Ramadan Reflections – Day 5

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Opportunity In The Struggle

2017-06-02 – Ramadan 2017


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a lot of fun on him and handler

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100 Allahu Akbar

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Latinos Papa

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for Kannada Thank you did receive a quarter million via on it last year was herb hill at the

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with the first few days of Ramadan passing by

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many people naturally feel inclined to turn back to their old habits,

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that I was charged for the first few days of Ramadan, there was an excitement. But now that excitement begins to wear out, we begin to realize that this is not just a quick sprint, this is a marathon there's 30 days, still to go to the end of the month, 27 days, 26 days to left. So this is the part where the heart starts inclining towards opening up that TV again. And telling you that you know what, I'll go on to Facebook, but I'll only use it for a good cause. This is the time where you're telling yourself I can watch Netflix, but only documentaries. I wonder anything more than a documentary. This is the point where you start telling yourself let me go back and open up that

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whatsapp group again and see what my buddies are saying you've been ignoring for the past few days. Remember that this is the way shavon has made our knifes used to outside of Milan.

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Every time we make an attempt to change our life. What shavon did was he found an easy route back to the place where we left. He said you know what? rather than taking this many grams on this protein diet of yours, why don't you just deduce a little here, add a little here cheat a little today and make up for it tomorrow and you start tampering with the original plan. And when you tamper with the original plan that is the beginning of worship on takes you back. We know that in Rome, Yvonne shaytaan is locked away the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam tells us of that. But as I mentioned before, the training of shaitaan remains the effect of the trace of our servitude to shape on

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through the years still remains and the very same habits are taking us back to where we just came from. So let me read for you. How do you through the prophets of Allah while he was still

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were the prophets of a long line who was said I'm said millennia Dakota Zoo while I'm alive he Felisa de la hajat or any other, any other atama who are shaba the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Whoever does not leave, lying, and a lifestyle of lying false statements in a lifestyle of falseness. Whoever doesn't leave these things, Felisa de la hydroton any other autorama almohad, that Allah subhanaw taala has no desire for you to leave your food and for you to leave your drink. Meaning that when a person is sinning, when they go back to that very same old life that you have before them have on, if you found your way back to that life in Ramadan, if you're not praying your

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slog, and you're sleeping through it, you're being careless in her mind, just as you were before move on, then you are not allowing them Yvonne to have its effect. This is where the lesson of stiff armor comes in, to remain steadfast and firm. This is what changes people, not intelligence. It's the karma. It's not just the person having the ability, but it's the karma steadfastness. There's a person who's very intelligent and comes to class on day one, and takes all the notes down and listens very attentively to what the lecturer is saying. But then this person lacks in us the comma, this person lacks and steadfastness misses class one day, two days, three days, then tells her

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friends, I'm just gonna watch the lecture online. Now, this is how COVID usually is, send me your notes, I'll read them from there two days before exam, I'll find my way through exam. On the other hand, you have a person who may not be the most intelligent, but that person has just a comma, that person has steadfastness. They've set a goal, they're looking ahead, and they follow through with it. That's why when people come to me, and they say that I intend to memorize the Quran, what are your thoughts, adults of the community? I tell them, it's a very noble cause. But I need you to know that in order for you to memorize the Quran, the amount of karma you need, will probably be

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unprecedented in your life. And that's why children do such a good job at it. The reason is, because when they're young, it's their parents that keep them on that it's the karma. Their parents are the ones who coach them and guide them and say, you have to go again that kid wakes up in the morning and says, I don't want to go to report on I want to sleep in today. But mom and dad still wake them up at seven o'clock fudger time they wake them up, get them change, make them eat their food and send them their parents watch over them. But then when we become adults, but then when we become adults.

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There's no one to govern us. There's no one to coach us. There's no one to keep us steadfast on our pathway. And that's when we find adults not having the resolve to carry through them on the way we should be able to carry through. So the question is that how can we remain steadfast in the month of Ramadan? How do we continue what we've built so far? So the first lesson is this good influence is good. What one person does in front of you will influence you what you see your person do will influence you. Keep yourself surrounded by people who have good nature, people on the spectrum. Because if you can stay with the people of Islam, if you can stay with people have steadfastness,

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then you will find yourself also following their footsteps. But if you're surrounded by people who are setting failure as the highest goal in their life, who accept nothing other than failure for themselves, then you will definitely fail yourself too. And this is the principle of life, anything you want to grow in, make sure you're surrounded you surround yourself by the best people in that you want to be a good cook, surround yourself by good cooks. Otherwise, you're going to get used to using Shawn masala packages, and that's not going to make you a good cook. Right? You have to surround yourself by the experts in each field. Similarly, when it comes to the dean, surround

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yourself by Tacoma, surround yourself by taqwa surround yourself by Islam, the people of Islam, taqwa and piety and righteousness, and then you will find your pathway to righteousness to the second thing.

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Do your part. What that means is

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what you plan at the beginning of your Ramadan, make sure you follow through with that. You made an intention that at the beginning of Ramadan, everyday I will read three juices. And today you're reaching a point now where you're reconsidering and saying instead of three juice, let me just come down to one just instead of finishing off three put ons in this from Milan, I'll just settle with finishing off one foot on play your part which means come back to your original intention. What was your intention? Making it intention is very important. By the way, I sit with people who are married for multiple years, or people who are intending to get married. When someone comes to me for marital

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advice. One of the first questions I usually ask them is why did you get married? What was your intention behind marriage? And most of these people they say intention marriage What are you talking about? You know, your main contention for blue and salon not for marriage. When the truth is that intimate might have been yet intentions are universal and everything in your life. If you want to achieve something, you have to intend it you have to desire it. Now you have a little microphone.

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Change will not come until you want it first, you have to initiate change. And the initiating change starts with a sound intention. But making an intention just isn't enough. You have to follow through with that intention. And how you follow through with that intention is every now and then renewing it, reminding yourself What was your goal on day one of Ramadan. Your goal was that you were going to read three Jews of the Quran everyday you are going to read one of the Quran everyday that was your goal. So don't settle on anything less than that push yourself to be there. The third thing, even if you try really hard to set your goal and achieve your goal, know that it's very possible

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that you will still fail. Because Allah subhanho wa Taala created human beings that way khulumani Adama hapa all children of other money Salaam make mistakes, or hydrocal thought you know the lagoon, and the best of those who make mistakes are the best when it comes to their recovery. Those who repent to Allah subhanho wa Taala. So if you do fail something, let's say one day passes by, and it was a busy day and you didn't even open the Quran. Now your heart is going to tell you you're going to tell yourself that you skipped one day. So now what? Let's skip the rest of it. Who cares? You skip the ones that are rare, so stupid, who cares? You skipped one fast for whatever reason.

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Now, just forget it skip the rest of the month. Don't let that overtake you. If you fall down, actually, let me say that again. When you fall down, be ready to stand up again. And know that this is what champions are made up. They do not accept loss, they do not accept defeat. Every time they come down, they stand up again, every time they come down, they stand up again. I remember when I went for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, when I first went to the gym to train,

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there was a sign on the wall that kept me going for years by the way I kept training and because of that I would read that little sign on the wall and it would say the sign said black belts are white belts that never give up. So it kind of made me think that you know what every black belt every expert was the beginner where I am today. But the only thing I need to be to become an expert is I need to have this Tacoma. I need to be steadfast and firm and that can never give up give up I have to keep going again and again and again. Which leads me to my last point that I want you to reflect over every little good deed you do. never sell yourself short for it. Some people they think if I

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read one Joseph Quran or if I don't read it what what difference is there going to make in my life? If I prayed that I'll be Hernando what difference is it going to make in my life I've already defined who I am going to be Never underestimate or under sale undersell your own good deeds. A lot of Hunter hautala is the word

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The value of your good deed Your job is to continue to do it. So don't say Oh, I missed that ami, just forget it, I'll do something else. No, your thought always is meaningful. Your reading with the Quran is meaningful. Your Vicar is meaningful. Your Oman is meaningful. Every good deed that you bring into your life. Hold on to it firmly with both hands, bite onto it with your moral with your molar teeth, but don't let it go. Every good deed you bring you will find your reward with Allah subhanho wa Taala. So let us move on be a month of steadfastness a month of his Tacoma, where we start our good deeds, and we continue them until the end of Ramadan. If anything, learn to increase

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your good deeds, don't allow your good deeds to decrease. May Allah subhanho wa Taala accept them as all sort of law that says I'm Hammad Samadhi come up with my work.