Mirza Yawar Baig – Tarbiyya 01 – Tarbiyya begins with Me – Not with my Children

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the misconceptions of Serbia's culture and how it is a lousy place, with respect for children and a lack of respect for adults. They argue that children do not have a sense of smell and that they are just using words to assert themselves. The speaker emphasizes the importance of learning from the culture and finding one's own path, while also discussing the negative perception of children and the use of words and language levels in asserting oneself. They stress the importance of not being afraid of others and starting with oneself. The upcoming issue of Serbia is also mentioned, along with the importance of starting with oneself.
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In Al Hamdulillah, salat wa salam O Allah,

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Allah Allah He was

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inshallah today from today will start a series of

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reminders on the shorter way.

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And today, I think it is good to begin with the issue of what is Serbia itself.

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There is a misconception in the minds of most people that Serbia means to bring up your children.

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And that also is restricted to one piece, which is discipline.

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I want to remind myself and the adults

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that that we are is to bring up your self

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The world today is a lousy place. And we have a corrupt and amazingly corrupt society, not because of the children,

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but because of the parents of the children.

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Let us stop fooling ourselves.

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The children are not evil, the parents are evil.

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I have been alerted as to incidents.

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I was in one gathering,

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one large family.

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And I was supposed to speak there.

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And one of the young boys, he came to me and whispered in my ear, he said your uncle, I don't know what you're going to say. But tell them not to eat other people's land.

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Tell them not to

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use up other people's rights.

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What was he talking about? He's talking about his own father and uncles.

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This young boy, who must have been Allah, maybe 16, or something like this, you know,

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15 or 16. He knows the difference between right and wrong.

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But his fathers and uncles don't know the difference between right and wrong. Or maybe they know the difference and they don't care. So the 15 year old boy is coming and telling whispering in my ear, and he's saying to me, I don't know what you're going to say but tell these people

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not to eat up other people's lands.

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And in another gathering,

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also a big family.

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One of the youngsters came to me and I said and he says to me quietly, are you having lunch? So when I was at the buffet counter dishing out my food, this young boy came to me. And he said to me, tell them to have faith in Allah.

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Who's with them? his own father and uncles. He just tell them to have faith in Allah.

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He says they are fighting amongst themselves.

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As if Allah subhanaw taala treasures are empty.

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He's a tell them to have faith in Allah. Allah will give all of them there is no need for them to try to grab from each other.

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who's saying this one kid?

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One kid.

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So I want to say to the adults, stop fooling yourself go look in the load, go look in the mirror. Many adults say that children have no respect. And I submit to you with due respect that you are not worthy of respect.

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You have you have no you are not worthy of respect. Why should the child respect you?

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Why should the journalist victim you lie you cheat?

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You eat haram you do griever you slander you back bite.

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You openly indulgent haram you have haram parties who pays for that party? The child

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you know it is haram, but you do it.

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Who pays for that your child?

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And then you want the general husband to the whole of what the How will the gender spectrum?

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So the first and most important thing to understand about Serbia is

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who needs a Serbia? I need the Serbia. You need the Serbia. The adults need the Serbia. The parents need the Serbia, not the children, we come to the children shala

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they also need but it has to begin from somewhere and you cannot give what you don't have.

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If you have the lack of the gutter, your children are not going to have the lasagna.

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If your tongue is full of curses, when you speak to your subordinates and your servants and this one and that one, and you cannot even speak to people I don't want to sit here and and repeat whatever I hear.

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But if I simply recall the words

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way in which people speak to their servers

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the hawala hotel

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and the only reason that worman stands or woman stands and listens to that is because they need your money.

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Yeah, Allah did not make them inferior to you.

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Allah made everybody equal. He just gave you a few more, you know pesos or pennies or dollars or whatever in your pocket.

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And using that makes you superior and using it gives you the right to talk to another human being as if he is a dog.

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And that poor fellow keeps quiet only because he needs money Otherwise, why would he keep quiet.

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But then remember, one day, a day will come when you will start with one another. And the Arizona is Allah Allah, Allah, Allah. He said that if a man makes another man deliberately to stand in his presence, as a mark of arrogance,

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there is a chair but he will not offer him this chair, he will not ask him to sit, he makes him stand in his presence as a matter of arrogance, then he will find his own place in john,

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that we tell ourselves that he will go and search in the janome for his own place, and he will find it.

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So what of somebody who not only doesn't offer a chair, but who also curses the person and who who speaks to him, even if he's not angry the way he addresses him. You know, Alhamdulillah we have languages which have different levels of respect.

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We have languages which have different levels, but we don't speak English. English is not our language English in English, there is only one level of respect you.

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But in our languages, we have three levels of respect.

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And we deliberately speak to those who work for us disrespectfully.

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Even though there's no shortage of words, we have the words, but we do not use those words. Deliberately we speak to them disrespectfully.

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So who needs a third way, the children

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the child speaks the way the child hears you speak.

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If the child sees you slandering people, the child things slandering is all right, because after all, my father does it all the time.

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He was a child sees you telling lies. The child find this, okay? Because you know, my father tells lies all the time, my mother tells lies all the time.

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you organize a harem party in your house, or you go to a harem party in somebody else's house. And then you want your child to go only to the harem, you go to the harem, and you want him to go to

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the Helena hotel level

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tarbiyah begins not only at home, it begins with you.

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Not at home, there'll be a begins with me personally myself. So, I remind myself

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that let us face ourselves,

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let us face ourselves.

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If we become worthy of respect, not only our children, the whole world will respect us. But if you are not worthy of respect, nobody will respect us and that is quite appropriate.

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And let us not fall into this trap. Let us begin tarbiyah at ourselves at our own homes and our own doors and many people who live in the world who thinks that we think that they are beyond correction.

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Nobody can tell me anything because I am

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beyond correction, nobody can correct me.

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That is the biggest fallacy that is the biggest mistake, the biggest source of Guru that anybody can fall into to think that he or she is not

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is not it is so severe that nobody can correct that is pure from truth and nothing else.

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To let us not fall into this trap, that we have begins with me that we are begins with the adults. As I said the world is a is a lousy place today because of the errors not because the children.

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So let us face ourselves. And let us make Toba and let us return to Allah subhanho Daraa and let us stop angering Allah

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because believe me as I'm sitting here, in this Masjid, in this masala after fudger

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there is an effect of the anger of Allah. Do not fool yourself. Don't anger Allah

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If you anger Allah, then wait for the consequences of that anger of Allah.

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We ask Allah subhanaw taala to save us from ourselves, and to save us from doing those things which bring about our own destruction in this dunya and we ask Allah subhanaw taala, to open our hearts to obey to his obedience, and to bow our heads in submission to Allah subhanho wa Taala and to stop fooling ourselves, that just because you might be doing something good in one place, it does not mean that this frees you now from doing good in some other place. Just because you're doing good in one place, it does not free you from the laws of Allah subhanho wa Taala and other place know, Allah does not. Allah does not accept corrupted stuff, Allah does not accept adulterated stuff. Allah does

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not accept work from people who who indulge in corruption and Allah.

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Allah does not accept their work.

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You think you're doing it doesn't work doesn't happen. If you are doing harm. If there is harm in your life, Allah will not accept that work from you, you only think you're doing it won't happen to not be in your in your in your in your skills of the Day of Judgment. So let us be very clear, and stop fooling ourselves and begin with our own personal tarbiyah. inshallah, in the next few coming days with that I will talk about different issues of Serbia, but I thought today to begin with that as the what is the way itself and where should it begin and the place to begin Serbia is with myself. masala Alana, welcome kill him while he was iVh main Veronica

Tarbiyya begins with Me – Not with my Children

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