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salatu salam ala

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mousseline, Muhammad Rasool Allah highly. While he was salam to Sleeman cathedra.

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I continue with my

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advice to myself and you

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on what to do. In today's situation.

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We talked about the first part of them, which is your turn towards Allah subhanaw taala. And we talked about what that means,

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both in terms of what is internal to us, which is our beliefs, and what's external to us which actions. The second part of what to do

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consists of

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building bridges,

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of educating ourselves, and educating others

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in the most polite and calm, where possible,

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please understand,

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nothing can be changed. While we are screaming at each other.

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Nobody listens to somebody who's screaming at them.

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That includes us. We don't like to listen to someone who's screaming at us. And therefore, nobody else likes to listen to us when we are screaming at them.

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it does make sure that we build bridges.

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And we build bridges,

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with calmness, with,

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with the

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helm, with some

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patients with dignity.

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I know it's difficult.

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I know the natural tendency is to screen a natural tendency is to hit out, the natural tendency is to,

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to retaliate, and especially those who are not even in the

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place where these things are happening, your retaliation will invariably be against someone who is not actually physically involved

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in what is happening there. So the retaliation itself will be something which is wrong.

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Or right around, it doesn't help.

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The retaliation doesn't help.

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Screaming and reading and writing doesn't help.

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What helps is good information presented in a good manner,

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in an acceptable manner.

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So speak at

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every forum that you are invited to, you're not invited to that forum has to be invited and speak.

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Say, what is the truth? Let's say it in a way, which is not confrontative, which is not belligerent,

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where your anger doesn't come out.

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It is the most difficult thing to do believe me. I'm not trying to be facetious about this or to gloss over. It is not it is the most difficult thing.

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That is the reason why our sorrows in Assam said the strongest person is not somebody who can beat another person rationally, but who has control of his anger,

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especially when the anger is righteous anger, you have a right to be angry, you are justified in your anger. And you know this

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I'm not saying don't be angry.

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To say to you, or me or myself, don't be angry, would be ridiculous, because somebody who's not angry in the face of injustice is part of the injustice. So we must be angry. Question is what do we do with that anger? How do we express that anger? To whom do we express it and in what way do we express it, this is the most important.

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So, by all means,

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let the anger become the fuel become the engine that drives your determination

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to ensure that justice is done to ensure that justice is finished.

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So use the anger constructively,

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non destructively.

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So without reading and writing educate people in different ways.

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Today, we have all kinds of video did you get the second part of it is don't get within quotes, wrongly educated.

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There seems to be a great reliance on

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watching YouTube videos and shorts and so on and forward from WhatsApp and then forwarding them on without even thinking

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without thinking of what effect this will have

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on those to whom you're forwarding it.

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People have followed me videos, usually I do not look at any faults.

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But sometimes they come from people I trust, and then leads to sleepless nights. Now, if that sleepless night,

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resulted in something useful, I would happily

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ask Allah

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Not to give me any more sleep until I die.

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But it does not change anything. Me not sleeping does not change anything. Number one, number two, I'm not sleeping anyway,

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I don't have to watch a horrible gory video full of scattered body parts

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to wake up to the fact that something wrong is happening, to wake up to the fact that injustice is being done to poor innocent people. I know this already, I believe it is in the core of my being great.

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I don't need this video for that.

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But when the video comes in, I see it,

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it completely research.

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So please, have

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mercy on yourself.

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Don't do things that have really no value.

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Number two, is watching these videos, over and over and over again, destroys your own

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equanimity and your own peace of mind.

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And again, does nothing to change the situation, we just get more and more frustrated, and more and more angry. And there is no channel to the Ranga

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it's like putting a pressure cooker on the stove, igniting a fire in which and the pressure cooker has no safety valve. So what happens at some point, the pressure cooker will explode.

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And whoever is standing at the at the store will get killed.

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And the kitchen will be splattered with a mixture of dark and blood.

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have mercy and other than yourself.

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If you're going to raise anger,

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there should be an outlet a positive outlet for this anger which leads to a constructive solution if you don't have that

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can fanned the flames

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help anybody.

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It only exacerbates and increases the problem doesn't decrease it increases

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Why would you do that?

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You're trying to solve the problem you're trying to reduce the suffering you're trying to reduce the

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evil that people are facing.

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Why would you want to increase that

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so please stop watching the videos you're watching helps nobody

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and I know people have been sending out videos oh you know the state changes the view of people.

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This changes the

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changes the

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audio quality,

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what happens? And so on so on please my brother and sisters. Don't fool yourselves.

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If you think the people taking these evil decisions,

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basing their decisions on social media followers, and you are the biggest fool the world has ever seen.

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Go stand in front of a mirror and tell yourself take a nice look at the biggest fool the world has seen because this is the fool who believes that the people who are taking the evil decisions of killing 1000s of people their decisions are based on what social media forwards

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trending. And what Twitter is saying or exa whatever Elon Musk

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is saying please. Hello.

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We are talking to a so called educated people.

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Do you take let me ask you a simple question. Supposing you want to go to you want to think about any decision of your own self, your family, what do you base that on social media feedback?

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And using people who are doing this or doing this because of some popularity? They didn't care one? Whit?

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I know that I know better was used on that. But anyway. They don't care one whit they don't get one hoot

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about what anybody thinks.

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Just Just look at this. There are 1000s upon 1000s of people who are protesting in the streets who are screaming the guts out to say stop the bombing.

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And this is happening in all kinds of great world capitals as the bombing stopped.

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So why do you think your forward your little video is going to change?

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Things will be Django

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brings it up. So focus on the Arab telogen and

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Do things which will

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bring about real change, not the stuff which

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people tell you Oh, you must forward that changes the opinions of people. No one was telling you is the greatest fool on the earth and if you believe that person and if you do that, then you are an even bigger fool.

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Let out leave social media.

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It only causes more disruption. It only causes more discord in your heart. It only causes you more pain, and all for nothing,

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no positive effect,

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asking us to give us a sense to do what is pleasing to Him and what is effective and positive and to save us from that which is the opposite which is something that displays the line which is negative.

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He was having