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dilemma Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen

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wa Salatu was Salam ala should have beaten me when will Celine mother also Allah is Allah Allahu Allah He while he was over Salam, this demon considering cathedra home from my brother,

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my brother, this is just

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we have this beautiful Hadith from Muslim Imam Muhammad. So you had this

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narrated by a world of their own home that a soldier said I'm said Verily Allah will put his slave to trial in what he gives him.

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Verily Allah will put his slave to trial in whatever his he gives him,

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whoever is content with what Allah has apportioned for him, then Allah will bless him in it and expand it whoever is not content, he will be he will never be blessed in it

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and this is a see her this

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no question is

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what is commitment? And how do we get it?

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Actually, it is a very simple thing.

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Simple to

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married to you.

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And simple also to practice if you

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if you want to practice

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Why don't want to make is that? The issue of contentment. So now how do you have contentment? How do you just deal with your content?

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It is by reminding yourself

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about something which is part of our Aqeedah it's part of our creed,

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part of our belief.

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And that is we express it in many ways we express it in many times.

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La hawla wala Quwata illa villa, nobody has any power, nobody has any authority. Nobody has any ability to do anything.

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Positive or negative. From our perspective,

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unless my data does not do anything negative, from our perspective as people positive or negative.

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Nobody has any ability except Allah. No one has the ability to decide no rather and no codes.

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We shall

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we say La Yantra wala Illallah nobody can have and nobody can benefit, except Allah.

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Now, this is something which is I told you and as you know, there's something which we believe in is something that we

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we accept is part of our Aveda.

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We have no quarrel with that. But the key thing is, do we apply this in our lives? Do we live by this?

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To give you a simple example.

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What I try to do is, for example,

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if I'm sitting down to a meal, and I find that the food is not to my liking,

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the instant reaction is the human reaction, which is to complain.

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What kind of food is this? I mean, these people don't know how to cook, and so on and so on. So we have this tendency to

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But what I do is, I remind myself

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and I say to myself, who is the one who fits?

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Who is a result?

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A result was a covert Illuminati in Allah, who are adacko the covert Illuminati? Let's mark that as hidden sort of variac the really it is Allah subhanaw taala, who is

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not just the Rajat is

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and you feed you by His power.

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Now, when I remind myself that

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question is therefore, who gives us food to me? Where's this coming from? From Allah subhanaw taala.

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So am I going to complain about the

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about something which Allah gave me? And also think about this? I'm getting this food, whether it is more or less, whether it is taste, you're not tasty and so on. I'm getting a nod because Allah had no other choice. No, it's not because there was nothing else. It is because Allah subhanaw taala your legend Allah who, in his infinite mercy

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See and wisdom shows this for me.

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Allah subhanaw taala is the one who chose to see pictures for me, he chose this for me.

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And therefore if I remember that, and then I said, Therefore, what I'm getting

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is what my Rob jelas Alalu wanted for me, and he's the one who chose it for me. Now tell me, how can you complain?

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If Allah chose this for me, it means that Allah subhanaw taala is taking that interest in me.

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Who am I

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am nothing I'm not even nothing, I'm less than nothing.

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But Allah subhanaw taala chose this specifically for me.

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Now, here's the complaint.

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I always remember this wonderful story of more than I was so dumb, I wasn't happy. And I was a slave, who was also his closest and dearest friend, he was his advisor. He was somebody that my whole love very much. And I asked reciprocated that.

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The story is that it was summer day.

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hot summer day, they were sitting on top of the terrace of my Woods palace in Ghazni.

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And as it happens in, you know, in our countries, in summer, you sit outside on the terrace, or you sit outside in the

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courtyard or something, and you sprinkle some water on the ground before that, so the place goes down. And then you sit there and you're,

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you're, it's, it's very pleasant in the evenings. So they were sitting there, my hold was on his chair, and as was sitting down in front of him, and they were talking.

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And in his hand, my board had

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a cucumber.

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In his other hand, he had a knife, and he was cutting this cucumber, you know, slicing it, and he would slice it, and he would give the slice to as and as would eat it. And while the competition continued, and this continued until my whole had only one slice left.

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And when it came to that slide, maybe you know, in a minute, Mr. Sato, I gave the whole cucumber away to, I asked, let me at least try one size.

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He put a slice in his mouth. And it turned out that this cucumber was a very bitter cucumber, as you know, some cucumbers are like poison. And this one, this one was like that.

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See, put the slice in his mouth, he took one bite, and he spat it out. He spat it out his parrot after it.

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And he's, you know, he sort of

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said, what kind of thing is this? And they don't do either. And he said, What kind of a person are you? He said, I gave you slice after slice. And you add who didn't say anything? Why didn't you tell me right? After the first slice, it said, we should have told me this is better.

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And we will talk about something else. Why didn't?

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I said, Your Majesty, I was so conscious of the fact of the hand, which was giving this cucumber to me that the taste of the cucumber never entered my perception.

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He said I was so conscious of who is giving this cucumber to me, that the taste of the cucumber. That didn't come into my consideration at all.

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I'm thinking myself when I hear the story every time and here is a man talking to another man. Sure, he was a slave. He was a 70 along with the king as well. But end of the day, they're both human beings. They're both mortal. They both died, you know, and so on and so forth.

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What do we say about the one who is how you live the lion woods? Who is Rob Rochelle Kareem, who is Raha Rahim who is married to a dean who is Allahu Samad? Emile is well amulet. Or let me call local forehead. What do we say about that?

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What do we say about this? Absolutely. Phenomenal, fantastic relationship that we have with Allah subhanaw taala D'Angelo where it is not the hand of hosts, wasn't it which is giving us what he was giving us but it is the hand of the creator of our and our creed.

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I would say well, what about the chroma which is better? Even that, in the case of our was that he gave it without knowing? In the case of Allah He gives it knowingly, why?

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And the way I understand that

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It's like going to the gym

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and you are exercising and the trainer now tells you Okay, now we want to lift five more kilograms. The trainer knows that we refer more kilograms is going to pay more. Right? Your muscles are going to cramp. But he wants you to do that because you know that by that you will become stronger. And you don't resist it. Because you know this, you know that this trainer has your best interest at heart number one. Number two, we know that the trainer knows what he's doing.

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These are the two things that we need to keep in mind that Allah subhanaw taala has our best interest at heart and heart again, I don't mean that in a literal sense is in the matter of speaking figure of speech. Allah subhanaw taala wants the best for us. That is the reason he sent for us his own word, his own column of Quran, okay. That is why he sent for us as our teacher, the best of all creation, not just best you will be the best of every single created thing that we that exists that we know and that we do not know. All of them individually and together are less than the McCammon the position of Muhammad Rasul Allah is Allah Allah. And Allah subhanaw taala sent him, to us to

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teach us and what is he teaching us? He's teaching us the Kalam, the word of Allah subhanaw taala himself. Now, what more evidence that does anybody want?

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That Allah subhanaw taala wants the best for us, because He sent us the best centers the best word and he sent us the best teacher, they can be no word superior to the word of Allah. And they can be no teacher superior to Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa, he was absolute. And then we think about this, and we say, this rug of mine, who wants the best for me, and who knows the ins and outs of it. As I said, you trust the gym instructor to trust your trainer because of two things. One, you know, he wants the best for you and to you know, he does his job. So if he's recommending something, you know what he's doing? What about Allah? Does Allah know what he's doing? But seriously, we need to ask

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this question to ourselves. So if hamdulillah Allah subhanaw taala knows what he's doing, and he knows the ins and outs of it like nothing else that nobody else can ever know. And he loves me, he wants the best for me. And he gives me something, which on the face of it is painful, because I don't like it. But in it intrinsically in it is hidden.

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What is best for me? This something that we do, says to keep in mind and ask ourselves and say what is it that I need to do in order to make sure that I always always always tack on most paradigm. The universe has a lot to say Alhamdulillah he Allah Cooley had and Hamdu lillahi Allah kuliah all praise and all.

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Thanks is to Allah subhanaw taala in every single condition, every single state of being whether I have plenty whether I have less whether I'm sick, whether I'm healthy, when I'm poor, I'm rich.

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I have authority, I don't have authority, whatever situation, what Allah one for me is the best.

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Now that is the secret of contentment, the one who has this will have been out in his life. And the sorrows of salaam said in the Hadees the greatest wealth is not the remedy not it just cannot it is contentment. It is being pleased with what Allah subhanaw taala gave us. I asked him not to give us that and to keep us content so that we are the wealthiest people in the world, or salon and the view Karim Allah He was a big name