Tazkiyah 01 – Eliminate Hatred and Enmity

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Number one salatu salam, ala, Colombia while he was having he Roman Villa obod.

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In our series of mosquito knifes,

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enter with a lot of luck, I want to remind myself and you today about the importance of purification of the heart. Allah Subhana.

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Allah hemanta zakka.

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Allah said he has succeeded, the one who has purified himself.

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And the purification of the heart is very important because without that, the knowledge and the practice of Islam is not possible. And the heart is filled with impurities, the column of Allah does not rest there.

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One of those impurities, one of the very major ones is hatred.

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Not for

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today, unfortunately, we seem to live in a world which runs on hatred.

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Everyone is very busy hating everyone has.

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People are making hate speeches, and other people are making some more hate speeches. And we hate this one. And we hate that word. And we dislike this one or dislike that one, whole world. Major conversations are dominated by criticism.

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conversations are dominated by hatred.

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We just reflect and think, you know, just just reflect and think about normal conversations. And people talk Wherever we go, and we meet people and all that what dominates appreciation of people thankfulness for what Allah has given us,

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gratitude for what there is, or criticism, hatred, which one dominates conversation, and it's so easy to notice and so easy to see.

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And such a big eye opener,

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we pick only on the things which are negative. The problem with it

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is that it is a Not only is it a negative emotion in itself, but hatred then gives rise to other things which are in many ways worse. For example, if there is hatred, then because of hatred, jealousy happens, if there is hatred, because of hatred, people start slandering one another.

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If there is hatred, because of hatred, people start backbiting one another. So your armor also go to the people that you hate.

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And then as they say, somebody I read this somewhere, they say that, if you hurt somebody, you have given him rent free accommodation in your mind.

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So constantly, your mind is engaged with that person and with feeling bad about that person.

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And all of that, and your brain cells are occupied with all those negative thoughts.

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Now, it's, it's such a horrible thing, but we engage in it and maybe we do it unconsciously, the point of all these reminders is that we become conscious, and we start doing it.

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Now we come to the zero with regard to the issue of hatred. Now why does somebody hate First of all, I think we hit with a reasonably we have no reason to hit somebody, we just but we hit them. They didn't do anything to us. Nothing but we hit but we never

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even people who legitimately he could have and should have hated if you think about it is after all, he was human. So you also had emotions.

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People who he should have hit it. What did he do with those people? When he conquered Macau after hatanaka? If you look at the actions of Rasulullah, sallAllahu, alayhi wasallam.

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They asked him when he called them and he stood on the door of the Kaaba. And he called them they all came and he had an army of 10,000 soldiers with him.

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So he asked them, What shall I do with you?

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And they said, well, Kareem Abdul Karim

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waved at me they said that you are a the noble brother and you are the son of a noble brother

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surah Salam then decided the I have from sort of the use of where Allah subhanaw taala said usually ceramsite to his brothers today there is no blame on you.

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That the three values milliohm

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Allah Subhana Allah May Allah forgive you and Forgive me sir um, is there is there a certain desire resided that I and he said today there is no no, live on you go away.

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And that is why the people who were at that time in Makkah, they are called to locka. They are called the release slaves the freed slaves of Allah because technically speaking mkhitaryan conquer and therefore those people there

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lives in the properties of forfeits. But as long as it doesn't get back to them, now you think about is these were the people who did not leave any efforts undone. They didn't leave any stone unturned to try to harm him

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or to try to harm his family or to try to harm his followers in any every possible way.

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His daughter herself when she was migrating from Mecca to Medina, a man stabbed her with a lunch. And as a result of which, when she by the time she reach Medina, after she passed away, she died.

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They killed his daughter.

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They tried to kill him, because Allah subhanaw taala saved him. They killed his companions,

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the father and mother of

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of Yasser Delano.

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So the point is that

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people who did all this, they confiscated the confiscated his property, they confiscated the property of his followers, they looted them, they did, they humiliated them. And they did all kinds of things. So people fought to home if resources or sell them had hated them, and there was ample reason to hate them. It is not as if you could say, well, you know, why were you waiting? What What else do you do, but what did he do?

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Not only did he not hate them, when he was faced with enemies, he eliminated enmity, he did not try to eliminate the enemy. There is a difference, if you eliminate the if you eliminate enmity, or abuse Monica tangara. So this one,

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na ba, ba, ba, ba, ba,

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ba, ba, ba, ba, ba Ba, todos many, Bertie. Because if you try to eliminate the enemy, then enmity will increase because every enemy that you kill,

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has a brother has a father, as a mother, as a son, as a sister as one. So so and so all of whom now become your enemies, because you kill whoever was

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you kill the one of their, you know, relatives. So, therefore, even though he could have done this, legally, he was, he would have been correct if he had done it, he chose the path of the higher moral ground of eliminating enmity. And as a result, what happened, all that enmity, and all those enemies were nullified. They were neutralized by one shot without anybody being killed and without any bloodshed. And the issue of enmity against Islam ended on that day.

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So eliminating of hatred, dousing the flames of hatred, then has so much of goodness along with it.

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But today, we live in a world as I said, which seems to go around on hatred. That's why I remind myself when you it's not easy to do. I know it's difficult because hatred is a very powerful emotion. And for many people, it gives them a life, it gives them energy, they spend a lot of energy and time hating other people and trying to do things somehow to harm them, you know, one way or the other. And that's how Why else do they slander and Why else do the backbite because they want to they want to have but see the harm it does to yourself. First of all, raise your blood pressure is you acidity or all sorts of negative physiological changes when you are busy hating somebody. Second

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thing is that because of hatred and this also Allah subhanaw taala mentioned in the Quran. There were people among the Muslims in America, especially people like our one

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who were the family of resources Allah.

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Allah was the closest relative of Rasulullah, Salah he was like his father, he was his father's brother. He was the closest relative.

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If he had accepted Islam, he would have been among the bight of Navarra.

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But he did not accept Islam. Why? Because he hated or supervising no other reason. There was no logical reason for not accepting to the extent that I would have believed Russell Russell Russell him so much that he did not participate in the Battle of bother because he said if I go and fight against you, I will lose.

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But he will not accept his message. Why? Because he's saying it.

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I remind myself when you let us think about this, how many people do we not take good from just because you don't like the man's face? Just because you don't like that woman?

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Not because what they're saying is wrong or what they're doing is wrong. No, you you don't want to take anything from them. Because you don't like them. Whose losses who went to Ghana or and I will have or somebody else.

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Whose losses was it any loss

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He was trying to give good. Somebody refused rejects. And there is no logical reason for it. It's not as if I don't believe what you are saying, or I don't like what you have no, no, I don't like you. And if you don't like the person, you don't take any good from them, whose losses.

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The reason I'm mentioning these things from this era is because unfortunately, today we do the same thing. We do 70 we will not listen to advice. We will not listen to feedback from somebody not because the feedback is wrong, not because the advice is wrong, but because I don't like that person.

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Whose loss is it? Whose fault is it, who will who will lose that person doesn't give you feedback for free, he's not asking for money.

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Don't take it, don't take it.

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You don't want to go and you don't want to take anything. Don't take losses. That's the reason why this hatred is such a negative and bad emotion for the person which is not not whatever else happens to others for the person who hates the last and final thing I want to say is that the hatred is also the reason why there are so many divisions amongst us.

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The key thing to understand is,

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you have to differentiate between the actions of a person and the person himself.

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If a person is doing something wrong, for example, if a person is committing sabitha, or a person is doing shirakawago person is worshiping something other than Allah or asking for the action is wrong, but we should not hate the individual.

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Today we combine the two.

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Today we combine the two and we curse the individual

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because the

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fellows are dirty barelvi or is a dirty, Wahhabi or is this or that?

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What is it?

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What is this? This is not Islam.

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The action of that person is wrong if somebody is going and worshiping on a grave or somebody is going and making sense out to somebody or asking for help from somebody who's dead that action is wrong. But that person is not to be hated. Why do you Why do you hate individual?

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He's action is wrong. The reason I'm saying is that the biggest value from the Quran, which is against hatred, is the ayah where Allah subhanaw taala said we have extracted you for the benefit of mankind quantum Hara omoton willingness

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to do what? To save all of mankind from the Hellfire that morona Bill Maher Aviva moon carry forward to save all of mankind from Hellfire to want to save somebody who hit

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me seriously think about this. If I'm if I hate somebody, then I would like to see them burn in hell fire. Why would I want to save them? If they were being saved? I would very unhappy and why is this person being saved? I think I think they should burn let them burn nicely. Right? I would like to watch them burning. But this is not Islam. Islam did not tell us to be happy about the misfortune of somebody else,

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no matter who that person is.

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So what is Islam saying? Islam is saying that as a Muslim, not only must you be concerned and not only must do not hate your own brothers and sisters, fellow Muslims, but you must also not those who are not Muslim, you must also not hate those who are against Allah and His Prophet sallallahu sallam, he was not hit that you hate their action. You hate their action, you work you work to change their mind you work to direct them to the right thing. But you don't have the reason at the end as I said earlier is if we if it was permissible for us to hate the one who has not entered Islam if it were permissible for us to hate somebody who's not a Muslim, then there is no need for

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us to do our

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absolute absolutely not then we should stop him down. Because somebody who's not a Muslim, I hate him. And if I say that I hate him and and that person therefore if he is not in Islam, we will go to hell fire the very good let him go.

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Why bother? But that is not Islam.

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Islam says saving from the Hellfire say boom. You want to save this Abba.

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You want to save me from the Hellfire they already saved?

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You have to save the one who is otherwise he will go into hellfire. Who is that one that is the one who does everything wrong. There is the one who does everything against whatever you believe

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the greatest expression of love

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is the doubt of Islam.

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The greatest expression of the greatest expression of universal brotherhood is the inviting towards Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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The greatest expression of the of love of individuals as human beings, whenever there is doubt of Islam, you have got if I asked you as a Muslim what is the greatest thing of the greatest value that you have? What is it? How are you man?

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It doesn't any Muslim has any knowledge? If you ask him what is the thing that you value the most? What would you say? Even though it's not your money is not there is not held not nothing, nothing, nothing that the at the end of everything goes. It is still possible to survive but he man goes, then you go to hellfire. So therefore the most valuable possession you have is human. And what is our is to share this possession with somebody else is to give it to somebody else.

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Allah subhanaw taala has asked me by giving yours does not go away obviously yours also increases but the the What else would you say that the the greatest expression of love is to share that which you value the most?

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Not to give some trash not some garbage something I don't do take it No. The thing which I value the most I want to share this with you. This is the greatest expression of love and who will you share even with the one who does not have it?

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who already has it he has it I mean you have what what are you going to give him but the one who does not habit?

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How will you share that unless you love that person?

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If I hate that person, why would I want to share I will not want to share

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so therefore Islam is actually telling us Allah was actually telling us that we have to love that Jew and we have to love that BJP Hindu and we have loved that VHP fellow and we have to love that saga when we have to love you know provenant de vida and

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so I imagine this and I am telling you seriously seriously.

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I don't mean it in a humorous manner. It is them saying if we approach people, the Zimbabwean dollar, whose face we may not like that he talks nonsense, but I'm saying the same person. If we approach him with love, if we approach him with honor, we do not know what he will do.

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We do not know what he will do.

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And nobody can tell me that he knows because nobody has done this. Do it and see we do not know what he will do because there is a intrinsic goodness and every human being no matter what the person is saying or doing. And if you approach that person with that, from that person from their perspective, their goodness, we do not know what to do.

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And again, at the end of it, we don't do it for them. We do it because this is what we have been told to do while

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we do it to please our you're not doing it for sure we are not doing it to tell the world you're not doing it to become popular here or there. We are doing it because we are Muslims has no other reason.

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No other reason, believe me rasulillah salam could forgive vashi are they alone?

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And we can forgive anybody else.

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As well as our Salaam could forgive those who killed his own family. We can forgive anybody else.

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The whole point of the prophets, Allah Salam is for him to be an example for us to follow not just to talk about follow.

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And yes, he walked a very high path. And so it will be difficult, but we know it leads to success. In Daniella Farah, therefore we have to make the effort you must make the effort to spread this love of people for the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala remove the hatred from your hearts. Spirit out Forget it, throw it away. Think about the person who hate the worst. And stop hating that person.

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Stop it in reverse. Do not keep that hatred in your heart. That's very important if there was an ambulance somewhere, forget it forgive him for forgive that person was a call us Renata Allah.

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You need not go and do anything but just for you the person at least internally forgive the person. I am not going to waste my time and energy and brainwaves behind disabuse you don't leave it okay? And do be the best with them present the best with them. hamdulillah Allah subhanaw taala will give us the reward for that inshallah. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to make it easy for us I know it is not easy I know it is difficult.

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But anything that is worth having is what is tends to be difficult that's how the world is made. Whatever is worth having is what she is also a humble Angela was having therefore it may not be easy but we still tried to do this was Allah Allah Allah will kill him while he was happy.