Why The Ummah Is Disgraced

Feiz Mohammad


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Feiz Mohammed delivering an inspirational speech at the MGA Fundraising Dinner for 2017.

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Honor, glory, my dignity.

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History proves,

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without any shadow of a doubt

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that this nation

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the nation of Mohammed Abdullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were the sole possessors

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of all of this

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for centuries,

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they believe it

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or Muslim, this owner

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move from success to success and attain the highest degree of

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this, indeed, is

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historically proven, with facts and evidence that no one

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absolutely no one can deny or remove from the golden history of this nation.

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There were the days

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where every Muslim

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that actually felt that he or she had no I think the T.

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Honor, dignity was embedded in most regions of this Crux, they're hot.

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Why, the question may be asked,

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this breed nation that then

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was governed was ruled by great and powerful men.

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Men who never

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he never, ever put their mundane affairs that dunia material life before a bolus

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when whenever ever

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any toto temptation could lead them astray. Why these men that govern this great nation that then

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they only desire in this dunya who wants to seek the pleasure of algebra with a computer in Nevada?

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It wasn't he, when I met him afar, fought the war machine of the powerful things with the power Italian Army with no more than a sword.

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saying to the occupiers, yes, your cannons may break my sword by your false hope you're shaken, who never ever break my thought.

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Though the days of glory in

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the face of dignity and Miko every Muslim who raised his head and said, I am a Muslim.

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when Salahuddin a up was asked, why do we never ever see you smile? Look,

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listen to the profound reply.

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Where are we from this reply today?

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How can I smile when Mr. X or remains under crusade occupation?

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The hello and

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we have governance we have rules

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that govern this nation.

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But how can I govern it?

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who governs it? men? No. Nails even below that? Yes. Males, males, not men, males, even below a female governing rule, the great nation of islam

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who put their wealth, the slogans and they sicko phonetic behavior before the Almighty Allah.

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Hence we see ourselves today sank

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deeper than ever, in a beast of degeneration and humiliation. sunken misery

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because many of us have one good

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one that's so far away from the birth of virtual the path of righteousness adopting patterns of behavior, which is definitely opposite to our righteous for this startup aside

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how many Muslims do you think today

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We say the world, the turmoil, the crisis exists there in the nation. Yet we say Muslims at the same time, I believe he is negligent, hatless to the reality

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of what's going on.

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screaming and shouting and crying out loud in joy and happiness,

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crying and screaming in joy and happiness and pleasure.

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At so called Islamic Nasheed constants of venue

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screaming and shouting

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with joy and happiness with a Muslim,

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dancing in squealing raising up their arms in the, in the corridors of their homes. Why? Because the Bulldogs won the match. Perfect.

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Well, like you are almost

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by satellite images of a false jet not on this earth, that we have forgotten that everyone exists, brainwashed, but the glitter and gold of this low deceiving world that they have forgotten.

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And the beautiful gift that he has bestowed upon them.

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blinded now all this is happening.

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All the screaming and shouting in joy and happiness. Well, the other side of the world, you can almost say the majority of the oma are likewise crying and screaming and shouting, but not out of joy and happiness. Not out of ecstasy or gratification, but out of misery, out of pain out of suffering.

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That is coming from the bleeding heart of a lipo

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that is coming on the killing fields of the sham.

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We're reading the blood.

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Well, why rivers are blood

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flowing from the veins of your brothers and sisters.

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Indeed, Today

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June of this era.

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The Barbarian the evil tyrant Bashar for our own our own

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and he's the devil is coalition

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continue to remain a campaign of destruction and terror upon the innocent, vulnerable citizens of Syria.

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over a half a million Syrians have been savage julienne brutally massacred

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hundreds of 1000s of our brothers and sisters today. live in constant terror of being killed, tortured, butchered, raped, sodomized,

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beaten and burn bombs from above fall upon them living in terror

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by being abused by those officious inhumane soldiers of their own, who don't know a law

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who are willing to kill even their children before their very eyes.

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Yes, but

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the people are still here today and now one guy calling to you

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know, they're screaming to you.

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That crying out loud to you.

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The people of Syria no one God are bleeding move. They're hemorrhaging, hemorrhaging.

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As the entire we can say is hemorrhaging. Carlos, Palestine, Afghanistan. She sang Iraq, Somalia, the Rahim in Myanmar the wiggers in China.

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The recent revolution in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Yemen, and much more.

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but glad tidings to all of us for what is happening today in Syria. Listen carefully. What is happening today in Syria is like no other time in this existence.

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It is indeed a new era for this owner.

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I knew euro

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Syria could

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is definitely a battle

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for existence. We either exist

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or we cease to exist and be a nilay to Allah, we will continue to exist. Even if the kuffar and the enemies of his time, the test

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insha Allah

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insha Allah,

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don't forget this moment,

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a major change

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is on its way.

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A major change, he's on its way,

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in the aftermath, after indeed the fig tree of Syria,

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for every believer, man or woman,

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with full trust in the Almighty Allah He has that he will definitely

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give victory to the people of Sham and delta.

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Likewise, they will give victory, a powerful mighty great victory to this owner that would shake every corner of the world inshallah Tada, it's gonna happen

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whether they live

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in recent years,

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notable pirates have fallen to the demise, we have seen this

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villains heroes have fallen, have been debased and humiliated and removed

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like paired flies one after the other.

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She said it beautifully. He said

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if Allah wants to remove a ruler,

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he would first destroy his image, his dignity before its own very people.

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They wouldn't know who would have thought that they stood on the shore

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would ever be called a pink field by his own very people in his own VLAN unheard of

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unheard of

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Euro is about to change this

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and this is

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in the olden days if he is raising eyebrows up slaughtered today

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they're calling him in the midst of be obscene and indecent

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in his own his own people, as said by Shane,

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in this assigns

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in this assigns for those men of intellect.

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So don't despair. Don't rush Be patient. Oh, when is the victory? When is the victory? Well, I can give them victory as He wills when he wills. How he wills. We believe in that. You know, you get many brothers today saying, Oh those rules? Or the UN?

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Or EU or NATO or the security forces? Or the West pseudo doing anything?

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Realize that the entire existence. All these security councils have renounced the people of Syria. every politician on this earth has dismissed the people of Syria, every nation on this earth. You understand this has turned their backs on Syria. But guess what, who cares?

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Who in the world cares?

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Good for you. coolfire Kuhn

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What is your belief in the Almighty Allah? Allah

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was there so he don't either.

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We can we help and I to the best of our capability, we Muslims care.

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But safe in aid from these councils is like asking an aunt, an aunt, to run to the aid of a baby elephant being attacked by the canines or savage lions 770 peace.

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Understand this

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and understand

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that every single drop of blood

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Syria has given

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every drop of blood to rescue in Syria is in fact, a life, a life for Syria.

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And no one single blood will go in vain.

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A promise from the Almighty Allah not one drop of blood, who ever go in vain, when Latina Coto de Sabine, la Amata Yeah, and

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then the last thing is we have die for the cause of the Almighty Allah. Dead. No, they're alive.

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rejoicing, finding sustenance and provisions in the presence of the Almighty Allah. We are the losers. They are the winners.

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We are the losers. They are the winners.

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I've taken too much of your time.

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I wasn't meant to be speak.

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But however,

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my law protect us all. and preserve us all. In Allah protect and preserve our brothers and sisters everywhere in the world, where they are being

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executed and torment.

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And understand that, as our beloved Sheriff Carmel mentioned, that the oma is one body, one body. Hence if one member suffers, we all suffer as well. And understand the sin is the last of it.

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That the moon ethical,

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the hypocrites they do not give disobedience

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or repeat, listen carefully, the meaning of

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the hypocrites, they do not give. He's a billionaire. Why? Because they do not believe in the mercy of the Almighty Allah.

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They do not believe in the mercy of the Almighty Allah, we true believers. We believe in the mercy of the Almighty Allah. Hence we give

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hence we give medical health equal

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well yesterday Allah

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Allah protect us whole and Mandala reward our beloved chef chef his or her who's our mentor, our beloved brother and what a sabbatical Ah, that video just shoot me one line. That video in Lebanon that Shahab ramen was delivering was phenomenal. Wildlife No, no tobacco law. That changed my whole perception about this organization, seeing it with my own very eyes or what have trust in our beloved chief and all those who are his associates. So bedika level few come join me on Mallory Ward you all and please be given to your brothers and sisters.

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salaam aleikum