What Happened On The Battle Of Hunayn

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AI: Summary © The Prophet Muhammad wa sallam and the conflict with the enemy armies in the Middle East highlight the history of the Prophet's actions, including major victory and conflict with the enemy armies. The busy political and military activity in the region, including the deaths of two Muslim leaders and the arrival of a new member of the Muslim community, is described as "willful" and "willful." The importance of remaining strong and moving forward is emphasized, along with a reminder of a specific person, Carlos Salcedo, who is reminded of his actions and mission.
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Salam Baraka Vienna Muhammad wa ala alihi wa salatu salam, the steamer Katha mama bad. So we're back to reading from rassada hand from Kitab Alonso Rottweil mula. Some of the significant Maris, hadith of significant values, Hadith number 18 51,850. Karla, one herbal formula, blah, blah best even Abdulmutallab Rhodiola anakata Shaheed tomorrow. So Allah He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, yo Mahana in our bathroom to the mortality of the uncle of the Prophet Salah Salem, he says, I was in the company, the Messenger of Allah, on the day of the Battle of Penang the day of the Battle of her name. So this has it has a story, and the moral of the story to show the bravery of the Prophet

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sallallahu Sallam the bravery of the Sahaba the commitment of the Sahaba under the under duress under severe circumstances. So what happened in that battle? Exactly. So to put things in perspective, for those who don't don't know what happened, exactly her name. So when the prophets of Allah Allah wa sallam, he went, he won the Canada the storm made that happen, on the back of our hand, dug the trench, and then the machine they went back home and that's it the provinces of Zilla and Arizona they will never be able to find us now. We should go beyond the offensive. And what was the mission of a proper system that the following year, it took Sahaba della Tirana with intention

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to do what? Ombre that's it. He was there for the intention of doing ombre. They were banned from entering the Makkah at the time. They had a treaty, and the treaty was called for the BIA. During that time, a big incident happened when the prophet sent our manager Lavon as an envoy to speak on his behalf. Rumors spread in Mecca that he was killed. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he called the people to give their pledge under a tree

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and under that tree, and he asked them who's gonna give me the pledge to fight for the blood of Earth man. And all of them mashallah gave their pledge and the last panel data reported that and he said, Radi Allahu Allah, meaning that the way you're gonna data shows that Allah was pleased with those believers who gave you the pledge under the tree. Eventually, the following year, they went for Umrah. And the following year, there was a conquest of Mecca, because one of the terms of her Davia is that the Metcons would not find the Prophet silvassa for 10 years, and they would not aid any of the allies. They don't any of their allies against the allies of the Prophet sallallahu

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wasallam and vice versa obviously. So the Metcons secretly, they aided one of their allies against an ally of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. When this when the news spread, the ally of the prophets of Assam came to Medina complaining and of course showing his grievances Euro so Allah, they betrayed us. We were under the under the peace treaty for 10 years, it was supposed to be enough no fight in the war. They invaded us. And they had they have evidence and prove that the armors and the soldier was used came from Mecca. So the prophesize I'm told him concert. Don't worry about it. We'll get you back.

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That year, the Prophet saw some conquered Mecca. He had taken 10,000 People with him. Never in the history of the Arabian Peninsula. An army like this came to Mecca. So they conquered Mecca. And now it's in the hands of the believers. Then the Prophet saw somebody heard some news. There's like a final fight a final stand of the people around Mecca, they gathered in an area called a nine.

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So the Prophet saw some immediately be sought before they start getting stronger and bigger. He sent us a harbor says let's go there quickly, before their armies gets bigger and stronger, and then we won't be able to fight so they went to her name.

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Now the maastrichtian over the very famous Gabriella called How was it? They were the kind of like the main element of that pal. So what they did, they they were very smart. So they ambushed actually the Sahaba of the Ultron home in a valley. It kind of like led them to go through an hour passage because they outnumber them right now. Man No matter how many people how hasn't had when you have a 10,000 people come up with the Prophet Salah Salem. It wasn't easy for them to stand against them. And that's exactly how Allah subhanho wa Taala reported that incident as Allah subhanaw taala says, sort of the Toba Takotna Surah Kuma Allah Hafiz hopefully Martina cathedra, Allah Subhana Allah has

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given you victory in many, many different physicians stations, many different battles. And then he says well Mahonia union is Ajibade Katha to come. And on a day of her nine when you thought that your numbers harass will give you victory, because they said among themselves, called La Nola Binyamin cola. Like you know what, a few number of people are gonna defeat us. No one is going to feed us because of our numbers and a Cisco

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welcome Catherine to come you are so proud of your numbers for Antonia income share. It didn't give you any benefit.

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You almost lost it basically. But I'm still an income trader, while the market alikoum will also be Maraba the earth became so constrained around you because that's what happened the battlefield the ambush them and the Sahaba they felt you know what they felt the heat of the of the arrows and the spears and this are running back trying to get out of that, that straight between the two mountains obviously like a stampede, a big defeat in that moment. Well, Dhaka Alaikum optimara Our thermo Allah to medallion and he's running away. And then Allah Subhan Allah says, Allah azza wa jal, he says, To Monza ALLAH SubhanA wa rasuluh minion, and Allah azza wa jal he brought Sakina means

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tranquility and peace upon His messenger. And the believers who answered your loved ones that you know the lamp Tarawa. And he brought down Junoon soldier you haven't seen the angels obviously, was the ballerina CAFO and he punished the kuffaar which means you got you got to win against him. And so the ayatollahs had describing the incident and that's what further ado I will further labas is describing here he says, Look, I was what the Prophet saw some on that day.

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And then he said call fella Zim to an hour ago Sophia and have not heard of Nadia Matata, says it was me next to him holding his mule. Myself. He says what I was Soufiane and Harris, that was evident. YBNL has been Abdullah Matata. So this is another nephew. Now the cousin of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam basically

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was what is Uncle Abbas both of them hold on to the prophets Allah salams horse or mule called phelim Nova Rocco. We did not leave him alone. When people start running away, we remained with him. We stayed with him salatu salam called, what a surah Allah has sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Allah, Allah Allahu Allah and the Prophet was writing on a white moon that he faced Salah Salem, first tackle Muslim honorable Masuku so when the Muslims and the non Muslims they they met basically of course on the battlefield, but well little Muslim woman with built in the believer, the Muslims, they just turned their back and start running away. They couldn't handle it was too much pressure on

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them. For Africa Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam your Kudo. badolato Who Kibera kuffaar says while the believers were running away to the other side, so the messenger of allah sallallahu Sallam he was he was doing the opposite.

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He was prodding his horses noon with his with his ankle Salalah salah, pushing the horse to go forward, not backward, going forward towards the non believers as if you're saying what leading by example, and encouraging the people that this is where you need to go not that way. This is what you need to go for God. Well, I couldn't be the Jeremy Bagrati Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam Akufo irata Allah, He says I was holding to the brutal of the prophets of Allah salams noon, an urgent good not to go too fast, not to leave us to go on its own.

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Call what I was

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after, don't be recap Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and it was if it was all under the stirrup of the Prophet sallahu wa sallam source like we were on both sides holding him not to let him go by himself. So Allah Salah for Karla Rasulullah he said Allah Sam so that's when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he started he stopped and he called Sky Ibis. So ibis, Nadi us have a Samara call on the people of a seminar. A Samara is the type of tree that they did the pledge on that on that, David, I want to describe to you earlier he says call the people of a summer like he's like he's doing what call that that, that people that that that group, exclusive club. Those who have given

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the pledge Allah Subhana Allah Allah Allah is pleased with them. He says call them

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he says he started calling Kalia. I asked have a summary. Yes Have a summary.

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Obviously the few 1000 people who were among them when they heard the title being called within a 10,000 people could save 7000 people for example, what how they feel they've been called for a special mission like you guys be recognized. You're not gonna let down the Prophet services call. For immediate they start saying Carlo Villa Masami when they heard ibis and will kind of say it in his head a very loud voice. And he called with his with his loud voice. I in us have a summer where are the people of a summer that tree for Allah halacha and like an outfit to him he in a seminar who sold the art for tillbaka Allah, Allah dia, he said, When they heard my voice calling their title

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call in their group, they turned around swiftly. He says, just like I had given example, he was just the example of the cow the cow wouldn't want to

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When it's heard it's calf calling.

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Like when swiftly back and you're looking back, immediately they stop. I'm looking back for Kalu Yala. bakerella beak says we're here, we're here. And this are coming to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam SOHCAHTOA Humann Kufa, they start fighting furiously. And then another call came after that. Yamaha Al Ansari. Where are the unsolved? Where are the unsolved and the unsolved so it's coming as well too. And among the answer they start calling among themselves a special group a special tribe known to be the strongest probably among them all for God of Kava Kava, Hatha Casa de Dawa to Allah but it has been because Raj, people started calling Where are born Hara Bernhard,

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where are you among all the answer, like basically narrowing it down to the Special Forces basically, those were the Special Forces and they will fight in them for another Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam Wahoo Allah Kalamata with the Elijah Illa Italia when this happened and everybody's are now moving back again to the battlefield. The prophesy son was looking from behind and see how was it going there.

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He was kind of stretching his neck to look you know further beyond for God on the Prophet SAW sent me so that calahonda in a hamilo too waters. This is when the battle is hot right now as getting really really furious right now getting really hot Salalah with close family, so Margarita Hassan Hassan Salah Salem former vino jewel kuffaar, he grabbed from the ground, some, some sand and some pebbles in his hand, and he throw it in the air and the face of the non believers

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with the intention that Allah subhanaw would carry it into their eyes. For Carlos salAllahu alayhi wa sallam call in Hassan Mohammed, they will be defeated by the Lord of Muhammad. Like I swear this is that's their defeat right now. For the hub to under lab buses is cut off at the hub to handoff either Tito Allah Hi Atif Hemara he says that when I when I looked to see, it says I saw that the fight, continued, of course and found that the force was subdued and they began to retreat. They're still on that position until they started treating slowly and gradually and running away. And that was the end of the fight actually with the people of Makkah and around around Mecca itself. So as

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you can see from this shows the bravery of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam in the heart of the battle, when everybody's running away, where was it going forward into the center of the battlefield SallAllahu Salah also a Sahaba of the Lord and I'm we're human beings.

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So even though they they run away, when they were when they were reminded of their task and their mission and their purpose, what did they do? No question us. Immediately they turn around. And that's the effect of a believer will forget, we make mistakes, I promise you something and then fall short, you know, from fulfilling my promise, probably bled something and then Subhanallah I find myself not in the right position. I just kind of make mistakes. But if I remind you, you will remember, you know your machine, you know your task. Are you here for nowadays unfortunately, if you try to remind people with the machine on their task in this dunya what do they do? They think it's

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an insult. Like if I tell somebody tequila, what do you tell? What did they tell you? Most likely, you tequila, right? As if you're cursing at them.

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Like I'm telling I'm reminded with tequila. No, you knew you tequila first. May Allah make us both Mottaki and that's fine, but at least you know, I'm just reminding you. So Subhanallah that's an example how the prophets Allah wa salam, that generation, exception generation, an exception generation.

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And imagine this is collectively a few if you've been attending chef Omar's class that the first and here are the names one after the other one. And it's a hobby individually, individually as an example Subhanallah imagine collectively all these people in one place in one bow. Imagine how that looks like somehow one unbelievable community it was May Allah subhanho wa Taala give us the ability to follow that example. They are blind I mean, and make us among those who will be gathering with the majority for those

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Allahu Taala any questions?

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No the motivation

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so the question did the professor send receive any kind of Bushra are good glad tidings that he's gonna win anyway. That's why he felt the courage to move forward. Not that I know. I don't know that he was given any specific instruction about that battle particularly. But he knew that Allah Subhana Allah will give him I will give them support Allah, but he needs to do his part and his part is to move forward and moving backward. Now,

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panic alone 100 oshoala several goobric sama

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