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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam, right Ashrafi Lumby or even mousseline, Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam this demon cathedral cathedra

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from Abbado my brothers and sisters

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it if we

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look at

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all if I asked you to tell me about masajid of the world

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including this budget for example so tell me something about this budget

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What will you say? Anybody

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start with this one then we saw this What about this budget

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I was overly yeah that is genuine but this month is specifically what anything about this what is remarkable what do you want but what stands out what do you like concerns on

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cleanliness, okay, it's clear

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that I'm

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United about the app

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the community

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the diverse community okay. And then

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so similarly, if we talk about different massages, people will talk about these things which is community and so on. Maybe they will talk about the structure the building also beautiful buildings. Absolutely Fabulous. Um, did Allah subhanaw taala cause gave me the opportunity to see some really really really beautiful massages in the world. And some of those beautiful aren't quit

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I really have to remember to think hard to compare massages in other parts of the world with the massages and quit absolutely phenomenal.

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The question is what really makes a magic great

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is it the building is it the cleanliness even visit populating?

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Let me tell you a story. True story from this era.

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There was a man who's never been Osan

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and he was one of the big chiefs of the Bernal Hanifa.

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Nothing to do with whenever he's been one if he's a big tribe, in the nuts

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in presence of the river so in the north,

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south Florida, Roselle decided to go for Amara.

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So he left with a few people

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for his

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fate or luck, whatever you want to call it, there was a

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scout scouting

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cavalry battalion of Muslims sent out by Rosa Salem to patrol

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these are them.

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And they surrounded them and they captured. So to our Rosa got captured by the Muslims.

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They brought him they didn't know who he was this guy.

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They brought him to Medina. And they tied him up to one of the

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pillars of Majid Nawaz Sharif. And they informed me so Sal said you got some sort of easier.

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So that's when he saw me knew who this man was the victim and victim of a very big tribe. Right? So it's Abdullah

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so Rosa Salem ordered for food to be sent to Swami Roselle from his own house.

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And of course, he was treated well I mean like anybody else those days. They didn't Muslims do not have a customer of torturing prisoners and so on. Right so which is the word

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so he was but he was he was a prisoner. He's tied up to the bone.

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Next body resource SLM came to him and he asked him he said,

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So Mama, what do you want to say to me?

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He said, Yeah, Mohamed, Salah Salem. If you kill me, you will be killing somebody who has killed other people. So there is no blame on you

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is that I've killed people so if you kill me, then you're killing somebody was killed, kill other people. Nobody wanted.

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If you leave me free, then you would have left free somebody who is capable of showing his gratitude will be very grateful to you.

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And if you want money or something, just name whatever you want.

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Give me a number.

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There is no Salam did not say anything. You didn't you did not reply to this see left.

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So this fellow is not right to the post.

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One full day passes next morning and goes through again. He said Yes, ma'am.

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What do you want to say to me?

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He said yeah Mohamed Salah salah. The same thing I told you yesterday I don't have anything else

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if you kill me You are killing somebody who has killed other people so normally when you if you leave me free I will be very grateful to you I show my gratitude and if you want ransom, you want money or property or something? Just name the price whatever is

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there is another option Today's Thursday

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again he asked him

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yeah dilemma. What do you have to say to me?

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He's a Yeah, Mohamed Salah Salem.

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I have nothing different. Same thing I have to say to you, which I told you before sending

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Surah Surah Surah Salam ordered that the mama windowsill should be released

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nor answered ransom no nothing is not your good go listen

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the saddle very surprised to hear that this man is first of all he is from the enemy. Secondly, we are releasing him but he is bad is what money is you know in rhetoric we get something from him.

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Ransom and he has this this like victory you know he he says anything you want I'll give you

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the answer. No. Letting go.

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Letting Go.

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So have I

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He went he went into one of the debt

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plantations in Medina which had well he took a bath

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he came back

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to Mother

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Teresa Mr. Solemn

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had he said

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I shall do hola hola hola hola.

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Or I shall go on record

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is that I bear witness

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that there is no word worthy of worship except Allah and I bear witness that you are is

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humble everybody very happy. There is a reason as to why didn't you say this when you were here?

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He said because I don't want people to say I said it out of fear.

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You want to kill me kill me no problem I'm your prisoner.

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When you release me I'm now on my own. I can do what I want.

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So I came back

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he said I made up my mind on the first day

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Why didn't you make up your mind? I told you the story entire story.

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Rosa Salem did not give him the hour even for one minute.

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Nothing. He did not even say to him accept Allah as your as your Mabu know

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Lord has given them

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all that happened was

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so Mama will tell her Allah

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what was happening

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in Virginia and

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he was there he was starting to imagine he was watching every whatever was happening regular activity at the margins via tank prayer. He was the reason I would be giving a Sinatra after Voyager used to give he would listen to that. People would come and ask you questions you would be answering maybe somebody's got a conflict the visa was resolving the conflict and so whatever, three days of normal activity in the masjid

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Who is the man saw nobody talked to him. Nobody gave him the hour. Nobody argued with him. Nobody debated with him.

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He accepted is

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one of the most powerful chiefs

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of the ages. And then

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And then he said, Yasser Allah.

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I was on my way to Amara when your people captured me.

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What do you want me to do? Now is go make Amara but make over an hour as a Muslim. Not as a wish Eric.

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And he taught him the Tobia

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saying he's talking about right

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now is brought the Tobia to Sumava Busan.

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Make Allah Humala bikes. Nobody gala charity gala gala bike, in Alhambra, one Nevada, like our work,

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Sumava Rosa Laguna Alonso is the first man in history

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to make the Tobia while making it off, waiting to the first man.

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So he went there and he

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loudly called the Velvia.

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And the courage came they said what is this? Where did you get his word from? He said I am mostly I've accepted the religion of Mohamed Salah and this is what he taught me.

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So somebody tried to beat him somebody pulled out an arrow then they stopped and said you knows

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the other people there's a you know this virus. You kill him we are finished.

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liebevoll or ukata This man is too big and too powerful man.

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So he said I want to announce to you guys he said from today.

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Not one grain of rice will come to MCC.

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He said I'm stopping all the caravans that come with the one Hanifa we're on the caravan route is a no food. We'll come to Makkah from today. Until Mohamed salah, Salah borders it

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you should have stopped everything.

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It got to the point prices went up. It got to the point where they started starving, they literally had no food. So they wrote a letter they sent a man they said yeah.

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Tell you tell your man.

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We are starving here.

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Louisa told him release them. Let them go let the food world

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the reason I'm saying this is apart from the fact that it's one of the beautiful rhetorical Zira

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it is the armor of the Masjid.

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Alhamdulillah we should have beautiful massages we must have we will spend money on the masjid, the beautification, they're making it comfortable and clear. All of this is good, we should have that.

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But the value is in the armor of the machine.

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What happens in

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the row of it, the love of it

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not the Salah, Salah with the love of Allah Subhan Allah

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the way people behave with each other,

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respect for the elders, affection on the youngsters.

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Right? People behaving with

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the proper way of behaving.

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People talking to each other like true brothers and sisters with love for each other.

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All of this

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this is what is impressive. This is what changes hearts. This is what is brings people to Islam because this is Islam in action. Living of Islam.

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We ask Allah subhanaw taala della DeLallo to make each of us a symbol of Islam.

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A reflection of the flag of Rasulullah is uncertain.

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And to make each of us somebody who by His or her speech or action demonstrates Islam and we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us those who others will be attracted to, so that they also become Musharraf below Islam. Was Allah Allah Allah will carry while Allah He was happy it may be wrong to go