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Jummah lecture

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first among the leaders

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you want to come

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was the

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battle one of six straight up straight

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last time towards closer to

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communication is more full

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so we tend to lengthen the speech about that

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three one

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announcement good after several minutes before

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it only lasted a minute so when

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you start

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will definitely

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keep it short for one

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to two days and

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then we're going to

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on to the

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this is towards the end that's one more

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thing to bring

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can we say most of

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the doctrine is still available by the time it comes

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to symbol is doing

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some commitment reminds people

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as much

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that'll make sense

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is one

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we're not taking

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to respond

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to some

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Are you?

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So that

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was equal numbers yes

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we often hear about our beliefs in other words that we say I'm going to be lying on the line that we believe in Allah we need these angels to believe in bookstores to begin with these messages when you're going to ask him to leave in the last day and we'll say one other day Heidi Michelle, do you believe in fate whether it is good or whether it is bad, whatever it is, we believe in now. We Muslims often don't understand our own

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religion properly and that's what we fall into.

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If we were to understand our culture

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exactly what is the value of using Islam, we will put ourselves out of much trouble. So the belief of our cover, it means that we believe that Allah has who then has written a fate for us. And the fact that Allah writes for us, all the things that are going to happen a lot always gives us a choice. There's a there's a choice of things happening, you know, that I make, but there are certain limits or laws, or John has already put me to understand this better.

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I could come up to any point in my life. And Allah azza wa jal has given me maybe 123456 differently that I could make from two tool. I don't know how he chose them, like,

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if I choose this one, then those things will happen if I choose that one and this and so to explain this to me, give you an example. Us is Rotherham famous story, he ends up in the belly of the whale. Now the full story we know like he ends up in the belly of a large fish is in the middle of the scene. He's in darkness and allows us to do things about

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Allah says in one part of the Quran in surah

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surah Allah says fellow that Anna who can and even

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if you lose, if he never made the deceive, if he never glorify Allah from the belly of the whale, Leila melodies a few of you would have stayed in the stomach of the whale until allow me to resurrect onto the ledger. So it's very clear that allow Britain to think that he has a choice that he can stay in the baby whale, not WaterFire not praise Allah, and he will remain there until later. And the second thing Allah says in surah AMEA 21 is the seventh, Allah has been he says,

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about us,

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that Fernanda to Romans, he called out to Allah probably in darkness. And he said, La ilaha illa, ALLAH SubhanA be glorified Allah by saying that there is no other danger besides it, no one will be wish, besides you somehow that people will refer to highlight your perfect. So the highlight, you're the one who has no blame, in equal to no volume, and I'm the one who has transgressed.

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Because he said that Allah says no personal agenda, Allah, I answered his whole on a day now, I saved him from his distress, because American Indian will be likewise going to rescue and save the believers, more or less at the same. Now he will be seen the Quran is the simplest one, faithful US allies. If he doesn't do the modification, he's going to stay in the belly of the whale until

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another thing Allah has done is that if he does want to be rescued from the belly of the whale, you will Salazar has a choice he chose the second he glorified Allah Allah delivered him to the show safely from the belly of the whale. And he lived until Allah took him from his dunya naturally. Now, what we understand from this is that our fate, whatever fate that is good or bad, you have always a choice, that choice, Allah does not take away that choice, because we have, if you go this direction, there's certain things that are written about that direction themselves.

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So when we go, for example, when you're going to, let's say, a university don't choose that we chose the three universities which are being invested in choose in the US, you're going to have a certain amount of friends, certain types of programs, certain possible to some teachers, you have certain things that you learn, it's going to take me the same direction, whether you go for engineering, whether you have medicine, if you work engineering, then you end up in this profession that you fake in the future. If you go for medicine, it goes to this, this this fake, when you want to buy a house, you have to think twice in the photos world, again, you live in this neighborhood, you know,

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these kind of neighbors, your friends, you can grow up in this, some say, and this is going to be their future, Allah made the other choice and you want to move to the other place that again, another set of things that Allah has written for us now.

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I will believe in our product is a very wonderful belief that you have that no other religion can match. Why? Because if you believe in our product, if you believe in faith properly, then it always keeps you

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in a way without stress, you won't have any stress. You won't have any you know anything in you that will make you feel bad. You don't have any of your back

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because of this because of our belief of faith. Now, let me explain that to you.

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And now you

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He is very unique in this. And I want you to understand from this free sort of football talk, to understand that our religion has given us something that is embodied in something that is so precious and no other religion has this. A lot of Muslims have ended up being stressed because of the fact that they don't know how to use the belief of Allah. Allah gave us his belief for a reason.

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So what do we do? Whether it's a it's a good thing because our way of Basma comes our way Allah is always giving this in our Elijah was giving me this, Allah is always giving you this, why is Allah stone,

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like different to be about a test? The whole life is about testing doesn't matter what you do, where you go, what you do, Allah is putting us through this test. Sometimes you find a healthy situation, sometimes you find an unhealthy situation, when you're in a healthy situation, that is a test. That also is a test when you're in an unhealthy situation, but also in the test. When you have got wealth, it's a test. When you have got poverty, it's a test. Both tests are different. That's where Allah says the whole Quran is

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when a bloke we shall be well Vietnam, I test you with good and bad I will tell you that you will fit in as as as as a trial. So once this test of a wealthy person, a test of a wealthy person is how do you spend your money? Do you actually go and transgress Allah's limits and use that money to sin, you have plenty of opportunity to sin, when you've got a lot of money. You can, you can bribe, you can go you can go and gamble, you got extra money here. You can I mean, you can you can do things on a large level. You can go and

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use your monies to influence people in the wrong direction. So that you're wealthy, you go and you know, commit sins of Zilla commit sins of going, you know flying wherever you want to fly to. And then in those destinations, you do what you want, because you've got that money. That's one test for the wealth in banking. Or do you do the opposite? You give saliva you give Zakah? You look after the poor people you look after the destitute we help people you use your money for the right right things to please Allah and to please people. Do you do that? Is that what I say? Please people I mean, you know, to to make them happy to make them feel satisfied? Of course we do. Most of our

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actions will disable a lot of them. But it's you know, we do we have certain actions in this world than we do in a live stream. And we will also discuss what I mean by that, anyway, the test of the people who are in poverty, what is that it's a test the game is dealing in poverty still, because they don't have money. Do they have, you know, a large amount of greed which they can't control? Do they have jealousy of people who have more money or more wealth than them? Okay, it's a test. What would they be in poverty today? angry? Anger is, is one of those impacts that can emanate from people becoming you know,

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people not having money. So they can each situation brings a different test people who are healthy, what do you do? How do you use your health? What Where do you get people who are unhealthy? What do you do? Do you come back to 1000? We have several we have patients, these are all tests in each direction, whether you're blessed with some goodness, whether you're deprived public, when they can go back and no way Allah is testing us. Now. In this other How do you use other to make sure that you don't have stress? How do you use other to make sure that we don't fall into jealousy? Have you used this belief of God that Allah has given us an extension? Allah azza wa jal is the one that has

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given us hate.

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He's given us many different tastes and in fact find is given us choices. He's put me in a situation is put you in a different situation.

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I used to think that this problem we have got a problem in my life. I used to think that this problem came from Allah's wisdom, it's the first thing and if I'm going to resolve this problem, I need to go to a lucky resolve.

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Second thing is since it's come from Allah,

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and since my problem is here,

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I need to believe

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that Allah azza wa jal, he can change and he has the power to change this color of money state of mind, through through my friends, Sunni connection to Allah. And Allah can do this for any person Rasul Allah Subhan. Allah has medicine in a clear Hadith that is Assam Habib is in Dimitri also in

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the lion, others

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nothing can change your faith except for President septembre. So luckily you can change the face of the fact that I'm making long lasting change my faith now. Furthermore, to this, what we believe in

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Do we believe that Allah is the One who distributed all of this for people.

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And therefore, I'm going to accept, this is a thing about, I'm going to accept what Allah gave to me. If Allah

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if Allah gave me

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a, an unhealthy, an unhealthy body, I'm just going to accept it.

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Yes, I want to become healthy. Yes, I want to become body, I'm going to try my best to move in the positive, positive by keeping myself that is all good. And I shouldn't do that I should work every day, you go for livelihood, and you don't turn NGO and you're trying to make investments and you finally get myself out of poverty. But the fact that Allah put me in this situation is Allah that I accept, that itself may move from you discuss

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that a problem people have different people have different problems. If you try and compare yourself to other people, you will never solve the problem. So if you

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gave us a beautiful way of making yourself, you know, feel at ease with what I was giving you. See, there's two ways of looking at it. When you haven't got something you want, when you haven't got something you want, you can always end up looking at people who have the thing you want. Right. So let's say for example, you wanted to have

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a four bedroom house, but you don't have a four bedroom house. But you end up looking at people who have a four bedroom house, and you start looking at them. And wishing that you have forgotten that that's going to bring stress,

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you haven't got the car that you want, you look at the people who have the car, you want to keep on looking at the car you want. You can't see keep on browsing through those, the modification of those car payment, you don't have it, the longer you look at that, the longer you wish for that, as in keep your mind occupied with that, you might end up in stress. As soon as Allah has told us to do the opposite.

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You have a car that you've got, look at the people who don't have a car, or look at the people who bought a car less than the value of your car. Look at the people who are who don't have a three bedroom house, like

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a two bedroom house or a one bedroom flat, then you feel better about what you got. This is what this is the remedy useless Allah gave this to us for sugar for being thankful to allows you

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to look at the people in depth of this dunya you always should look at people who are less than you will become a person who has several patients will become a person who has sugar as well. But in terms of the academic prompts that Allah has told us to do the exact opposite. He said look at people who are being more than you in terms of preparing for the Astra. So you will be a user day. You so happy I'm doing one user day. So last law has told us to do the opposite in terms of looking at you don't look at people who do have which is a day, don't look at people who do go to use the day now because then you're going to feel really you know, happy about yourself. So what he said

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look at people who read more than you

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so that you feel a need to do more, okay to get the balance right in terms of which way we're looking. So one way of removing stress is one.

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Whatever Allah has given me, whatever good or bad I have, okay, especially if I've got something bad in my life. Don't compare yourself with people who've got you know better and better situation and you can see better than you in this world. But you may accept whatever Allah has given us, and allows us focus on our promise and my father, this is in Surah

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Surah number 57 I number 22 and 23. Allah says ma Saba in most masiva no affectional before you fill out and physical friction in this world, not unflinching within your own bodies in terms of your health. What happens in terms of your mind,

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illogically now, except that it's already been written, this is your fate. This is exactly what I'm saying to you. Nothing's out there, it's vegan. Again, you have a choice. Allah says Allah nature's VK like that, so we're alive.

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I do this, so that I give you certain things calamities and problems in your life right. And I take away some things that I give you certain things Why Why am I always changing things for you in terms of your faith? Allah says indicate that some Allah manifester so that you may not grieve over what you lost or what never reached you. The things you want to you never had you don't grieve over those this is this is what does what he does you when you believe every good every back from from Allah and I accept you, as Allah has given to me. You feel content, because he's Allah

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Is division Allah gave it to all of us. Allah says, Li kala tensorial Mala, just probably not as happy. And that you do boast over what he's given me. That's another reason why Allah takes things away from us so that you don't boast over what Allah has given to us. And it's a balance Allah creates, you will take from him, Take from him, give to her, give him whatever he was doing, there's no rule, there's no fast food. I like these two people who are who come rushing the ball. Like these two people who are ready to Allah get to know the Muslims more, or the non Muslim more, there's no such thing Allah gets to whoever he wants want to be encumbered in the right way. It makes sense,

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and it puts you at ease. Now, the moment I know Subhanallah, that man is more stronger than me, he's got a better body than me, all for a woman, that woman is more beautiful than her, the moment you believe in our other property. And you say to yourself, I am happy with the distribution of Allah, he decided to give that man more muscles and his pension body than me. For a woman she says, I believe in Allah, He, Allah has decided to make that moment more beautiful than me. And I'm happy with the distribution of Allah. That's it. You're now a proper Muslim, who's now seeing the world in a different way. everything everyone has had, no matter what they have, is better than what you

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have, this will be something that you want, then you always know that how

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I'm happy the last distribution. And that's how it must be should be reversed. As you show your pleasure in how Allah has rendered faith from different people, doesn't matter who in the world has the more than you, you force to feel contented with what Allah has given me. And the soldiers of Allah has for soldiers. And at least to know, if something happens, something goes wrong. Don't say no me for Allah to cut out. For me, I have done this longer than that, I would have ended up being a somber note. This is again, against our mother against the fate and against our belief of faith. But the practice of law has been said while I kinesin. But say, I've done a lot on my shofar, what is

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what Allah has revealed, he carried out his will and He executed it. And whatever I'm seeing right now is exactly how Allah wants him to be. I move on.

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I see whatever wrong that my husband, an accident, some people are wrong, some financial crisis, somewhere where my health is suffering, some place I went to and I had a big argument and I'm thinking if I never went there will not have the argument if I never broke down on the mat that sort of No, you say Abdullah, woman, SHA, whatever Allah will does have to finish as he wanted me to happen. Now deal with it. I think this is all Allah who did not want to be straightaway came from Allah straightaway. I'm going to go back to Allah to really read this really by myself my problem straightaway I'm going to do my best to try and move this problem out of my life physically do

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everything I can. Same time I'm gonna make dua because watching discovered same time whatever has happened, let me think positive about the future. Now, let me think about only what I can in the future not dwell in the past, oh, my God, this happened, why did I do that for why they made a choice, all these things will will corrupt the mind. So out of our belief, our pattern Allah has given to us a beautiful, beautiful belief that you have, and most of us don't know how to use it. In this short reminder. Hopefully we know how to use ohada Go away with the belief that whatever was giving me I'm content, I'm happy with everybody else. I'm happy with that. And I'm happy with with

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what he got him in the future when I go to him for the rest of my future. I'm going to work on trying to make my life better, but I'm never going to compare myself to the wrong person. And I'm never going to make myself feel stressed because I don't have I'm never going to become boastful over what I do have because it can go tomorrow.

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I would like to summarize them on thinking