Mohamad Baajour – Divine Messages #23 Story of Musa And Khidr 2

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The theory of Islam is discussed, emphasizing the importance of learning from one's teacher and being patient. The use of "has" in English is discussed, with a discussion on the importance of not apologizing for mistakes and letting people do things. The segment also touches on the use of "has" in English to describe actions and behavior, and the importance of not apologizing for mistakes and letting people do things.
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Hello hamdulillah salatu salam ala Rasulillah nama aluminum and fauna on finally Mount Olympus Anna

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was at 911 Dr. hamre

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as Allah subhanaw taala to bless this gathering, ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us from the people who will be told como my foot. I mean, you're a bride I mean,

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so inshallah Tada we will continue with the story of Musa and Allah.

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And we mentioned that

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Musa alayhis salam was seeking,

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looking for that person who is more knowledgeable, and he said that he was not more knowledgeable in the deen, because there's no way anyone would exist at the time of a prophet that is more knowledgeable than the Prophet. We made that foundation so that people don't think that there is somebody who exists at the time of the prophet that knows more than the truth of the Prophet. He was knowledgeable in something else more than Musa Hassan. But in the Sharia of Musa nobody knows more than Musa Islam, just like in the Sharia of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam nobody knows more than him. So no, sorry, Islam, his mission was to look and find this up the solid. And he was told

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that the sign is when you lose your

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hood, the fish, when it goes by itself, then this is the spot that you will find that man and his father, even though the young man noticed that this happened while they were traveling.

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He forgot to tell Musa alayhis salam, and they went, why they were resting. Can somebody close the door please?

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While they were resting.

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The young man remembered and told Musa that the fish went into the to the sea. So he told them let's go back for a day 30 Hema Kasasa this is exactly what we came for. Let's go back where we came where did they where did you lose the fish? They went back long story short, they found the of the salad. And then all of a sudden we see that the Fatah disappeared. You don't hear about the feta anymore. The dialogue now is between Musa alayhis salam and the other salad. You will not hear about the Fatah animals Subhanallah that shows you that the Quran and it tells you what need to be exactly what you need to know.

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And the beginning the whole story that currently brings us our lunch we are tired or that now we don't hear about the feta. So first, the abdomen a very earthy now Rama I'm an engineer. We're alumna who Milena Elma. So Allah subhanaw taala told us the characteristic of the teacher,

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what is a teacher supposed to have? Before he teaches two things number one Rama before

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he has to have mercy before Allah Subhan Allah Allah Quran Allah He, like I mentioned before, you know, our teachers in our country they have

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any No,

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no haram they have, but the Rama is missing. The so harsh on the students, the harsher you are, they think that you are more than a very good teacher. The more they beat you the more they harm you this teacher, you know, Allah subhanaw taala gave us this exception. I met him an engineer, Allah subhanaw taala gave him the mercy and the knowledge

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call it a homosexuality Okay. Subhanallah prophet of his time, Allahu Akbar. Look at the how humble he is a prophet of his time when it comes to the neither Jack when you know you humble yourself to be okay. And then to eliminate the mouallem Toaster. Can I follow you so you could learn from you so I can You can teach me something? This is the way we talk to the teacher. And we said last week or the week before

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Now people put the conditions on the teacher, Allah He

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want to come at five o'clock I have only one hour for you. He puts the we put the conditions on the teacher. No, this is not the job of getting the knowledge and a tapioca

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called immediately the other side in the current US, Tatiana. Yes.

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Maybe you are patient in many other things, but I'm telling you from now, in this mission, you're not going to be patient. Len, the stuff Jana, your sobre na Yeah, this may indicate that you are patient, you're a prophet, but not yet and this I'm telling you from now, you're not going to be patient lentes tortilla does nothing and Medallia and he continuously you're not going to be patient. And this is exactly what happened not only one time to study at nya sobre you're not going to be patient with me.

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Okay, if it has

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to be here for brand, how are you going to be patient about issues that you have no idea where they are? So So Musa in Salem Subhanallah he says in a very, very beautiful, respectful way, call it set as you don't need insha Allah Sagara even though he's a prophet, yet one, don't ever bring back the problem to yourself, even though he's a prophet, he said in sha Allah, with the help of Allah, you will find me with Allah father in sha Allah Sydenham, and we said, oh, this is revision by the way. And we said we compared the way that moosari is CERAM answered, and the way who is married answer this man. He said sometimes you do need insha Allah Mina Savarin. Musa as Ron said Satoshi Dhoni

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insha Allah sobre

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sama in silver whoosah did not so Subhanallah

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what I see in the camera Karla fair enough to that any any Tibet any in here in

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short, if you follow me, you have to do something. For example, in if you study you will pass in some sort of Allah circle, if you will make Allah victorious if you put Allah first Allah will make you victorious in he understood for any Tabata any finatus any and she had the center came in who Decorah now, this is teachers another lesson and this is where we start today. Oh, that stuff was revision here.

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We learn that the teacher can put conditions before he start teaching.

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You want to learn with me? This is my conditions Subhan Allah just remember, you know, what was the condition of Sofia and the theory rahamallah before the students come and sit down with him? Anybody knows?

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So if you had a theory him Allah, our giant

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before the students come the first question, do you have a source of income?

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They say Yes, sit down, you don't have a source of income go.

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Make sure you have a source of income. We don't want to go to the rich people and ask them for money and beg for money. So they could use us whatever they want. Subhan Allah that shows you that one. It's not like you know,

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either this or this, you know, you can have a source of income and seek knowledge. Nothing wrong with that. It's beautiful. As a matter of fact, Susanna thought he made it as a condition.

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Can he used the word? They used us as a handkerchiefs Lavinia and the kings the mandello fina moneylion They would use us as handkerchiefs if we don't have anything to survive, so you have your income come so here he put the condition the condition is Don't ask me anything until I inform you don't inquire about anything until I tell you this is my condition for the

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for the journey

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had to do with Anika Minho. Decra now

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journey started Sen Tada call

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for this

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it means the verb is Moca yet that there was something that has to happen first then they would move they did not tell us what the details

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there was a condition set and the condition is Don't ask me anything until I tell you obviously they did not tell us that Musa said yes I am gonna I agree obviously he agreed that's why they proceeded Feldman Tada car I'm gonna go letter by letter sent or their car they both proceeded and if we move then at the end of the bird, the verb that they both left together that means they are getting along.

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For example, Allah subhanaw taala or it means that they move together. Okay. For example, Allah says in the Quran

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first can enter was ojochal Jana, to Adam, I said he said live you and your wife this

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Under but when it came to eating what'd he say?

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fekola right. It one verb over there separation because he came first and then she came right? But when it came to eating

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the same verb, I'm going to go into much details because inshallah Tada you will learn something. So Trakula both here son Tada call Fen Tanaka. They both left together.

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had either had means until something happened either. When either comes in a verb in a sentence either, especially here that means there's a massager there's a surprise coming.

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Tanaka had either Rocky the fists surfing at her aka

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Hatter is a rocky bear. Again both of them they get into the boat together not one and then after two hours or three hours they both came together to the to the ship

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fish Safina

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either Akiva fish Safina in the boat, we have three choices, either Rocky the fish Safina our rocky by Allah Safina

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was the third one.

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So arbitrary. Nothing rocky versus Athena know how to journal

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when you do not put anything no see no Allah says Arabic Lesnar

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when you don't put anything what does it mean? It means there's only one place to sit. Personally. Allah says in the Quran when hayleigh Well Behala well hammy era literal Kaboo Ha, Nikita Cabo Allah Yeah, whenever they talk about fear, Allah said the Quran in surah tindahan and the horses and the donkeys so you can write it he did not say fee or other what does that mean means there's only one place to ride on the horse. But when to when it came to the Safina he used two or three in the boat in the ship Hasakah if they said the other Safina if you break something if you break something on the boat does not harm the boat. If I'm on the boat and I broke a piece of fruit on the board does

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not harm but they allow us to harm Allah one every letter fists Safina that means the harm that he's about to do is going to it's going to endanger the the ship that Allah Safina not on this straight feet. So Sofia, so

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lucky that this Safina Karaca he made the hole in it now the verb have changed from Lucinda to single right first in Tala call rocky bear now Karaca Ha ha, that means Musa alayhis salam has nothing to do with it anymore. Right? That ha ha ha both of them they did something and it was said that he when he first walked in immediately he went and he took pieces of food from the body of the ship from the body of the ship that means

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the whole of the water start coming in. So that means this is very dangerous. That's why immediately instantly what did Musa say color a character and

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you have made a hole so you can let its people drown. You have done something great which is beyond belief. What have you done

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now what do we notice from here? Anybody?

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Okay, excellent. Number one. You see he gave the condition he's not gonna say anything, right? Yeah, when it's very easy to speak.

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But when it comes to implementing we're not good

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it's very easy to agree on the conditions, but when it comes to applying,

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not everybody will follow.

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You give a hopper

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about forgiveness. You give a lecture about Dafu

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and everybody, masha Allah, very nice. Then the brother is in a situation that he has to forgive. Now Allah I will not forgive you have you been referred to you like the football? Call Allahu cholera soon.

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Right. We agree and we Yes, we shake our head and everything but when it come right

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really no way and it happened. I don't know if I mentioned here or maybe another Masjid

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a brother

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five daily Salawat in the masjid

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they he had an argument with another brother. I'm trying to fix it, he said Allah Hilton's or southern

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brackish man.

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If the if the sky collapses on Earth, I will not talk to him

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that he actually what did the Salawa do to you for five days?

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So, here Musa alayhis salam

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he spoke, even though he made the condition not to ask.

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Second, we find out that there are people on the ship, right? You don't recall.

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Third, you know,

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let me give you a scenario that we could relate to.

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Me and Mustafa. We asked but I say it but I say it can you please drive us home? The minute we get into the car we started ripping the seats in the back with the knife

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most of our looked at me brother bedroom What's wrong with you? You do it? It's exactly what happened.

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These people did them a favor. Obviously they're not going to just get up into the ship and go it's not a tourist.

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So there was a plan. So they got up into the ship and they broke it so Musa Islam is that is a prophet

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and look at the lack of Messiah.

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And that's why we we read this story many times but you never get to. Now from now on. You can read it differently after you hear what's the meaning of it.

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Naturally, you broke the boat. You're gonna make us down.

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This is what the first thing you're gonna make us round right? This is naturally gonna answer. You've rocked the boat. You're gonna make us drown

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that Musa say that. Allahu Akbar. Literally, immediately the first thing even though he was so upset, so angry, the first thing that came to his mind is not himself. He's thinking about others. You told him

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You didn't destroy you could the owner the people, the inhabitants of this ship, they're gonna drown. This is why you did that.

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That shows you that we not only not everything in this life, me, me, me, me, us us.

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That left the two o'clock stuff to think about others. Every once in a while and you say okay, get out of your career, your comfort zone and put others

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before your own need. That when we tell the brothers volunteer in the masjid Allah Hey, I'm busy. Do you think there's volunteers that are volunteering day and night? They have nothing to do any

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sometimes put the Muslim the welfare of the whole community before your own. Just the one hour a week two hours a week a week.

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Busy, busy. Busy.

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This board members for example. They unite all the boards that come here. They're volunteers.

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The brothers who stand outside in the parking lot in the normal van. The practice was serving the water the brothers, the sisters that are cleaning up Why do you think they are paid?

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So if everyone's every one of us participated one hour two hours a week Allahu Akbar 100 urbania not you know mashallah we have the best volunteers ever but could always use more put sometimes look at the these lessons these are the reason for these stories. So we could learn immediately Musa in a situation like this, imagine boom. Like for example, you we stepped out from this car and

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we busted the tire.

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The first thing that comes to mind Oh, you're gonna hurt the brother Subhanallah the first thing that came to his mind even though say that the water is gushing. And I will think immediately I'm gonna drown to know you're gonna make the people drown. Allahu Akbar. The Prophet things immediately thought about others Subhanallah the Taconic ohana, Luca G Tasha and Imran

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you have done something very, very great big

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the man the righteous man very politely caller I a call in the current stuff. Yeah, and I didn't I say insane to you. Then I say

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that you're not going to be patient. Just very politely. He he reminded him

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he did not tell him Oh, you're breaking the breaking the conditions very respectfully. Did I say that? You know you're not gonna be patient with me.

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Musa Ali Hassan did not argue with him yes I would be patient but how could you do something like this no call the network in the manner seat

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embryos any he did not say I'm sorry even because this is even bigger than sorry because he made a condition and he broke it okay that to me man a seat Salah salem said

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candidate and Ola and Musa Luciana and the first one was

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Musa forgot actually forgot candidate Lula and Musa Luciana so he did not argue he just said Don't blame me I have forgotten and and

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that'll help Neiman Emery Austro don't over overburden me with with more affairs like that. I cannot handle stuff like this. I'm a prophet, and I see any harm happening to others I cannot control myself.

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Subhanallah immediately, and this is the last lesson in sha Allah.

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Look at Musa al Islam. No argument No, the you know, nothing speaking to a teacher

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listened carefully. And he said I forgot.

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A lot of times yeah, when we do not admit our mistakes, he admitted I made a mistake I forgot.

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We feel like if I admit a mistake, if I admit my mistake, I am less of a man.

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Right? This is how we feel. If I say I'm wrong. Yeah, Annie, this is big. No way. And I know that I'm wrong. And we started covering the mistake with another mistake.

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The Lie was another lie. Just in order not to say I'm sorry. Some people think that saying sorry, is a Kabir

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No, yeah. When a prophet of Allah subhanaw taala, one of the big, most important early lesson prophets, Musa alayhis, salam, he did something wrong. He did not follow the conditions. He say, I made a mistake.

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And then a seat. I forgot.

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That will actually span on the hope. How beautiful is that? Same thing that one? Even if it was with your child.

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Don't say he's a kid doesn't matter. No, that will show him the respect. If my father apologized to me, Allahu Akbar, he would learn that when he makes a mistake, he will apologize to his teacher to anybody.

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But the way they see that we act, no, I apologize to him. Who is he? No, no, no.

00:22:45 --> 00:22:46

As a matter of fact, when

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you admit your mistake, you are elevated.

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You're elevated and respected more and honored more. Because we all make mistakes.

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None of us has muscle. We all make mistakes. And this is one of the lessons of the story. If we make a mistake here when

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admitted and don't start justifying the mistake with many, many other mistakes. So now we finished the first incident which is the breaking of the boat in sha Allah, Allah Allah kept us alive. And next Thursday we will study the next step when he killed the young man, that Allah subhanaw taala make us from the people who listen and apply. May Allah forgive our sins. May Allah unite our hearts. Xochimilco. Verica Feeco please come to measure tomorrow. 630 Tomorrow is the most beloved salatu Allah subhanaw taala so rotten fish of young will Juma Fiji

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