A Mansion in JANNAH in 2 MINUTES

Mohamad Baajour


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Imagine in Jannah in two minutes, Allahu Akbar, imagined in Genoa, one brick of gold and one brick of silver. And the luxury in it is beyond our imagination. How can I have it in two minutes? Listen, my brothers and sisters are soulless. I seldom said whomsoever recite called who Allah Who ahead 10 times a mansion will be built for him or her in Jannah How long does it take a statement Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Paul who Allahu Ahad Allah Who Samad? Lemme le dweller mu lead. Well, me Akula who Khufu one I had 12 seconds times 10 120 seconds, two minutes. Imagine in Jana, yellow Shabaab.