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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the challenges faced by young Muslims in the coming years, including the lack of doubt and the need for strong arguments. They also mention a man claims to have had doubts, but did not speak about them. The speakers advise people to deal with these issues and avoid them, and stress the importance of seeking refuge in Islam and dealing with one's doubt.
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hamdulillahi rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah Hill. I mean, while he was gonna be here, Jemaine about the title of our hotbar today is dealing with doubt.

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And we're not going to be talking about eliminating doubt, but about the idea of having doubt itself. And the reason behind that is that the biggest challenge facing Muslims in the West in the coming years will be young Muslims leaving Islam, and this is already happening, and it's already at an alarming rate.

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And a good cause of that for many is that it begins with having some doubt, either fleeting doubt about one issue, it could be a fifth issue or something about Allah subhanaw taala. It begins with them having some kind of doubt, some kind of question in their mind.

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And the problem was that with that is that many people misunderstand the ramifications of having doubt. For one, they think that they're the only ones who have doubt. I'm the only one in the community or in the masjid who has these thoughts. So therefore, there must be something wrong with me. I'm not a good Muslim. What kind of Muslim has doubts and so they leave Salah and some of them eventually get to the point where they leave Islam, but for many it begins with having some kind of doubt about an issue or another or maybe it's just a question about an issue or another.

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And having doubts in Islam actually doesn't necessarily have to mean anything whatsoever. We have Muslim Abu Huraira Radi Allahu Anhu narrates he says Jo ona Soo Min as Harbin Nabi sallallahu alayhi salam, some of the companions of the Prophet Salam came first the aloo who in energy Luffy and fusina, Maya tava Maha Dona I get to kill them maybe they said we fight they tell the profits or Salam we find in ourselves meaning some thoughts, some ideas and thoughts that we have, that we find too great to speak about. So thoughts of Cofer thoughts about Allah azza wa jal that we find so great so severe that we wouldn't dare speak about and Nabi SallAllahu Sallam color was a tomato Did

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you really find that color Luna um they said yes. Color the sorry, hold Iman, he said that is a clear sign of iman. So how is having bad thoughts? Or things that you wouldn't even dare speak about? How is that a clear sign of iman? Remember no your hemma Hola. He says that you find these thoughts to be something so great that you don't even want to speak about them is a sign of good Iman. Again, if someone gets a bad thought about Allah Azza Qian and it bothers them so much that they don't want to speak about it. They would not verbalize it. Isn't that a sign of Eman? For sure? Because if we consider the opposite, if a person has no iman and he gets bad thoughts and bad ideas,

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especially about Allah azza wa jal, they wouldn't care and they would verbalize them immediately and they would have no reservations whatsoever. So it's the person with clear Iman and strong Amen That would feel uncomfortable and that's why the porcelain tells them that aka sorry Hara Eman that is clear Iman insulin Aveda root, ignore Buster Dylon on Houma. He says, an individual Allah azza wa jal who Rajan for call a man came to the Prophet SAW Salem, and he said, In Nee, who had the throne FC be che the an akuna Houma a hub la min and utter can never be. So he says that I have these thoughts. And I would prefer to be burnt to ashes burnt to Cinder, than to speak about them. In

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another narration. He says I would prefer to be dropped from the heavens, all the way to the earth to come crashing down from the heavens to the earth than to speak about these bad thoughts that I have.

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And the Prophet sallallahu sallam, you never come to him with a problem, except that he makes it simple and easy to conquer. He never makes you feel doomed when you come to him with a problem. So a lot has hidden them. And besides Elon responded to him and hamdulillah and led the Iraq the Umrah, who Umbra who l was versa. He said that hamdulillah who has reduced all of the plots of the shaytaan to mere whisperings. So we see that it is not uncommon to have doubts. And if anyone has any kind of doubts they shouldn't think badly of themselves. They shouldn't question their allegiance to Allah azza wa jal

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They shouldn't question their attachment to Islam. All it is it is whisperings from the shaytaan

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the companions of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam experienced this students of knowledge and devout worshippers will probably experience more of this. As even Tamia Rahim Allah says, he says the believer may suffer from the whisperings of the shaytaan and the insinuations and thoughts of cover that will make them feel distressed. Yeah. And it makes them uncomfortable that it's common amongst the believers. It's common amongst the devout worshippers. They might experience it more. Why? Because shaytaan his goal is to lead you astray. That is his ultimate goal to lead you astray. And make you think that you're not a believer, or that you're not a good one because of these thoughts

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or because of these doubts. Also, incidentally widowed, a man by the name of abou zoomy he says sell to ignore Abbas for call Tamasha you own a judo who feeds Audrey, this man was a male, he came to Ignace Abbas, who is a companion and a scholar from amongst the companions, and he tells him what is that that I find in my chest Yanni? What are these thoughts that are bothering me is what he's saying. And um, I hope so if not busted, what is it? So he came all the way to the Abbas to ask about these things that are bothering him. So now buses, what are they going to wala Heba Takadanobaba him? He said, Well, I won't talk about it. And if you look at the situation, he comes

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to the bus for help with a problem. If not buses, what is it? He says Wallahi? I won't talk about it. So for Connolly, a che on min check, or bike, he said, is it an issue of doubt. And then he laughed if not bus left, he knew it immediately. Carla Myrna German Danica had, no one has ever been safe from that. So that means if anyone has issues of doubt, and perhaps as you're sitting here in the audience, you never had these issues, or they're not serious, they're fleeting doubts, and you, you swat them away. But it might be that our children, and those who are the youngsters around us might have these issues. And they might see it as something very serious. So you should know how to

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deal with it. So the first thing is that person should not panic, if that happens.

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It happens to all kinds of people. And it is a known issue. The Scholars say you shouldn't be concerned. If you have any of these fleeting doubts or these questions that come across your mind. You shouldn't be concerned rather, you should be happy. Because the shaytaan coming to you with a doubt or with a question or making you question an issue in Islam is a sign that you have Iman, and the scholars give the analogy. They said Would a thief break into a place where he knows there is no wealth? Or he would would he break into a place where there is well, and he would someone break into an abandoned warehouse to try to rob it or break into a warehouse that he knows is full of

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merchandise and goods and so on. So they're saying the shaytaan only comes to a believer and tries to get him to doubt his belief. So the fact that he comes to you is a good sign. The fact that what he came to you with bothers you is another good sign. And that's why I'm beloved and I busted Allah on him and he said, Why am I here for Allah shape? Ah, no, Bitcoin been horrible. He's saying what would the shaytaan do with a ruined heart. He doesn't spend time and try to cast doubt in a heart that already ruined and has no iman. He will go to a good heart that's full of Iman and try to cast that doubt there.

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And since it's from the shaytaan, it makes sense to seek ALLAH subhanaw taala as protection from him. In Saudi Muslim Abu Huraira Ravi Allahu Anhu.

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narrates and Nabi SallAllahu sallam said yet the shaytaan Ohakune for your whole man halacha Qaeda, the shaitaan will come to one of you and say, Who created such and such or this and that? And then man halacha and what quit and who created this Hatter your whole men halacha Allah until the shaytaan brings this question to your mind who created Allah

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for either Welaka who fell yesterday's Billahi while he into he and maybe saw salaams advice was if that happens, and it gets to us to get you to the point where you you ask and who created the Hola. Then he said, Seek refuge with Allah from the shaytaan indication that this is just whispering from the shaytaan when he en de and then this is or stop from going down that path or that of that thought. You stop and you seek refuge with Allah subhanaw taala and thus was the remedy of a Nabi SallAllahu wasallam one of the mistakes people make today and especially young people you

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Is that they say no, let me delve into it, and deal with it and have a definite answer and hash it out, as they say. So they want to face their doubts head on. Whereas before the wise and the righteous, if something is going to, they even fear that something is going to affect their image, and they would stay away from it. Because when something is valuable to you, you want to protect it the whole time. You don't put it in front of danger to test if it will be there or not.

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And we've seen many people who have made this mistake people from experience that we met, and they left Islam, and then you ask them what happened. They said, Well, I wanted to become a DA and call people to Islam. So I said, first, let me start by all the things that are anti Islam and all the attacks that are anti God. And before establishing a good foundation and knowledge, they went and got a book by unknown atheists about the existence of Allah. They didn't have enough knowledge to refute that or to resist what's in the book and they left Islam. So the first thing is you don't go head on and try to tackle and that's why the Prophet Lam said because of two wisdoms one you don't

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want to keep delving into it he said, say oh, the Bloodstone the gym and move on to something else. That's one. The second thing is that you might get into an area that your mind cannot fathom. And maybe you know, what we know of today of science cannot comprehend. So how are you going to deal with it anyways, so the best way or they will let him in a shutdown regime, and then you move on to something else a cool look how they have what stock for Allah and all them. Lee welcome and Jimmy are gonna look for stock farofa closer Mr Vereen, ask Allah subhanaw taala for his forgiveness Indeed, those who ask for his forgiveness shall prosper.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Hill, I mean, what I heard he was he he made about another piece of good news is that the there is no harm and no sin for having thoughts in Islam. And this hadith in Sahih, Al Bukhari and Sahih Muslim and Nabi SallAllahu sallam said, in Allaha to Joe was an almighty Muhammad had been EFSA that Allah subhanaw taala it's like saying, Allah has pardoned for my OMA their inner thoughts what they think of to themselves, Allah subhanaw taala has pardoned and forgiven, what we think of inside our heads meaning of bad thoughts and of bad deeds and, and ideas of or thinking of doing a sin. But the problem then ended by saying my lamb

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Yama, lb o Oh, my long term will be altered or column, so long as they do not act upon it, or speak of it.

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So then we see that having doubts doesn't mean cover, that asking questions about one area or another in Islam doesn't mean cover. Nobody should panic, the person wouldn't be the only one experiencing this. They shouldn't think negatively of themselves as a Muslim, and then stop going to the masjid and abandoning salah. We see that it is a sign of Eman. So it's a good sign if someone gets stuck, because shaytaan will only target a good person and a good heart and try to put doubt into it. We'll see we see that the fact that it will bother the individual is a good sign as well and a good sign of Iman and we saw that it was from the whisperings of the shaytaan and since it is

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from the shaytaan It therefore makes sense that we seek refuge in Allah azza wa jal from a che upon.

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And if you're going to deal with an issue that is not just a fleeting doubt, meaning if someone actually has a doubt an issue that keeps coming back to them over and over and over again, and they feel it's actually genuine and affecting their Eman then the way to deal with it is you deal with it through knowledge not by further investigating the doubt with that we ask Allah azza wa jal to make us of those who recognize the truth as clear truth and follow the best of it. And to make us of those who recognize falsehood as clear falsehood and abstain from it for Lahoma and then we're gonna tiba we're RnL Bartylla Balticon was organized in Alba Allahumma la jolla. Dunya at Bara Hamina when

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I'm a blogger, Elmina well Elena Remo Sirona Allahumma berrimilla Hello Matsuyama Rushden up. Arctic whale Duffy. Marcia tick. Murphy. Hibben Mauro for Yun haffi Hanuman Cara

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