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AI: Summary © The group discusses the concept of forgiveness in Islam, including a disturbing event involving a woman named Adeleke and multiple passionate condolences from individuals. They also touch on the topic of forgiveness and protecting children from harm through forgiveness, including a person who committed multiple condolences and a woman who committed multiple passionate condolences. The group emphasizes the importance of forgiveness and protecting children from harm through forgiveness, including a person who committed multiple passionate condolences. They end with a mention of a webinar and a night in Saudi Arabia.
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Smilla hamdulillah salatu salam ala Rasulillah come closer inshallah so you can see the ramen so everybody can close a valley

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along aluminum and fall now and finally my London hours at night in manual camera I mean, we ask Allah azza wa jal teachers would benefit us benefit us from what you told us and increased US knowledge. I mean your army Allama Jalna manual codon como food and lecom Kabaddi let's say yeah Tikka Masala. May Allah make us from the people at the end of the gathering, they will be taught Kumu get up all your sins are forgiven and all your sins have been switched into good deeds I mean your anatomy. Today a beautiful Hadith Subhanallah amazing Hadith and all that hadith are beautiful especially now, since we are discussing discussing the Tutsi Hadith. And we explained that the

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Hadith are the words of ALLAH, the meaning is by Allah azza wa jal, and the words are by Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and this hadith it is could see and at the same time, it is in the nawawi. It's in the 14 hour we also so and it's in saya Muslim. I'm gonna read an Arabic first to enjoy the beauty of the and the eloquence of the Arabic language then you will translate Inshallah, you will hear you will notice as I'm speaking that this hadith You have heard it

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in pieces, but you know, sometimes they say Casasola Islam and they give you a part of Hadith. Okay, and you will find out that this hadith has so many parts that you heard already, but one part at a time.

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And Peter will refer it or the Allah one, and Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam called and Allah azza wa jal and he said that when de Souza Salam started Hadith that Allah that Allah said so I'll call that a Bukom. That means Allah said so in the haram to Volmer Allah and FC wa jal to Hubei in accom Maha Rama filata vaanam Yeah birdie in Como Latina talk the owner be Layli when the hair were in a lady of the funeral Zulu but whether or barely faster if you Rooney lecom Yeah, either. He couldn't come

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up and stop a Mooney or to him come Yeah, Daddy can look in a lemon Kasota Fasttech Sunni axacon Yeah, daddy. Lo Anna. Welcome. Welcome. We're in second watching. Can kalbi Rajan mean Come Let me ask the early Kofi Maliki Sharia. Yeah, daddy. Welcome. encircle Magina come, can I the F Jheri curl be Rajani mean Come let me young because daddy come in will Keisha? Yeah a birdie

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in second Virginia come HTML for you. Sorry you didn't wait for Sir Looney Tamara pay to color insert the minimum Mercer limb young because Delica mean will key che il camera young yoga master fee he'll miss next year to run certain Wahida Yeah, birdie in nema. Here are MaryLu come further ha they come Femen water the Hiren failure medulla, woman washer dryer Adeleke finale and a woman Elana.

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Obviously this is not gonna finish in one day.

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Let's almost say salam said that Allah subhanaw taala said, Oh, my bad, I have prohibited

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myself from being in jest. And I've made that injustice Jonnie unlawful among you. So do not oppress one another. fella. tovala Do not oppress one another, all mighty bad. All of you

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are liable. Any able to commit mistakes except the one or you are the ones who are misguided, except the one I guide.

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So seek guidance from me and I will guide you, Oh, my bad, all of you are hungry, except the one I feed so as queued from me, and I will feed you, Oh, my bad, all of you are naked, except the one I closed. So ask for me for clothing. And I shall Claudio Oh my bad. You commit sins night and day. And I forgive all sins. So seek my forgiveness. And I shall forgive you. Oh, my bad, you can neither do me any harm. Nor can you do me any good. Oh, my bad. Were the first of you and the last of you, the human have you and the you know, view to be as pious as the most pious heart of any man have you that would not increase my domain, I think and the same thing. If they were all as we as the wicked

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heart of any man of you, that would not decrease my domain. Anything. Oh my a bad word. The first of you and the last of you, the human of you and the one of you to stand in one place and make a request of me and you make dua and were I to give

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Every one what they requested that would not decrease what I have any more than a needle decrease the see if it was put in it Subhanallah Oh my bad, it is your deeds that I am counting.

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It is your deeds that I'm counting for you and then at the end, I will recompense you.

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So, let him who finds good thank Allah and let him who finds other other than that only blame himself. So as you see a lot of material a lot of stuff. Let's start with the beginning of the Hadith, in the haram to Luna and NFC.

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I made them haram upon myself,

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Allah subhanaw taala can do whatever he wants.

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But Allah said in the Quran

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Lavon mill young wanna learn Lilla bead, I will never be unjust to anyone to anyone. And he told us specifically that on the Day of Judgment specifically on the Day of Judgment, there would be no reason whatsoever in Canada if Canada had bitten min hurdle attained law apply the science Columbia every time I need this area I any, it blows your mind, Allah saying if it was just the weight, not the mustard seed, the weight of a mustard seed, if you put a mustard seed on a scale, you will not see anything. You need a very, very particular sensitive scale to be able to wait a mustard seed, you cannot wait Subhanallah so Allah saying if it was the weight of a mustard seed, and if it was

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anywhere, anywhere,

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I would bring it, I would bring it no matter how small that D that you have done. Smile in your brother's face. Whenever anything dollar that you gave one time to a needy person.

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You helped him go from one place to another anything no matter how small it is, that could be the reason for you to enter Jannah. So Allah subhanaw taala said haram to Allah and FC.

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When is prohibited, and Allah one volume.

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You will never understand what real volume is until you go through it.

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I remember a few

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few months ago, I was looking at the CNN app. It says that someone

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was released from jail. I don't know if you read it after 30 years for a crime. You saw it. He did not commit

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30 years.

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And if he went in at 25, he's 55 years old.

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The guy came and

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his conscious woke up and he admitted that I'm the one who did the crime.

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That is pure volume, pure zone. That's why the hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, listen to this carefully, the dua of the Muslim. That's why if anybody committed against you what Allah he will Allah he will lie, do not worry at all, at all. You know why? Allah has with you? Or salasar Salam said, the dua of the Muslim, I was oppressed. I raise my hand

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and I make dua, or suppose I said and said they said they you know who were begging Allah hijab, there is no barrier between that DUA and Allah azza wa jal no barrier whatsoever. And in moderation, listen to this one oh can careful.

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Even if the person the Muslim is a careful, because this is boom, this has nothing to do this is this guy is a senator already in his belief in his Aqeedah but this has nothing to do with it. You have took your you have taken the right of another human being.

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When it's between you and Allah that's between you and Allah. But when between the Hulk Subhanallah, Locanda carefully imagine a calf raising his hand and making dua Rasulo Salam said, there is no barrier between him and his daughter and Allah subhanho wa taala. This is how dangerous is done one time.

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There was

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a king

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who was overthrown.

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And he and his son were in jail, you know how things turn around. He was him and his son was in jail. So he looked at his son. And he said,

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How did we get here? The son is asking the Father, He said, How did we get here? Where we look where we are right now.

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He said,

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Oh, my son is probably one of those people who have oppressed, raised his hand one night

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It is where we are right now.

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One of those people that you took their

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food from their children's mouth, you deprive them you took a piece of land because it's close to yours without their permission, you Subhanallah volume, volume, volume at yarmulke and another Hadith. Zoom is darkness on the Day of Judgment, Donal Matt, darkness, and the volume is of three kinds.

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There is volume,

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two of the volume, there's one volume against yourself and another against others. Okay, the one we just mentioned about the jail and all that this is against others, but against yourself is divided into two.

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One of them

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will never be forgiven. And one of them can be forgiven if you ask for forgiveness.

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The first one is

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The test we're because we It bears but this we are in Al Huck al Hulk workaholic

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in the Shilka love Holman of him.

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Allah subhanaw taala called Sheikh as boom. When you

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equate Allah subhanho wa Taala

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with someone else, you have committed the major of them, that Allah said in the Quran that I can forgive anything except that if somebody died on Schilke, he will not be forgiven.

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If somebody died on anything else, Allah could forgive him. So long is the definition of done what they say the day if unless you have said Vaughn is to place things where they should not be placed.

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To place things where they should not be placed. There Ibadah the salad, the sujood that was so supposed to be to Allah I put it to somebody else. With this chef or with this Maulana with this, whatever I committed boom, in the Shilka This is the one of the against yourself. The second one against ourselves is when we commit major sins. What I'm Annessa right, he committed a one against ourselves. We commit one against ourselves when we are doing major sins. When I drink alcohol, I'm making them against myself.

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When I commit adultery, I'm making a vote against myself. I'm putting things played in places they're not supposed to be.

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This is done. So

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all kinds of them are forbidden. So Allah Subhana Allah Allah saying

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in the haram to zone and I made it between you haram yeah a bed. I'll take one more inshallah today, and we'll continue next week. Yeah, a birdie in necom Dotty owner be Layli when they were in the lady, a few of the room whether or barely first of your own accent

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Subhanallah how forgiving us Allah Allah. When I read the greatness of Allah azza wa jal and how forgiving and how merciful? The first thing that come to your mind, you will say how come that hell is filled

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with all of this forgiveness and all this drama from Allah azza wa jal and we will find out from that hadith, the Jahannam is packed.

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And we explained many times before Yeah, one and this is lately, like I've been hearing it a lot as a matter of fact, somebody sent me a clip of a guy who is talking in front of a lot of

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I think senators in one of the India or Pakistan or and this guy is saying some Muslims. I don't know if you saw what it was today. Some Muslims say that Jana is only for Muslims who made you Maliki on Wiggin

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so he's saying some Muslims now they are so arrogant and they say the agenda is only for Muslims

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so this new notion that no no brother Be careful don't say that you know whoever does not believe in Islam is going to help no no, no, you might hurt somebody's feeling

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have you beaten me hurt his feeling before I hurt himself forever?

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Yeah, when our rocky does the same don't go by this up to date Dean and water down Dean and No, no, no, our Islam is still the same as the same. Nothing has changed. Nothing has changed. His name did not change. The Muslims have changed. But the stem is still the same. In the medina Cafaro. We're not

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to uncle for Allah him Nana to law one oneness watch marine

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circle Bacara whosoever is a careful and die as a Kaffir they as a Kevin, because we cannot say about anyone now, who is still alive, he's going to hell is going to Jana because we don't know how he ends right? In the Latina Cafaro, the fall that dies as a Kaffir knowing about Islam, and he refused Islam refuted Islam. He does not care about Islam, and maybe fought Islam. I believe he learned that Allah, the curse of Allah, and the curse of the angels, and every human being and then you come tell me please be careful. Don't hurt the feeling. Yeah, when Allah sometimes we say things. It's not about like, you know, you're breaking a sunnah or something. No, no, it goes, it's

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against our credo against our La ilaha illa. Allah, this is part of the Aqeedah this is part of being a Muslim, to know that you have to believe in Allah, you have to believe in Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salam, you have to have the six hour kind of the Eman

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it's a must. Nothing has changed.

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So Allah subhanaw taala saying here are my bad, you sin day and night, all day long and all night long your commit sins. Allah we all do here one we all do whether you know it or not. And come tomorrow, the first football and Charlotte Allah. We will talk about that specifically.

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We will all commit so many sins, and Allah saying here, no matter how many sins you have committed, all I owe my brothers, my sisters and the brothers and sisters that are watching us. The show that shaitan come and despair you from the Mercy of Allah azza wa jal no matter how many sins you have committed, don't ever give up on the mercy of Allah. Kalia either the lady in SR who

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foresee him later finetune Mira naughty now.

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In namaha, Feroz zunow The Jami in

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for Rahi. All my slaves who have transgressed and they have committed all kinds of sin don't ever give up on my Rama. No matter what you have done my brother No matter what you have done, my sister don't ever give up on Rama, Allah azza wa jal Allah is saying in this hadith I could see he said, Just Mr. Rooney and whether or barely I forgive all sins, and I do not care who's gonna who's gonna tell Allah? Why are you forgiving the sense?

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Well, Latina either fine or fisherton I was gonna move and forsaken and foster home wrecker Allah, the staffer who didn't obey Him, when a young man was ruled by ALLAH spirit Allah, Who forgives the sins other than Allah, who tell me who? I will, I will I will make some food for him.

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This is the one to please yeah, who and this is the one to make sure that He is pleased with us. He's happy with us, the one who forgives the sins. And even other than that, it's not worth to please at all. Allah is the One who permits people to gender Allah is the one that holds people back away from from hell. Allah subhanaw taala saying no matter how many times you own a belay leaving her at night you commit things that nobody has seen you and you go and you do this and you do that and a daytime while you're in the market while you knew your business while you in your job maybe some looks maybe some lies maybe you you say things to sell something that's not selling maybe you

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cheat maybe Subhanallah

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all day long and all night long y'all committing since this is our our our Creator's telling us so make us the far and I forgive you, no matter what it is. And another Hadith Subhan Allah, Allah subhanaw taala said, As long as my bad is telling the shaitan the Shaytan said I'm gonna keep as long as you're a bad or breathing I'm gonna keep

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plotting for them.

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Allah answered and said why is that he will Jalali by my honor by my glory. As long as they ask him for the stuffer. I will forgive the Subhanallah in Allaha go for Rahim. Allah muffle another webinar at slough and if you haven't been without the duck dam and Ensenada Coleman, Catherine Allama fitna, Lima to Eduardo Allama, fitna Lima to headwater Allah Allah Karim and discipleship night of Juma Allah, everyone who attended and everyone who's watching this yet ALLAH forgive all their sins. Allah Karim increase them in Iman ya allah fill our homes, fill our homes with love, and mercy and tranquility. Yeah Allah protect all our children from any kind of harm. Allah surround our children

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with a righteous company Yara Bella Alameen wa salam ala Nabina. Muhammad Allah early in Saudi I mean, don't forget, don't forget to make a lot of salad on Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam, and please come to treasure in Jamal tomorrow, Friday. Tomorrow is that six days ago?

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mafia Subhanallah maganda Michigan Lila in the midst of fear occur on October