Mirza Yawar Baig – Ramadan Reminders #21

Mirza Yawar Baig
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Jews 21 day 21 Well Elijah Doofy na na na na home Solana. We're in Allah Nama and Washington in and sort of Donkervoort at the analysis monitor as well as for those who strive hard in our cause, in strive hard in us, Jah Rufina diehard and asked out so hard in our course, we will surely guide them to our paths to Islam and to getting close to Allah subhanaw taala Dan of Mala and Verily Allah subhanaw taala is with the mercy and all the people who are focused on excellence in their Deen

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Surah to Rome in this Jaws, has a series of beautiful is mentioning all the signs of Allah subhanaw taala in the middle of them is this, which is the secret of a happy marriage. When we nyati and halacha Allah Coleman and fusi comas wotja Lita scudo la wa Jalla by in a coma WADA Tong Rama in Vidal, Nicola IRT Liko me yet Africa rule, Allah Subhana Allah Zed, And among His Signs is this, that he created for you mates, wives from among yourselves that you may find repose in them, so calling them and he has put between you affection love and mercy Maota Oratia love and mercy verily in that indeed our science for people who reflect

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then others rather than us at the same Surah Zarafa de Ville Marie will Buhari remark as our ad Nancy Lee uses of Viva la the army Lulu, whom your your evil and sin and disobedience has appeared on the land and sea because of what the hands of men have earned by their evil deeds, trials and tribulations, pandemics, epidemics and wars, all kinds of things.

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And why does Allah allow this to happen? Allah said that Allah, Allah allow that to happen so that they may love him, make them taste a part of that which they have done in order that they may return to him by repenting. So even the pain the suffering that we have, thanks to our deeds is a mercy from Allah. Because Allah subhanaw taala says it so that we change our ways and save ourselves from worse. There is another look man Allah said wife, Karla Lokmanya Oh, lemony, he well who are your eyes? Oh yah, Guna Yala to Shrek Billa in a Shikara Zalman azim. And remember when Lachman said to his son when he was advising him Oh my son do not join in worship others with Allah verily joining

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others in worship with Allah is a great zulum is a great wrong Allah subhanaw taala short as the zulum is the worst and in this in zulum the words on them is to make sure

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and then Allah subhana dalla mentioned his brother says that the problem that the corporation and the problem may Allah protect us today till today exists will call you either gonna fill out the interview help injuried balloon Villa ca beam Caffee rune call yet our far Kumala will motility will killer we come from Milan have become towards your own Allah subhanaw taala said that

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and then Allah said when Otara is ill moodily Munna anarchy, so roussy him in Daraa beam Ramana I was on our seminar for the GNR. narwhal certainly had in multinode, Allah subhanho data in these two. ayat, Allah subhanaw taala mentioned. Very, very important aspect of our deen and I'm the reader.

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And that is the issue of

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denying of the Accra. This is the problem. The problem is not that people

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you know do not that people do not Allah they do that. But the worst is when they deny the meeting with Allah, Allah said and they say, when we are dead and become lost in the earth, shall we indeed be recreated a new day, but they deny the meeting with the

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meeting, say the Angel of Death, who is set over you will take your souls that you will be brought back to Europe. And if you could only see the moon to the moon, May Allah save us from this criminal the sinners, they shall hang their heads in shame before the Arabs they go our love we have now seen and heard so send us back to the word we will do righteous deeds. Verily We now believe with certainty.

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Then Allah's wrath and I mentioned those who pray the hudgell that Java you know whom I need Mala G as one of the home homophone whatever we might have to code fell out. Enough so now if you allow him in karate, I

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Don't just be Makana, we are alone. Allah subhanaw taala mentioned those people and said they get up from their beds they have their sides forsake their beds to invoke their rubbing, fear and hope. And they spend in the path of Allah out of what We have bestowed on them. No person knows what is kept hidden for them of joy, as a reward for was what they used to do. I ask Allah to make us among those who pray to hundreds regularly and we ask Allah for his reward was Allah Allah Allah Allah will carry while he was and we had named

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