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SolarMovie Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Shara film behavour mursaleen Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa and it was I will send them to Steven because you know

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about my brothers and sisters and and as I'm going away tomorrow morning for eight weeks Allah Allah if Allah wills I will come back if I if that is not the case then this is the last to seem inshallah received via but not

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so, it is the custom and this is the Sunnah of rasa Salem also he said if you leave and go the person of responsibility must make overseer

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was make

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a will must give some advice

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in American universities they have a practice called The Last Lecture which the person does when they are retiring.

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So, this inshallah today is that in the form my co2

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I want to say to you, five things,

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first of them

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that the most important thing in life is to have focus.

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Most important thing in life is to have focus and focus means to prioritize.

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All of us have multiple things.

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We have lots of demands, lots of expectations, lots of desires.

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The one who succeeds is the one who picks the right one.

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what is the right one that depends on what you want out of life. What is your like go

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otherwise you will find time will pass.

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You will not get you won't get anywhere.

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Focus. Number two,

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our life

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and our minds and our hearts. So internally and externally.

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They are like a fertile field. They are like a beautiful

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plot of land for garden.

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What we grow in it

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is whatever you plant

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what can you have is from it. Whatever you plant

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you plant rice you get rice you blonde wheat we are we do what we plant rice, you want wheat, you know get

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the blonde roses with roses.

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What if you don't want anything,

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things will still grow.

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Things will still grow. But what will go

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and nettles and poison ivy.

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If it is left without your attention, it won't grow roses. For sure.

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Even if a rose plant gets there, it will be a bramble funds and no flowers.

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So you get to choose

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whether you do something or you don't do something in your life, in your mind, in your heart, things will grow.

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What is what will take root depends on what you want.

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What do you give attention to what will you water what will remain your only that will take root

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number three,

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every single person on the face of the earth. If you're alive, you have 24 hours.

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Every morning when you wake up, you have 24 hours ahead of you.

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And we are the only people who get to decide what to do in those 24 hours.

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Now you might say oh what do you see my wife what is nobody? Your wife your wife may want this. Your children may want that your parents may want this and that. But only you and only you get to decide whether you will give it or you won't give it

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there is a cost. Obviously, there's a cost for everything.

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Every single thing in life has a cost

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24 hours. Everybody has a saved 24 hours. Nobody has 25 Nobody has 24 hours and one second board 24 hours

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and you get to decide what you want to do in this 24 hours. So I want you to do a quick mental exercise, which is I'll give you 10 seconds. Think of the top say tomorrow morning when you wake up in the morning. You open your eyes. Think of the top five things that you want to

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I'll give you a quick 10 Second

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are fighting 12341

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what if I told you

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or if somebody told you with complete certainty that this 24 hours from tomorrow morning is your last?

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At the end of 24 hours you're gonna die

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that list of five will it be the same? How will you change it

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that is what you must do every single morning

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because we don't know whether that 24 hours and of course bossa nova don't even wait for from the salon to the salon. I'm talking about whatever. But I'm saying that 24 hours may be my last. Which battles am I going to fight which battles are not worth fighting?

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Who is worth arguing with and who's not worth arguing with?

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Which place is worth going to which places not worth going to which show which I watch is worth watching which is not worth what which book do I need to read? Now I'm not talking about the Quran, the Quran also obviously but other than the Quran?

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which book do I need to read? What do I need to rule my life? Who must I call which relationship is struggling because I don't call.

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And believe me, the relationships

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will struggle because you don't call are your closest ones. If they're not close to you, they don't get a good call or no call? Who cares? Only the closest ones.

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Think about that. If that 24 hours is your last?

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Will you change that list? To change that list and do this exercise every single month as soon as you wake up, make a list and then say I'm going to die tonight. Now what to do this same list.

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Last one,

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which I say all the day every single one of us must suffer from one of two panes all of us without exception we must all suffer from one of two panes. The pain of discipline or the pain of regret

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the pain of discipline is temporary. After a while it goes over us actually start enjoying them

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the pain of regret is burned

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those powerful statement about the pain of regret. Absolutely the number one most powerful statement that I've ever heard about the plane of pain of regret is the end of sort of Naba

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or your Palooka Furuya late and even toto

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is nothing

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more powerful is nothing with such depth of despair calm contoura

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I wish I would dust

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the pain of regret because every single one of them who will say that May Allah protect us that we should not be one

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every single one of them had the opportunity to make the right choices they did

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so now

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yeah Nathan is going to

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ask us Raja della della who to be with you to protect you to help you to enable you to make the right choices to guide you.

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And then to help you resources that you cannot imagine and I made the same goal for myself requesting for your DUA and I request you to ask Allah Samantha to give me the ability to do what I'm setting out to do inshallah. And to make it easy for me inshallah and maybe there is also benefit if Allah chooses to me life for all of you and for whoever I come into contact with shall also known Mojave Valley. He was