Abdurraheem Green – Major Sins – Part 8

Abdurraheem Green
AI: Summary © The Badri'll's sin is related to the creation of the world and the worship of the creator, and is essential for avoiding sin. Shrek is important for worshiping the creator, but the reality is death is the consequence of actions. Shrek is a message of love for everyone, but people should be careful of shock.
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Madhu in a stain on a star on all the good day humans should orient fusino amine Sathya Molina via the healer who for them will deliver

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Allah or Chateau La ilaha illallah wa the hula schlenkerla will shadow a nun Mohammedan. Abu was so my dear brothers and sisters in Islam as salaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh, we are talking about a very, very important topic, and that is the major sins. And we're going to return to the book on which we are basing our lectures on kabara, the major sins by the Hubby, which as I mentioned already, you can find it on shell on the internet quite easily and download if you feel like that copies of it and follow along with me in sha Allah, although as I've said already, I will be altering slightly the order adding a few things that have not been put in that basically I'll be

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sticking with the book in Sharla. So we're returning to the book having gone through quite a long explanation of different aspects of the whole issue and the whole topic of sins and disobedience to Allah subhanaw taala. And what does that mean and what is the consequences of it, and the idea of sin in different religions. So now we are going to discuss the first major sin, the greatest sin of war. Without doubt, it is the worst and the most calamitous sin. This is the only sin.

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The only sin that if a person dies, making this sin, there is no forgiveness for them.

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There is no possibility of them going to paradise. And Allah subhanaw taala has promised the Hellfire for them. And that is the sin of Shrek. What is shark? Shark, my dear brothers and sisters means making partners or associating rivals with Allah. It means that a person or a group of people give to the creation, any of the names of the attributes, or ascribe to the creation, any of the power, or give to the creation, any of the worship or ascribed to the creation any of the knowledge that only is due to and belongs to the creator alone. So by ascribing to the creation, some of the power or the knowledge, or the worship, or the names of the attributes that only belongs to Allah,

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they have done a great injustice to Allah subhanaw taala. They have done something truly horrendous, because they have compared and made the creation equal to the Creator. And that is the furthest thing from the truth. That is truly a terrible lie, and a great transgression. Truly my brothers and sisters, this creation has been described by the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam as being like a ring in the desert, this whole universe, which for us, human beings, is huge, massive, millions of light years across. Yet the universe itself is like a ring in the desert compared to the courtesy of Allah and the courtesy is like a ring in the desert compared to the front. Just imagine how

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insignificant the creation is. So to say that something so insignificant possesses the power and the knowledge and to give it the worship that is only due to Allah is a great injustice, a great wrongdoing. Indeed, the very reason and the very purpose for which we have been created is to know this truth, the truth that nothing is equal to Allah nothing is equal to God. There is nothing in creation that can even be remotely compared to Allah and any human being who fails to understand and to witness and to testify to that truth.

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has failed the purpose of life, they have failed to use the faculties of seeing of hearing of understanding in the right way, they fail to achieve the one thing that their Creator wanted from them. And this is reflected in a saying of the Prophet sallallahu. He was when the Prophet said that on the Day of Judgment, a man will stand before Allah. And Allah will say to this man, if you have the whole world, and everything in it, would you run summit now, to save yourself from the Hellfire? Please Imagine that.

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Brothers and sisters Think about that. The whole world and everything in it, the whole world, all the cars, all the yachts, all the houses, all the wealth, all the money, all the animals, all the food, the whole world and everything in it. Last would you rent summit now to save yourself from the Hellfire?

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Of course. This man will say Yes, my lord.

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He would of course he would run summit. And Allah will say to him, I asked you for less than that. I asked that you should worship Me and not make any partners with me.

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That is what Allah is asking us. That is what Allah wants us to have achieved in the short life that we have to know that He is the Lord He is the Creator. He is one he is alone without partners and without rights.

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And surely, the greatness of a sin can be measured by the greatness of its opposite and vice versa. So, any particular virtue can be understood when you compare it to the sin or its opposite. So the sin of shirk, of making partners or making rivals with Allah is compared and contrasted against the virtue of worshiping Allah alone, of singling out Allah, for our worship, for our love, for our ultimate fear and hope and trust.

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And if we look at the virtue of that, we find a beautiful thing that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam said that Allah said, Oh, my servant,

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as long as you worship Me, and begged me, I will forgive you.

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No matter what your shortcomings

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are my servant. If you meet me, with the Earth's full of sin, you do not associate partners with me, I will meet you with it's full of forgiveness. Subhan Allah, Glory be to Allah. That is the virtue of singling out Allah, alone for worship.

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If you meet Allah with that, if you meet Allah having not worshipped anyone or anything else, along with him, of having singled him out for worship, if you come to Allah with an earth full of sin, Allah will meet you with an earth full of forgiveness.

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So my brothers, let's look to what the man says. And he says clearly that the greatest of all our major sins is shook to believe that

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Allah has an equal and to worship something along with him, like a stone or a tree, the star, the sun, the moon, a Prophet's a saint or an angel. This is the greatest shark, about which Allah says, in the law. Ha, Leah, Pharaoh and your Shaka be. Verily Allah does not forgive, that shook that partners should be made with him by young Pharaoh, do another de Cali Manisha and he forgives other than that what He wills and that's insalata Nisa, which is the fourth surah and the 48th.

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So most certainly, making partners with a loss of panel to Allah is the Greatest crime. And indeed Allah subhanaw taala mentioned in sorbitol maeder, which is the fifth sutra and the 72nd ayah.

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That certainly, Indeed, Allah whoever associates anything with him, a lot will forbids the garden

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for them and

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the help file will be there, darling place, certainly and definitely fucker the hub Rama Allahu la hidden, that Allah has forbidden made haram for them, Jenna, the paradise

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where my world will not, they will dwell in the hellfire. There is no other sin that has such a dire warning that has such terrible consequences that Allah has said that he will forgive if he wishes, he will forgive any sin. But if a person meets a law on the Day of Judgment, and they make,

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and they haven't repented from it, and they haven't abandoned it, that's, there's no chance for them. Paradise is forbidden, the Hellfire will be their abode. So my brothers and sisters and dear listeners, you can understand why this is the most important topic,

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the most important issue that everybody should be aware of. And it is a truly sad and terrible thing, that many people, even those who call themselves Muslims, and they ascribe to themselves, the religion of Islam have in many different ways, fallen into making sure

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it's truly an incredible thing. But that's the reality, as we will see, as we are discussing this issue, and I really recommend that you look out for a series of programs that inshallah will be shown also on piece TV, by chef Solomon Emery, where he's going to go into this whole topic of tawheed and shock in very, very, very great depth, and I will only be touching upon it because I have so many other different major sins that I want to cover, but certainly this is one of the most severe.

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We find, of course the Prophet himself. sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, he said, shall I not inform you about the three greatest sins? And they said, Yes, messenger of Allah. And then he continued associating other objects of worship with Allah. And he mentioned also others, but this is the first thing that he mentioned. Okay, so this really my dear brothers and sisters is a truly calamitous thing.

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And let us also examine what the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said, a beautiful thing, no servant, no seven, no slave, and we are all the servants in the staves of God. We are all his creatures, all his creation. So there is no servant, who says, Who proclaims lair ilaha illAllah meaning there is nothing that is truly worthy of worship, except the one God the Creator, Allah, whoever proclaims that and dies on that belief,

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but they will enter Paradise.

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Whoever says La ilaha illAllah, meaning there is nothing worthy of worship except to law and dies upon that belief, except they will enter Paradise.

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I said, and this is the narrator.

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The narrator of that, he said, even if he committed adultery and theft, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, even if he committed adultery and theft, and I asked again, even if he committed adultery in theft, and the Prophet said, even if he committed adultery and theft, the fourth time, he said, even if he committed adultery and theft, and then the Prophet sallallahu, Alayhi, wasallam, said, even if he committed adultery and theft, and even if Abu Dhabi, his nose was put in the dust, meaning even if Abu Dhabi doesn't like it, and Abu Dhabi was the one who inherited this tradition, so if a person who dies that this is the virtue of this, because why the person has

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understood the most important thing, the most important thing,

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and this is really the purpose of life online, He is the Creator, he created this universe so that we could understand this most important truth. So when a person understands that and declares it and true to it, then that is something that I love, the creator loves, he loves it so much, he loves that a person should understand that and acknowledge that and witness that and to be true to that. So my dear brothers and sisters, we need to understand and this is what of course shaytaan our enemy

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His primary purpose, his fundamental goal, his first objective, is to find a way to make us make partners with Allah subhana wa Tada. And that's what he will try to make us do. And of course, this is what he did with the people of Noah, the first people to worship of them, Allah, as the people were the people of Noah. And how did shaytan he tricked them? He tricked them into worshipping statues of the pious people. And he did that because when the pious people died, he whispered to them and encouraged them. These are your pious people, why didn't you make statues of them, and put them in your places of gathering. So when you see them, you will remember a lot more. You see,

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shaitaan was making them think that by making statues and pictures of these pious people, it would lead them it would be a way to make them think about God more. And that's what they did. They made these statues that in the beginning, they didn't worship them, they just put them there to remind them. But then what happened, generations past

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and the people began to commit sins. See, this is the consequence of since they began to commit sins. And of course, when they began to commit sins, the nor of Allah, his guidance was not so clear to them. They became confused. And then sometimes when people commit sins, they begin to imagine, Allah will not listen to me, Allah why I'm a sinful person, and God is so holy, God is so great, he will not listen to me, who am I? What am I? And this is how the sin can confuse a person. And then she Tom came to them. And then she said, Well, do you know why your ancestors built these statues? Do you know why your ancestors made these pictures? Your ancestors did this. So that in your times

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of trouble, you could pray to them, you could call upon them, you could ask them, and they will be your intercessors your intermediate trees, they will take your prayers to Allah. They are the pious ones you are not. So if you pray to them and call to them, they will ask Allah for you. This is how worshiping others other than Allah stuff. So then, instead of calling upon God, instead of calling upon the law, alone, they started praying to these statues and pictures who represented that pious people. And that's how they began to worship of Allah. But in reality, they were worshipping pictures, bits of paintings, bits of wood, bits of stone, that could not hear them could not harm

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them could not help them. They had no power, those dead people could not hear them, because they were in their graves. So then they began, and this is the thing. So what do they do? They began to put their trust, he began to hope that those dead people would hear their prayers, they began to hope that they will intercede and so the hope is not anymore. And the trust is not anymore in a law.

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And this is how people moved away. The first people who came to worship others than Allah subhanaw taala are the people of No. And this is how shaytaan tricked them. So look, man, see how Look, man the wise. He said, Oh, my son, don't join in worship others with Allah, verily shirk his volume of lead. It's a great oppression. It's a great wrongdoing. And we mentioned this previously, the rights of Allah is that you should worship Him alone, and not make partners with him. Why do you give to the creation, something that you should only give to Allah? Oh, my brothers and sisters. Oh, my dear people think, please think about it. If you are the boss of a company, if you are the leader of a

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company, and you have people working for you, and you paid them their wages and you gave them their money, you paid them for working for you. But they were working for someone else. And they were using that money. They was taking the money and going and working for someone else.

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What would you do with those people? Is that right?

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That you should work for someone else while you're being paid.

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You're being paid by one and you work for another? How can you wish it something in this world will allies the creator he gave you life? He feeds you he clothes you? He guides you and you worship something?

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What else and you worship something else, which itself depends upon Allah itself needs Allah subhanaw taala How can you worship other than Allah, when he gave you life? When he feeds you and he quotes you

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Subhana Allah, that is injustice, that is a great wrongdoing. It's the greatest of all a great sense is to make shift with Allah Subhana. Allah. So Allah mentioned, it is those who believe and confuse not their belief, with violence, with injustice. And when the companions of the Prophet they became very distressed when they heard this verse of the Quran, and they said, which one of us doesn't confuse our belief with the wrongdoing? We have belief but we do since the Prophet said, No. This is not what it means. Haven't you heard what look man said to his son? And what look man said to son, oh, my son, don't join others with Allah verily shook is the great injustice. So this is what it

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means. Don't mix your beneath with shock. And this is the reality. Allah says in the Quran, and he tells us the meaning of witches, most people don't believe in Allah, except they make shook with him. Look at most of the world's religions, Christianity, they believe that there is a God, they believe Allah, the creator of the universe, the heavens and the earth, the one God, yet they claim that Jesus is God. They make a partner with God, they claim the Holy Spirit is God. They make partners for Allah.

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In the traditional Chinese religion, they have a concept of one god 10, I think they call it the capital concept of the Supreme, the sky got Shantae, the Supreme God, the Supreme Lord, they have a concept of that. And they believe that the rivers and the streams and the mountains they have spirits. And this Supreme God, the God of heaven, the Supreme Lord, is the one who controls these spirits. But what do they do? They worship the spirits, they give offerings to the spirits, they think those spirits are intercessors between them and God. So they have an idea of a Supreme Lord, but they make sure

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and similarly, you find in Hinduism, and Buddhism, you have a concept of a supreme creator, one God who is the origin, the creator of all things, yet, they worship some created thing. They worship the creation instead of worshipping. This is a great injustice and a great wrongdoing. And I'm sad to say, even many people who call themselves Muslims, they claim that they believe in Allah, but they don't believe in a lie except many of them, make sure

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they worship

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and pray to the dead people in the grave, and make dua to them. And imagine that they are intercessors between themselves and Allah. And that is not any different than the idol worshipping of the idol. It's the same thing. Some brothers and sisters take care learn, understand this important topic. Be careful of shock because it is the most deadly and the most destructive of all the major sins

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Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

Based upon the book (Major sins) written by Imam Dhahabi

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