Mohamad Baajour – A Moment to Wonder & Ponder #02 Al Takathur 1-2

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the meaning behind Hetzel Timon macabre abundance, stating that it is a visitation rather than a normal burial. They also mention a person named Jana who used the word " visit" to mean they wanted to visit the graveyard, but the speaker clarifies that it is a visitation. The transcript ends with a mention of a person named Hope and a woman named Maddie.
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How does

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one know Smirnova handling Lau salatu salam ala Rasulillah and how can we take care for Hetzel Timon macabre abundance divert you until you visit the graves. My dear brothers and sisters, we hear the surah a lot, we read the surah a lot. And today I want to ponder upon the IOA Allah St. Zurich Tamil macabre until you visit the graves here, it does not actually mean going and visiting the grave. It means that one day me and you we will be taken on the shoulders to the graveyard. So when Allah subhanaw taala used the word visit, because just like the visitor stays a very short period of time at the place he's visiting. Similarly, our stay in the graveyard is very short. And then we will

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move to our final destination. Either Jana, or Nora. May Allah make us all from the people of Jana menial Galantamine, may Allah make us from the people who wonder and ponder upon the Quran shareholder on

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Z laffy Lupo.

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NASCI wa Bellina

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Meenal Hoda wonderful on

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femora Shahida

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Gomez, Shahar fellow el sol. Y woman again and Maddie one elewana says

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don't mean

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you read on libido moto usarla Yuri Dooby punto lo Serravalle took me last night that I wanted to be on Long Island.

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The school

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