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Our right as salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu. lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala nabina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam apres with a loss of honor who with either blessings and salutations be upon the lesson final messenger Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam if you can hear and see me Okay, crystal clear let's see someone's in the chat Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Let me know where you are from Who are you are with Bismillah let's see someone's in the chat you can hear and see me okay. And let me know which community you are from. Who is joining there with you age groups, your family? Your spouse smilla

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Let's see some ones in the chat if you can hear and see me Okay.

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All right, Miro. Zack Hello. Hey, may Allah bless you. Let's see someone's in the chat Bismillah what community are you from? London Indonesia Dearborn. Mashallah. Mashallah, Mashallah, Why achema? Salaam, Samia. Brooklyn. All right, Brooklyn, Masha, Allah winzer Allah, may Allah bless you all. All right, where are you from? Who are you are with Bismillah we're gonna get started in about 60 seconds.

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Where you are from who you are with a nice May Allah bless you from Windsor. All right. Dena, Detroit, Allah bless you. Let's get some ones if you are excited Bismillah if you are excited, let's get some ones in the chat Bismillah we'll give it another 45 seconds ish Windsor, Windsor Masha Allah let me know who you are with what are the age groups of those that are joining with us tema from Ottawa May Allah bless you why they call Mr. Lamb and are from Windsor. Why Alec Muslim are often too large rate sodic Hello sir hellos alright Bismillah where you are from with my mom and sister May Allah bless you bless you all. hamdulillah there are a bismil if you are excited, let's

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get some ones in the chat. Let's get some, let's get some, some some some energy in the comments. Bismillah Let's go. We're gonna give it till 801 and then inshallah we're going to start with some code Henri citation Pakistan Mashallah. Mashallah 2016 Mashallah, watching alone may Allah bless you 25 All right. Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Let's get started in sha Allah. So May Allah bless you all Jackalope Hey everyone from tuning in. I am super excited for this series and I'm sure you all are as well. I want to first get a shout out to measured said I'm Windsor Islamic Association at the Medina Community Center at Hodor and American Muslim society for for sponsoring this event. We are

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super excited to have measured my mood present the story of sort of the calf the four stories within this we have an amazing body with us Mashallah, every time I hear his re citation it's like it's like honey dripping from from from from my ears Mashallah. We have Muhammad and halaby right here. I'm going to add him to the stream. What is going on brother? How's everything Somali como la You flatter me too much rather be done? Thanks so much. May Allah bless you Habibi, Yella. Bismillah. We're starting with verse number one, correct? Yes. All right, take it away, bro.

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Ruby Lahaina showing you porn you're watching Bismillah, Hiroshima, Nagasaki.

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Alhamdulillah. Hilary.

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Allah Allah.

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Allah, Allah, Who are you? What

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are you?

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Who are you?

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Are you Bashir on me, Nina.

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He had he

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has a murky Faena.

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National Honor was sworn

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that mean? What either

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lower later mean

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look at

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are you

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are you sharing it on a vehicle

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be very dirty

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Not be really mean

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roshanda soda can long lovely

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Mashallah, Mashallah, may Allah bless you, brother, if you felt some sweetness in your heart, let's get some martial laws. Let's get some tools in the chat if you want to see Brother Mohammed, next Thursday reciting for us Let's get some who's in the chat Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim May Allah bless you just so much I was about to finish the whole sorta you know tomorrow's Jamal so

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we appreciate it

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All right, next up without further ado, if you are excited, measured machmood We are here as salaam alaikum wa

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rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh

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while I grant him how's everything

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hamdulillah doing good. So I typically asked this question with the weirdest thing that you've ever eaten. But I want I want it I want to actually start from something else. Give me one thing that you are grateful for this year this year. Yeah.

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This year, this

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handler for being a Muslim handler. handler May Allah bless us all. Without further ado, is that measured? Are you ready? Yes. Insha Allah. Audience Are you ready? Let's get a big Bismillah in the comments. Let's go.

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Alright, first of all, send them why they come to all of you mean our last panel at Dallas and his peace and his blessings upon every single person watching male, female, young old Damo halco son, daughter, you know all the brothers sisters around the world does that come a little higher on? And how did I even heard those people outside? You know, the Wayne County to Windsor to Ohio to Europe and there was actually Indonesia and other places does that come along? Later on me Allah bless you all. May Allah protect you. I mean, Robben Island, just before I jumped into, you know, the the whole series and the story, one of the things to ponder upon is the fact and the reminder to all of

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us that we really, really like all our heat, we don't know what will happen tomorrow. I can guarantee that most of you if not all of you, of course including me. Never ever thought the whole Corona situation will last until November almost impossible. So kind of fun. We thank Allah subhanho wa Taala we praise Allah subhanho wa Taala and we are optimistic and please remember this in sha Allah kulu higher, everything is higher in sha Allah the Quran has title on the light side, by just be patient in sha Allah, don't complain about Allah rather complain to Allah say to Allah that you're weak yeah Allah I'm struggling yet Allah I need your help and assistance and Allah will be

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there for you while you are taking the action in sha Allah. So with this being said that hamdulillah we're starting a new series of four lecture series from Surah to calf, sewer comm chapter one with a gap chapter number 18 center. So the there are four main stories in there, the story of the use of the cave, which we will discuss today in Sharla as hobble calf, then the story of the gender to the people of the two garden then moves on further the third one then we have the name who traveled to the east and to the west in sha Allah we will discuss all these for today we'll discuss the first one the evening lice of Hannah, what's Allah? But before I start, I'm gonna share with you

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something, Brother Mohammed is Allah here Here are on beautifully May Allah protect him and bless him. I mean Robben Island, it's a means life. hamdulillah so he said to brother Bill, were you paying attention? He said the law I was about to read the whole surah Why? Because right now we are Laila to Juma. This is the night of Friday.

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Our calendar the Islamic calendar we're not coming It's we're not Thursday no more helaas after Muslim the new day starts which is the following one which is yoga Jamal also lays on the law while he was said lumps a lot longer I mean what send them let me share with you one Hadith right yellow Bismillah he said man para surah tell Kathy fy Omen jamara whoever reads Sora to calf on the day of Friday, what happens oball I love who Mina nor Mabinogion attain a loss of Hannah without Anna basically was shining us with light with nor between the two Fridays so read it this Friday, November 19. Allah will give you nor until the next Friday in sha Allah. So what does the new word

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mean? Like what does it mean? We'll have light given to us light as in guidance he Daya matija a loss of Hana whatever will help you with making your decisions will not have things to decide on today. Tonight tomorrow, the next few days. Part of the helping process yes you praise taharah Yes you do. st Shara by also recruited Catherine Sharla for a lot to help me. Are you not sometimes confused? what's right and what's wrong to help you you read through to the calf about a woman and nudie my bedroom and a miniature mighty so I'm lucky know what I like commit Allah Subhana Allah shower his life and mercy upon all of us. Amina Bellamy. So are you guys ready in sha Allah Yola,

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Bismillah. With the first story, which is how we'll get the background of it some of the Motor City in have mentioned now the following headings is not necessarily so here or authentic. All right, but this is the mentioned the reference of perhaps why the ayat was revealed was a story. Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Early on in Mecca. He tried to give that away he had strong points, and anyone tries to argue he defends very well very eloquently, so that people have courageously said we want to find something wrong with Mohammed selasa lamb, so people stop following him. If we catch Mohammed Salah wasallam doing one mistake, one mistake. That's it. That's all what we need. Because

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if you're a prophet, you will not have a mistake in your plan. You will not have a mistake in your dean, the dean will have to be perfect if it's from Allah. So some of the orangish they went to the hood. And they told the hood, you are people of book I look it up if I'm obedient, you know about prophets, religions. So tell us something. If we ask Mohammed Savalas, Allah, then he will not answer right give us difficult questions like a difficult test. So Mohammed Hassan can get it wrong and expose him just to try to get make him look bad. So they are who'd said Sure? Ask him the following three questions.

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Masha will fit yo what's the story about that young men generic question. There is something amazing about a story about a young men in the past number two,

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tell us about the one who traveled to the east and the west and traveled the world who is it? And number three, ask him about the rule. The soul How is it made? What is it all about? If he answered that correctly? Then he is definitely a prophet. He's not like Okay, sounds good. So the people of Christ to go back to where Mecca or Medina they go back to Makkah because this was early on, they went to Mohammed Salah Salah he said Dr. Mohammed Listen, and they gathered the people come come guys we can expose Mohammed This is it today is the day and Leon Panetta Mohammed Salah what's the story of the Shabaab the fifth year something famous happened the past what was it number two who

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was the man who traveled Eastern West Mohammed answer that so Law Center number three, tell us about the rule from Hamas SLM says, I will tell you so for our portal aka Madden, when I'm your Stephanie and he did he did not say what He did not say me I put it in Charlotte did not say it follow wills when Allah wills so next day came people fresh are waiting. Where's the answers Mohammed? So I send them no way Djibouti did not come. day number two, how happened? Any revelation from your God? Thomas I sent him did not answer. There's no revelation Matthew what he 345678 910 days passed by a no answer from Allah subhanho wa Taala through the gibreel to Mohammed salah and they start making

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fun of homosassa then they start to say he got exposed helaas and fava, that tiberiu etc, etc. Until the 15th day revelation came to him and the story on the sort of calf was revealed to him once again hadn't had it there. So he admitted Bukhari and Muslim This is

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rewired from a new facility that say possibly this was the reason the story of why the surah was revealed sounds good. Regardless of the authenticity, let's enjoy the story but in the lives of Hannah, what's Allah? Here? Number nine verse we'll come to that I have contestant number nine a loss of Hannah with Allah gives a message. He says I'm passive. And as haben kathiawar ruffini can omit iottie. Nada. They are who and the people and the Quraysh are making a big scene that if Mohammed Salim gets this right about the youth and what's their story, this is the greatest idea. Allah says it's a great idea. It's an amazing story. Allah says it's amazing. But there's a lot more

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more amazing stories out there. You can are focusing on this, no problem. Then Allah subhanho wa Taala gives three 810 1112 summary. This is just a summary of the surah Allah and summary says let me share it with you. Allah says in lsvt Academy lacosse I Ashura dashes. nationala has some of the youth they ran for their lives. And they sought refuge in a cave when they went to the cave running for their lives. faqad Rob Benner they made out to Allah, Allah send us your Rajma why you land them in a marina Russia and guide us to that which is right help us yeah, Allah. So they're running for the deen to protect their genealogy. Please help us for both Danny and Phil Kevin seanie nada. Allah

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said then I made them relax, feel comfortable and fall asleep so deep For how many days? One day that one month? No, see Nina added for many, many many years. Then through my bath now home then we woken them up and then we resurrected them. That's how long the sleep was and that's how sleep is similar to death. The Nana used his veiny I saw the mela before I met that we resurrected them so people may know okay, how long they slept for to make a clear so they know a loss capability in resurrecting the people there's Yokoyama, no doubt that's the summary how them Allah

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then Allah subhanho wa Taala will give us the details. Allah says ready for the details. The details are from Isaiah 13 that other Dasha 227 separation in the Shahada have seen Casa Bismillah nanoco Swahili Canada home bill ha Allah says we will tell you the story with truth, we will tell you that which benefits you in the home 51 an obeah robbing him was it in our home with that there are people who believed in Allah subhanho wa Taala. And but I can tell a man while I'm in a solid zamolo without Allah, because they believe they worked hard. Allah said I increased them in a man, increase them in guidance, increase them in help and support they, brother Do we know some of the background.

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So there are some of the books that share with you some of the stories of these youth of the case, let me share with you part of the story, which is not directly and explicitly set in the Koran. But these are some of the references from that deficit ready Bismillah there was a city Medina where its population used to worship idols. The King of that city was known to be oppressive, and would encourage the people to worship the idols so called Lucia Weber does not microphone and there was an annual holiday defense center we were the people with to gather and celebrate and go all out in worshipping the idols slaughtering for the idols dressing up for the idols seeking blessings from

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the idols prostrating to the idols and they go all out. And by the way, when I say things like that, and we read about worship, what a bad people say, a bad loss, Nam, the worship of the idols, why would people do stuff like that and worship these things, to make it any out bring the meaning closer to us. And the bad that the worship is not only to us now that is wrong, some people are absolutely mad, they worship money. So whatever I said, switch idols with money. Some people worship fame. So switch the idols with theme. Some people they worship status and mindset. So switch the snare with the monster, and they worship it. So I'll give an example. We said that the people used

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to worship idols, they used to sacrifice for the idols, give up their time and their wealth for the idols, dress up for the idols, all that stuff, right. And they think without the idols, they will be lost. That's what some people may do today. May Allah protect us all and

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alameen someone may get a job and they worship the money. You tell them, this money is not the source of the benefit. They tell you how do we have to hustle, hustle, we got to earn a living, but they're doing it the wrong way. And they worship the money. They say no matter what it takes, I will get the money right or wrong. It doesn't matter. There are people like that well lay they are. And then you have people that say, they will do whatever it takes to get more likes, right? more followers, more subscribers, they will do whatever it takes something wrong, stupid, something on educational, something they know. It's horrible. But they tell you Listen, man, it's all about the

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likes. It's all about the followers. That's how you get your network. That's how you grow as a person. I know what I'm saying on YouTube is wrong. But whatever is necessary. So people worship other things. So in the midst of all of that, right now, like Brent has guidance, say, I mean, a lot most of them in here die out bill alanine, Allah Dena, I mean, yeah, but I mean, so there's a festival, and then the parents are bringing their children. And here brothers and sister, there was one of the youth who saw this people are worshipping idols, this makes no sense, right? Like, for example, people today, showing their bodies in an inappropriate way at with Tick tock, and you're

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like, this is wrong, this is not right. And you want to help them out and advise them. And then the young man sees the father's doing this on the mother. So he says, You know what, I'm leaving this area. So he leaves that festival and goes under a tree. And then after some time, another youth joins him under the tree. Then a third youth come and joins him under the tree. And more of the youth approximately seven or so an Allah knows exactly. They joined together under the tree. But there are not telling one another why they're gathered here. So one of the youth said, Listen, guys, you did not leave the festival. You did not leave that crowd and come here, except for a reason. So

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can we now start saying why you guys left the festival and came here? Can someone you know, can every one of us say why? So one of the 15 said, I will say, As for me, I saw what my people are doing. And I know it's completely wrong and falsehood. The one who is to be worshiped and listened to and obeyed is Allah. We should worship Allah subhana wa Tada. The third you have said, Well, I'm in Canada, like I feel the same way. The fourth you said Me too, I left for the same reason. And all the youth left for the same reason and now they have that strong hole of Allah. May Allah make you and I that have a Hoover for let's say, I mean, a Hoover filler, where I love you and you love me

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for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala also la sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, check this out. He says how Allah loves the people who love one another for the sake of Allah. So because I love you and you love me sebelah Allah will love us the question ready for this? Who does a lot love more? You are me.

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What do you mean? So I said to you, I love you for the sake of Allah. You said back in I hope so. May Allah love you back Okay. Hi Becca Levy, benefit Emma top who Allah loves. We said Allah loves both but who Allah loves more reading the one who loves the other one more. So we both love each other. Whoever loves the other more, Allah loves them more. And I think Allahu Allah, okay, I love you guys more than you're loving and Allah knows best. Accept accept alone was the best. Maybe my mom was watching me a love letter. She probably loves me more. He said he didn't love as well. May Allah bless us all and May Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah, Allah was for that love Adam hope Villa to

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save us Yama, Yama. This love will save us a will love will save us, but also allow us to love ya he was wa sallam sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He said Sebastian you Loma Luffy lynley Yama, Yama, Nabila. 1107 under the shade of Allah when there's no shade except the shade of Allah like about the sun descends, people are sweating. People are struggling, it's so painful. I want some shade. I want some shade. There's only one source of shade to go under the throne of Allah. And one of them are not Ulan to have Beth Villa is Tamara and Atlantic with the farakka Allah Daddy, a brother and a sister, a brother and a brother, a sister and the sister for CBD law. They loved one another. They

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met for the sake of Allah and they left for the sake of Allah. So May Allah make you and I have that group under the throne of a loss of health.

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Without a Yokoyama, so these youth they love each other. These have been in law until brothers and sisters, they made it clear. Allah says in the Quran and they worshiped a lot together in Nome 52, and rubella beam was it in our home with a because of that a man they had, because they tried to work hard. they worshipped a lot. And do they do that a bad when they get what happened a lot, increase them in email, and they want to remind you and myself is that sometimes we struggle? Yeah, in the Koran. You tell yourself I need to kind of improve myself first lecture your watch can be a little bit maybe of a struggle. Second one, you read the first two pages, you struggled but Allah

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says, You walk, you walk to Allah, I will run to you, you have to take these steps. And that's what I love clearly says, Allah says if you walk to me, I'll run to you. And Allah says, am I gonna be him? Was it in our homeboy de because they believed in Allah, Allah increased in in guidance. So brothers and sisters, and this I want to share with you be very honest, it is almost it's pretty much impossible, impossible. for someone to say I tried to become a better Muslim. I tried to have increasing Eman. I tried everything but it's not working. It's not I don't think it's possible because maybe you're doing something wrong. Because Allah promised when Medina jahad rufina if you

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struggle with how deeply he man development asylee Allah promise when that he Niger I do Faena yeah the unknown super learner, so work hard struggle and Sharla fetures Allah will not be a complete burden in sha Allah praying a shot will be simple fasting alone make it easy to be eaten in less pinata Allah, easier on you and capable for you to withstand, but struggle, it's okay. It's okay. first few days it will be difficult. May Allah make it easy for us? I mean, there'll be plenty, then the youth were very concerned of their safety, Amanti hope. And Maliki if the king knows it can be tough the king worship idols and encourages the people to worship idols. But eventually building the

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sisters that people came to know that they do not worship the idols, oh, these youth, while you're not here, that worship the idol. You know, come on social media do something crazy or something that is how I'm giving people worship certain things. Then the youth says no, it was very difficult. Don't think it's easy. And they were taken to the king. And the king said, Malcolm, why don't you worship us now? Why don't you wish What makes you so different? What makes you special? What's wrong with you young men? So it was very difficult. And they gave Dawa and by the way in giving that was difficult to don't think it's easy. Well, I asked my Allah. Okay, you see some one of your brothers

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and sisters doing something wrong in the masjid. Okay. Generally it's, it's a it's a challenge to go and tell them by the way, brother. That's not how you should put your shoes and they put it all the medic your shoes fit on the racks. You may say it and you're shivering and stuff like that. You see a Muslim brother working in a restaurant that sells for example, alcohol, you want to advise them nicely? It's not easy. May Allah make it easy for us. But you know what they went for it? What are bottlenecks? Allah khudobin Allah says, we made their hearts strong. The king is there, they have to respond. And what will they say? If camu photogra bonobo sumati was out. But did you notice

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something? Allah says waterbuck. Now Allah khudobin we strengthen their hearts when they when they stood up and said Our Lord is Allah. Did you notice that? So I want to remind you and I inshallah you give data to Allah subhana wa Tada. You tried to do your absolute best guess what happens brothers and sisters, a loss of hatha will help you. If you ask the people who deliver give Dawa. give advice and I pray to Allah that every one of you does that. Every one of you should give down. beliveau and new Hello. Ah, yeah, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, tell the people about me even if it was one I can look in the eye or do you know with knowledge with wisdom with

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understanding, you go and will lie you see the Baraka, you have a headache, sometimes throughout the naseeha throughout the day, our throughout the talk throughout the text throughout the action, but why it's as if the headache is gone, but m&p sebelah but work vistabella and a little bit come back at waste a bit the guardian and alone strengthen your heart and Sharla So remember, Allah will strengthen your heart when you take the action don't wait your let me be strong then I will take the action that you educate yourself in sha Allah, then you take that step with wisdom and you see Allah Ya Allah assistance with no fear during the process inshallah. All right, it's common for carbonara

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besana wa T will have they made a clear our Lord, the one we will do whatever he tells us to do is Allah subhana wa Tada.

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The one who created a summary will have the one who did that deserves to be worshipped. The one who did all of this the one who made me who created the veins in my eyes in my head and all these things is the one who deserves to be completely listened to and obeyed and follow the complete surrender and submission to let the woman do any ILA. We would never worship anyone besides Allah. lacuna is unshockable if we if I, if I don't worship Allah, then this is outrageous. This is horrible. How can I not worship the one who gave me all of these things? Right? When someone gives us food or opens the door for us, sometimes our parents they tell us say thank you to our mo he opened the door for

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you. How habe Shame on you right May Allah protect us. So they're saying a lot give us all of this. And you want me to say thank you to Iraq. Shut up. Oh, this is outrageous. The youth said how una eco Muna it de Holloman. dooney Ania these people, our people, our people come with these horrible ridiculous they chose this word they said How will they come on? It doesn't mean dooney they chose Gods besides Allah subhanho wa Taala they chose not to worship Allah. No, now you're doing it in bisol fine in vain. Okay, listen, five Massey snam. Okay, that was a nod your worship money. All right. Look what the youth are saying. Give us proof that this is the right thing to do. Yeah, Mr.

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Miller, go for it. Yeah. Okay, tell me magic. I met Harlan Khadija sobre Yusuf meriam Amina Okay, tell me how it's right to worship the idols this comes to show you that the AMA no official ama no they believe with proofs not blind following no letting the handler know they saw they saw that La la la you get to know a lot through two different ways. You get to know a lot by reading the Quran and you get to know a lot by watching the world. So they got to know there's someone that did this. Okay, this is proof It's simple, right? You see this phone someone has put it here I see the sky someone did it nice and simple. Don't complicate things. So for you guys worshipping idols

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worshipping money and worshipping status, show me throughout history. The ones who worship money, how did they end up living?

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The ones who worshiped followship are followers and likes and fame. Okay, shorter and shorter. Show me Give me proof that this was it. This is what's the real deal. Show me Show me the proof that and monster and the status is the real deal. And this is what we should all give up our lives for. Give me your tuna Eileen basalt, fine, Vivian. And guess what? None of them was able to give abena an a, a proof they couldn't have done in Macedonia, every proof is against them. So they said femen Allah Moomin minister Allah like at iba that def tetiana life Kevin, do not say it's all about money. It's all about this. It's all about the dunya it's all about Allah subhana wa tada and whatever Allah

00:38:27--> 00:39:18

says, so the king got angry, the king gets got very angry, you, you you and insist to worship only Allah another idols. So the king threatened them and gave them a period of time to make up their mind and let go of their religion. Let go of your deen or I will severely punish you and kill you. At this point the youth discussed with one another. Well, he that were easier to sell to move on when I bought doing it. It is a lot since you have distanced yourself from them and what they have worshipped besides Allah and it's clear. Okay, it's clear we cannot do the mahalo calm and now we cannot intermingle with the people anymore because we have our lives on the line. Our lives as on

00:39:18--> 00:40:00

the line. We can no longer worship a lot in this Medina in this city I guess with me what easier it is to move my my boy doing it in Lola if this is the case philosophy fit the 15 foot rule El Cap does it in us that's it leave that people leave the people that's that's the situation right now. Also lay some Allahu Allah said someone love him for lunch. I think he was alone. He said a lot meaner lady you hon it will NASA your spirit Allah Allah home. That believer who intermingles mixes with the people and his patient in the process because there's there's always other there's always difficulties when you when you mix with people. There's always different

00:40:00--> 00:40:41

Faculty, it can be you calling them they don't answer. The phone is not clear. They may say a word that kind of annoys you or not the best choice of fourth there's always other there's always a headache when you are with people it's a fact. Okay, so the private says the one who is with the people, what else has been done is patient and you show your dean you sort of flop is better higher. You are better then and levy Lang Honiton as well is better than the person who does who is away from the people. I'm just gonna be in my basement in my house I don't want to be around the people that's it and is not patient towards them know the one who's around them and his patient is better

00:40:41--> 00:41:26

in the sight of Allah well out of them adger from the one that is secluded not azulon enough like them great. But obviously, you are with the people and part of it is you give that no see how you have fun you enjoy your time however, however, when this gathering is full of haraam, and you see yourself you this is this is difficult to meet my Dean this fit not on my Dean, there's a trial my faith is being tested guys right? You should be aware of that and take the right decision. So especially in the case of the youth what happened. They said we cannot worship Allah we can let us say about the love he had in Medina, we cannot worship a lot in the city. So now we have to leave

00:41:26--> 00:42:11

just like Mohammed alayhi salatu was Salam. He gave Dawa in Mecca told the people in Mecca yes there was struggle was sobre Allah Adam and he was patient towards the throwing of the rocks choking him you know and it's getting bad but he was like you know persevering with a lot help but then when the people of course they said kill Mohammed have to do Mohammed la now I got to leave and that's when a loss of habitat is sent to Mohammed Salah now you need to go and emigrate and Mohammed Hassan went to Medina May Allah protect us amenable al amin so the youth What did they say? Well either it has to move mama Abu Illallah Whoo, whoa, you don't just go to the cave house away from the people go to

00:42:11--> 00:42:20

a cave. I know it's a cave. I know like we were in the nice city. We had food we had luxury. We had all that good stuff. And now we're going to the cave.

00:42:21--> 00:43:01

Yes, well, it's worth it if that's what it comes down to. If this is the last of last option, look at them. They're all going to this vacation and there's a lot of things that are wrong that they're planning to do. And you're like You know what, I have no option if you happen to have no option think of the cave house near the lobby any reward you with the way that Allah rewarded the use of the cave. So Allah says what you ensure likoma Bookman rotomatic I know it's a smoking but a look and shower is Rama upon you. When you Hey, look come in America mythical, and Allah will guide you to that, which is the best type. They went to the cave house. They went to the cave. They rested.

00:43:02--> 00:43:11

They're nervous. They're anxious Of course life is on the line. And then they fall asleep. Now move for how long?

00:43:12--> 00:43:22

for long? Any how many hours? How could they sleep? Were they not nervous? Like when you're very very nervous. You can't sleep? Yeah, eventually. They slept alone made them sleep for one day.

00:43:24--> 00:44:11

Two days, or three days? Brother like do they wake up and move and go back to sleep? eniola No, no sleep, sleep straight up sleep. Okay, one year. See me now either for years and years and years they're sleeping? What type of shumsa either holla at us our oh and caffeine that really mean? A lot will actually highlight two main things of the miracles allotted ready? These are the two things I love focused on. So if you're into science with a psychology and all the good stuff, maybe you want to check out some of the wisdoms why Allah highlighted these two things. Okay. So Allah says what Tara Shem says about Polat as our and caffeine that earlier mean, when the sun rises, it inclines

00:44:11--> 00:44:56

away from their cave to the right, some of the scholars they say so there was some sunlight that hits their bodies for a short period of time. We're either a little about the credo that that a Shimon and and as the sun sets, the cleaning away from them to the left. So some of the score they say that that the sun has hit their bodies for a certain period of time. That's one of the two things a lot highlights. You asked me why Allah knows best, but I'm sure but in this data, we dig deeper into it. We will know more benefits and details I'll share with you just a shallow thing that I learned recently, the importance of vitamin D, right. So you go read and how important it is for

00:44:56--> 00:45:00

the sun to hit your skin, some goccia

00:45:00--> 00:45:42

Your local doctor I don't want to give you an exact timing and minutes to expose yourself to the sun. But some of the things that I read is about 30 minutes a day having sun hitting your skin is very great. And it also says some research and study of course a lot of sun exposure can ruin the skin and no sun exposure can also ruin the skin. So give that moderation and perhaps an alarm was best a lush sharing with us the importance of the sunlight to the body for us to have a survival inshallah The other thing that Allah says a home thief has worked in min Valley came in at last mania de la for whom was that whoever Allah guides no one will be able to miss guide I will come to

00:45:42--> 00:46:18

the second I did not forget the first one is about that what a chef's doesn't, but I will say something here, man. Yeah, the level one method. I love this I confidence. Whoever Allah guides is truly guided if Allah guide you. Hello, that's it. That's it. You are all good to go. If if you are a true Muslim, and you practice the deen as best as you possibly can. You are all good to go and Sharla Don't worry about what you're missing out on. Don't worry. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he says whoever Allah gives them set for Hadith. Okay,

00:46:19--> 00:46:23

seeing the truth, and whoever has a man a trust

00:46:24--> 00:47:07

and whoever has personal hulak whoever has good luck and whoever has halal food you have for you? Are you truthful? Are you trustworthy? Are you having good luck? Do you have health food? You got this for obviously, as a Muslim, the Prophet says, then don't worry about anything in the world which you do not have any ha for dunya Malik Malik, and a lot of I have these four, then don't worry about anything else in the world. You don't have so mean a lot granted these for me know Bill alanine, when the new little felon digitala were Liyan Machida and Allah says there's no lifestyle that can bring you comfort, serenity except the lifestyle of a Muslim unless making it very clear.

00:47:08--> 00:47:50

Then Allah says what that said but what that said boom, I call them warmer code. Allah says you will think they're awake even though they're sleeping does that mean some of the scholars they said they used to open their eyes and close as if they're awake what that said boom I cover because if the enemy circle in Morocco however they're sleeping when openly boom that Talia meanie were that she Malin here is the other miracle perhaps to share with you how Allah saying and I was shifting their bodies right and left moving them right so here's another thing perhaps with science we can go learn deeper the benefits of how lighten the importance of not being sitting still for many hours right? A

00:47:50--> 00:48:29

loss as we turn them right and left even though one was paralyzed in the hospital they move the body correct. Rotate right left because of the blood flow and things of that sort and the muscles allow EPA so losses when no kalibo that eliminate that ashina and now what do we learn brothers and sisters we learn don't sit for one hour straight on the laptop stand up right stretch a do something a lot of work about what they're telling me without the Shema. It's not healthy, to be in the exact same spot for a long period of time. Things will learn a lot what but may Allah Subhana Allah grant us wisdom me Robben Island and then Allah says Ready? Ready?

00:48:30--> 00:48:35

What? kaboom. Hmm. And their dog they had a dog. Okay? What can boom

00:48:37--> 00:48:48

what's the what can boom bathroom Veera evil wasI Allah said they have a dog that was stretching its legs at the entrance of the cave immaculate calf.

00:48:50--> 00:49:30

The wind confused says something nice. He says what are the what are the some of the scholars they said? Well, hi the Fed either to Sahaba de la jolla having good friends. Look at the benefit. The dog was with the righteous. So Allah mentioned him in the Quran. And that's one of the many benefits many benefits of having good friends. As some of the scholars they said. They said a clearer woman sorbitol society, why? Yes For only alaikum yamapi I'm having that good friends Yama, Yama. Okay when you have a lot of them inshallah they help you out with the evening logo by Allah will men the lady is ferrando illa. The evening with Allah's help. So you give the example someone goes to

00:49:30--> 00:49:59

Johanna, okay, a Muslim that goes to Johanna and has a lot of say yet since and that Johanna. The Hellfire purifies that person for them to say yes, may Allah protect us And may Allah make you and I not go to jahannam to be purified. May Allah purify us before even we pass away. I mean, Robben Island. So then, one of the righteous one of our good friends in genda. He asks a lot where is so and so you're a law, your lawyer so and so my friend and Danielle

00:50:00--> 00:50:41

He was Muslim and he had some issues. Where is he at? sha Allah What to tell him? He is in Johanna. So the believer in Jenna says, Yeah, a lot. I beg you please bring my brother bring my sister out of Jana. To come to Jenna. So that believer who wasn't Johanna, I'm struggling because of the sins they committed a law moves and out of Jan Nam to Agenda why because they have the good friends, lots of better slides. So that people in Johanna they say, what is this? Why did this guy go that was he was with us being tortured. Where is he today? Did the Prophet help him out that did the Shaheed a martyr help him out?

00:50:42--> 00:51:25

That what happened? He had a good friend, sociable sided or righteous companionship. They hooked him up so that people enjoy hunting and they say I wish we have good friends. I wish we had side by side. So I pray to Allah subhanho wa Taala to grant you an ayah righteous friendship and Menier belanda mean your love is smilla Bismillah Okay, they've been sitting for years and years what caribou ambassador and we are able to see you know what Allah says lower palac de la him if you were to let's say you're walking you saw them No, we're late I mean home Farrah whenever I'm in LA, you would freak out you'll be so terrified and you would run away from them that image is scary. So a

00:51:25--> 00:52:12

lot protected the youth Okay, and protected the dog from the people who ever want to harm them like what's going on even the animals if they were to come they're scared these people you know turning right and left opening their eyes and closing them even though they're sleeping right. What is this for days and days and days months and years? years have passed many years? A lot of years ready okay then the bath now home after the kings have died generation after generation has come a lot resurrect stem from okay then he come back now via Tessa and Dubai now um, so when they when they when they wake up? They were asking one another. I will tell you what, what was the first thing they

00:52:12--> 00:52:24

asked ready. Elijah has ready for this? Okay. And that's your question, with all sada with all truthfulness, honestly, when you wake up what is one of the first three things that you do?

00:52:25--> 00:52:55

Huh? Yeah, let's reload, man. I'm glad you wake up. What do you do? Yeah, let's Mila What time is it right? What happened? What time is it sir? Okay, right. He checked the time the alarm the emails, what changes have taken place what's trending, right things like that. But why don't usually we check the time. Hello? Leia Tessa, aluminium, aluminium cabinet bestow. But time isn't. How long have we been sleeping for? By the way this comes to show you

00:52:56--> 00:53:38

they're shocked. Like we felt this is like longer than usual. So how long do you think they felt? odd will have his nap? yoba bro, we've been sleeping probably the whole entire day. Mission eight hours. 1516 Allah knows best. We've been sleeping the whole day. Then someone says okay, well, not the whole day. Oh Baba or maybe part of the day like a big chunk of the day. Someone says call Nora bukem Allah movie man at this time. You know what guys? Let's not argue about day, half a day, whatever Allah knows. And we leave it up to last. Tyler. So that's their maximum a whole entire day. They don't know they've been sleeping for years. All right.

00:53:39--> 00:54:13

Pepper. I thought I had their call. Listen guys, we're starving. Okay. Tabasco, I had a combi What have you come here to take some cash here we go take some money. Failure to cumbrous can minnow get us some food man we're starving. When he had a lot off. Make sure you're cautious. Don't go and be all relaxed. Remember? In nomini of how do I lay calm if we get caught? If the king knows about us with that your jumeau calm Are you a Ducati me Let him or do for us. Us? They will force us to either worshipping so when you leave the cautious please. Okay.

00:54:15--> 00:54:31

Imagine the scene Okay, I want you to live with me. That guy leaves the cave hiding maybe wearing a mask not because of Corona but their king okay. Covering himself with the left him hiding his identity. And he sees the buildings are changing. The roads are different.

00:54:32--> 00:55:00

No one in the streets here recognize like, I don't know anyone here I used to live here and pretty much all my life. He didn't want to ask questions What happened? What changed? They just kept silent is like that. I go nuts. Did I lose my mind? What's going on in the city it has changed I will eventually find someone selling food. This is easy food will always exist right insha Allah he finds it always it doesn't have to

00:55:00--> 00:55:13

Until a logo is otherwise he finds a place selling food so this guy comes makes an order I want this food whatever he ordered some bread dough whatever. And then he went to the cashier He paid the money here we go that's the money

00:55:15--> 00:55:18

the cashier was shocked. What is this currency? What is this money?

00:55:19--> 00:56:00

So he says, move on if I take the money and give me the chain, let's get going. So then he says, What do you get this from the money is it's my money. Bro. This is the classic man this money is classic. What's wrong with you? Like I said, I want my food basic. We can imagine the scene back and forth. So then the owner of the restaurant as other people Hey, guys, come over here. Come over, check this out. Check this money out. Very old stuff. So other people they came, oh my god. So one guy maybe a currency expert or whatever. They eventually some more facility they say that they recognize is really old stuff from the king that was here so many years ago. So they asked him,

00:56:00--> 00:56:48

Where did you find this treasure? What treasure? What? Ken's? This is my money. What's going on? So then they said, this is the king so and so he's like, yeah, that's our king. They're like, no, when they told them the story, let me give an example. Okay, this pretend relax. Example. Someone This is been sleeping for short for 300 years, approximately. And he wakes up he says, Hey guys, who won the election? Is it. For example, George Washington, George Washington. That was in what what year? 11 smilla. Test your history. George Washington one year. Okay. I had to search it. I think that's what the year is the year 1789 1789. Like, bro, what do you mean George Washington? That was 1789. We are

00:56:48--> 00:57:30

in 2020? Do you know the president who? Anyways? All right. No conspiracy theory. Insha. Allah. So the president president Kanika. Anyway, so they were shocked. 2020 So they took him to the king, the king Sava guy, What's your story? Me and the people we basically in the cave, what's going on here? So they said to show that you're saying the truth? You know, to confirm to confirm, take us to the cave. So they went to the cave. And then the guy told them Listen, don't all come with me. Let me go tell the people in the cave about you guys coming. Eventually. This is some of the story this exact details is not in the Quran. But Allah gives you the main point. Allah says what can I then thought

00:57:30--> 00:58:17

not Allah him? Allah says this is how we cause them to be known. Now everybody knows about them. And they were known to the people this was unreal team. The people the story that went viral. Their names were engraved. This is the famous youth that ran away Allahu Akbar. This is unbelievable. What's the main point here? Because then it led him via Allah mu so they can know so you can know so I can know the whole world can know and know at the light while on the satellite feel to know that there's a day of judgment and you and I will be resurrected no matter how long we've been dead for the hundred years 200 300 years a lot can resurrect you and this is one of the main points along

00:58:17--> 00:59:00

once your night to leave the story with a Noah the lighthouse anytime you go through something know what the lighthouse Alice promise is true a low will never break his promise a lot wants you to know that a lot of promise to you and yet I know who Maharajah you're conscious of a lot a lot give you an exit a lot promise mentor cache and the law anyway our the low heaven men who ever leave something for a lot this haram thing you leave it for a lot the relationship some people may have inappropriate you leave it for Allah a law promises I will give you something better. So Allah wants you to know in no I don't know why the life a loss promises true what unnecessary I tell Buffy and

00:59:00--> 00:59:38

there's no doubt on the day of judgment and there's the almost the AMA and there's the ASAP then a loss of Hannah what's on the brothers and sisters in the story is pretty much ending yet and as their own of a note that people were arguing. What do we do here? For kind of No, I lay him banyana Some said Oh, I forgot I kind of skipped this point. All the youth eventually died. Yes, all the youth passed away with a very short period of time and Allah knows best when they passed away they were arguing What should we do? So some says for kind of no alien banyana boom animal be and just you know what? Just, you know, just build the structure over them cover them up, you know what I

00:59:38--> 00:59:59

mean? And around them and so on others Sedna, living 101 embryo limit the finallly Masuda. They said those who prevail those had a stronger opinion Some said the rulers, they said just put out place of worship over them. Now what we know from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is that we don't build the masjid. Okay, basically I have a grave in it and so on. That's what we learn.

01:00:00--> 01:00:37

From the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, then Allah subhanho wa Taala gives a few pointers here and there. He says people will argue about how many of the youth were there. And unless kind of sharing with us here is that don't focus so much on the numbers, the way some of the whod were focusing on it. They wanted Mohammed Salim to give him the details, how many were they and all these things and stuff like that? No, this is not the usually the main main point so unless they will say, telethon, Robbie, Uncle boo, three of us and then one dog, no four youth and then five, the fifth is a no. So unless a parent dies, there's only few know about him. And unless teaching us karate Allah

01:00:37--> 01:01:16

will be at the team Allah knows exactly how many they are. So there's some knowledge brothers and sisters, that you should not really busy yourself with the malaise Salaam ate from the tree. Okay, what was an apple to fat ha and a nasty pineapple? What was it, this will not change the main point in the story. And also a licensed enemy teaches us something he will never hide, pay attention to Liberty, the private will never hide something you need to know. He will never do that. So whatever we know whatever is out there is whatever is necessary for us to know in terms of the deen and with that being said brothers and sisters, the use of the cave was a sign for all of us to remember and

01:01:16--> 01:01:55

realize a loss of handle Italian is Jomo PM, you will see the ones who will resurrect inshallah, and they pray to Allah subhanho wa Taala to make you of the people of who are resurrected with the righteous say I mean, because Allah says to homosassa Allah was there enough secca halaman duros This is one of the lessons was Vanessa could be patient with the ones who remember a lot during the day and during the night. So one of the key things a lot takes from this story ready? That's what Allah says, was good enough Second Lady near the owner of the home, because I bet he will actually you do know what Allah said, Mohammed, Mohammed, a prophet of Allah and you and I have to take this

01:01:55--> 01:02:41

this is the lesson Allah has put a lot be a person around good friends. And don't be around those who neglect a lot are careless about a lot of disrespect a lot because Allah stunning us go with those remember a lot remind yourself that remind you of your should be close to Allah subhanho wa Taala this was the biggest lesson here for all of us. One of the biggest lessons that for you to be protected in the Phaeton have good companionship. So ask Allah subhanaw taala to grant us all a righteous companionship and it's a lot on your side. I say I mean, we asked the last panel with Dan Alomar side Hayato but I mean, what gentlemen many akula illa Illa Allah May Allah make our last

01:02:41--> 01:03:04

words in this world that law in the law and made a lot of our finance muslimeen while happening the sign of him, they are let make us all by as Muslim in and make us gathered with the righteous in Africa. I mean, Bill alameen My apologies for taking right to the time this is one of the longer of the stories of the four May Allah protect us and grant us guidance. I mean, your bill and he does like molossia

01:03:08--> 01:03:17

Zach Hello, hey, what's that measured? So inshallah I have a few questions that I pulled from the chat. I do want to mention a few things. One thing that I find

01:03:18--> 01:03:56

somewhat humorous in when they wake up, they're trying to figure out how many years have passed or days at what time is bad. And one guy's like, just like, here's some money that we were hungry. And, and because their youth Mashallah youth, they have a big appetite. But one thing I want to mention Mashallah, is, as you mentioned, something very beautiful that everyone knows these are youth, right? And everyone knows their story. And there are chefs out there, gray beards, older people that are learning about these youth that stayed firm to their religion. And I think one thing that is beautiful about this story is the importance of the youth.

01:03:57--> 01:04:11

You know, and also, you know, you mentioned the importance of friends, but also you know, living in 2020, it is very hard, very hard. to, to to to stay firm, to the religion semula easy for us.

01:04:14--> 01:04:36

Um, so a few of the questions that I had, and you just kind of hit this on the nail, you met, you know, the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, you know, what, what you mentioned, and even in the, in the, in this what I talks about, some say that there's this many Some say that there's this many a few quite common questions was, how did they speak the same language after 300 years? Did they look the same? What were their clothes, like? And

01:04:38--> 01:05:00

I remember hearing this the other day, it was like a title in a video and it was does the shape on have does at least have a wife? And it's like, these things are small details and like you mentioned, like, whatever the fruit was with Adam doesn't change the message, right? Um, so two questions. First off, why do the first

01:05:00--> 01:05:03

10 verses of the first 10 verses that relate to a digit.

01:05:04--> 01:05:51

So the sort of calf in general, there's four main Phaeton that is discusses the fitness of power, the fitness of knowledge, the fitness of wealth, the fitness of the dean. And if the gen when he comes at the end of times, he has the tools, remember, like a toolbox. So he has a toolbox. And one of the tools is the fitna of knowledge. And one of the tools is a fitting off money. And one of the tools is a fitting off power and one of the tools to fit another Dean, etc. So because of this sort of having all of this personal lives of aloha leaves and teaches us that the ones who know social caf and in one narration, it's the first 10 Ayat of sort of gap, if you see the gen, and you read

01:05:51--> 01:06:22

these 10 verses, a lot will protect you from a denture and some other narration is the last 10 ayat, right? So my encouragement, of course, is to try to memorize the whole whole source, inshallah, and be in the lab as we go through in the next story. I'll share more with you about that in the next story, session number two, with this session, because the story was long, and I know I did cut off some stuff, for example, that insha Allah part, I didn't go in depth in it, but this is to give you and Sharla a summary of it in the last panel is that

01:06:27--> 01:06:29

the land has gone so I'm the emcee.

01:06:30--> 01:06:32

Right and I'm the MC. Okay.

01:06:36--> 01:06:39

I have one more question. Did you finish the I'm sorry.

01:06:40--> 01:06:58

Okay, so before I asked this question, drop in drop in the comments gems a one Mashallah That was amazing. What could we have done better? What what what went awful what when amazing, and also said, Nigel, I want to I want to just let everyone know out there.

01:07:00--> 01:07:14

I appreciate you like really like Mashallah, me I love blessing but probably you do. I want to get some Amiens in the chat. May Allah subhanaw taala Bless you, your family, and your mom, and your mommy and your love Bless you. Let's get some.

01:07:16--> 01:07:20

Here's the last question inshallah. There's no more questions in the chat that come straight.

01:07:23--> 01:07:35

Brother Mohammed was reading the The sooner you mentioned the, the the the, you know, the the the Hadith that mentions that whoever reads sort of this surah a light shines from one Friday to the next Friday.

01:07:36--> 01:07:42

My question is reading hearing Arabic English doesn't matter.

01:07:44--> 01:07:45

I sent to get this reward.

01:07:47--> 01:08:05

No, no say reading the Koran in Arabic language. That that's the the understanding is reading it. If for example, in Salah. We cannot say All Praise be to Allah, the Most Merciful, that beneficent, right. So when it when it comes to that reward is when you're in the actual sort of sort of calf. It's a struggle. Remember,

01:08:06--> 01:08:19

for especially for the people that haven't, you know, take time to read the ayat. But in the last round, tada, Allah will assist you as long as what you take these steps just like other youth of the cave to catch up. I want to hear something as we conclude.

01:08:21--> 01:08:30

So I read this without handler on almost every Friday, and I was taking an Arabic class, I finished the 10 weeks and I was like, I pick up I would listen and then follow along.

01:08:32--> 01:08:40

The first time I read the suta in Arabic, I broke down into tears as I got to the last verse. So I encourage everyone to try their best to push and push and push.

01:08:41--> 01:08:47

May Allah bless us all and allow us to have that light every single day in our lives.

01:08:49--> 01:09:31

So with that being said, just like well, it was measured. Our next session is December 3, two weeks from today. You want to give a sneak peek as which story we're talking about. That's the that's the story in regards to the two gardens and it's some really good stuff in Sharla talks about money cash and Salah all the stuff you know, and we'll talk about it in Sharla Goodman does money buy happiness or not and so on shown on the left humbler regem here Don't wait to feel ready take action hundred 100 and that's great. And next, we're going to be every it's going to be two weeks because we're just going to take a break and hamdulillah I know finals coming up a few things next week's one shot

01:09:31--> 01:09:42

a lot. Not next Thursday, but the Thursday after that mean a lot. The panel will bless you all just look at and inshallah We will see you all into

01:09:44--> 01:09:45

tomasa alaikum