Mirza Yawar Baig – Fajr Reminder More than mountains

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of making decisions based on what one has in mind and not just on what is seen. They also touch on the devastation caused by the Earth and the importance of individuals making decisions based on their beliefs. The speakers emphasize the need to be mindful of others' bills and the importance of not taking the short way down to the ground. They also discuss the historical significance of the mountain's name and its significance to the spiritual world.
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Hola Hola Alameen wa salatu salam ala Shara film ba will mousseline Muhammad Rasul Allah is Allah Allah Haile he ran it he was a he was salam to Steven cathedra and cathedra

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call of Allah interference pizza to a lot of delightful lady when the hurry love it literally lab

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and those raw data set and so the rally ran very early in the creation of the heavens and the earth and the alternation of the day and the night. There are signs for people of intelligence, people who reflect and think.

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And 100 Love, you're sitting on top of this mountain, prospect mountain in America, in upstate New York,

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on top of Lake George.

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And I invite myself and you to look around us

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and see what we are seeing here.

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We climbed up a pretty steep path to get up here.

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We are seeing rocks, especially up that trail when we were coming. Massive black rocks. Probably I'm not a geologist, but probably that's an indication that those rocks were pushed up from the core of the earth. And Allah knows how many millions of years they burned in the fires, which are in the center of the core of the earth.

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And they were more they were molten, they were lava.

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And they got pushed up in the cold.

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And they turn into this black, absolutely black, they look like they've been burnt rocks, which we see here.

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And on top of those rocks, imagine if you were here a few million years ago,

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you will see those rocks have just come up from the bottom of the earth. They are

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murderously hot,

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there is nothing nothing, nothing on them, there is no soil, there's absolutely nothing on them. And if somebody asked you to do think that a forest will grow on these rocks,

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without question when you stop laughing, then you would say are you are you crazy? or something's wrong with you? I mean, how can anything grow on this rock?

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This is just our O CK and it just came out of the fisrt How can anything grow on this rock?

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Then Allah subhanaw taala has his ways.

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And the winds blow

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and dust is carried

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from Allah knows where

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we know, just to give you an idea of how far this can carry.

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The Amazonian rainforest

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gets nitrogen

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nitrates from the central Sahara

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from the South Plains in the center of Sahara

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winds blow them across Africa, across the Atlantic, down south into South America to be dumped into the Amazon.

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So dust can come from a longtime. So Allah's rather than send us and the dusty and there was rain, and a lot of it got washed down into Lake George and Lake George was created. And then some older stayed and stayed. And then there were seeds, which were carried some in the air, some by birds, and so on and so on. And a few million years later, we see what we see which is thick forest on top of rocks.

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And the feet of this mountain are cold in the waters of Lake George

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and we hear

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always that Navy SEALs wanna look at the streets. So tall we saw one, an oak, absolutely straight like the mast of a ship

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and dead

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and it didn't fall still there standing straight.

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And we are seeing this trees and so on with things when I look at these massive structures and massive rocks and massive trees and

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but what is the reality of this whole thing?

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The reality of the whole earth, not as mounted the entire Earth

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is less than a grain of sand on the beach.

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In comparison to the visible universe, not all universe, the visible universe. How's that define? That is defined by you take a grain of sand on the tip of your finger, hold your finger and

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out like this to the extent of your arm, and the grain of sand is resting on the tip of your index finger, you shut one eye and you look there, the piece of sky that is blocked by that grain of sand is the visible universe.

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And in that this whole Earth, and everything it contains, is less than a grain of sand on the beach.

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Why am I saying all this to remind myself I knew

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that at the end of the day, even this one grain of sand on the beach Allah did not give the control of this to any one individual or any one nation or any one king or any one country ever.

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The largest and the biggest of the Empires land Empires was that of Genghis Khan, which was 13 million square miles compared to the Romans which was 3 million square miles on 1 million square miles compared to the

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at the peak of the abassi helluva Ommaya and Abasi philosophy, it was 5 million square miles, Genghis Khan's land and by was three times that.

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But still, there was one

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that was from China, to the middle of Europe.

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That's it.

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Allah never gave it to anybody completely.

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Why am I saying this, because the decisions that we make in our life,

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do not have to do with 5 million square miles, believe me, you're not getting that I'm not getting that they don't have to do with 30 million square miles. They have to do with one house with one job

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with what you sell in their shop with what you earn to buy that house, what you do in that house, one individual, one relationship with one person,

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a few people good decisions.

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But the consequences of those decisions are eternal.

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Because they go into our Accra.

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And they stay with us. Long after we are in our graves when we are raised, that will come with us.

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What I chose to believe,

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did I believe in the badania? The head of Allah subhanaw taala? Or did I join partners?

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Did I speak the truth? Or did I tell lies? did I deceive people? Or was I honest? Did I have integrity?

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Was I good to people, my neighbors, my family, my spouse, my children, whoever my employers, employees, colleagues, whatnot, was good to them or was not good to them. All of these and more.

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Truly, especially in the context of us individuals have more value than this whole earth and everything it contains.

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Because this whole earth and everything it contains will finish will be destroyed. will one day cease to exist. But your and my armor will not cease to exist. They will remain

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right did you think of that? These mountains will not be there anymore. Allah subhanaw taala said they will be like dust balls they will go with

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more about your armor and my armor they will be there.

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So our ama will have more staying power and they have more reality than the Andes Mountains.

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It will stay with us it will stay with us in this world. And they will go into our cover and they will come out of the cover. On the day of judgment we will be judged by those armor.

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So endless rounds that I see the signs of Allah is not only to look at the San Francisco harvest that we should do, but also then to remind ourselves

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that one day I'm going to meet Allah subhanaw taala that is the definition of eluded Alba, those who reflect and think because Allah subhanaw taala described that I will end with that the rest of the ayah Allah Xena yes gewoon Allah pa Rodon Why did you know we him waiata for Karuna vehicle pizza the world and then then what? Rob Panama Philip the has a bottle, so Hannukah for him. And that's it who are the original Bab they are the ones sequence of that. Think about the sequence first. What is the sequence? There are those who recognize Allah subhanaw taala they do the Zeger of Allah what is the rigor of Allah? There's no dhikr of Allah if you don't do under the care of the one we know the

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rigor of the one we recognize the Quran, the one we love over and above anyone, anything else, Allah subhanho wa Taala

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and when do they do that? They do that standing, sitting lying down, meaning they do that day or night 24 hours. They're called with Jerry that is continues to make the

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Think of Allah subhanaw taala the eyes lead the heart does not sleep.

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That is the definition of Muslim.

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This is the definition of the Nabhi. But the definition of the Nabi is the definition of the Muslim, the one whose hearts is alive

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with the Dhikr of Allah

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and then we're, he did not say oh Allah did not say this or that. Allah said and, and Allah did not put the figure we're talking about the world before No.

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First recognize Allah subhanaw taala first become subservient to him first become obedient to involve become a slave of Allah. And then when you look at the creation, Allah subhanaw taala will remove the curtains of the dunya from the eyes, and you will see the creation the way it is supposed to be seen as the creation. And then you are not overawed by it. And you don't see somebody's wealth and you don't see somebody's Paracin you don't see somebody's power in this world and you're not overawed by that this is not look, this is not look, the value of this is less than the wing of a mosquito Allah subhanaw taala said

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hamdulillah if Allah gives us Halal at hamdulillah but I will not do anything haram to get one cent of that what is good is that I'm doing business with interest based banking.

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I'm making money here and I'm writing my name in the list of the enemies of Allah.

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By definition, we are in the earlier of Allah.

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Allah said Allah Where do you live in Amman?

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But we choose to take our name out of the Alia in and put it in the

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other Allah, the enemies of Allah. Why? Because Allah subhanaw taala said he declared war

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him and on behalf of His name is Allah Allah hasten on the one who deals in interest. So what's what's happening? If I deal with interest, then I am choosing to say that that's okay. You want to declare war with me? I'm ready.

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So I take my name out of the list of adiala and I put my name in the list of other hola What does doesn't make sense?

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This is the meaning of understanding this idea that in the signs of creation are the signs of Allah this is the meaning. Because when you understand the signs of Allah subhanaw taala was you know I will do? My Razak is Allah of his summer it is COCOMO Eduardo and that's where that I said in the heavens in June Israel risk and whatever you like.

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Why would I jeopardize my eternal life? To get what I would get anywhere? Because it is written for me. The only choice I have is do you want it from this end or this end? This end is haram this end is halal ticket, you're getting the same thing. Not one cent more, not one cent less.

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Why would I take it from arm source and put myself in hellfire to do what?

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That is the meaning of alula people who have intelligence and they will think this way when they recognize Allah Subhana Allah Yamaraja

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I will I don't need to take it from me I will take it for granted because in any case, it is your responsibility to give me

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Why do I worry? I don't care

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that is the mean. So when we come up here inshallah.

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Let us think about these things. When we look at

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these beautiful signs of nature, let's not be just a tourist, to say Oh, my salah. Nice, you know, no. Nice you. Yes. So what? So it reminds me of my career.

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It reminds me that a day will come when I will be in the ground.

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When whoever of us alive, asked you to make dua for my mother.

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Because I will be alone

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and none of you can help me. Nobody. Today hamdulillah and walking up the hill. May Allah bless these two

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has him and Omar

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the best thing I like about my situation in my life is I don't have children. So Allah gave me these kinds of sons

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who somebody else paid for. But they look after me. What's better than that? Right I didn't pay their bills that the Father has paid their bills.

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So there's one Atomy one behind me

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making sure that I don't take the short way down down to the bottom into like George right.

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They succeed or humble

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Yeah, ask Allah subhanaw taala to

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keep all of you in his care and his safety

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And including when we reach Jonathan Feroz, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to give you and give me and give all of us, Jana for those without his. We ask Allah to give us the company of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam

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where we sit at his feet

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and we listen to him getting hotter.

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And we listen to him reciting the column Hola.

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He asked us whether to grant us his oil,

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the desire of Elijah, Elijah.

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And to make it true for us, what are Surah Surah Philip said that Allah subhanaw taala will

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ask, he will say oh by slaves, are you happy with what I have given you?

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May Allah make us among those who will see?

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How can we not be happy? When we are sitting here in January?

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And then Allah will say,

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shall I tell you something which is better than this?

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And may Allah make us hongos will ask,

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What can be better than this?

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And Allah will say,

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better than this is that I am pleased with you. And I will never be just

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the pleasure of Allah, the rhythm of Allah.

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Even Jana will fear those has no comparison to it

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is a result

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because in the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala mentioned the worst of the disbelievers and Allah said on yo monkey Emma, Allah subhanho tener

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la Yun guru la him while I use a key him.

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Allah did not say that the Day of Judgment they will go in to be thrown into the Hellfire or they will burn. Allah says Allah will not look at them and Allah will not purify them

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the worst of the punishment.

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He said Allah will not look at that person except

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Allah will not look at the person.

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So what is the value of the result of Allah?

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What is the value that Allah will look at us and recognize us and call us by name and I have the

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whole my slave

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here Jerry

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EULA rob the hero, the murderer the

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third holy theory Abadi what the Holy agent

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Cody has asked for other highly valuable volatile mystery customers in the whole world for Rahim, Subhanak, Allama BMD mashallah he learned a lot about what to do the lake was Allah Allah Allah will vary widely. He was a member of the gun

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