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Every day that goes by one, and we hear the news and we watch those videos that are going viral, it only makes us and make our hearts bleed. And every day

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we reached the conclusion that the most that we can do is the DUA and we spoke last week about what else can we do?

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And today inshallah tonight, since most of us are many of the Muslims right now, all they have is a DUA. So let's remind each other

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of the etiquette of dua, and what is the best dua you could ever make to Huzar taught by Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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when we are making the DUA.

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And keep in mind, we agreed or we felt that this is all I can do, I can do much.

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It has to come from the bottom of your heart, as if that baby that you're seeing in the video is actually your nephew.

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And that girl is your niece.

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And that sister is your sister, your blood sister from the bottom of your heart.

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Because it depends, the stronger the DUA is the highest of the possibility of being answered. It depends where it's coming from, from the tongue or from the heart. If it's just from the tongue, it's just lip service.

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So number one, it has to come really from the heart second, seek the times where the DUA is accepted. For so much Salam gave us many times where the DUA is accepted between then and there your karma. While we are waiting, some of us are joking some of us are playing around, that is the best time Rasul Allah and send him the Hadith and Tirmidhi a DUA, banal, then well iqama lay your rod, it will never be returned empty between then and day of karma.

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The DUA when it's raining the DUA when you're traveling, the DUA when you're fasting, you're about to break your fast. And the three wide days of Ruby on Fanny is are our Saturday, Sunday Monday. This Saturday, is the 13th Sunday's the 14th and Monday is the 15th of Ruby and Fanny the History Month, and these are the three white days where it's recommended to fast let's fast individually it's not a communal Fast, fast on your own and when the time comes for Iftar Ya,

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Ya Allah from the bottom of your heart, the dua of the song is Mr. Jab is answered. And the best time the best time if you are really serious, because there are people who are really sincere and serious about making dua and there are people who you know, just want to make dua just for the heck of it. If you are serious, right now, put your alarm on 6am 5:30am That is the best time to make dua Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us that the best to the fullest will appear Mina Lael, the last third of the night, where Allah azza wa jal himself descends in a way that befits His Majesty. And he asks, What do you want so I can give you

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look, what do you want so I can give you the serious and the sincere and the one who really cares about the brothers and sisters in Gaza? When Allah was asking that question, that person will be raising his hands and crying your Allah I can do much from here your Allah All I have is you your Allah yah, and he started making dua. If you are sincere Bismillah get your phones out and put the alarm right now 530 or anytime before the official time. These are some of the times where the DUA is answered. Second.

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What are some of the drives that are so lost? I sell them said in the battlefield

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starts with better

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Allahumma injuries Lenna Moussa tena Allahumma Tina marijuana, he used to say it for himself, Allah manages li Malwa attorney. He kept on making this dua and raising his hand until his three that fell off his back. You could imagine how much he was pleading and Abu Bakr radi Allah and came and put it back on his back.

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Yeah Allah fulfill what you have promised us

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Yeah Allah fulfill what you have promised us in two different words in Arabic and your Allah you promised the Muslims victory please ya Allah give us victory and then he added to it Yeah Allah if you do not give us victory Islam will end if this a Saba if this group of people died, Islam will endear Allah give us victory in surah in madaket in the Battle of Allah Houma, long die I just picked a part of it and if whoever wants the whole thing I will give it to him. Allah Maha Bill Eman in a heartbeat Elena Eman. Allah Houma had been Elena Eman Iman was a yin houfy Colombina will carry healing in El COFRA well for Su Cowell Sen where Jalna Amina Rashid in Allah whom to live fena

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Muslim in y Hina Muslim in Allahumma Tofana Muslim in WA Hina Muslim in LA Iraq Hosea one MF tune in Allahumma ca tilal kufra Alladhina Sedona and Sibenik Allahumma Clottey Lincare Farah Alladhina, Sedona and Sibenik where you can be born Allahu Allah, Allah hemorrhages Zika was a very long Hadith very long time. But as soon as I said I'm kept on saying it in

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and the strongest one And subhanAllah the one in the Battle of the Trench in the desert battle of the Kandak

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Subhanallah Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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the Sahaba came to him they said Yara Salah Allah look what's happening with it. That's it. Allah said

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Bella cattle colluvial 100 year look look at this term. Look at this term. The hearts have reached the throat.

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They came to him they said yeah rasool Allah Bella

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and agile. Do something Yes Will Allah please say something teach us something? He said Allah humma was to our Athena. Were M in Raha tener

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Allah whom Mr our alternate were M in Rohatyn your Allah if you take it in linguistically ya allah cover our our

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and give us security give us peace. Here our retina the scholars said our retina here are the holes in the border where the enemy can come through. So you're Allah protect us protect these places where the enemy might penetrate the head outer does not mean the outer that we say it in the morning. And one more guy in the in the in the better of that Zab Allah whom when Asili keytab said he, he said Zab hola Houma. Zoom was Zylon your Allah you are the one who revealed the book. You are the one who is fast in accountability. Yeah, Allah defeat the disbelievers. Ya Allah defeat the disbelievers and shake the land under their feet.

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If you are really serious Is that any better

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than that, that are Salah Salem made in the battlefield. These are all the drugs that are so much I sell them made in the battlefield. And Allah subhana wa Taala made him victorious. And subhanAllah. Yesterday in our class, we were studying the story of pollute and dilute when the people were attacking, and the people have Talmud, they went down from 100,000.

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From 100,000 followers to 313 when they saw the army of dilute

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that's why the Prophet told them in the beginning, are you sure because they said we want to fight just like everybody else. We want to go to jihad, we are ready. This is exactly what the people of the Prophet said. assigned to us the king we want to go for jihad. He said are you sure said yes, we are sure they are sure from 100,000 When the battlefield when the battle took place 313 313 From 100,000.

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But when they saw the enemy, they said, Rob Donna afraid Allina sovereign with a bit awkward Domina one Solna Alan Kang mill caffeine

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there's no logic on earth 313 against 250,000.

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There's no it's impossible by any calculation bring the best commanders combat best commanders best generals. Tell them I have 313 and a half 250,000 Who do you want to bet on?

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But this is not the math when it comes to people whose their heart is attached to Allah

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Coming up at in kalila relevant fear 10 kathira Bismillah how many times a small amount of people beat a huge the whole world have gathered against Gaza the whole world has gathered but Allah He do not let that put you down. The victory is coming 100% just like I'm seeing you and you're seeing me, but only like I always repeat just beg Allah begged Allah to use us. Beg Allah to use us but the victory is coming 100% We don't want to be from the karate the one who sat down behind. May Allah subhana wa Tada use us for victory for this Deen. May Allah subhanho wa Taala make what make us witness the victory of this Deen? May Allah azza wa jal Give victory to our brothers and sisters

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that are Mujahideen all over the world. May Allah subhanaw taala make our last deeds our best deeds and our last words. You know Hey Lola, I will continue in the home office tomorrow in sha Allah Allah Subhana Allah Allah,

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masha Allah Allah he learned the stuff Hirokawa Tobik somebody

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Luna Island

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water he wants to label this nema.

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In Medina you know Allah, Allah wants to hold on

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to Nia

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hold on to their home mother. Molina will levena up Luna meanie no one removed Amina TV while at MCC DESA Boo.

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Boo Boo. Oh, man movie