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Thank God for the blessings

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How you gonna forget about the one who made you?

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The one who fashioned you in your mother's womb

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brought you into existence when you weren't even a thing worth mentioning.

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You forgot about

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the time that nobody even knew about you. You didn't even exist.

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When you spent some time in your mother's womb

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came out there, look at you now.

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You forgot to give thanks to the one who made this happen. How long grateful is

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it if someone took you in, fed you clothed you gave you money filled up your bank account.

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You would at least say thank you and you would be indebted to this person.

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But the one who gave you priceless gifts, those eyes that you see with are priceless. The hands that you touch with are priceless. The heart

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that pumps constantly keeps the body alive.

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It's priceless.

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We cannot enumerate the priceless gifts that money can buy. That money can replace that you've been given. Are you too arrogant to think the one

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who has provided you with all these things to show thanks and gratitude