Musleh Khan – Tafseer Sura An-Nur #03

Musleh Khan
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the misunderstandings of the media and the importance of protecting people's privacy, including shaming and disrespecting women. They also mention upcoming films, including The La presence of the God, and the upcoming film, The La presence of the God. The speakers emphasize the need for proper documentation and learning from the media, and acknowledge the importance of shaming and disrespecting women.
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Are all the la mina show you bonhill Raji

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if chaos by

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comb lantai Sabu who shall run a bell who

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can legally marry him in home? tested Amina is 192 one Kibera whom in Houma, Juarez, Boone are all the same loana in the same era to move one minute one minute to be forcing him

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to walk or

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if Moby Lola

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warli hibi autobarn to shorthand

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say is the lamea to be shuhada

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he felt

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dumb. He whom one can see

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim, Al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam. ala rasulillah warbirds Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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We are now at verse number 11. And we're going to take two verses today. Because there's so much to talk about, so much to talk about. Let's start off with an incident that happened with our beloved Ah, you should thought of the loved one Hmm. Now, somewhere, the prophet alayhi salatu was Salam sometime after who they BIA is coming back from an expedition. And he's making his way back to Medina. And he's got himself and all of his followers, there's a huge party behind him. And they're all treading towards and walking back towards the city of Medina.

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I showed the love on her she was sitting on a camel that had like, I don't know how to describe it. But do you ever see like in those movies, those old time movies where the princess is sitting on a camel, and she's in sort of like this box, and there's curtains there, that's where the princess is in or some kind of dignitaries there and it's kind of like her own private quarter during travel. So I shadowed the alumni now she's in one of those. So she's got these like strong sahabas that are around her carrying her or at least placing her onto the camera and and sort of guiding the camel as they go forward. Their Kingdom came a moment where they all stopped. And it was kind of like a pit

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stop during the you know, the journey. So I showed her the love on her, she goes off far away. And it's kind of the way that sahabas would relieve themselves. So all those habits go different directions. She goes her own directions, she does what she needs to do. And then after some time, when she comes back, she sees that everybody left,

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you know, these individuals that pick up that you know sitting area and place it on the camel, they they didn't even realize that she wasn't even inside. Right. So what that's one version, I'm going to squeeze in another version as well. She came back she went inside her quarter, they placed her onto the camel. And then she's like way, way, way way. She had a necklace. Now this is the most famous of the narration that I'm sure most of you have heard as well. So the point is, let's, you know, let's go with this narration because it's the most authentic one narrative in Bukhari and Muslim and others as well. So she says that, you know, she had a necklace and that she had forgotten

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where she had gone. So she got back off and she's like, I'll be right back. I'll be right back. I'll go and get my necklace. You know, by the way, interesting little side note here. You know, some of the scholars said like, look at the importance of you know, I showed her the love on hand that she shows towards a necklace like necklace is a big deal for her. And some of the scholars said You know, it was gifted to her from the Prophet Ali subtlest Simon's gifted to her from her mum. It was it had a sentimental attachment to it, which again shows that if you have jewelry or anything really that has sentimental attachment, and you want to keep it and store it, you know, perhaps it is

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something from our son and it is something that our beloved, Isha out of the alohar and he used to do

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so she went back to get this necklace. Once she got her necklace and she came back. That's when she saw everybody left. Now what do you do? What do you do if you go for what are you go for hygiene, you're missing your group. You know, you get misplaced you're lost? What do you do? What I showed of the love on her. She's out there in the nighttime in the middle of the desert by herself. She stays exactly where they left her. She doesn't start doing you know it. This is the same thing that we studied when we looked at the story of Musa

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caudalie elohiym kusal he told his family stay right here, let me go check out that fire that glow up in the mountains. But don't move. Because why? Because if they start looking for him, then what's going to happen, then eventually when he comes back down, he has to look for them and everybody's looking for each other. And it turns into one big chaos. So I showed you love and how she stays there and she waits. Now, every large group that travels in the desert, particularly at that time, would always have a scout at the back of the line. His job was to make sure that nobody didn't drop anything to make sure that nobody was left behind, and so on, so forth. So as everybody left Russia,

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out of the 11, and she's sitting there by herself, eventually the scout came

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and saw that there was like this little fire and there was a young girl sitting there. And as he got closer, he states he recognized her, you know, he knew who she was. And he's just started saying, oh, the whole load of poor Taylor Bella in La la una les Roger own, it's you. And after she explains what happens. This particular Campion companion, puts allows her Isha to get on his camel and then he walks up farther away. Again, look at the etiquettes right, there's this massive separation, he respects her privacy. She's kind of like a few meters or so behind him, and he kind of walks away and he goes up forward. Eventually, when they get to Medina, the opposite of mafia Cohen, the head

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of the snake, Abdullah ebin, obey even pseudocode or even cellule this was the leader of the mafia code of Medina and this guy had been humiliated many times in Medina he'd been put in this place many times but I mean one of the traits of mafia Cohen is that they're very persistent in their ways you know, they're not going to take advice just from anyone if any at all. So I'm delighted in obey you know, when he saw a notice that I you should they one companion is coming into Medina. And then right behind him is Ayesha, and there's nobody else he starts walking around. He didn't just say oh my god, what did you guys what what happened here? What what what does this look like? He didn't do

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that immediately. What he does first is starts going to his little group of friends and as I can you guys see what just happened there? Look, look, he came in and then look was behind her. Now this doesn't look right. This is look. And so gossip begins to spread a poison that affects communities until today, destroys families till today, destroys relationships destroys everything. Until this day.

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This is the mafia Poland that started this. So obviously, there's this rumor, and the people that are hearing this from even saloon. They're not like come on, bro. What are you doing? Don't talk like that. No, no, no, this is nothing. They just started getting into it. And you're like, oh, wow, it's hi Asia. That's the wife of the Prophet Allah itself to some Oh my god, and then that's what in the world and then it just became juicy gossip. You know, juicy gossip is something that feeds with into people till this day. like think about, you know, Redis I read an article A while ago, about two three months ago, that during this pandemic, especially when it first began, shows and sitcoms

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like you know, really trashy ones, like those bachelor and Bachelorette show, TV shows, 90 day fiance, and these kind of different shows, their ratings, and their number of views went through the roof. But when it came to like the news, when it came to, like, you know, that religious show, when it came to everything else, it just started plummeting. Nobody was watching this stuff. Everybody just got engrossed into all of the juicy gossip and tabloid type subjects. And we're seeing that even till now on even till back then. This is what's been said Who did? He started spreading this scandal that the show was up to no good. Now, when you are the wife of the Prophet alayhi salatu

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salam, you You are a representation of him.

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So his reputation is your reputation. And she comes from a good upbringing. You know, when she was young, she's with her father, who is none other than a buck Coto de la Han. And then she eventually continues to be raised and taught in the household of the Prophet Ali santosa. So she doesn't know anything about this stuff. She doesn't know what in the world are you guys talking about? scan me with him. What do you mean what are you talking? She has no idea about the stuff

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And when she gets confronted and people ask her, you know, she says, you know, if I tell you nothing happened, you'll think I'm lying. And if I say to you that okay, you know, this is what happened, this is what happened, you'll think I'm just trying to cover up something like it's not worth it. So she takes the stance of Jaco Barla his salon when he lost his son use of Harley's. For submarine Jimmy, well, lovely Mustang lm tasi phone, when our beautiful patience. And I'm going to wait here and allow a lot to expose what you guys are planning what you guys are saying, what you guys are trying to ascribe towards me? A little love deal with it.

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This is one of many reasons why we love our issue of the law. And

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you know, this moment, how would an average layman Muslim react? The first thing we probably like what we're talking about, you know, and go on and confront everybody knows is now under or don't show up at a particular place or particular community. You know, this happens so often. Like if somebody gets a divorce, I don't know what it is with some Muslims that somebody gets a divorce, you feel like and when I say you're not you guys, in particular, I'm talking about Muslims in general, feel like they deserve or, you know, they're entitled to some sort of internal intelligence report of what happened in that person's house. See that sister? She can't she just got divorced for the

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second time. Okay. What does that have to do with you? Do you know what happened in her home? Do you know what she was coping with? Do you know what he was struggling with? Do you know what their problems are? No, you don't. So be quiet. And don't get involved. Just be quiet. And this is what's happening here. In Chateau de la mine, how she could say a lot. As a matter of fact, she could even go to her husband and have a private conversation with him and tell him nothing happened. I didn't do anything. This is what happened. And the prophets, I said would have still believed her. And he could have stood up and defended her. But she doesn't even do that. Oh my goodness, she just Allah

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will will take care of me. So as time progressed, the area was revealed in a lengthy nyjah eu bill if curious, but two main come indeed it came to you. And if

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if it is really hard to translate in English, if it is the word that is used that if you have if you're going one direction, and for no reason you decide to go to the other direction, you know, you're driving on the highway, you're supposed to exit off, you know, this exit and you go and you continue and you take another exit and you go in one big circle you to back on the highway and then you take the exit you're supposed to go

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if guess when you're like, why did you do that? I don't know. I just felt like doing it.

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I just felt like doing it. So Allah is calling out Eben Soto when he came that he could have just left it alone. But instead he stirred up some kind of drama some kind of gossip he stirred up something he created this you know narrative now in Medina about something to do with Russia and a companion and that's the beloved wife of this this prophet of Allah that you guys love and follow so much.

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But two main Comoros ba students we've seen this word before so it'll cost us we saw this and saw that Youssef are splitting gang up. So all of Medina ganged up on her, you know what the lesson is for you and I Muslims?

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You know, very often it feels like the world ganged up on us, right? Islamophobia.

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There's a big controversy right now in the leadership in France, and some of the things that he utters and it says about Muslims and Islam. Lots of heat happening online are split to minko. Allah says that, you know, people who could have just, you know, gone and towards a better direction or could have just stayed on path. don't disrupt don't create any damage. Don't create any drama. Just leave people alone and mind your business. That's what if coin is, is that you know, when you choose not to mind your business,

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or split to main calm, and then everybody gangs up on you and starts blaming you for things, start blaming you for things.

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What Allah says, lotta Sabu, shutter alaikum those that are being blamed, don't you ever think that you're in a horrible position? That bad things are about to happen to you, you know what we learn from here? When we go through hardship, the receiving end of the hardship is actually in the blessed place than the one who's committing the hardship. You know how you know why I say that?

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Bell Who? Ohio Luckily, Allah says, Oh no, it's much better.

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For you, this is so much better for you. This is the person that's receiving all the pain. He's receiving all the hardship, all the difficulty, all the scandal, the rumors, the gossip, they are the subject of all of that. You know, Allah says that I said, well, who showed her a locker room? Don't you ever think it's bad for you? But it's actually good for you How? That's the question. How is this all good for me? The answer.

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Prophet alayhi salatu salam told us when we backbite our deeds, our good deeds are transferred over to the one we're backbiting about. So that person is actually sitting there receiving all of our good deeds.

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Number two,

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did anything ever good. anything good ever come out of talking about people, especially in a negative way?

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Just think logically, for a moment, put aside religion for a second did anything good ever come out of exposing someone's secrets, or using them as a subject of just gossip in general? Nothing. When celebrities go through this, you have those tabloids and those newspapers like the Enquirer and others, they make millions and millions of dollars just making up stuff, or taking you know, a mole and turning it into a mountain just against you just to do that. And what do they do, then you have a celebrity, coming back, try to sue them try to say this, try to say nothing comes nothing good comes out of it. Nothing good comes out of it. It destroys relationships with people.

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But Allah says, when you're receiving all of this, don't you worry.

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It's a good place for you. You're in good hands. You know, as a speaker, people talk about us all the time. It's part of the job. It's part of the job. And it's a yet like this that really say make me feel like hamdulillah I can keep going, I can fight through this. I can you know, inshallah, I'll be okay.

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Equilibrium men who must test subliminal if every single one of them that was involved in spreading this scandal in this room or about her, they will share in the sin. A lies not letting anyone get out of this one. This is our issue. This is the mother of the believers. How dare you? I'm going to make sure none of you get out of this. It's also a reminder to us everybody who's involved in gossiping and backbiting or causing difficulty in our lives. Allah is saying, don't you worry. No one who's involved is going to get away with this.

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Think about that. Every one of you listening, coding me, we have somebody in our lives, that is just a pain. They cause problems for us all the time.

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And they'll spread rumors about you, they'll, they'll make these, you know, indirect condescending posts on social media about you. I won't call you out, but there will for every other word to you.

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All of us know someone like this. And yet, like this gives me strength, it gives us hope. Allah is watching a lot is monitoring. And usually the people who do these sorts of things have more nasty, hypocrite type qualities. Think about it. They're they're they're cowards. When you confront him with appeal at home, we like to see to fill out when you tell them don't don't do this stuff. Stop causing problems, stop causing corruption, stop corrupting our family stop corrupting our home our community when you confront them. They get in defensive mode. They get in defensive mode, and there's no follow in my national Muslim. Oh, no, no, no, we're just doing the right thing. I didn't

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do anything. I didn't say anything. Doesn't that sound familiar? That's how Allah describes when you confront more unethical and how many people we confront that do that. And you try to tell them stop being this way. Just Just stop it. Well, I didn't do anything. And meanwhile, they're the culprit. They're the head of the snake.

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Unless as well as he told Kibera who Min homelab was Abu alvine and as for the one who turned away, who turned away

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as a result of his you know, pride The one who turned away the mastermind you know what was referring to here, the head of them when yaakob de la even obey even Soto when he turned away and he became the mastermind Alesis for that man. lahoma left wiser boy buonarroti he's gonna get an enormous painful punishment. But what happens next guys, this next verse.

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This is where I got the title of this video. By the way.

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Lola Sumitomo has a lot of talking to, if they heard a lot of speaking in second person right now that is similar to mobile, if they heard

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a one, let me know if they heard what By the way, if they are less referring to a second group of people, whoever they are right, but Allah will iron out to us who they are. But if they and when they heard this gossip going around, oven and meanwhile now one minute, you would think that the believing men and believing women in what context is or in what tense is Allah speaking to us now in this part of the A in third person. So the as starts off in a less speaking in second person, and it continues that he's speaking in third person when he's referring to the believers.

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He says that you would think that believe versus people who are moving and Mina, B and fusi him higher, ah, because of the good in them that Allah gave them. What called who has an Eskimo being they would have said, No, no, no, no. What are you saying? Stop.

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This is calling out even people who call themselves Mothman. And Allah is saying,

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when you heard gossip, what you were supposed to stop that right then and there. You were supposed to stand up for the dignity of your fellow Muslim, your fellow brother and sister. But instead you're like, Oh, really, I didn't know that about them. We see this happening all the time. You know, sometimes you'll have meetings with very mature, intelligent Muslims, religious massage, it's in the data will work. But bring up a name of anybody. And just see how the conversation goes. Allah says, Allah spoke in third person. So Allah did not include as moltmann. Those who heard the stuff and they went along with it, he refused to acknowledge that they were from amongst his true

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believers, because why the true believer stands up for what's right.

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stands up for what's right. a coward. Like not want to get involved. It's one of the things that really bugged me honestly, when people say that,

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I don't want to get involved in that problem, because I don't want that kind of heat on me. You deal with it. So you leave your fellow Muslim to just battle through the storm battle through their problems. You know, they're having marriage problems, you know, you could intervene and get things better, but you don't want to get involved. You know, and you're the right person to get involved but you chose not to. You don't want no bad blood on your shoulders. You don't want no bad reputation on your hands. So just stay out of it.

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Subhana Allah

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you know, these are the kinds that are yet to really expose our lack of depth.

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And sincerity when it comes to the to this Deen when I say us, our I'm talking generally as a culture. I'm sure there are lots of good Muslims out there. I'm sure. I pray that we all are amongst them. But as a culture, oh my god.

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My goodness. Just think about what happens and how we react when we hear gossip at the masjid or at the community. You know, when people are waiting to have their slaughter even notice this when people are waiting to have their slot? And you know, you see like, oh five, six minutes left. Instead of reading some core ad or making something do it what's like 90% of the people doing just talking about each other. Talking about other Muslims

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who just came in the masjid Look what she's wearing. Oh my god, she's wearing the same thing again. Look at this guy. I can't believe he came to this. Why is this guy sitting beside me and you start texting each other like God You won't believe who's here can't believe she had the nerve to show up in Ramadan you're gonna risk you're fasting all of your rewards everything just throw it out the window and the profit army so it was sent out it says men lemmya Tao cola sued Well, I'm gonna be if whoever doesn't leave off, you know, trash talk, false talk. wasteful talk, yeah includes back by lying and slandering. gossipy Felisa Linda hydrated if he had any other thought on the whole shot,

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all that lies and no need of you to starve yourself from food and drink.

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Because that's essentially what happened. So this really, really puts us in our place. The believer if you were from the mean, and Amina, do you what do you what are you supposed to do? Well, how do I know if you're supposed to stand up and stop this stuff and be like, don't do that, bro. Don't make up stuff about her. That's how you should stop that. That's what we're supposed to do. And for some reason, it didn't happen.

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No ledger rla, Hebei orbera tissue had a look what Allah

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Subhana Allah Allah says, if you would have came with four witnesses

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in the four witnesses about Xena, that

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is not what they're supposed to do. Yeah. Because that's ultimately what they're trying to say. But let's say that didn't happen. Let's just say something went on between Ayesha and his companion, let's say, you know, throw Xena out for a minute. The believers should have still known about four witnesses because a soldier that came before suta nor about four or five years prior already mentioned already mentioned about four witnesses that suit attend nissa

00:25:44 --> 00:26:08

Let's suit attendees that sort of thing. Lisa already told us that anytime you want to accuse somebody of any act of shamelessness, and then that they've done that publicly then you should testify with at least four witnesses the belief has already got this message so what is the law really saying you know less like you already knew you know what we're learning here the mafia Cohen they don't review or n

00:26:09 --> 00:26:33

and that's what happens when you don't review core and you lose the context you lose the order in how poor and is rebuilt you lose all that knowledge. Qur'an just becomes a bunch of words that you try to recite beautifully that's it you start losing that oh wait a minute suta Nur came all the way here even just in order so that and he says way back here that should tell us something that should tell us something that

00:26:34 --> 00:26:48

why did Allah also mentioned four witnesses will lead to Tina in fact you should immediately sir. You can Festus he do one faster she do auto Bharti Oh wow. Allah said the same thing back here.

00:26:49 --> 00:26:52

Get four witnesses. If you accuse any women of shamelessness

00:26:54 --> 00:27:07

that should wake us up right immediately, immediately should do something for us. Let me just capture the area there because I don't want to narrate it to you wrongly. Listen to it, guys.

00:27:08 --> 00:27:09

Here it is.

00:27:10 --> 00:27:47

We'll let you get to know them in the set you confess the Shido Festus heed Wiley hinda otter Beretta minquan then bring at least four witnesses from amongst yourself if you accuse any one any women, any of the pious women in particular have shamelessness so the companions already knew this but the more nasioc Abdullah even obey obviously he doesn't know he doesn't care he doesn't reveal poor n and even if they do they don't review with like how we should. So they lose the order they forget about this stuff is a poor and is keep going like like a wheel just turning non stop.

00:27:48 --> 00:27:49

Don't Muslims do that today?

00:27:51 --> 00:28:06

How many Muslims actually sit there and try and study and read this stuff? and try and keep it in order as best as possible going through reading the Koran in accordance to how it was revealed in this era of our Prophet alayhi salatu salam

00:28:07 --> 00:28:12

This is why it's so important. So Allah says, You already knew this stuff. Did you come with four witnesses you didn't.

00:28:13 --> 00:28:14


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for Islamia to be Shahada, so if you don't come with any witnesses foot will occur in the law whom will carry the ball. And then all of you, including you so called companions, your so called me, you're all a bunch of liars.

00:28:31 --> 00:28:47

A lot included everybody who went along with that scandal with that gossip against Chateau de la Morena. Allah included all of them and said, The matter is done. You're all a bunch of liars CASE CLOSED, the judge stamps THE CASE CLOSED, it's over.

00:28:50 --> 00:28:50


00:28:52 --> 00:29:36

what Allah says next is just gonna just blow your mind. But I need to stop there, because I have to get going. But we're going to continue this tomorrow, we're going to start picking up the pace. So tomorrow, I'm going to take more than 10 verses at a time per session. So I just wanted to get through that introduction. Because it was so heavy. The introduction has so much in it that I really wanted to do my best to at least summarize but at least but at the same time capture the main points, and I hope hopefully, I've been able to do at least a portion of that. Remember guys, well, I would love for the La la Mora metal. That if it wasn't for the blessing and aroma of Allah.

00:29:37 --> 00:29:59

And then Allah doesn't continue that sentence. That's the next verse. But Allah continued it. He continued it when he repeated this same sentence a second time. He continued it with something. But right now, we have to be thinking about our issue or the love and how women is so strong.

00:30:00 --> 00:30:44

She is so focused. She's so strong all the sisters out there but including us brothers. This is our role model then sisters, big issue, while the lohana look at how she confronts Look how she deals with this kind of pain. I'm inspired by her. And all her brothers listening to this, you should also be inspired by her girl is young. But she's her. Her mental focus and strength is just incredible. There's no one like her. She's got the whole city that made up a story about her. And she says for subtitling, Jamie Oh, be patient.

00:30:45 --> 00:30:50

I'll be patient. By the way, when this area was revealed,

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some of the companions came to her Isha. Although they are loved loveline handset to her. A legate. The prophets of Salaam garden area from Allah, He defended you. It's all over. You're good to go. You know what she says? And they started telling her go and thank your husband. He got the idea. It's done. It's clear we No, you didn't do anything. You know what she says? She says to them, I don't have to thank him.

00:31:19 --> 00:31:23

He didn't get he didn't tell Allah give me an A he had to wait for it.

00:31:25 --> 00:31:38

I know who I have to thank. That's our issue of the alohar. Now, remember, I told you, if you love our issue, yesterday, I told you this. If you love our Isha today, you will love her more. I hope so.

00:31:39 --> 00:31:59

As a woman was just, you know, hopefully somewhere down the road, we'll do a nice detailed biography of Chateau de la Mancha. She deserves that much. Study her legacy and everything that she was and she had done in the way that she served, not just the way that she served this planet.

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Although the Allahu taala and her allies, so it will allow us to reunite together in Jenna to a dose of Ariela and give us an opportunity to meet her.

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Give her give us an opportunity to meet her and just say to her, you know, you were our inspiration. You made us strong. Thank you, Alicia. It is because of your teachings and your strength that I was able to stay strong and focus and stand up for the dignity of my fellow Muslims. And Allah accepted it from me and gave me genda and you helped me get here. Thank you. I can't wait for that moment. So one of the things I think about that, you know, want to meet these great men and women and just tell them thank you, thank you for what you were and what you've done. May Allah subhanaw taala give us strength in the Alliance so you'll continue to refine our edit our etiquettes keeps our heart keep

00:32:54 --> 00:33:14

our hearts pure and obedient for his sake Aloma I mean, just like mellow Hayden guys, tomorrow. We continue lots and lots where were we didn't even finish two pages. This sort of feels like it's like it's just squished me down to the ground just the weight of the soda.

00:33:15 --> 00:33:24

And I'll leave you with one last thing. The weight of the soda is so heavy and it's called a nor the sutra of light. What does lightwei

00:33:26 --> 00:33:26

What does it weigh?

00:33:27 --> 00:33:40

Nothing. So why is this sutra so heavy spiritually on our in our hearts in our shoulders? We're coming to that inshallah avatar that you'll see. Just like my level Clayton was said Mr. alikum warahmatu Allahi wa barakato

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