Sha, Sha,

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the SHA, the poet's lead people astray, because they go in every Valley meaning if they go to a king, they will praise the king, regardless of what that kings faults are, because that's what they're paid to do. And then when they dishonor somebody in their poetry, they do it because they're paid to do that.

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And then they say things that they don't do, they, they brag about their bravery, which may not be true, but they had the power of the tongue to say it, but they don't have the power of the muscle to prove it. They talk the talk, but they don't walk the walk. And that's what Allah Subhana Allah is telling us about a Shara. But there are exceptions and a lot of hentai less said about the exceptions in the same verse of surah Shara of the verse of the poet, and we will come to that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam encouraged good poetry that serve Islam, that served our call to Allah subhana wa Taala. Allah sallallahu wasallam love to hear some of the poetry that had wisdom in

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it. And he said in Amina Sherry lechner, some of the poets some of the poetry has wisdom in it, and will send lots of money and send them would allow the poet's to come to his place and say their poetry in front of him. And he would sometime praise them for what they are saying. One of the famous poets that would come to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam is a lady poet and her name was Alan Sapp and her mentioned, we mentioned her during the Battle of Al qadisiya because she lost her four sons at one time at one day, and then finally sia and she said a hamdulillah Praise to Allah that honored me and Lizzie Shuttleworth. And he became that honored me with these children, because I

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could give all of them to Allah Subhana who at that, and the Prophet sallallahu wasallam would listen to her poetry and he would say easy, who knows? Go on hood * and he would that was her nickname. And she would say go on and tell me more. And he would listen to her. And even when cab events will be soon as a famous poet that he dedicated that man dedicated his poetry to fighting Islam for years upon years. And then he subhana wa became a Muslim, and he came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, very apologetic, but everything he said about the Prophet, and then he started saying poetry about Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam and it's a famous poem in Arabic

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started as done inside and below minutes. Bulu motoyama if raha Mitra Harlem, Justina kabu and he started praising the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the Prophet was so happy that he took his outer garments, and he put it on the shoulders of cab. And this poem is called as Buddha which is the name of the garment of the prophets of Allah Holly USL

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and Alfa prophets live the Prophet sallallahu wasallam received many poets and who allows them to say

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Poetry about about slant, and he will praise them, but to be called a poet of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was a different deal, the poet of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam only three poets. Now many people recited poetry for the prophets, but these people dedicated their poetry through the service of Allah Subhana Allah, Allah and His Prophet after they became Muslims, and they were Sahaba they were companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and they were the media outlets of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and the companions and those three are saddled with sabots Abdullah bin raha and capital blue Malik

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and inshallah we will be talking about all three poets, all three of them are on saw, all three of them are from the inside of the Medina and none of them is from kurush.

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The first and probably the most famous specially in Arabic literature is Hassan without his son without that he was 16. When the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam made he drove to El Medina. So he was already a an experienced, mature poet, and he was very well known as a famous poet before that. And when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam came to Medina, he became the soldier of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the way it happened is

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that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam started hearing these, this ugly poetry coming from Mecca from

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this honoring Islam and attacking Islam and talking about the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and accusing Muslims of all the evil and all the bad acts and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said to alonza

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he hit me up as soon as he had said, What is stopping those who, who supported Allah and His Prophet was their own sword to support them with their tongues meaning Can somebody answer them back then somebody took that to

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mean it's like having today the the similar to you? Are you having like all these channels on TV, and all of us moved here you know, it's clear channel or whatever, and and overflew papers, attacking Muslims, and some of the things in there one channel that can serve a slap isn't the one of the station that can prevent this one isn't. And then one newspaper that can say something good about Islam. And this is one of the prophets a lot to send them was asking the poet's this do and send stood up, he said, I can do this, that I see the law and the Prophet smile. And he said, Well, law he

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must be Santa. He said, nobody can say a better word between this law which is in a sham. And so now it is in Yemen, the entire Arabia today can nobody can tell me a better, better thing that that he will do it. And Hassan kept his promise. And from that day on, he was the poet of the Prophet. He was the media outlet for his lab. And he was defending one, one poem that would come from Mecca, they will see one coming out of Hassan from Medina and Arabs with hear of it. And then the middle of this, I mean, many Arabs, many of the Arabs, especially the people of the desert, the nomads, that was their life, is to memorize poetry and to, to go with the poetry one from one place to another,

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even when it came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And the Prophet was telling him that a photocopy so for Luca, Luca, Luca and Luca, and the men would always have a throne always get confused. He just could not memorize the first of all that how it works. Then if I had the kingdom and he said, Come, let me tell you this poem, remind. And he said in the salata out of bounds out of battle,

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battle and federal faith in any language now, he gave him

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this, I will say, No, that's so easy.

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And he couldn't forget it. So for them poetry was very close to their heart.

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Oh, he just told the soul is protocol by photocard. And he just put it in rhyming. That's all it did. He just put it in rhyming. So the amendment remember that like that, he said, Sol is four by four then three and then followed by four. And then the federal is only to work on you cannot make Jamaica you cannot play Jamaica for the federal. He said, Man, this is so easy. I I can't remember this. So Pamela so poetry was a powerful tool. And that's what has said without it with did one thing that is known about sustainable Sabbath he was 60 already, and people are those of 60 they still carry Jihad with the Prophet sallallahu. He was similar, but his son was not a man. Full

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He did not he was not a mental fitness he lived his life as a poet and poets, good poets in Arabia, they were always very rich people. They're always people. honor them for two reasons. Either they, they're generous with them because they say something good about them, or the generous with them because they're afraid they will say something bad about them. They would always take care of the poets. Always the poets were treated very, very good. So Hassan was not a fighter, and he would not carry weapons and fighting but Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam would always say Hassan make jihad in his tongue. He were brutal Jihad and his tongue. And that's how he's making the jihad.

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One of the things that happened during the life of Hassan bin sabots and we know that the the incident of

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the force the false accusation of a shadow, the Allahu Ana, when the wind blew, they started spreading the rumor about it shall be Allahu Allah. And three people got involved of the good Sahaba people of taqwa, people of piety, and they are Mr. Sasa, who is a man of

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his injury, and have never been to judge who is the sister of Zane of them to get away with the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And his sad, they spoke, they mentioned the care of the news, that this is what happened. And the punishment came in Islam that they should be punished for what they said and said was one of the people that was punished for what he said. And he would honor Ayesha. From that day on till the day he died. And then he started saying poetry praising the honor and and the dignity of Arusha he would say, Hassan Roseanne, and at that time, what was your homie laughing, he said, she is an honorable woman, he would, he could not forgive to himself, even ALLAH forgive them,

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once he had that punishment, they are the good Sahaba and that's it, he could not forgive himself and continue all his life, praising the wife of the Prophet sallallahu I send them the mother of the believers.

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the poetry of Hassan was was dedicated his specialty was defending Muslims, so he would wait and listen to the what is coming out, trying to to disfigure the Islamic

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picture on Arabia, and he would reply to that and he would rebuttal against that, and and say the truth and his poetry.

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And one of his poetry is also to praise the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam Salah, and he would say about the Prophet one of his poems, maybe one bad day sin will threaten me nervously well outside of the sort of bedroom for MC Raj and we'll send you an idea of who Camilla has Saku Hannah do what I'm gonna run wabasha Rajan nothing. Why lemon and Islam for la hoonah dou y en de la tierra Viva Holly Valley karma and mark to financee a shadow. He would say that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in this poem, he said he came to us, and we were, we were in despair. We were in ignorance. And it's been long since Allah Subhana Allah sent guidance, it says, Isa Ali Salaam to

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earth, and I those were worshipped on earth. And then he came as a light. And he lowered the way for us. And like the the shine like the sword shines in the battle, and he ruined that self, the Hellfire, and he gave us the glad tidings of paradise. And he taught us Islam and Allah subhanaw taala that we praise and I will continue to worship Allah Subhana Allah as long as I live. And then when the prophets Allah Holly you send them past and died Salalah how to send them Hassan. He would say his poem, crying the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and being sent the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, one of the things that Sam was very intelligent with, and very smart shooting the

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shrewdness of this poet. Now Carlos comes and sings poetry against Muslims. Now if Hassan sins poetry against Christ, for the Prophet is from coy. So he cannot say bad things about the tribe of Christ. So he will take courage and not talk about the tribe as a whole, because many of all the Maha Joon, all the emigrants of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam are from Christ, and he attacks certain people, and he would attack traits and deeds and acts that acts that Christ would do and he would show them that it's not about who you are, and where are you from? It is about what you do and how you act and how you love Allah Subhana with that,

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and then set up this habit live let some people say

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At least 30 years after Hydra, he survived the prophets Allah, Allah Allah He will send them although he was 10 years older than the Prophet sallallahu wasallam everybody agrees he died, he was over 100 years old. And in some he was 120. They said he lived 60 years before 160 years after Hendra, everybody agrees that he died in omega dynasty during the Romania dynasty. So he lived a very long life of the Allahu Akbar.

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The second part of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi. wasallam is Abdullah blah, blah, blah, ha. We have mentioned that a lot many times. Well, the law and but some of the most important traits of have the one that all I have, although he was a great poet, and the Prophet scillonian silan himself would praise him for his poetry, but he was a Muslim who died. He was a fighter. He was a commander for the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, blah, blah ha, goes back to the first he's an unsolved, he's from Medina. But his his time goes back to the very first day of October, when there are only 12 people that gave the approach to the village to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. One of them was

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Abdullah Abdullah and at that time, came back after that with the second day alfalfa again with there were 72 of the unsought and give the pledge again to the prophets Allah Maha to send them so he was one of the Sahaba that were in two VEDA and the first day of avocados is called the pledge of women. And the second they are sakoda which is called the greatest of the greater they are of alpha tilaka and Cobra

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bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla How was a, a learned man he used to write and read, he knew he was not illiterate. Most Arabia at that time, was illiterate, who would levy basophil

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masuleh newhome Allah subhanaw taala sin among the illiterate prophet among them. So it's an enemies that most Arabia was illiterate, the very few people knew how to write and read, especially among the Sahaba and the writers of the way we're only few of them. And I believed that while I was a writer, and that was also an advantage, and he was an excellent poet, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when he was digging the 100 up, he heard that blah blah, saying a very famous poet, and enticing people to work harder during the battle during the the beginning of the hung up in the battle. And Abdullah was, was reciting was was chanting, Yamaha. Malala and Samantha Dana,

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Allah Azza wa sallam Alena for n Zealand's second attempt, Elena was a beaten up damn hyena in the LA vena cava Elena, we're in our Ibu fitness and Vayner for colarusso lasallian Salem, Dana, Dana, and also Las Vegas and I'm so excited after him what he what he was saying, I believe, he said, Oh Allah, if it's not for you, we would not be guided or our life it's not for you, we would not give in charity or to stand in prayer or a lot. Please send the tranquility over us and fasten us and give us the steadfastness passiveness. When we meet our enemy, those who transgressed upon us if they want to turn us from our religion, we will not obey them. And also salatu salam saying, We will

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not obey them, we will not obey them, we have been a pain and he will recycle our beloved Aloha and would smile. And then the verse came into that sharra and he heard that Allah Subhana Allah said, A Shahada, dahulu Allah tala. And

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if I do that, this Allah subhanaw taala is will has revealed a verse against the poet so he can run into the pockets on the line. He was selling them was I doing anything wrong? I am a poet. Should I stop? And then when he got there, he heard the rest of it levena Avenue was solid. It was a quarter Maha kathira. One pasar owning daddy Malema except those who are a believer, except the believers and this this words that Allah Allah revealed against the poet's is a big exception that does have the leaf in their heart, and they act with a Sati hat with the beads. Well that covers a lot and they mentioned a lot and then words and in their poetry. I mean, many of these poets spread Islam

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and their poets and poetry when pasado been badly Navajo and they also take take the the revenge for themselves because people attack them, then they have to attack back they have to respond not not necessarily attacking but these defending what they believe in, in the same way they are being attacked and they have poetry and that puts the mind of a blah blah blah

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Peace and he continues to deploy his poetry in the service of Islam, Abdullayev and law How was he put not only his poetry to Islam, but he also put his sword to the service of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam, he wasn't, he wasn't, he wasn't 100 up, he was an idea. And he was in a high bar. And he would he would have most of brothers and sisters, most of the poetry that you hear during the battle, or by Abdullah and at all he had this talent of saying easy poetry that people can say and and just get the enthusiasm through them something that is easy to say, during the heat of battle, you would fight and during his fighting, he would say poetry. And that would just give a lot of

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morale to the soldiers that understood that and they would go and chant with him for this poetry, he would say hello to Faraj and sebelah Hello, piracy Rasulullah Leave him alone, leave the Prophet of Allah, Allah He is indeed butcher all the good. And that is one of the translation of the the poetry that he would say during the battle.

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After all this battles are heard and cleaned up and hobo and before that, and today, he was one of the people that gave the pledge to Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam, under the tree. So he made he was in three major three pledges in Islam, and hula, and after the second year,

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and the three pledges of Allah subhana wa tada mostly the last one, the last one Thailand and blessed and promised paradise for those who were in it. And that was Abdullah Ha ha, he was one of the people there.

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When Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam sent him in an expedition.

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Send them in a very important expedition

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to design him send a small army for around 3000 people to go and scout the northern borders of Arabia. And on that, on the top of that army, the commander of the army was a different hat. He was the Beloved of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and at one time before Islam his adopted son, Xavier had ether,

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who was no loss of loss Allah La honey he was saying that he gave him the leadership but then Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam said in put it as aid and say this killed, then give a banner to Jaffa. Jaffa be part of the cousin of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam then said if Jaffa is killed, then give the banner to Abdullah blah, give it to our poet to our Sahabi today, and he sent them and he sent a new Muslim with them highly worried who just joined the the Muslim oma and he sent them with this fin Khalid with this arm. And as this army goes out, and they are scouting, the Byzantines has gathered 200,000 fighters to find this expedition that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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has sent and he's and they can't come near a village called water called water. And they started gathering and they started discussing what are we going to do? This is not what we came for. We didn't come to fight 200,000 people. So most send them send us on a specific mission to the scout. And and to

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deal with the tribes in northern Arabia, but not to fight a professional big Byzantine army. And when Abdullah has stood up and he said, yo, all my people, my my companions, and now we're lucky men are possible. Agia Anna de added we don't fight our enemy, with our numbers.

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Not with our strength. We don't fight them with what we have Mankato in that we had the dean and let the Chroma mama who will only fight them with this faith that Allah subhanaw taala gave us from polio, let's go in and sustain it's only one of two good things in the Shahada. Why men muscle, it's even martyrdom and paradise on it is victory to Allah subhana wa Tada. So what are we afraid of? And then the Muslim in the Muslim said, Southern Allah when Allah Allah has has just said the truth. And then the battle started and the first commander died, they didn't have ether. There'll be a lot one. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was in Medina on his direct angelic satellite with

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jabril telling him what is going on. And he's telling the Muslims what is going on in WhatsApp, and he said sakata z. Zed has fallen. And then he said that Riot a Jaffa Jaffa took the banner. And Jaffer started fighting

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Then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said sakata Jaffa Jaffa has stolen.

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That who's the third in command? I'm delighted that Allah sitting in this heat of the battle, and then a beloved wants to take the banner and he felt that his lunasol hesitated just a little bit. And then he said the final poets, the final poems

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of his of his life, and he said, accent the NFC Latin Zealander

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in Miami, arquitecto human Jenna. He said, Oh my soul, I swear on panuku we will take that banner, you will take it away, I will force you to take it stuck into his own self. Why do you hate Jenna? He said, What are you afraid off? To take the banner and be killed? It is agenda that he took the better the better. And he started finding and he was saying more poetry. And he said when

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he had the Hema multiculturality or mathema native code or footie in tactilely fear lahoma who booty he said oh my soul, if you don't get killed today, you will die. This happens to all of us. So what are you gonna? This is something ordained by Allah Subhana Allah

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tele MLT. However,

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at this his death is clear. He could see it with his own eyes. He has arrived. Well, America Thurman at 80 and what you have been wishing for all your life, the Shahada, the martyrdom Allah has given you.

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So where are you sad about? And then he said he looked at the bodies of his two companions to Zaid and Jafar and he said in tactilely, lahoma, will duty if you do have these people that you will be guided, you will be guided to the right deed. And he continued to fight and storming smoother Byzantine army, and then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Patil, Abdullah, he shahidan Abdullah has killed in Medina, and then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, cut the rufio in a year him Gentlemen, I see them to now now in Paradise, he saw them immediately the transmission continued from the battle ground battlefield to paradise. And you've been so far flying an agenda.

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Jafar Ibn, even a retired and he Jafar is known as a yacht the flying Jaffa Why is he called the flying Jaffa? Because he was seen during the Battle of foot that flying an agenda already right after he received martyrdom. So Allah subhanho wa ala nabina Cocina de la belle and Darren pmqs aku farheena de la homophobe, my way stepchildren Adelaide in lm Jacobi him calpheon Allah, Allah, Allah Allah has no don't think that those who are killed in the way of Allah subhanho wa Taala are dead, they are alive

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with a loss of Hannah with the Allah give them the bounty in Paradise, and they are happy and they again glad tidings for those behind them, that there is no fear and there is no sadness where they are.

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And that was the second poet of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that was Abdullah

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the last session the last section of today's session inshallah we speak of the third poet of the Prophet sallallahu USM please speak of cab. cab openelec caribou Malik,

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he is also from alongside all three of them are people are onside

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and cannot be Malik, one for the prophets Allah Allah Allah you are sending them to Mecca.

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On the second day of Alibaba, he became a Muslim after the first VEDA, and he went to the with the pledge to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in battle occurred and Cobra and the greatest fear of death. And in there, there was only 72 men and two women 72 men and two women, given the pledge to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and kab was always proud of that. He said will lie to me this is just as better. To me this pledge is just as better this is so special, that we are the first to give data to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam that we will protect Islam. And if Islam comes to Medina, we will fight for Islam. No, the first day I didn't have any protection. sighs what's

00:34:44 --> 00:34:59

called the I didn't the sap not to belittle the the value of women are the station of women. But the day I was on the conditions given to women, usually you shall not steal, you will obey the Prophet you will believe in a law and Oh, that was that lockable.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:44

The second day I said you will protect a lot and you will protect the profits of the lohani. He was sending them in Medina. And Cabo nomadic was one of the one of the delegates, that was in that beta. And the Prophet sallallahu wasallam was being was being introduced to them, one after the other, one after the other, this is the, this is said of Nevada, this is etc. And then he came in, they said, this is cavapoo Malik. And the Prophet looked at him, he said, A Shire, the poet and COVID said, I was never proud, like when he recognized me as a poet, he said, as Shire Yes, I am the poet, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was so happy with him as if like you know, channel five became a Muslim

00:35:44 --> 00:36:13

channel you know that that's what that's what the the, the importance of such event the Prophet says Shyam and cab smile he said yes, I am the book. I'm the poets. I am the port on the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was very happy with him. And and Kat said this was more more, much more valuable to me than anywhere else. I could get that day that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam looted me and recognized me as the poet.

00:36:14 --> 00:36:55

And the second year of the draft of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was in Medina, there was the Battle of better, but I believe the Battle of VEDA was not a battle that the Prophet tolani was sending them as all Muslims to come. It was not a state where all Muslims should go to jihad. He was to go after the caravan of Abu Sofia and Kev didn't participate in that battle because it was not Rasul Allah listen and blame nobody that did not participate in the Battle of Feder. But he was burning to participate. And the second battle when when a hurricane and he went with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in a hot

00:36:56 --> 00:37:44

and abusive Lan, send a poem to Muslims. And listen, especially the unfought telling them that we needed to come because we know I wish like the the army of young believers came to me Medina was just north of Medina. And he said, You on saw you live the Prophet alone, and you leave us to take care of our cousin. This is a war between us and our cousins. You have nothing to do with it. He's trying to live the answer, not fight for the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he said the news, he said we will not harm you and we will not take any move from El Medina. We will leave you alone if you let us fight the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, then khabib numatic answer that

00:37:44 --> 00:37:54

and he said a blood vessel and called a balena. The ama they move on to the law he saw through them see how Bina and sakeena

00:37:56 --> 00:38:43

kulana Antonio Babu Mecca Fallon and namaqua Rubina, about vumoo, Lamanna and Medina today. He sent out lucienne 53 sections of poetry to answer him is a philosophy that we have a light that came with Mohammed Saleh Ali who ascended from Allah to guide us tell Abu Sufyan, don't try to separate us and this unite us and go do whatever you want to do. gather as many armies as you want, and come and let you know that we have given him a pledge. See bad luck of the Fannia we gave him lots of money and send them a pledge. And those who gave the pledge will never break their promises to the Prophet Salalah hottie he listened.

00:38:44 --> 00:39:28

And that was how he answered I was a fan of his poetry. So he deployed his poetry, and not only kept answering Abu Sofia, the unsolved who have even the slightest thought that well, this may be a battle between correlation and correlation. When they hear this poetry they understand. It's not about that. It's about to do that. So that guidance from Allah subhana wa Taala. It's about rejecting the law and His Prophet if we don't support the Prophet, it's not. It's not acceptable to be on this side. When it's something that is that pertains to last kind of Allah and the protection of Islam. And then the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. before the battle, he gave one of the shields to

00:39:28 --> 00:39:59

cabinet pneumatic to wear it. And that was a point of great pride to backcap in magic. We know what happened in the hood, and how the Muslim the arches of Muslims disobeyed the orders of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and victory for Muslims turn around, and harlot came around the army and the Muslim army was caught between the cavalry of Highlands and the rest of them shake army and chaos happened and the Muslims among the Muslims and there's plenty out

00:40:00 --> 00:40:46

The man who came to work to kill the prophets, Allah to send them saw Mossad in Romania, and Musab was very handsome. And he thought he was also lost a lot he sent him he killed was out of the lung and, and then he started shouting and hollering, he said to Mohammed and more of them, can I kill, kill Mohammed. So net chaos, many Muslim thought that the Prophet was that was that Prophet was killed. And then, Kava Malik was looking around and he saw eyes all he saw from the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was his eyes and the Prophet sallallahu ala. And he started saying, he said, Yeah, I'm not sure. I'm sure you have that assume the law. This is a civil law. This is also law. And he

00:40:46 --> 00:41:33

This was his happiness started shouting and, and just uncontrollably. And the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said don't say anything, because they said it was trying to recruit the Muslim army. And he doesn't want to attract the missionary. So so so he can be deceived. And so CAD started and that this heavy, said, Man, Kisha finance, when people were in chaos on the day of a war. I'm an alpha rasulillah. I was the first one to recognize who was on the line he was selling while the sharks would be in it. And so he and I give the news to the moment that he is alive and he is well, and on the end and the last day of our heads. He had 17 cuts on him. He had 17 runes and his body called

00:41:33 --> 00:41:36

the Aloha Capricorn. It dried off. He said, eating

00:41:38 --> 00:42:21

everything she had wizardry it when she had a zucchini By the way, Chef Massoud knows he's one of the teachers of Imam Malik. So this is narrated. This Hadith is noted on urban she had he said Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam Yama had an aliveness in the other city and for that nobody knew that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was alive, except six people on that day as available, Allah will have not obeyed the law. Why? We remember when we studied their life, they were like next to the prophets of Allah. He was in them defending the Prophet, and Paul has right hand was paralyzed. That day was God during the day of us were saddled with a cost side who is far defending the Prophet sallallahu

00:42:21 --> 00:42:40

wasallam with his archery with his skills in archery, well cab rheumatic and cab oven Malik this thought around the Prophet sallallahu Sallam well, Buddha Jana, a Buddha Jana, the guy with the red bandana that was fight with the sword of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam didn't have a knife for Salah.

00:42:45 --> 00:43:28

And then after the battle, cab oven Malik he also gave some beautiful poetry and mostly in in remembering Kansa and remembering the line of Allah Subhana Allah with Allah Hamza probably Allah and he said Becca tiny, hollow hub. familia de Vaca Wallah. We do is a de la Eva data call handset. The como Raja bucatini he said my eyes would cry and it has the right to cry but crying does not help. When the Lion of Allah subhana wa tada has fallen. When they said that this is Hamza. This is the man who was killed on the Battle of

00:43:29 --> 00:43:39

when after that. He participated with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the desert in mobiele. Benny Nabila where a prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

00:43:40 --> 00:44:17

expelled the the people of bettinardi of the Jews offending the Lula from the dean after their treachery. Because what happened after I heard the the people from Nadia felt weakness, felt that the Muslims are weaker, they have been defeated in this battle. And they started connecting with them when ethylene was a hypocrite. And they started revealing their animal enmity and animosity towards the Muslims. And they started working with the mushrik with the non believers and trying to gather more armies to come to Medina so they can get rid of the Muslims and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

00:44:18 --> 00:45:00

And then the last straw that that caused the Battle of another as we remember from the studying of the Ceylon sha Allah, that they tried to assassinate the prophets of Allah Holly, you were saying that they had an assassination attempt against the life of the Prophet sallallahu he was similar that Allah subhanho wa Taala scored for them. And in their Allah Subhana Allah decreed that they should be expelled from Medina and the verses of Surah 10 Heschel was revealed and I believe no I best of the Allahu I knew that he would say don't call it secret and Hesher Cool, let's call it sooner than malviya so the suit of Benny Melville because it was all revealed for

00:45:00 --> 00:45:01

That particular occasion

00:45:02 --> 00:45:13

and rim in Alaska, also Abdul Malik participated in that battle and he fought well with the Muslims during the Battle of Alaska.

00:45:14 --> 00:45:18

And then Allah subhana wa tada defeated himself

00:45:20 --> 00:45:52

then comes the issue and the event that really brings the name of problematic to history. And most of us know that cabin nomadic is the poet of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam that he's really more known for this coming event because he was mentioned in the Quran. Because of that events along with two other of the Sahaba. And what happened, it's in the year of hardship. That Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam decided to lead an army north to fight disowned him.

00:45:53 --> 00:46:37

The danger that he felt on the northern border of Arabia, that the Byzantine are trying to collect armies and trying to, to entice the Arab tribes in northern Arabia to come and fight against the Muslims. Because they felt that threat coming from the Islam and the Muslims from from the desert. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam decided to gather an army, and it was the hottest time of the year. And hottest time of the year in Arabia is very hot time of the year. I mean, it's even hotter than it is here in Memphis, if you can even believe that. And Subhan Allah because there it's a dry and hot, but also at the same time, it was not a good time for the people of Medina to leave,

00:46:37 --> 00:47:00

because that is a time for harvest For most of them that Date Farmers. And that is the time where you actually harvest date. So they wanted to make sure that their crops are well taken care of. Yet the Prophet sallallahu wasallam gave the orders for the Muslim army to get ready in that hard year. And in that tough time to move on.

00:47:02 --> 00:47:22

And here's the story narrated in both. I was Muslim, Elsa. Hey, go hottie by Cabot nomadic himself, one of the most beautiful stories of how can a Muslim make a mistake, even with a lot of piety, and then what repentance is all about.

00:47:24 --> 00:47:33

The authority of both an Bukhari and Muslim as his narrative on the narration of cab nomadic. He said

00:47:34 --> 00:47:39

Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he was working in the field as

00:47:43 --> 00:47:46

well, I'm assuming why salani was lm

00:47:47 --> 00:48:01

fana in the Maharaja Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam one Muslim, una de Gemma Allah de na mobile, him Allah viremia he starts the story by the introduction that I have not.

00:48:03 --> 00:48:29

I would leave a left behind on any of the battles I have not stood back from any of the Battle of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam except in temple. And in better but better was not a planned battle. It was when the Muslims went out to get the caravan as we said. And then he said when he hit to Mar Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam Lima tilaka Hinata was an Islam Mama.

00:48:32 --> 00:48:52

Why in Canada Do you mean he said but also he's trying to tell that he is has an advantage in Islam. He said I was in the law cover with the prophets a lot he was in that and I just think that this just as good as better of a beggar is more famous among among the people.

00:48:53 --> 00:48:54

And then he said the academy

00:48:55 --> 00:49:08

and then tell you the story. He said how it happened. But he was really nice Allah lolly us Allah peekaboo emila kokako Aqua aissami Hina

00:49:09 --> 00:49:18

calabaza I was never stronger and wealthier. When I stood behind the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said blah, blah,

00:49:21 --> 00:49:38

blah. He said, I never had two lights, meaning a camel for horses or two camels until that time. I was very wealthy. At that time, I was doing very well. And I was very healthy. He's is trying to tell people I had no excuse whatsoever. And then he said one of your commercial was

00:49:41 --> 00:49:47

when the Prophet sallallahu wasallam wants to go out on an expedition or a battle. He would always

00:49:48 --> 00:49:59

camouflage that in a way he would not tell when he's going. So those spies and Scouts of the enemy would not know where the Muslim army is going to hit except that one

00:50:00 --> 00:50:03

He said except for that one, because the prophets a lot of them was

00:50:04 --> 00:50:30

he had mentioned he was stuck bellezza fallen by either because that one also lost himself where he was going. Because it was very hot. It was in a very hot time of the year. And it was a long journey. It was almost more than about 1000 miles. That's a really one way. There's really a long way to go. And the heat of the summer walking and riding on a horse or camel.

00:50:31 --> 00:50:48

Well, I do one kathira and the enemies is plentiful in that in that remember motor where I belong, the VA had died 200,000 fighters and so the enemy can be so fancy down there they can be so enormous number of them agenda misdemeanor.

00:50:50 --> 00:51:12

So masayoshi son gave the Muslim and revealed his destination so people can get ready for a big theory. And then he said, Well, Muslim Rasulullah he got here. And in that battle Muslims were so many of the prophets. Alani was now regimental home keytab. And half of you can't write their name on on paper. I mean, he said, there's just so many of them

00:51:14 --> 00:51:15

are German

00:51:17 --> 00:51:29

delicacy a fella, he said, everybody that did not want to go thought that, you know, there's so many people, and that we will really, nobody will feel my absence, nobody will feel that I am behind.

00:51:31 --> 00:51:47

Assume in law Hina fall back to Florida villa. Li Hassan, he said, When Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam went out, it was time for harvest, and the fruits are ready. And I loved just to stay a little behind to take care of that to take care of the crops.

00:51:48 --> 00:52:07

So the lion was thinking, the prophet was ready, the Muslims were ready. And I would go back and forth. And I don't get ready and I walk through the feed FC I say, I know. I can do it anytime. Is there still time he was procrastinating. He was delayed upon a lot. That's how how shaitan works.

00:52:09 --> 00:52:47

On give now, you know, you just you know you give next fundraiser, you know, don't do it now. You can do it later this third time. And he would say I will just delay things and I said I can do it like this because he's healthy and wealthy. And then he said until they left they left Medina waterfall formulas. And they then they were behind for him to an author him and I decided where I really should leave and then why I liked him. He said I wish I did even late, even late I wish I followed them. But I didn't do it. I procrastinated and I did not do it.

00:52:48 --> 00:52:50

And then he said when I was in living in a

00:52:51 --> 00:52:57

rush to finance when I go around Medina after the prophets a lot to send them and the Muslim army left

00:52:58 --> 00:53:00

me I would feel sad. Now.

00:53:01 --> 00:53:05

I don't see any buddy except a Manasa. In

00:53:06 --> 00:53:07

the fall.

00:53:08 --> 00:53:21

Allah is a somebody with a handicap ornament. He said those were my peers. This was the ones that I was left every good Muslim, left with the prophets alive. He's a good listener. He said

00:53:22 --> 00:53:49

I'm a healthy Muslim, I can go and he's not approve Muslim because we know that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam turned down people they called the one mover I you know, it was about this battle that they didn't have arrived. And the Prophet said you can't go with us. It's too much. So the poor people the handicapped and unethically. This was the only three people that are left in Medina. And then he said one of us kurmi Rasulullah

00:53:51 --> 00:54:42

sallallahu wasallam reached the root. And then he said masala kaboo Malik, where is koubou Malik. And then one of the people around him, he said, and from the family of caberg demotic he said Yasuo la cabeza, who Buddha Theosophy This is a figure of speech, he said he just stayed behind to Rome his clothes and to admire his beauty, like women. Okay, that's what he's trying to say. He just I thought I'd look through Theosophy and then Kevin is one of the great Sahaba he said, but somehow that's not the right thing to say about cat. Oh, la hora de la la la la la jolla. This is the example of a Muslim Yes, it is one of those things that he said well, I also will la we know nothing

00:54:42 --> 00:54:47

except good about Cat Cat is not a Manasa and cat is not a coward.

00:54:49 --> 00:54:52

And then second thought assume a lot. The Prophet did not say anything.

00:54:53 --> 00:54:59

And then they also lost his cell and came back to Medina and God said Helena De La Nina Rasulullah sallallahu is

00:55:00 --> 00:55:22

Put the word Jehovah on me. When the Prophet came back I felt the weight I felt the guilt, the heaviness the weight of that what I did for the hook to the curriculum I started preparing my lies what I'm going to sell for so masala started preparing the live preparing what I'm going to tell him

00:55:25 --> 00:55:30

what I'm going to say so he doesn't get mad with me doesn't get angry with me. But so Russell

00:55:32 --> 00:55:56

and I start asking people from my family What should I tell us? What can I How can I give an excuse that masala Mohali usnm. Then they told me that the Prophet reached Medina, he said felon nocellara Salama polycarbon when the Summa ceylonese alexandrian bothand. All those false hood all these slides, excuses. I just couldn't do it. I could not remember

00:55:58 --> 00:55:58

what to

00:56:00 --> 00:56:41

say, I will not get away with a lie was the Messenger of Allah subhana wa at that edge not to Southern Sitka I can I confirm that I will tell him the truth is about how Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam parliament, he came in the morning and when you sell them, comes to Medina, the first thing he comes is not his house. It goes to demonstrate, that is the synagogue the Prophet sallallahu sallam. When he comes to the city, the first thing he does is he goes to the masjid and he prays to the cat and then Miss Jett thanking us pennyworth Allah for for bringing him he said, so he went to the masjid and he sat in the masjid and people started coming to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam.

00:56:42 --> 00:56:42


00:56:45 --> 00:57:21

those who lived behind and stayed behind, they started coming into the room. They start telling us stories and excuses were lahia Rasulullah wasn't feeling well. Ally era Summa Laude my wife was sick. Well, I also have a lot of my horse was sick when it started coming up with all kinds of excuses. Well, can you do that and let them an email don't do that. They were more than 80% of them. For cobalamin hombre sobre la linea de Haan Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam would accept the excuses they given him but we will see how Allah subhanaw taala did not accept that.

00:57:22 --> 00:57:56

Let's start for Allah home and he would ask a lot for forgiveness for them. Well, well tell us about your homie Lola. He said your intention with Allah subhanho wa Taala. And then I came it was my turn to come and tell my excuse to Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And then when I sat down to listen for a solar cell and gave me an angry smile, that smile real Bob, this is what he said. He gave me an angry smile. Excuse me, I can't do it. He said, and then he said, Todd, come come here. He said malefic Why did you stay behind? And then thank God it

00:57:57 --> 00:58:00

didn't you bought your horse your ride

00:58:01 --> 00:58:14

and then have said that IRS law law in the Los Angeles to in the diary come in handy dunia if I was with anybody else, from the people of this earth that are nice.

00:58:16 --> 00:58:21

I would say that I will give them an excuse. And I will get away with it. I will get away with it.

00:58:22 --> 00:58:40

Gentlemen, Allah subhanaw taala gave me a good chunk. I mean, he's a poet. He knows how to speak. He's not tight on time. He said to gentleman I know how to talk I know how to do to do a convincing talk. But I can do a law but I know a lot. Naka dive into lane

00:58:41 --> 00:58:42

hadn't ever been

00:58:43 --> 00:58:58

there. Maybe she can the law and you slip aka alley, I tell you something, and you're pleased with me alive, that will make you pleased with me today. A loss of Hannah with Allah will be angry with me. And you will be angry with me later on.

00:59:00 --> 00:59:43

But if I tell the truth, that you do see ally you will not be happy with me from up here for Allah. But I asked the forgiveness of Allah. Now ally mckennan like I did not have any excuse. He knew that Oh, Val said well, why I have no excuse. And never so was a lot of insulin turned into Sahaba and he said and mahadasha forgot sadhak but this one is telling the truth. There's 80 persons 80 people down and come in with all kinds of stories. And so was a lot of the seller knows that they're lying. But he never told any of them that you are telling me a story. I mean, a lot of them I was telling him who's to formula, but he said you are true. This one is telling the truth.

00:59:46 --> 00:59:51

The Allahu fique get up until Allah Subhana Allah gives his judgment in you.

00:59:52 --> 00:59:55

Should we continue or break for

00:59:57 --> 00:59:58


00:59:59 --> 00:59:59

So I apologize.

01:00:00 --> 01:00:01

Maybe inshallah five minutes.

01:00:02 --> 01:00:05

And then his family is that okay, check this out.

01:00:06 --> 01:00:16

The family of Benny selama, the clan of cabin Malik. They came he said, What did you just do? What did you just do? How did you say that? They said the Mahima

01:00:19 --> 01:00:43

never seen before this. We don't know that you have did anything wrong before this? I just a few minutes ago, I know Rasulullah Did you not? Can you just give him an excuse to Russell Lawson. Amani was in the kanak Africa then because the farmer rasulillah? Didn't you hear the Prophet sallallahu wasallam asking forgiveness for them. That's enough. Just give him an excuse in his last forgiveness for you. And then the story it's over.

01:00:45 --> 01:00:56

And then he said they continued and they said until I doubted Why did I do that? Why did I say the three philosophical ideas and love and then we asked him luckily I had I had was anybody else.

01:00:57 --> 01:01:11

Did anybody else say that but also lost a lot of us and then he said yes. There are two people that were not so smart like you and they tell the truth. That also lost a lot. He said that. They said the two people that said what you said and said Who are they? They said

01:01:13 --> 01:01:55

Lumia maratea. He said Roger Laney Farley Haney mean any better there are two people write to us from the people of better, he said then this is the right thing as the righteous people, the people who are selling this, then that is the right position to take. Then the punishment came was the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. Now, he said nobody talks to them to these three caribou Malik murghab Moreau de la Lumia these three people nobody can communicate with them, nobody can talk, complete social embargo against nobody can sell from them. Nobody can give them anything. Nobody can talk to these people.

01:01:56 --> 01:01:57

And then he said we're

01:01:58 --> 01:02:06

gonna bananas people started avoiding us with the ruling and they're changing their position their communication with us.

01:02:07 --> 01:02:14

Currently, Lee let's see, even this whole life this earth became so tight and change with me.

01:02:16 --> 01:02:19

It's not the life that I know. Well, at least now.

01:02:21 --> 01:02:25

We started 50 nights on that situation.

01:02:26 --> 01:02:27

And then we said

01:02:31 --> 01:02:45

that the other two Hillel Romania, Morocco, he said they stayed in that house is crying or that they wouldn't get out shamed, embarrassed, that they're being punished by the prophet sallallahu Sallam Allah was pantalla he said Emma Anna, I was.

01:02:47 --> 01:02:54

I was the youngest and the strongest, and I couldn't stay at home. But Allah, I would go out for the Salah.

01:02:57 --> 01:03:15

I would go to the marketplace, I would come to the masjid and nobody will talk to me. Nobody will speak to me. Well, as you know Sumo laughs I'll send him a link. He was trying to give salon so maybe I would give him a salon back. He said then I would look at his lips to say Is he really given me the salon back and I couldn't. I couldn't hear anything.

01:03:17 --> 01:03:37

And then he said, Hey, Paula. This is took so long, and I went to my cousin Abu Qatada. patata is one of the great for hava and he said and I went to his orchard and I came to him was a limb to LA for like modern dining is Salah I gave Salaam to Abu Qatada bukata didn't even give me the salon back. And I said, Yeah, that

01:03:40 --> 01:03:40


01:03:43 --> 01:03:50

My cousin you know me, do you know that I love online His Messenger for a second didn't answer him. So why

01:03:52 --> 01:04:11

don't you know that I love his messenger and he would not answer him that and he said I kept repeating and then he finally said, Allahu Allah. Allah knows if you love him. He is feeling this, this heavy, that even his cousin, he said, Allah knows if you love him. He didn't even look online enough to go with the army.

01:04:12 --> 01:04:27

And he started getting set for fall back. And I started crying. He broke down. He said with Whitney and I left I left his orchard. When the test got even harder. He said no, but two women and a sham. And then from a sham. There were Christians at that time, came to me

01:04:28 --> 01:04:55

and he came to Medina, he said, Where is koubou Malik. And then the people guide into cobbled nomadic for Delphi, seven in Melaka. San, he gave me a letter from the king of Assam. And then that book said that if you come to the kingdom of Lausanne, after Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam has punished you, then we will be generous with you and we will honor you and you will have a place in the court of the kings of Lhasa.

01:04:57 --> 01:04:59

Because he's a poet. he's a he's an asset.

01:05:00 --> 01:05:14

Anything, he said if that if the profits a lot incentive is not treating you well come to us, and we will treat you well. And when he said, I took that letter and I throw it in the fire, I throw it in the fire, that they were meant to be had

01:05:15 --> 01:05:41

a job to I burned it in the fire, I would never go to anywhere even if I would be honored. And then he said after 40 days of punishment, the way he came, the revelation came for us in LA salon to salon, and it doesn't came with forgiveness. It came to order the wives of these people to leave the houses of these three Sahaba. And your the VA wants to leave them so now they can't even come to their homes and talk to their wives.

01:05:42 --> 01:06:00

And he said and this was the hardest thing. And then he asked to present to the Prophet. He said Should I divorce my wife? I mean, he's thinking that now who's not even a Muslim that Allah subhanaw taala is is taking him out. He said, I said no Vanessa Zilla just just don't come close to her.

01:06:01 --> 01:06:44

And then after that 10 days, then I heard man saying Yeah, cab pneumatic show. Yeah, cab pneumatic have the black tiny. He said, I said jet. When he when I heard this, I prostrated to the last panel with either one or two. And I knew that this came from a last panel tab. And then he said, the men that came to me I took my Garmin and I gave it to him. And that was the only garment I had at this time. So I borrowed the garments to get out and I ran to the Prophet salallahu assembler. And he said, When I came to the masjid, and they left counseled me tell her, the the Sahabi the paralyzed hand, and he said, he came to me and he hugged me, and said, You will never forgive me for this for

01:06:44 --> 01:06:59

fall, how how he honorably that they nobody would talk to the man, probably Malik. And then he said, I looked at the faces are so lost a lot. He said them and I saw happiness, and the face of the Prophet. And then he said, actually a cab behavior men

01:07:00 --> 01:07:05

that come like this is the best day that came upon you since the day your mother

01:07:06 --> 01:07:09

gave birth to you. And God said,

01:07:11 --> 01:07:13

I mean in the law, is it from you or from allies?

01:07:15 --> 01:07:21

In the law, it is it was a great honor. It came from Allah Subhana Allah And then he said,

01:07:24 --> 01:07:27

law the low Island, Navy,

01:07:29 --> 01:07:30

etc. Well, I'm sorry Medina.

01:07:36 --> 01:07:37


01:07:38 --> 01:07:41

Rahim, Allah selesa T.

01:07:42 --> 01:07:43

foo, hatha yoga.

01:07:46 --> 01:07:47

La, la,

01:07:50 --> 01:07:51

la La,

01:07:53 --> 01:07:57

la familia to do in the law what the wobble Rahim

01:07:59 --> 01:08:42

La La ku Masada tiene Allah Subhan. Allah revealed that those three that were left behind until the earth tides upon them, vast Earth became tight over their chest and they knew that there is no refuge except to Allah subhana wa to Allah. Allah subhanaw taala refund repented upon them because Allah Subhana Allah is the repenter and he's the old forgiving all you who believe fear Allah and be with those who say the truth and tell the truth. And then he said Rasool Allah, I will live my entire belongings to Allah Subhana with that, I will give my entire everything I have for a loss of Hannah with the ad for this

01:08:44 --> 01:09:18

honor from Allah Azza wa salatu wa sallam said encik alika Baba Malik, no, keep some keep some follow hydrolock it's better for you. And he said I will hold my shirt and paper. And then he said you're a Salalah and this is inshallah to conclude our session in Nima and Jen law who is stood up Allah Subhana. Allah only gave me this forgiveness. And he survived this ordeal with the truth because I told the truth, because I couldn't pull the light. I can't pull the can excuse. He said the law he will COVID it from my repentance and know

01:09:22 --> 01:09:59

that I will only tell the truth, as long as I live. This is a lesson for us young and old men and women that even if lying can get you out of trouble. The truth is, is that is really what gets you out of trouble, even if temporarily. A lie and excuse can get you out of the trouble initially, but with a loss of handling data that does not pass and here's the evidence. Remember this ad that came through the prophets and the Mohali. He was similar and they said oh Rasul Allah gave him excuses. And Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam forgive them. He's what Allah said about them. So Allah

01:10:00 --> 01:10:00

He let

01:10:01 --> 01:10:02

me lay him

01:10:04 --> 01:10:04


01:10:06 --> 01:10:07

in the homebrews

01:10:08 --> 01:10:12

gentlemen Jessa and Deena Can we see boom.

01:10:19 --> 01:10:36

homeopathy, Allah subhanaw taala said about those who came and give the lifestyle as soon as somebody says that they will give you money, they will give you an oath that when you come back they will give you the food I left them before so you will be pleased with them.

01:10:37 --> 01:10:47

Even if you aren't pleased with them for in the law Hello bar and COVID faster clean Allah subhanho wa Taala will never be pleased with this lawyers are less current data sets are evil I know.

01:10:49 --> 01:11:37

They are this gentleman and they're a verb is to the Hellfire when he has a de la casa and the Macan we xe boon where God is the reward for what they have gained of their lives in this dunya. And that's what made koubou Malik survive. koubou Malik. Finally, he's one of the light of the Hadith. He narrated at Hadith on the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he lived 77 years old be a long time. And he died on the 50th year after he draw during the collapse of Mali and maybe Sophia was the Allahu Akbar. The lesson that we learned from CAD is the truth. And if you're looking at Sahih Muslim, and so hey, Bihari. If you want to look up this Hadith, you look at the chapter of the

01:11:37 --> 01:12:01

truth, the keytab the sudak that is where this Hadees goes, because this is the ordeal where you put yourself in trouble if you tell the truth. Alas, Hannah with Allah would get you out of trouble because you're telling the truth. There's a common law here. I took too long so there's a law for tolerating me, while handling that horrible enemies cannot be urbanicity MLC food or salmonella misurina hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen

Allah chose Muhammad, peace be upon him, above all creation to convey His message, and He chose the people who were around His messenger to defend and spread the Deen, The companions were described by the Prophet as being the best of generations, thus it is a must for every Muslim to follow and emulate their ways.

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